..;..Massive Study Finds Link Between High Screen Time and Unhappiness-Intellectual Takeout
We’d all like to be a little happier.  The problem is that much of what determines happiness is outside of our control. Some of us are genetically predisposed to see the world through rose-colored glasses, while others have a generally negative outlook. Bad things happen, to us and in the world. People can be unkind, and jobs can be tedious. But we do have some control over how we spend our leisure time. That’s one reason why it’s worth asking which leisure time activities are linked to happiness, and which aren’t. In a new analysis of 1 million U.S. teens, my co-authors and I looked at how teens were spending their free time and which activities correlated with happiness, and which didn’t. We wanted to see if changes in the way teens spend their free time might partially explain a startling drop in teens’ happiness after 2012 – and perhaps the decline in adults’ happiness since 2000 as well.
HEADLINES AND ARTICLES —  Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
.;..Why We Should Escape Social Media (And Why We Don’t)   -Tony Reinke 
Yet another former Facebook exec has issued a warning about how his previous employer has conditioned us with bad habits, poisoned our civic lives, fleeced our sanity, and sabotaged our relationships. This time it’s Chamath Palihapitiya, age 41, now a venture capitalist and co-owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. Palihapitiya explained how Facebook corrodes social discourse, recently speaking to students at Stanford....
..;.Pence Visits Western Wall, Repeating Jerusalem Embassy Vow   -CBN News
During his second full day in Israel, US Vice President Mike Pence visited two of Jerusalem's most revered sites: the Holocaust museum and the Western Wall. He's also receiving high praise for his Knesset speech on Monday that warmed the hearts of many Israelis.
.;..The Best Preacher In the World  -David Murray
Every church needs two preachers. We need a human preacher, one who is visible, audible, tangible. But we also need a divine preacher, one that is invisible, inaudible, and intangible. I’m speaking of the Holy Spirit, without whom the work of the human preacher is in vain.
..;..Atheist Group Targets Ben Carson over 'Secretive' White House Cabinet Bible Study  -CBN News
The weekly Bible study attended by members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet is once again under attack, this time from an atheist group. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is suing the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), led by Secretary Ben Carson.  The group has issued Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to agencies led by Cabinet secretaries who attend the Bible study to see if government resources are being used or if agency staffers feel "coerced..."
.;..Tuning Out Television   -Mark Herbster
.....The average American watches over four hours of television a day. One study recently reported that sixty-three percent of all teens have their own television. Teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen watch an average of twenty-two hours a week. Those who control the content of the television and movie industry are not friendly to Biblical values. One-half of all those who control the media do not claim to be associated with any religious group; eighty-six percent seldom or never attend church. An astounding eighty-four percent of media moguls believe that the government...
..;.The Sex-Change Revolution Is Based on Ideology, Not Science -The Daily Signal
.....America is in the midst of what has been called a “transgender moment.” In the space of a year, transgender issues went from something that most Americans had never heard of to a cause claiming the mantle of civil rights. But can a boy truly be “trapped” in a girl’s body? Can modern medicine really “reassign” sex? Is sex something “assigned” in the first place? What’s the loving response to a friend or child experiencing a gender identity conflict? What should our law say on these issues?
.;..Bolivian President Revokes Anti-Evangelism Law; Major Victory for Evangelicals After Days of Protest
Bolivian President Evo Morales has said he will revoke a new penal code that would have criminalized evangelism, explaining that he wants to "avoid confusion" following protests, prayer and fasting by evangelicals.
..;.Patrick Deneen Why Liberalism Has Failed  -David Gordon
Patrick Deneen’s thoughtful book poses a challenge to libertarians. Deneen, a political theorist who teaches at Notre Dame, has with great force identified a fundamental tendency of our times. Destruction of traditional attachments to family, local institutions, culture, and virtuous behavior isolates individuals and makes them dependent on an all-powerful government. In arguing in this way, Deneen shows himself an apt disciple of ....
.;..Politico Botches Basic Fact In Hit Piece On Christian HHS Staffers   -Rachel Stoltzfoos
The error completely undermines the premise of the report, and suggests the people at Politico aren’t clear on the meaning of the term ‘evangelical.’
..;..Christian Churches 'Under Attack' Amid Turkey's Bombardment of Syrian Region -Christian Post
Christian churches in Syria are crying out for help  amid deadly attacks by Turkish forces on Kurdish areas of the civil war ravaged nation.
.;..Prophetic Update: Is the Great Deception Here?   -World Net Daily
....Some call it fake news. Jesus called it deception. When His disciples asked about the signs of the last days, Jesus began by giving His followers this warning: “Take heed that no one deceives you” -Matthew 24:4
..;.How Today’s Students Can Become Great Writers by Using Thomas Jefferson’s Methods
.;..Evil, Not Homeschooling, Caused The California ‘House Of Horrors’  -Cheryl Magness
If local governments can’t protect the children in their own schools, what makes anyone think they can protect children in home schools they are only going to inspect once a year?
..;.The Cultural Roots of Trumpism -Geoffrey P. Hunt
Trump has sparked a cultural earthquake in newfound respect, self-esteem, and optimism for working-class citizens, rural and urban, similar in important ways to what was seen in the 1840s.
.;..The Secret Small Churches Know Best   -Stephen Witmer 
Most Christian churches in America are small. In 2012, the National Congregations Study found that the median Sunday morning attendance for churches in the United States was 75 people. The study also found that 43% of American churches had fewer than 50 regular participants, 67% had fewer than 100 regular participants, and 87% had fewer than 250.
..;.The Holy Spirit is Not an 'It'    -Jared C. Wilson
.;..Training for Song Leaders   -David Cloud
The position of song leader is important. Just as orchestras need good conductors and armies need good officers, churches must have the right song leaders if they are to have effectual song services.  An individual can worship God alone effectively if he is so inclined, but a congregation must be led. That is why God has ordained leaders and has set forth high qualifications for them. It is true that the New Testament does not spell out the position....
..;.Do I Have to Pray Every Day?   -Olan Stubbs 
Do I have to pray every day? Many of us wrestle with some form of this question throughout our Christian lives. If we ask in duty to earn God’s blessings, the answer is No.... If we ask in desperation, wanting to experience God’s presence to strengthen our faith, empower us to obey, and deepen our joy in him, the answer is Yes. We don’t ask, “Is it my duty to breathe every day?” We breathe every day to survive!
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HEADLINES AND ARTICLES —  Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
..;..Pence Praises 'the Miracle of Israel,' Pledging to Open US Embassy in Jerusalem in 2019   -CBN News
In a warmly received speech, Vice President Mike Pence told members of Israel's Knesset the United States embassy will open in Jerusalem "before the end of next year."  "By finally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the United States has chosen fact over fiction, and fact is the only true foundation for a just and lasting peace," Pence told Israeli parliamentarians. In a wide-ranging speech, the vice president called on Palestinians to return to the negotiating table, delivered a message of friendship to the people of Iran and celebrated long-awaited aid being delivered to persecuted Christians. "For the first time we are providing direct support to Christian and religious minorities as they rebuild their communities after years of repression and war." To Palestinians he said, "Peace can only come through dialogue."  Arab members of the Knesset boycotted his speech, creating a disturbance as Pence waited at the podium.
.;..Healing from the Trauma of Abortion   -Kendra Dahl 
It’s been 16 years since my abortion. I’m married now with three children, and I’ve been walking with Jesus for nearly eight years. But, some days, I feel like I’m playing house. Some days, I’m 16 and lying in a sterile room, staring at an ultrasound screen, wishing I’d looked away—that oval forever etched into my memory. I’m running home while blood trickles down my legs. I’m staying home from high-school hangouts pretending to be sick. I’m hiding, hoping no one will find out. Some days, I wonder if I’m still hiding.
..;.Science is Revolutionizing Argument Against Abortion   -The Stream
Pro-abortionists have historically used science as a tool to argue that babies can be aborted because they are merely clumps of cells up until 28 weeks of pregnancy, but advancements in science are changing how abortion advocates and pro-lifers argue their cause.
.;..Study: Post-Abortion Ministry Yields Spiritual Renewal  -Baptist Press
Nearly 20 percent of post-abortive women who sought help from a crisis pregnancy center say their experience led them to a "deepened spiritual life," with 7.5 percent saying abortion drove them to faith in Christ, according to a study published by the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.
..;..Moody Bible Institute Faces History of Racial Tension and Attempts to Move Forward  -Christian Headlines
 Moody Bible Institute is one of the oldest Bible colleges in the nation. Recently, the school has been called into question after allegations surfaced that there is a pervasive if subtle culture of racist attitudes on campus. Several former African-American students shared their stories. One, identified as Micah Bournes, said that overall, neither faculty or other students ever tried to be more inclusive of minorities on campus. Furthermore, when Bournes read that the college’s student handbook “didn’t allow students to have what it called extreme or distracting hairstyles that included cornrows and dreadlocks,” he took this issue up with the Dean. Since cornrows and dreadlocks are almost exclusively hairstyles worn by Black people....
.;..Analysis A New Anti-Israel Axis Is Forming   -Israel National News
With Hamas running out of options in its terror war against Israel from Gazan soil, the Islamist terrorist organization is looking for other options to hit Israel. After Israel proved it can virtually neutralize every rocket launched at southern Israel from Gaza and developed what is dubbed ‘an underground Iron Dome’ in order to combat the increasing threat of Hamas’ terror tunnels, the Palestinian terror group is now threatening Israel...
..;.Will Turkish Invasion of Syria Bring About Pre-Messianic Conflict With Russia? -Breaking israel News   --See Disclaimer--
A massive Turkish ground force crossed into the Afrin region of Syria to fight the Kurdish militia and push them out of Syria. The Turkish government claims their goal is to establish a 19-mile buffer zone against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a militant group based in Syria. If the conflict intensifies, it could pit Turkey directly against Russia, which has boosted its military presence and bases in Syria in an effort to support the Syrian government in the country’s nearly seven-year-long civil war. A conflict between Turkey and Russia was predicted over 200 years ago....
.;..ACLU Using Undocumented Minors as 'Political Pawns' in Abortion Debate, Pro-Lifers Warn  -Christian Post
The American Civil Liberties Union is being accused by pro-life groups of using undocumented immigrant minors as "political pawns" to force the Trump administration to fund abortions.
..;.Scholars Decipher One of Last Remaining Mysterious Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Oldest Bible Texts
Israeli researchers have reportedly deciphered one of the last remaining unread parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, more than half a century after their initial discovery.
.;..Pope Shocks Chile By Accusing Sex Abuse Victims of Slander   -
Pope Francis accused victims of Chile’s most notorious pedophile of slander Thursday, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country. Francis said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up the sex crimes of the Rev. Fernando Karadima, such accusations against Barros are “all calumny.”
..;..Satanic Temple Finds Reason to Fight the Abortion Laws in Missouri  -CBN News
The Missouri Supreme Court hears oral arguments Tuesday in an abortion case involving The Satanic Temple against the state. In October of 2017, a Missouri woman who is a follower of The Satanic Temple and believes state abortion law goes against her religious beliefs, won her appeal in the Western District Court of Appeals.
.;..India 'Prayer Warrior' Pastor Tortured, Then Hung to Death in Church; Congregation Terrified
A pastor in India who was known for long five- to six-hour prayer sessions was found beaten, tortured and hung to death from the rafters of his church, parishioners said. The murder has deeply shocked the congregation.
..;.Author of Books on Presidents’ Faith Says Trump Misunderstands Evangelicals -Christian Headlines
 Author Stephen Mansfield, who has written about the faith of former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, says the current occupant of the Oval Office has captured the “fundamental gripes” of evangelicals but misunderstands just how divided they are these days.
.;..New Evidence Emerges on Anti-Trump Agents at FBI and Mueller's Russia Team  -CBN News
The Justice Department has turned over more text messages between an anti-Trump FBI agent and FBI lawyer from the team investigating Russia's involvement in the election.  But the department also added in a letter to lawmakers that they failed to "preserve and retrieve" about five months of communications.  Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were removed from Robert Mueller's Russia investigation team following derogatory texts about President Donald Trump. Strzok was a veteran counterintelligence agent who worked on the Clinton email case and was later reassigned on the....
..;.Franklin Graham Defends President Trump on MSNBC -Christian Headlines
HEADLINES AND ARTICLES —  Monday, January 22nd, 2018
..;..Vice President Pence Arrives in Israel
Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Israel Sunday, his final stop on a four-day, three-nation visit to the Middle East....Pence is scheduled to address Israel's Knesset Monday and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin. Pence is not scheduled to meet with any Palestinian leaders, who are angry after President Trump's announcement last month recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and pledging to move the US Embassy there. The leader of a coalition of Israeli Arabs in the Knesset said his members will boycott Pence's speech. The trip is partially aimed at reassuring Arab allies in the region, particularly the president of Egypt and the king of Jordan, that the US remains committed to supporting a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Earlier Sunday, Pence met with King Abdullah of Jordan, who expressed his concerns at Trump's Jerusalem announcement.
.;..On Eve of Pence Visit, Netanyahu Says ‘No Substitute’ for US Leadership In Region    -Jerusalem Post
There is no substitute to US mediation in the diplomatic process, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday…hours before US Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to arrive for a two day visit. In an apparent reference to the Palestinian Authority’s decision to boycott Pence, Netanyahu said that “those who truly aspire to these goals [regional stability] know that there is no substitute for US leadership.”
..;.Mike Pence Takes Heat for Trump's Jerusalem Decision on Middle East Tour  -Christian Post
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who is on a four-day trip to the Middle East, met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi in Egypt and King Abdullah II in Jordan, and saw anger in the region over President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
.;..Atheists Are Throwing a Fit Over Trump’s “Secret” Bible Study
Over the summer the White House began holding a Bible study for President Donald trump’s cabinet sponsored by Vice President Mike Pence. No big deal, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, this study wound up piquing the attention of the secularists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which began hounding the Trump administration for additional information on these otherwise totally innocuous Bible study sessions.
..;..Obama Mocked Trump’s Political Ambitions. Trump Spent His First Year Dismantling Obama’s Legacy
As president, Barack Obama repeatedly mocked Donald Trump’s political ambitions, laughing at the idea of Trump ever winning the presidency. Obama mocked Trump in 2011 for calling into question whether he was born in America. The state of Hawaii later released Obama’s longform birth certificate to put the matter to rest. Obama viciously mocked Trump for the controversy, before mocking the idea of Trump ever serving in the White House.
.;..Earthquake Swarm in U.S. City Has Lasted 7 Days Straight—What’s Going On?  -Newsweek
In the past month, parts of Reno, Nevada, have experienced a total of 274 known earthquakes. But if you’re surprised you haven’t heard about them by now, consider that the vast majority of those have been truly tiny tremors—just five of those quakes have been stronger than a magnitude 2.0, which means they’ve mostly been too gentle to feel.
..;.Jordan’s King Says East Jerusalem Must Be Capital of Palestinian State  -Jerusalem Post
In remarks during talks with US Vice Mike Pence in Amman, the king said the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was a two-state one. “The US decision on Jerusalem …does not come as a result of a comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” the monarch told Pence at the start of the talks in the royal palace.
.;..Video, Transcript: While Left Marches To Abort, Trump Attends March For Life
President Donald Trump speaks at the March For Life anti-abortion rally in Washington D.C. where over 100,000 are expected to be in attendance. Trump will be the first president to attend the march in 45 years. Meanwhile, the left is holding another women’s march, which focuses on abortion rights among other issues.
..;.Methodists, Church of England May End 200-Year Split to 'Sustain Christian Presence' -Christian Post
Leaders of the Church of England will debate at their governing body next month whether they should have a priest-sharing arrangement with the Methodists to "sustain Christian presence."
.;..Luis Palau Diagnosed With Stage 4 Lung Cancer  -Christian Post
..;.Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Continued Construction of Border Wall  -Jerusalem Post
Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has warned Israel against continued construction of a wall along its border with Lebanon… “After liberating the Lebanese occupied territories from the Zionist enemy in 2000…the Lebanese government informed the UNIFIL about its rejection for any Israeli measure in this concern,” Nasrallah was quoted by Hezbollah website al-Manar as saying.
.;..State Demands Preachers Get Permission to Speak  -World Net Daily
Two street preachers are targeted, confronted and eventually arrested by transit officers who insist that they stop talking about their Christian beliefs without getting the agency’s permission first, and the courts say that’s all right.
..;.Franklin Graham Praises President Trump for Defending Christianity-CBN News
Appearing on Fox and Friends Sunday, the Rev. Franklin Graham said President Donald Trump is concerned about religious freedom of Americans and the religious freedom of people in other countries as well. "I applaud what he has done this first year, even though he's been attacked since day one., Graham said. "The left is trying to destroy this man. It's almost like we're in the middle of a digital coup --  and that's what it is a digital coup d'etat. They're wanting to force him out of office. They're wanting to take control of the government.  And we need to pray for this man."
.;..'It Comes Down to My Faith': Baltimore Ravens Benjamin Watson Finalist for Walter Payton Award  -CBN News
Ravens Tight End Benjamin Watson has been named as a finalist for the prestigious Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.   The nomination marks the second time that Watson has been nominated for the annual award from the National Football League. He was nominated for the honor in 2015 but lost out to Anquan Boldin.  Watson was named by the New Orleans Saints organization as their Man of the Year that same year. 
..;.Overreach Is the Part of Obama's Legacy That Trump Should Undo. And He Is -Christianity Today
.....The Obama administration, as many of us know, was seen as less-than-accommodating to individuals and groups with deeply-held religious convictions when those conflicted with new politics and laws. Instead of expanding opportunities for conscience-based objections, the Obama administration approach was one that stifled thoughtful conversation and prevented compromise. And, most importantly, they did not make appropriate accommodations for religious beliefs—picking unnecessary fights with groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor.
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