IRS Faces New Grilling Over Targeting Churches
The Internal Revenue Service, already probably the most reviled of federal agencies, was caught harassing conservative organizations and now is the focal point of multiple investigations by irate members of Congress who believe the agency deliberately withheld information. Now yet another scandal could be looming. The Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the largest constitutional-rights legal teams in the nation, has submitted a demand for information about the agency’s actions against churches. The issue developed because of a recent announcement by the Freedom From Religion Foundation that the IRS had set up procedures to...   MORE
WEEKEND JULY 26th-27th
   Jihadists Seize Iraq Monastery
Jihadist militants have taken over a monastery in northern Iraq, one of the country’s best-known Christian landmarks, and expelled its resident monks, a cleric and residents said Monday. Islamic State (IS) fighters stormed Mar (Saint) Behnam, a 4th century monastery run by the Syriac Catholic church near the predominantly Christian town of Qaraqosh, on Sunday,     MORE
Faith in God Is a Virulent Infection, Columnist Claims 
Belief in God is a "virus," and evangelical Christianity is one of the more "virulent infections," a British Conservative peer and columnist for The Times of London has claimed. In an attack on faith schools, Matt Ridley said that "rationalists" want to "protect" children from religion. And the peer, a supporter of the British Humanist Association, said, "secular, free thinking" should be adopted to "combat the rise of radical Islam and radical Christianity."   MORE
Lawsuit Filed Against Mississippi Police 
Department for Intimidating Christians
A pro-life legal organization has filed a federal lawsuit against a police department in Mississippi for violating the civil rights of Christians who conduct pro-life ministry outside of the last remaining abortion facility in the state. The Life Legal Defense Foundation filed suit on Wednesday against the Jackson Police Department on behalf of the organization Pro-Life Mississippi and eight Christians for what has been described as a “blatant and ongoing violation of free speech rights of pro-life advocates.”    MORE
Russian Rebels Using Airliner Victim's Credit Cards, Answering Cell Phones
The wife of a Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victim was stunned when she saw that her husband's credit cards were being used after the  plane crashed in Ukraine last week, the Daily Mail reported. Cameron Dalziel's wife Reine has since cancelled her husband's credit cards upon noticing activity in his account, her brother told CNN. The wife of a Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victim was stunned when she saw that her husband's credit cards were being used after the plane crashed in Ukraine last week, the Daily Mail reported.    MORE
Oklahoma Teen Charged With Raping Missionary Children
Matthew Durham allegedly engaged in sexual acts with multiple children, male and female, aged between 4 and 10 years old. If convicted, he'll spend life behind bars.  MORE
Iraq's Christians 'Systematically Targeted for Extinction'
Congressman Frank Wolf, R-Va., told Congress Tuesday Iraqi Christians are facing a "genocide" and horrific crimes against humanity. Wolf said the so-called Islamic State terrorist group "is systematically targeting Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq for extinction."
As Rockets Fly, Gaza Christians Find Refuge at Church
During a brief humanitarian truce, some 1,000 Palestinians, most of them Muslims, left their homes and sought refuge in one of the only two churches in Gaza. 
IRS: Uninsured Face Fine of Nearly $2,500
The Internal Revenue Service said Thursday individuals who fail to get health insurance this year will be fined a maximum of $2,448 and families with five or more members can be fined up to $12,240.
Top U.S. Military Officer: Putin Just Like Stalin, Threatens All Of Europe
Today the U.S. government claimed the Russian military is firing artillery into Ukraine and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs said it reminds him of Russia’s invasion of Poland in 1939.
NFL Analyst Tony Dungy's 'Gay Player' Comments Put Him in Hot Water
The former Indianapolis Colts coach—and Christian—has been drawing fire for a remark about Michael Sam.
Report: ‘Pastor’ Ma$e Leaves Church to Return to Rap Career
The leader of El Elyon International Church in Atlanta, Georgia has left his position as ‘pastor’ and returned to his former career as a rapper, reports state.
Larry Elder: Why There Can Never Be 
'Peace in the Middle East'
Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest to think the power of his personal diplomacy can bring "peace to the Middle East." But, once again, when one side publicly calls for the destruction of the other, what is there to discuss? Hamas' covenant calls for the destruction of Israel. The preamble reads: "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it." Article Three describes the duty of all Muslims: "(To) fear Allah and raise the banner of Jihad in the face of the oppressors."  Article Seven states: "The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them...."   MORE
Obama's LGBT Order: 2 Things Churches and Christian Non-Profits Should Know
President Barack Obama issued an executive order Monday prohibiting workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity for federal contractors. What does this mean for Christian organizations that remain faithful to the biblical teaching on homosexual behavior?
Franklin Graham Calls on Christians to Battle Culture; Stand for God, Biblical Values
The Rev. Franklin Graham recently reiterated his remarks from earlier this year, calling on Christians in America to stand for biblical values despite social opposition.
The FAQs: Persecution of Christians in Iraq
Last Friday, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gave Christians in Mosul an ultimatum: convert to Islam, leave the area, or die.
Matthew Vadum: Americans Say Obamacare Is Hurting Families
The public has yet to be seduced by big government health care.
Bruce Walker: The Birth of Modern Conservatism
Fifty years ago, the battle between leftism and conservatism changed forever. 
Ari Lieberman: Casualties in Perspective
The culture of life vs. the culture of death. 
Richard L. Cravatts: Israel’s Morally Impossible Self-Defense
The only nation that is required to enter a suicide pact with its enemies.
Elise Hilton: The Church Needs To Stop Taking Government Money
Money from the government always comes with strings attached, and those strings have tied the Church's hands...
Robert Spencer: Is the FBI Creating Islamic Terrorists?
Human Rights Watch plays into leftist fantasies of predatory law enforcement.
Rick McDaniel: Six Barriers to Effective Prayer
These barriers can keep the power we need from being manifested in our lives and country.
Viv Forbes: Five Fatal Flaws of Solar Energy
Collecting solar energy will never play more than a minor and expensive role in supplying power.  Here's why. 
Anthony J. Sadar: Reflections on the State of Climate Science
With persistent broadminded scientific practice and the continued unfolding of climate conditions in ways not predicted by vaunted climate models, the future looks warm indeed for a turnaround in climate-science thinking.
Rebecca Cusey: 26 Moments At The Fair That Will Restore Your Faith In America
Visiting your county or state fair will cure you of worrying America is all snark and no bite.
Danielle Avel: House of Worship or Palestinian Arsenal?
Who is interested in what was found inside the Al-Farouq Mosque in Gaza?
Brian Croft: How Do Pastors Incorporate Psalm Singing In Their Worship Services?
Well, like everything else new to the congregation…incorporate slowly.  We started a few years ago to try to include Psalms in our corporate gatherings and did so slowly.  Gradually.  We built up to what we experienced a year ago in our morning gathering (The entire musical portion of the service was singing a long Psalm congregationally).  Let me share how we tried slowly to shepherd our church to see the value in Psalm singing.
Aaron Earls: Does God Give You More Than You Can Handle?
Absolutely. Oh, you don’t believe me? Here’s why that catchy saying contradicts what the Bible teaches.
A common misconception among Christians is that their work is not spiritual, that a regular 9-to-5 day cannot be sacred. If they’re going to do anything spiritual or ministry-oriented, it’ll have to happen around these occupied time slots. But this implies that everybody needs to be a full-time pastor of some kind if they’re going to be “spiritual” for the better part of the day and week. The misconception that normal work is not spiritual is both inaccurate and damaging. Work is very spiritual. In fact, God invented work. Work was present in the garden of Eden prior to the fall of humanity. Adam and Eve were given responsibility to tend the garden, and their work was enjoyable and honorable to God. So don’t ever give the impression that work...   MORE
What imagery comes to your mind when you hear the word “fortress”? A medieval castle? Huge buildings with gates and locks and moats? Something that is almost impossible for the outside world to enter? Any of those word pictures will work. The key is to keep people and possessions on the inside safe, and to keep people on the other side out. If you talk to members in a dying church, most will deny that their church is a fortress. But in our [research of dying churches], we found that is exactly what was taking place. People in the community did not feel welcome in the church. Those in the church were more concerned about protecting the way they did church than reaching residents of the community. You see, these churches really were fortresses.  MORE
Steve Murphy: Children Are a Blessing
...The more blessings you have the more blessed you are. More children equal more blessings. It may demand more time and money, but when your children are brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord you will forget the time and money spent and live a blessed life surrounded by godly seed.
Brandon Hilgemann: How to Overcome Preaching Nerves
Public speaking is commonly listed as one the greatest fears that people have. All eyes are on you. You are vulnerable. You are exposed. Your every word is critiqued. Or worse, you could be ignored. What if they laugh at you? What if they don’t like you? What if they think you are boring? 
Dustin Willis: Motive, Mission & Twitter
....But the consistent advances in technology and the social media obsession do lead to an overwhelming question: “Are we responding appropriately to our technology-crazed world?”
   CBN News: Heartless Enemy in Iraq-- 'They Hate Christians' 
For nearly 2,000 years the Iraq city of Mosul has been home to a thriving Christian community. Now, the terrorist group known as Islamic State (IS) has driven nearly all of them out. In the meantime, fears abound that the few remaining Christians could become martyrs.   MORE
Ecumenical Leader Tied to Papal Meeting To Unite Catholics, Evangelicals Dies in Crash
Tony Palmer, the former South African director of Kenneth Copeland Ministries who recently used a cellphone camera to record Pope Francis issuing an appeal for unity between Catholics and Christians, died Sunday after a motorcycle crash in the United Kingdom.     MORE
Revival in Iran: 'I Want to Be a Christian'
When we think of Iran, scenes of mobs shouting "death to America," blindfolded hostages, and radical leaders demanding nuclear technology come to mind. But there's another side of the country: Iranians who love America, Israel, and Jesus Christ. CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell met and talked with some of these Iranian believers outside of their country in central Turkey.   MORE
Business Week: Iraq's Waterless Christians: 
The Campaign to Expel a Religion
Christians have been fleeing ISIL-controlled territory since the militants and their allies overwhelmed the garrisons of the Baghdad government in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city and its most Christian. The Islamic State, which sees itself as the restoration of the caliphate to rule all Muslims, immediately imposed anti-Christian rules, ordering Muslim employers to fire Christian workers. The homes of Christian religious leaders were ransacked and occupied by militants. A Christian population as old as the faith shrank from 3,000 families to several hundred in weeks.  MORE
CDC Director Warns of 'Post-Antibiotic Era'
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that the government needs to take immediate action before we live in a world where life-saving antibiotics are no longer effective. “Every day we delay it becomes harder and more expensive to fix this problem,” said CDC Director Thomas Frieden Tuesday.      MORE
Ukraine Rebels See Evangelicals as the Enemy
As tensions between Kiev forces and pro-Russian separatists escalate in eastern Ukraine, Christians are increasingly becoming targets of persecution in areas controlled by insurgents. Acts of aggression include kidnappings, beatings, and killings, including the murder of four ministers several weeks ago.   MORE
Iraqis: Jihadis Destroy Ancient Mosque In Mosul
 Islamic extremist militants blew up a revered Muslim shrine traditionally said to be the burial place of the Prophet Jonah in Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, on Thursday, residents of the city said.
Catholic World Report: Obama’s Executive Order and
What it Means for Catholic Organizations
Without exemptions for religious organizations, the new federal policy may hinder the work of Catholic social service providers and educational institutions.
Iranian Christian to Have Lips Burnt for Eating During Ramadan
An Iranian judge sentenced a Christian man to have his lips burnt with a cigarette for eating during the day in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, The Daily Mail reported.
MERS Virus Now Travels Through the Air
Genetic fragments of the deadly MERS virus were detected in the air of a barn where an infected camel was kept...
Ben Stein: 'Jew Hatred' Exists 'in the Media'
The mainstream media exhibit a disturbing malice for Jews that smacks of anti-Semitism, Ben Stein says.
Indiana School District Halts Teacher-led Prayers
The Vigo County School Corporation in Terre Haute, Indiana, is telling teachers and other staff they can't lead prayers during school-sponsored events.
Fox News: Purged By ISIS, Iraq's Christians 
Appeal To the World For Help
Iraqi Christians are begging for help from the civilized world after Mosul, the northern city where they have lived and worshiped for 2,000 years, was purged of non-Muslims by ISIS. Assyrian Christians, Syriac Orthodox and followers of the Assyrian Church of the East have roots in present day Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran that stretch back to the time of Jesus Christ. While they have long been a minority and have faced persecution in the past, they had never been driven completely from their homes as has happened in Mosul under ISIS. When the terror group ordered all to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or face execution, many chose another option: flight.   .MORE
Iowa Editor Fired for Criticism of Pro-Gay Bible
The former editor of an Iowa newspaper, Bob Eschliman, claims he was fired for expressing his religious beliefs on a personal blog.
Sudanese Christian Mom Now Free, Arrives in Italy
Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who nearly died for refusing to recant her faith, is now free.
Group Warns UN Treaty on Persons with Disabilities Can Override Will of Parents
A UN treaty approved this week by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee may threaten the rights of American parents to make their own decisions about their child’s care if that child is disabled.
Christianity Today: Meet the Failed Pastor Who Ministers to Other Failed Pastors
J. R. Briggs sympathizes with church leaders who don't live up to expectations.
Ibrahim: Presbyterian Church Slams Israel —- Ignores Christian Persecution
The warped priorities of a left-wing church. 
Shapiro: Elizabeth Warren's Idiotic 11 Progressive Commandments
Because progressives need one more commandment than God, even if they don’t keep the original 10.
Spyridon Mitsotakis: Maoist Church Saga
A contentious ideological struggle within a mid-town Manhattan Unitarian/Universalist Church has set possible changes in motion. 
Ben Shapiro: Why Vladimir Putin Is Kicking Barack Obama’s Behind
The “multipolar” world spirals out of control. 
Arnold Ahlert: ObamaCare’s Murky Future
The unpopular law narrowly avoids a disastrous blow — but for how long? 
David Brumbelow: Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal
Washington State has become the second state to legalize marijuana. Christians need to be prepared to speak to this issue.  Reasons to oppose marijuana are here given in the form of Questions and Answers.
Tim Challies: Seven Different Ways to Read a Book
And when it comes to reading, well, you’ve got to use the right tool—you’ve got to know what kind of reading to do. Here are seven different kinds of reading.
Jack Wellman: Do Mentally Handicapped People Go To Heaven?
Does the Bible tell us whether a person who is mentally handicapped can go to heaven when they die?  What Bible verses help us to believe this? ...There are various Scriptures that give us strong evidence that those who don’t have the ability to understand the gospel due to severe mental handicaps or impairments cannot be...
Brandon Hilgemann: Five Ways Pastors Can Take Advantage of Summer
Summer is here. In most churches, that means lower attendance. With lower attendance comes a bit of a slower pace of ministry. Some churches try to fight this. But maybe, instead of fighting the summer, you should embrace it. Here are a few ways how.
Roger E. Olsen: SHOULD A 
Over the decades of studying and teaching about not only the theologies of Christian theologians past and present but also their biographies I’ve run into a common question. How should we relate their lives to their theologies? To be specific, if there’s something negative in their life story, should that affect how we value their intellectual contributions? An example that stands out is Paul Tillich. After he died his widow Hannah wrote a scurrilous expose of...  MORE
They’re designed to make us discontented, covetous, and miserable, unless we buy, buy, buy. “How many new gadgets do you need?” “Just a few more.” The Lord offers us the kingdom, if we’ll seek Him first and His righteousness. And we trade that for what the world has to offer. We look to the world for our worth and to tell us how we should look, what we should pursue and how many children we should have. Then we wonder why we’re miserable. Could it be that we’re chasing after the wrong thing?      MORE
Ed Stetzer: Don’t Blame Your Schedule For Your Burnout
...While it may be true that the term “boundaries” has been “Oprahfied” in the last few years, I think it’s an area that is vital in the lives of church leaders and pastors. People often point to too much activity as the inherent culprit of fatigue and early departure from ministry. But the problem transcends a busy schedule.
J.D. Greear: The Next Wave of Missions
I am convinced that the next wave of missions (at least coming from the Western World) is going to happen on the wings of business. This has a strong biblical and historical precedent. Luke shows that the gospel got to some places in the ancient world faster via the hands of Christian merchants than even Apostles. He notes that the first time the church “went everywhere preaching the word,” the Apostles were not engaged (Acts 8:1).
How Obama's LGBT Executive Order Endangers Religious Liberty
...The executive order would prevent Christian and other religious organizations with federal contracts from requiring workers to adhere to the tenets of their religious beliefs. Christianity Today reports the order could impact religious non-profits such as World Vision, World Relief and Catholic Charities.  "If religious organizations cannot require that their employees conduct themselves in ways consistent with the teachings of their faith—then, essentially, those organizations are unable to operate in accordance with their faith," Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, said.
IRS Settles with Atheists, Agrees To Crack Down on Churches for ‘Electioneering’
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has reached a settlement with a prominent atheist organization, agreeing to crack down churches and religious groups for infringements of its prohibition against  ‘electioneering.’ As previously reported, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, sued the IRS in 2012, asserting that many non-profit religious organizations have been “blatantly and deliberately flaunting … electioneering restrictions,” but the government has not enforced its rules pertaining to the matter.     MORE
Federal Appeals Court Deals Major Blow to ObamaCare
President Obama's un-Constitutional practice of lawlessly ignoring and rewriting laws to suit his left-wing political agenda has come back to bite his signature domestic achievement. Tuesday morning a federal appeals court dealt what USA Today describes as a "potentially major blow" to ObamaCare with a 2-1 ruling against the Obama administration's end-run around Congress to disburse federal subsidies:
Senate Liberals Narrowly Lose Bid to Reverse SCOTUS Religious Freedom Victory
Senate liberals--a mix of almost all Democrats and a few Republicans--missed by a hair last week in a bid to overturn the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, which ruled unconstitutional the Obama administration’s heavy-handed requirement that business owners provide abortion services for employees, even in violation of their constitutionally protected religious beliefs.
ISIS Torches 1,800-Year-Old Church in Mosul; 
Priest Says City Is ‘Now Empty of Christians’
Members of the militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly torched a 1,800 year-old Catholic Church in Mosul, Iraq and have effectively left that city “empty of Christians” as believers fled the area in fear of their lives, according to Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Sako. 
Head of Iraq's Largest Church: 'Islamic State Worse Than Genghis Khan'
"This has never happened in Christian or Islamic history. Even Genghis Khan or Hulagu didn't do this."
Christian Baker: 'We Are Staying True to Our Beliefs'
The Christian bakery facing court because of its traditional-marriage stance is speaking out in the national media. Find out what they are saying.
Tennessee Puts Database of Family Bibles Online
The Tennessee state public library is putting a database of family bibles online.
Pelosi: Border Children Should Be Treated Like Refugee Baby Jesus
Let us not turn away these children and send them back into a burning building. 
Tebow Still Training For Another Shot At NFL: ‘I Know Who Holds My Future’
Tebow, who has also been working on his quarterback skills in Los Angeles, says it’s in God’s hands whether he plays quarterback in the NFL again.
Dr. Ben Carson: 'Starting to Think About' 2016 White House Run
On Monday, Dr. Ben Carson said he is starting to think about running for the White House in 2016. Carson, the retired brain surgeon, won a Western Conservative Summit straw poll this weekend in Colorado, and the Draft Ben Carson for President Committee has raised more than similar groups for Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul...
US Outraged over Forced Exodus of Iraqi Christians
The United States is condemning the Islamic radicals who forced thousands of Christians to flee for their lives from Iraq's second-largest city.
Eddie L. Hyatt: Why We Must Recover America's Christian Heritage
If America is to recover from its downhill slide into an abyss of socialism, anti-Christian secularism, amorality and economic collapse, we must act now.
Redstate: The Politicization of Science in the Media
We are all by now conditioned to accept the fact that when the media reports about politics, they are likely doing so from a left-leaning angle. 
McKenzie: Children’s Homes--Beauty For Children Who Have Borne The Ugliest
Children’s homes can work wonders with children who have been damaged by their families, communities, and the foster-care system.
Jeffrey Lord: America Invites Calamity Through Weakness
Witness the latest fruits of modern leftist foreign policy, as embodied in this instance by the much ballyhooed Obama/Hillary Clinton “Russian Reset”: 298 people who booked a flight on Malaysian Air’s Flight 17, now dead.
Tom Fuerst: The Year Civilization Collapsed
Because these nations were so intertwined, their fall was a collective fall.
Tavis Long: The Military Chaplain – Missionary, Evangelist, or Pastor?
Is the military Chaplaincy a legitimate New Testament ministry? What, if any, is the Chaplain’s affiliation with the local church? Does he lead a local church, as does a pastor? Is he a ministry of the local church, as is a “sent” missionary? Is he a tool of the local church, as is an evangelist? Or is his ministry completely manufactured and extra-Biblical? After all, the Chaplain’s salary is paid by the United States government, and this can draw him...
Bud Talbert: Church Unity or Church Purity?
....Genuine Christians may be tempted to join these ecumenical organizations for the sake of unity. But when a believer does that, he is lending the credibility and godliness of his own testimony to an organization that is otherwise ungodly and not credible. He is unwittingly helping to perpetuate a lie. Believers should not help the ungodly and love those who hate the Lord (2 Chron. 19:2), and participating in an ecumenical organization does exactly that. It is ironic that the New Evangelicals sought unity with ecumenism in order to gain credibility for...
Ben Strohbehn:
A father was one day teaching his little boy what manner of man a Christian is. When the lesson was finished, the father was stunned when the boy asked, “Daddy, have I ever seen a Christian?” Undoubtedly many children today are asking this same question of their own fathers. So let’s face it, Dad, what kind of example are you as a Christian father? And what are you using as a guide to successful parenthood? Are you being influenced by today’s changing social structure — a change that has produced Women’s Lib and the feminizing of the male? Or are you being guided by the clear, authoritative teaching of God’s Holy Word? These two views are poles apart. There is a definite need to set forth the traits of a Christian father — traits that are gleaned from some of the outstanding men in Scripture.    MORE
Aaron Carpenter: 
A-B-C...1-2-3,000 GOT SAVED!
It’s that time again! I’m connected online to dozens (or hundreds) of pastors, Christian leaders, and their ministries, and not a week goes by that someone doesn’t report the results of some outreach event. The report usually goes something like this: “Praise the Lord for the [insert number here] souls that were saved today!” The wording and number varies, but this is pretty much SOP. Summer sees a lot of this because of all the Vacation Bible Schools and Youth Camps. During the summer, kids and teens are out of school, and we can create focused environments for presenting the Gospel to them. The nature and timing of these ministries means that we often talk to people who wouldn’t otherwise be in church, i.e. unbelievers. It’s all a good thing, and we do it at our church. And we report all the numbers we can  MORE
Jon Bloom: Before the Children Are Gone
Time is our most precious earthly asset because all other earthly assets are governed by it. We can’t really save time. We can only spend it. So we try to manage it. But that’s very hard. Never in history have human beings had so many options for spending time. And there’s no way to manage time well enough to spend it on all the things we want to do, nor all the things we think we should do.
 Marshall Segal: A Booby Trap in the Christian Budget
The Bible is clear that we will put our money where our hearts are, so it is important that we regularly test our treasure. There are lots of ways to lose our life over a love for money. We want our money to serve our greatest lasting good and happiness, not kill it. So I proposed four questions to keep close to your wallet....
Buck Parsons: John Wycliffe--Forerunner of the Reformation
John Wycliffe was the morning star of the Reformation. He was a protestant and a reformer more than a century before Martin Luther ignited the Protestant Reformation in 1517. Through Wycliffe, God planted the seeds of the Reformation, He watered the seeds through John Hus, and He brought the ?ower of the Reformation to bloom through Martin Luther. The seed of the ?ower of the German Augustinian monk Luther’s 95 theses was planted by the English scholar and churchman John Wycliffe.
Steven Warhurst: Relativism — America’s Idol
....The claim that there is no objective, external authority or truth to bind all men is incredibly attractive to those who want to be autonomous — a law unto themselves. God’s universal standards of truth, morality, and reality frustrate man’s will, so he looks for a way to escape his Master. Relativism appears to provide a promising disguise for his escape from Divine authority.
...Jesus set limits to his activity, and beyond those limits no man ever persuaded him to go. One day his brothers wanted him to go to Jerusalem and make an impression on the big men there, but he refused to listen to their exhortation, telling them that they might go any time they chose, but that it was different with him. He could not go until it was time for him to go, until his work compelled him to go. He could not go until his hour had come. When the hour arrived he set his face steadfastly to go to Jerusalem. All along the way men tried to divert him, but he could not be diverted, to Jerusalem he must go...Men all around him have the enjoyment of large liberty. They wander hither and thither, going whithersoever they wish, but it was not so with him.  He could not dissipate his energy, he could not waste a single hour. It was always, "I must," "I must," "I must." There were broad roads on his right and left, and along these roads thousands were traveling, but he could not go with them.     MORE

Fox News
Iraqi Christians are begging for help from the civilized world after Mosul, the northern city where they have lived and worshiped for 2,000 years, was purged of non-Muslims by ISIS. Assyrian Christians, Syriac Orthodox and followers of the Assyrian Church of the East have roots in present day Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran that stretch back to the time of Jesus Christ. While they have long been a minority and have faced persecution in the past, they had never been driven completely from their homes until now. When the terror group ISIS ordered all to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or face execution, many chose another option: flight.     MORE
Matt Barber
....For every law, regulation, activist court ruling or presidential edict that demands Christians violate their sincerely held religious beliefs and adopt a postmodern, moral relativist way of life, there increases, in exact proportion, the likelihood of widespread civil disobedience – disobedience of the sort we haven’t seen since the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and ’60s. Indeed, if, in the spirit of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., we, his fellow Christian travelers, must again face the water hoses, then face them we shall.   MORE
Eddie L. Hyatt
If America is to recover from its downhill slide into an abyss of socialism, anti-Christian secularism, amorality and economic collapse, we as Christians must rise up and recover our country's true national heritage. The identity of a people or nation is tied to their history—to their origins—and we have been robbed of ours. This, in turn, has opened the door for a flood of ungodly influences into our society. It is obvious that we have been robbed of our identity as a nation birthed out of a great Spiritual awakening and founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles. This was never more obvious than when our president stood before a foreign audience and declared, "America is not a Christian nation," with hardly a peep of protest from back home.   MORE
End of the Am Dream
Would you like to have a digital identity card that is automatically issued to you at birth?  In one European nation, residents use such a card when they go to the hospital, when they do their banking, when they go shopping and even when they vote.  This card has become so popular that this particular European country actually plans to start issuing them to millions of non-citizens all over the planet who request them.  Never heard about this?  The Economist, a well-known mouthpiece for the global elite, is calling for the entire planet to adopt this “national identification system” that the little nation of Estonia has adopted.    MORE
Owen Strachan
I never have known the joy of owning a small, pink, heart-shaped music box. In point of fact, I never will. I suppose, with two daughters in the home, that the purchase of such a box might be in the fatherly offing, but it won’t be for my own sake. I am now more than familiar with heart- shaped boxes, however, because like many other Christians and persons of meaningful religious affiliation I am being publicly asked today to put my faith, my very religious liberty, in one.  MORE
Wall Street Journal
When D. Michael Lindsey, the president of a well-known Christian college in Wenham, Mass., called Gordon College, signed a letter to President Barack Obama with 13 other religious leaders on July 1, he can't have known what he was getting into. The letter urged the president to exempt religious groups from an executive order that will bar the government from contracting with organizations that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. A week earlier, numerous other religious leaders had sent a similar letter.  MORE
Joy Pullmann
A Christian college in Massachusetts requested the freedom to live out its ideals, and since some powerful people don’t share those ideals they’re set to destroy Gordon College—unless it agrees to retreat to the closet. In June, Gordon’s president added his name to a public letter asking President Obama to not force religious organizations into hypocrisy. Obama plans an executive order that would be the equivalent to many organizations of forcing Human Rights Campaign to hire adherents of Westboro Baptist Church. It would force anyone who receives federal funds to hire people whose sexual conduct disgraces all the world’s major religions.    MORE
Police officers in Arizona are searching for an arsonist who has burned several Bibles on church properties recently, even inscribing ‘hail Satan’ on one of the church’s gates. According to The Arizona Republic, an unidentified arsonist in Mesa has torched Bibles on six different occasions since mid-May. The arsonist, who remains at large, is believed to be a White or Hispanic male in his late teens or early 20s. Three of the fires occurred at Mesa Baptist Church, on May 11, 17, and 18. Then, in mid-June, the arsonist burned....   MORE
Christian News
A number of scientists in recent years have stated that atheists might not actually exist, and that a belief in God is naturally ingrained into all people, prompting a recent article that is stirring discussion around the world. Last week, Nury Vittachi published a story entitled Scientists Discover That Atheists Might Not Exist, And That’s Not a Joke. In the article, Vittachi cites the works of several researchers, such as Graham Lawton and Pascal Boyer, who argue that belief in God is naturally ingrained into every person.  MORE
Fox News
A California school district says it will not apologize to a teenager who defied its orders and mentioned God in his graduation speech. Attorneys representing the Brawley Union High School District have written a 10-page letter defending the school’s right not only to censor graduation speeches, but also to ban any speech that references God or Jesus.    MORE
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 The mask is off. All pretense has been dropped, and the anti-Christian left’s boundless depth of hatred for individual liberty, our First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is now on full display. I wrote last week about the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby opinion, a rather tepid acknowledgement of every American’s non-negotiable right to religious free exercise (yes, that includes Christian business owners). I observed, among other things, that “the secularist left’s utter meltdown over having but a small measure of control over others wrested away is highly instructive.”  The meltdown continues. MORE
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Every contemplation of the last month, and weeks, and days in the life of our Lord fills the soul with a sense of solemn and almost overwhelming awe. Through all those movements which culminated in the Cross and resurrection, He stands out, awful in His loneliness, magnificent in His heroism, supreme in His revelation of the highest possible in human life, and of the greatest in God. This determined setting of His face to Jerusalem is worthy of our closest attention. A superficial reading would leave the impression that the value of the statement is exhausted geographically. This is by no means so. Jesus had just left the mount of glory, and set His face toward the valley, and the multitudes, toward the sin, the sorrow, and the suffering. And "when the days  were well nigh come that He should be received up, He stedfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem." This declaration, as a revelation of His outlook, and in the light of the teaching which immediately followed, is of supreme value to all that bear His name... MORE
My fellow-travelers to eternity, I want to discuss tonight, the great subject of Christian recreation and unchristian amusement. I wish to find out as far as I possibly can, what is healthful, and what is right; what is hurtful, and what is wrong; what every Christian may do, and what even a lost sinner ought not to do. It is a very delicate and a very difficult subject to treat; and I trust we may be guided wisely and safely through it...we come to this principle- that whatever makes your body healthier, your mind happier, and your immortal soul purer, is Christian recreation...."Whatever you do, do all for the glory of God." Every Christian ought to take his religion into his pleasures, just as much as into his business or his church. No Christian ought ever to spend an evening in any place, from which he could not return with the most devout and graceful approach to his Savior, as he bends on his knee in his closet to spend the last hour of the day, as it flies up to God with its account.    MORE
In these days of national strife and international confusion, when the seeds of hatred are being cultivated in the hotbeds of communism and radicalism, let us throw back our shoulders, double up our fists, rough with the calluses of honest toil,and stand up for true, fundamental, godly Americanism. The Bible teaches patriotism, and patriotism was the light that burned in the hearts of the faithful in the midnight gloom of the dark ages.  It was the torch that lit the fires of the Reformation. It was the rock upon which Western civilization survives the onslaught of the Red Scourge, it will be Christian patriotism that will fuel the lamps of truth and provide morale for the fight for freedom. America has many privileges, but it also has great responsibilities. Our freedom was obtained at a great price. Our first responsibility is to God, but we are duty bound to our beloved country.   MORE
...It was in the spring when Paul was writing, the spring of 68. He has passed through part of the winter or early spring in the dreary Roman prison. He has missed his warm cloak which he left at Troas with Carpus (4:13) on his way to Macedonia to winter at Nicopolis. He does not know how long the trial will be drawn out. It may last till the next winter, and so he urges Timothy to be sure to come to Rome before winter (4:21). It makes him shudder to think of another winter without that cloak.  But that is not the worst of it. He is lonely. "Only Luke is with me" (4:11). Thank God for the faithful physician who will risk all for his patient and friend. There is no complaint of Luke, but both of them hunger for the fellowship of others. Paul makes a direct appeal to Timothy to come to him. We do not know where Timothy was when he received this Second Epistle.    MORE
....There is not a soul among us, no matter how seemingly indifferent or unconcerned, who is not at times —and these times come oftener and oftener with the advance of years—brought face to face with the problems of the reality, of the very existence of heaven. It is my purpose, God aiding, to bring to your minds, hearts, your souls some of the glorious, victorious truths about heaven, its citizens, its perfections, its conditions, and, perhaps most of all, to point out to you what you must do to get there; then to plead with you in all the passion of my soul that you put your feet by faith in the way of the cross that leads to God and to heaven. My outline is simple, brief, and, I hope, to the point. I know there is a heaven. I know what kind of place it is. I know I am going there.    MORE
....There is no want of power in God to cast wicked men into hell at any moment. Men's hands cannot be strong when God rises up. The strongest have no power to resist him, nor can any deliver out of his hands.-He is not only able to cast wicked men into hell, but he can most easily do it. Sometimes an earthly prince meets with a great deal of difficulty to subdue a rebel, who has found means to fortify himself, and has made himself strong by the numbers of his followers. But it is not so with God. There is no fortress that is any defence from the power of God. Though hand join in hand, and vast multitudes of God's enemies combine and associate themselves, they are easily broken in pieces. MORE
....As Ahab goes walking through the rows of vines, he begins to plan how he will have that vineyard arranged by his royal gardener, how flowers will be here and vegetables yonder and herbs there. As he converses with himself, suddenly a shadow falls across his path. Quick as a flash Ahab whirls on his heels, and there, before him, stands Elijah, prophet of the living God. ..."And Ahab said to Elijah, Hast thou found me, O mine enemy?" and Elijah, without a tremor in his voice, his eyes burning their way into Ahab's guilty soul, answered: "I have found thee: because thou has sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the Lord." Then, with every word a thunderbolt, and every sentence a withering denunciation, Elijah continued...     MORE
...If the issues of life are determined by fate or chance, there are no foundations. In the one case we become the effortless children of apathy upon whom no responsibility devolves, our only consolation being the Oriental proverb, “Kismet.” In the other case we become the devotees of ephemeral pleasure with no higher watchword than, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” Hence my theme today: The Providence of God is the Christian’s foundation. Under these - Fate, Chance and Divine Providence may be grouped all the theories and philosophies of life. There is no room for another classification.   MORE
...ministers in all ages have found it necessary, frequently to remind their people of the terrors of the Lord, as so many powerful dissuasives from sin. But whence is it that men are so disingenuous? The reason seems to be this: The promise of eternal happiness is so agreeable to the inclinations and wishes of mankind, that all who call themselves Christians, universally and willingly subscribe to the belief of it: but then there is something so shocking in the consideration of eternal torments, and seemingly such an infinite disproportion between an endless duration of pain, and short life spent in pleasure, that men can scarcely be brought to confess it as an article of their faith, that an eternity of misery awaits the wicked in a future state.  MORE
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