1 in 4 Americans Don't Believe In God; Lack of Trust In Local Churches Cited as a Reason Why Adults Are Leaving the Faith
Barna Group has released its 2015 study on the state of atheism in America, and has revealed that one in four unchurched adults in the country now identify as atheists or agnostics. The study also found that rejection of the Bible and lack of trust in the church are two main reasons why people are turning away from faith. The study was focused on those who have not attended church within the past six months, and found that the majority of such people identify as non-practicing Christians. One in four, or 25 percent, however, were classed as skeptics, which Barna defines as...    MORE
Thursday, March 26th, 2015
New Trend: ‘Radically Inclusive’ Churches 
That Embrace All Religions And All Lifestyles
 If you want as many people to attend your church as possible, why limit yourself to just Christians?  All over America, “radically inclusive” churches that embrace all religions and all lifestyles are starting to pop up.  Church services that incorporate elements of Hinduism, Islam, native American religions and even Wicca are becoming increasingly common.  And even if you don’t believe anything at all, that is okay with these churches too.  One Presbyterian minister in Oregon is even inviting people to “bring their own god” to church.  But if these churches don’t really stand for anything at all, what is their purpose?  And what does the popularity of these churches say about the future of religion in America?    MORE
Chris Christie: Liberty Comes From God Not Government
 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spent much of a town hall-style meeting Tuesday in his state talking up what he believes makes a winning candidate and espousing the principle that rights and liberties come from God, not government.   .MORE
Uk Telegraph: China Jails Christian Pastor
Who Fought Church Demolitions
A Chinese preacher who opposed an “anti-church” demolition campaign that saw hundreds of places of worship partially or completely destroyed has been jailed for one year on charges supporters claim are trumped up. Huang Yizi, 40, was sentenced before a packed courtroom on Tuesday afternoon for “gathering crowds to disturb social order,” Zhang Kai, his lawyer, said. “I think the whole trial was manipulated by the authorities,” Mr Zhang told The Telegraph, adding that his client would appeal. The lawyer said around 1,000 Christian supporters gathered outside the court in Pingyang County in the eastern province of Zhejiang. He met his the pastor before the hearing and believed “his state of mind was good”.    MORE
ISIS Video Shows Kidnapped Christian Converting to Islam; Jihadists Call It 'Voluntary'
Terror group ISIS has reportedly released a video showing the conversion of one kidnapped Assyrian Christian into Islam. Previous reports have stated that the 200-plus Christian hostages have refused to deny Christ during ISIS' conversion attempts, but the latest video shows a man from the village of Tel Temit declaring that Muhammad is God's prophet....The video has reportedly been spread throughout ISIS' websites.
Ted Cruz Enlists Christians for White House Bid
"I believe God isn't done with America yet."
Christian Musicians Charged With Attempted Homicide in Wal-Mart Brawl
A Dark Day: What Caused Germanwings Tragedy?
At least 700 people are searching for answers at the site of Tuesday's deadly crash of Germanwings Airbus A320 in the French Alps. Investigators are also looking for clues from one of the black boxes they've already recovered.
ISIS Increases Child Recruitment: 400 Kids Join 'Cubs of the Caliphate' in Syria;
Brutal Training Camps Teach Children to Carry Out Beheadings
Gallup: Concern About Environment Down – Americans Worry Least About Global Warming
American Jewish Leaders Concerned with Obama Rhetoric
John Hagee's Ministry Responds to ‘Four Blood Moons’ Allegations
Megachurch pastor John Hagee is not the "discoverer" of the pattern of blood moons, according to news reports from WND. The Christian publication points to pastor Mark Blitz as the one who received the revelation and has sent a demand letter to Hagee. The letter asks for a public apology and re-edits for the film Four Blood Moons.
Woman Sues Planet Fitness for Revoking Membership Over ‘Transgender’ Complaint
Liberals, Pro-Lifers Join Forces to Defend Confederate Tags Before Supreme Court
TX Woman Arrested After Throwing Molotov Bomb at Pro-Lifers Outside Planned Parenthood
Ending the Nightmare: Protecting Kids from Sex Abuse
Author and activist Erin Merryn is on a mission to protect children from being sexually abused. With millions of victims in the United States alone, the Illinois woman is taking her fight to all 50 states and beyond. People magazine named her one of 15 women changing the world. With a bubbly baby girl, supportive husband, and infectious personality, you'd never guess Erin Merryn has endured tragic, unimaginable acts.
Melissa Kruger: Every Mother’s Greatest Resource
The sun is setting as the final inning begins. My 10-year-old son stands up to pitch. His team is up by two runs in their end-of-season tournament. As I watch him walk to the mound, my motherly heart wants to rescue him from the weight of expectations. So much is riding on him. My stomach is in knots as I watch his first pitch. “Strike!” the umpire yells. I breathe a sigh of relief. Once again he takes the ball in his glove. Over and over he stands resolutely, sometimes throwing strikes, sometimes missing the mark. All I can do is watch and pray.  MORE
Trevin Wax: When Your Church is In TroubleTell the Truth, Face the Future
...Don’t miss the importance of learning “what time it is” for a church and how it has progressed to this point. If the church culture has stifled honest conversations about the current realities and challenges, people will begin to shield the leader from “grim facts” for fear of being criticized or penalized for telling the truth. Then, once the “brutal facts” are ignored, the organization suffers and, sometimes, dies. Of course, the next question is: Okay, now what? If I’ve prayerfully and honestly assessed the state of my church and how it got here, how do I move forward with my congregation? I would sum up the next steps in two phrases: tell the truth and face the future.  MORE
Canada Free Press: Is Obama Anti-Semitic?
President Obama made no secret of his displeasure that Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected to be Israel’s Prime Minister. Only David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister and one of the nation’s founders, served longer. Obama lives in some parallel universe apart from the lessons of history and the realities of what is actually occurring. 
Charisma News: 10 Myths About Redefining Marriage
Advocates of redefining "marriage" to include same-sex couples use a number of arguments that can best be described as "myths." The reality is often quite different. For example...
Raynard Jackson: Blacks Are in Denial About President Barack Obama
....So, what is the state of black America in 2015? In short, on many fronts, black America remains in crisis—and we see justice challenged at every turn." As you might guess, I have a different point of view. The state of black America in 2015 is not in crisis; but rather the state of the "media-appointed black leadership" is in crisis.
Winfield Myers: As ISIS Destroys Ancient Pre-Islamic Artifacts,
Academic Apologist Blames the West for its Desecration of History

Feigning ignorance about ISIS and contextualizing their horrific acts within the intellectual and material legacy of Western colonial archaeology. It's not Islam's fault, it's the West's. 
Bruce Walker: The Tipping Point for American Jews?
Can Obama's disastrous presidency wake up American Jews from their devotion to leftism?
Matthew Vadum: The Left’s Ted Cruz Freakout
Cruz’s enemies line up against him — just the way he likes it.
Brian Croft: How Do I Endure Through the Difficulties of Pastoral Ministry?
One of my pastoral teachers and heroes, Bill Hughes, said goodbye to his beloved wife of over 60 years this past week who met her Savior in glory and is no longer suffering.  Bill spent most of his long and faithful ministry serving in Scotland.  Thinking about and praying for Bill this week reminded me of a simple, but profound truth I learned from him about how to endure through the constant struggles of pastoral ministry.  In an exposition of 2 Corinthians 4 I once heard Bill Hughes preach, he made this observation to answer the nagging question, “How do I endure through the difficulties of pastoral ministry?”     MORE
Brandenburg: Who Is the Audience of the Singing and Playing In Church?
The audience for most of the music for evangelicalism and fundamentalism is people -- do people like it?  I'm saying, the people versus God.  I'm not saying they don't consider God at all, but that people are what they most regard with their music.  Most have stopped fighting the idea that there is a music that God doesn't like, so it really comes down to what people like.  Most evangelicals directly relate style of music to church growth, which is to say that whether the people like it or not is foremost in their minds...   MORE
Nancy Guthrie: What Do We Say to Grieving People?
Because my husband David and I have gone through the death of two of our children, and we do a lot of speaking and interacting with grieving people, oftentimes people ask us, “What do I say to someone who has just lost someone, or what do I do?” None of us wants to be the one who says the really stupid thing, or the really insensitive thing.   MORE
Thom Rainer: Ten Thoughts on Renewing Church Membership Annually
There are some pretty strong opinions on church membership. I have heard some say that church membership should come with extremely high expectations. I have heard some indicate that membership should have little or no expectations. And I have even heard some state that membership in an institutional church has no biblical basis. I am also seeing an early trend in one of the highest forms of expectations in the church: annual church membership renewal. Stated simply, the membership rolls are cleared every year. Everyone who desires membership for the next year typically agrees to a covenant of expectations.   MORE
Randy Alcorn: Four Questions About Heaven
People usually think of “Heaven” as the place Christians go when they die. A better definition explains that Heaven is God’s central dwelling place, the location of his throne from which he rules the universe. Many don’t realize that the present pre-resurrection Heaven and future post-resurrection Heaven are located in different places. The exact location of the present Heaven is unknown, but we’re told the future Heaven will be located on the...    MORE
Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
Number of Americans Who Say They Have No Religion Hits Record High, Survey Finds
New data analysis on the 2014 General Social Survey conducted by NORC and the University of Chicago has found that although Americans are abandoning specific religions at record high numbers, the rate of those who said they believe in God has remained steady. The Associated Press identified it as one of the major findings of the survey, which asked a number of wide-ranging questions of the American public.   MORE
God Helped Ted Cruz Fight Houston Mayor's Sermon Subpoenas, Cruz's Father Says
Speaking on a conservative radio talk show, the father of 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz explained how God helped his son and the pastors of Houston fight back against Houston Mayor Annise Parker's subpoena of five pastors' sermons relating to a her and the city's transgender bathroom ordinance.  .MORE
Street Preacher Found Guilty of Using Threatening Language by Quoting Leviticus
A judge has found that a street preacher used “threatening” language when he quoted the Bible while speaking about homosexuality. Christian Today reports Mike Overd was convicted under the Public Order Act after he quoted the Bible when preaching about homosexuality in Taunton in June 2014.  .MORE
Huffington Post: By Destroying Churches and Relics, 
ISIS Claims Mohammad Was Wrong
ISIS yesterday destroyed an ancient Christian monastery which has been described as the equivalent of Canterbury Cathedral. Just weeks earlier, it raided Mosul Museum and filmed themselves destroying all the relics on show, including priceless, irreplaceable Assyrian statues. This is a throwback to the infamous episode of when the Taliban destroyed the ancient great Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan in 2001. And the rationalisation is the same: in typical Wahhabi-inspired interpretation, any cultural artifact that is either culturally foreign or is somehow related to a sacred theme is a threat to a "good Muslim" because that "good" and "pure" Muslim will automatically be tempted into the unforgivable sin of polytheism.    MORE
Times of Israel: Obama Left Prime Minister ‘With Impression US Will Abandon Israel at UN’
Obama’s supposed congratulatory call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, two days after the Likud leader triumphed in Israel’s elections, was actually a bitter 30-minute conversation, Israel’s two main TV news stations reported Friday night. 
Israel National News: Diplomat: Obama Seeking 'Revenge' on Netanyahu
"The White House has three main motives," the source explained to Walla! News. "One, revenge (for Netanyahu's speech in Congress). Two, frustration. It's no secret that they were involved in an attempt to bring down the Netanyahu and we know that clearly, and they have failed. Three, the government's attempt to shift the focus from them because the negotiations with Iran to the Palestinian issue." 
White House Escalates War on Netanyahu with Allegations of Spying
The Obama administration has escalated its political war on Israel with new charges – denied by Israel – that Jerusalem lobbied Congress against a deal with Iran by using information collected from spying on....
Chaplain Barred from Ministering to Grieving Family
A Navy chaplain under fire for expressing his biblical beliefs during a private counseling session has been forbidden from ministering to a grieving family.
Benny Hinn Hospitalized for Heart Problems
The family of Benny Hinn is asking for prayers after the televangelist was hospitalized Friday upon returning from Brazil.
CBN News: Indiana House Passes Religious Freedom Bill
The Indiana House of Representatives has approved a bill to protect religious freedom. The legislation's intent is to keep the government from forcing people of faith to provide services for same-sex weddings or other activities that are contrary to their religious beliefs. The bill prohibits any state laws that "substantially burden" a person's ability to...
Christianity Today: Terrorism Charge Snares Prominent American Missionary
If Christian broadcaster Stendal goes on trial in Colombia, missions work nationwide may be at risk.
World Mag: Remembering Kara Tippetts—A Life of Faith
Author and blogger who offered inspiration and hope as she shared her struggle with terminal cancer died March 22 
Texas Observer: Closing AccountsHard Choices In Elder Care
AARP estimates that the cost to stay in a nursing home in Fort Worth, where my grandmother lived, is about $50,000 a year. That doesn’t include your own room. If you want privacy you’re looking at about $63,000 a year...
UK Daily Mail: Political Comedy Show Takes On Megachurches & Mega-Preachers
Larry Wilmore took things to a higher level on Wednesday's episode of The Nightly Show. The host and his panel took on the issue of America's big money megachurches - featuring the controversial evangelist Creflo Dollar...
Attempt to Market Anti-Porn Ministry to Mark Driscoll Fans Goes Bad
Craig Gross on XXXchurch email blast to Resurgence list: 'They sold us your email for a penny.'
'Killing Jesus' Portrays Jesus as Man, Tones Down His Miracles and Power
The upcoming National Geographic miniseries "Killing Jesus," which is based on  Bill O'Reilly's bestselling book, tells the story of the historical Jesus and leaves the supernatural claims made by believers out of the equation.
MLB Trade Rumors: Blaine Boyer and His Personal Entourage
....“I feel like God has given me the ability to throw a baseball and he hasn’t given that many people this kind of ability.  So, when I have to answer to him about the gifts he has given me, I don’t want to have to say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry I wasted that one.’  On top of that, I didn’t want to be 60 years old and thinking what might have been,” Boyer explained.  “So, the whole no regrets mindset and still playing baseball gives me the opportunity stand up and talk about family and talk about God.  Helping people understand my relationship with Jesus Christ is important to me.”
Cliff Kincaid: The Ferguson Hoax and Media Truth Telling
You know the standards of the media have hit rock bottom when a liberal commentator makes news for telling the truth. Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post and MSNBC has become a media star for his belated recognition of the "Hands up, don't shoot" lie out of Ferguson, Missouri.
McAllister: Sorry Huffington Post, Liberty Students Were Excited About Cruz’s Speech
“Liberty Students Would Have Been Fined If They Skipped Ted Cruz’s Speech.” That’s the headline from Huffington Post on Cruz’s appearance Monday at Liberty University...From the headline, you’d think students were bound and dragged to the convocation and forced to cheer and clap on cue. 
Dominic Lynch: The Death Of Catholic Universities In America
Catholic universities in America have lost sight of their institutional identities. Only direct intervention from the Vatican can reverse their decline. 
Deane Waldman: Medicare Is Doomed -- Save the Patients
The Medicare Program is doomed, not by Republican vouchers, but by what Washington has done to it over the years. You cannot keep Medicare “as we know it” because that Medicare does not exist and never did.
Richard Land: Why Do So Many Evangelicals So Strongly Support Israel?
Why do so many Evangelicals so strongly support Israel? The answer is that a significant majority of American Evangelicals believe that the Abrahamic Covenant is still in force.
Ron Hart: Starbucks--Serving Hot Cups of Racial Judgment
Tired of selling overpriced coffee to pretentious white Americans, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was going to end racism.
Melissa Medgington: He Knows
He knew what joys this day would hold and He knows what sorrows tomorrow may hold, and whatever comes we know that we little unknowing ones are held close.
David Cloud: The Christ of 'Lightworkers Media'
Roma Downey is the co-owner, with her husband Mark Burnett, of Lightworkers Media, the producer of The Bible miniseries which aired in 2013 (the History Channel) and The Son of God movie which appeared in 2014 (20th Century Fox). The movie was adapted from the miniseries. In December 2014, Lightworkers Media will air Women of Bible. The fact that Roma’s productions are widely promoted by “evangelical” Christians is evidence of the width and depth of the apostasy that we are witnessing in these end times.    MORE
David Saxon: Why Are Most Fundamentalists Dispensationalists? (Part 2)
....Why did the heirs of the Niagara Bible Conference turn primarily to dispensationalism in the early twentieth century at a time when they were combating liberalism in the denominations and American culture? Why did the Scofield Reference Bible become so popular among these Fundamentalists? Why do dispensationalists find Fundamentalist separatism more appealing than do Reformed Christians, by-and-large?  MORE
Rainer: Seven Things to Consider If Your Spouse Is Not Supportive of Your Ministry
In the past few months, I’ve had two conversations where persons serving on a church staff were struggling with their spouses’ lack of support. One was a pastor whose wife was worn out with a constant stream of criticisms directed at her husband and her family....The other situation involved a children’s minister whose husband was angry because she was gone so many nights...So what is a pastor or staff person to do in such difficult situations? While I don’t pretend to have specific solutions for every case, I would like to suggest seven things to consider for those who find themselves in struggling marriages because of this issue.  MORE
Church Tech & Media: Why Organization Is an Important Part of Ministry
....Technology today makes organizing the organization much easier than ever before, as long as you’re willing to invest in it. So, what might keep a church or ministry from making the necessary investments in the area of organization? Well, let’s just say that most folks do not find it to be incredibly life-giving when you start talking about things like processing purchase orders, managing internal projects, posting HR-related documents...   MORE
Tim Challies: A Plea For Innocence
I want to be good at good. In fact, I want to be an expert in good. At least, I do when I’m at my best. But in moments of introspection I see a real interest in evil as well. These desires battle within me, the desire to fill my mind with good and the desire to fill my mind with evil.     MORE
David Peach: Seven Good Places To Find Quiet Time With God
Spending time with God each day is important for continual Christian maturity. When you can have a special place dedicated to your quiet time, it makes it much easier to get into the habit of daily devotions. Not everyone can have a place in their house that they use exclusively for Bible reading and prayer, but with some creativity you can make a shared space work well for you.   MORE
Tuesday, March 24th, 2015
Christian Examiner: Sen. Cruz Announces Presidential Bid at Liberty University
Sen. Ted Cruz, who tweeted about midnight he would be a GOP contender for the 2016 U.S. presidential race, formally announced his bid at Liberty University before a crowd of thousands of cheering students meeting in convocation today. Sharing his roots as the son of a progressive Houstonian mom, the first in her family to graduate with a college degree -- and an immigrant father from Cuba who made his way to Austin, Texas via Key West, Florida after fleeing a tortuous regime there -- Cruz spoke of hope and redemption that began with his parents faith first. "I can tell you in my family there is not a second of doubt, were it not for the transformative love of Christ, I would have been raised without a father in the house," Cruz said... MORE
Franklin Graham: America 'Has Turned Its Back on God' -- 
'When Nations Do This, Their End Is Near'
President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, who are "progressives," i.e., "liberals," are pushing an amoral agenda on America, said Rev. Franklin Graham, who added that while this country was founded on "biblical laws and principles," today America "has turned its back on God" and when a nation does this, the "end is near."  MORE
Bob Jones III Apologizes for 1980 Statement About 'Stoning Homosexuals'
Earlier this week, Bob Jones University received a petition asking for an apology for a statement former BJU President Bob Jones III made to the Associated Press in 1980 while attending a meeting at The White House. Bob Jones III, the University’s chancellor, issued the following statement....    .MORE
Don Anderson: In Defense of the Adult Sunday School
The venerable adult Sunday School class has not been doing well recently. Most churches still have one or more adult Sunday School classes (though some churches have already abandoned them), but a new adult ministry seems to be getting the priority these days—small groups. I believe that one reason for the popularity of small groups is that in many cases we have not done adult Sunday School well. Adult Sunday Schools in many churches have become stale and lifeless, so we have looked for a new ministry. Small groups seem like the answer to the problems of adult Sunday School classes. Most of us are familiar with adult Sunday School classes. Churches have had them for decades. Smaller churches may have only one class while larger churches have multiple classes. Churches that have more than one adult class may...   MORE
Rachel Held Evans Drops Evangelical Pretense for Mainline Christianity
After a widely popular "evangelical" blogger and writer announced she joined the Episcopal Church earlier this year, the director of the Institute on Religion and Democracy said more "evangelicals" like her should take a cue and drop the evangelical pretense instead of "exploiting the evangelical market even after they've long left evangelical beliefs."
ByFaith Online: PCA Affirms Biblical Marriage
The Office of the Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has received numerous emails regarding the recent action of the mainline Presbyterian Church (USA) in redefining marriage. On March 17, 2015 the Presbyterian Church (USA) approved language that allows its ministers to officiate at same-sex marriages in its churches...As we affirm what is sometimes called a traditional view of marriage, which we prefer to call biblical marriage, we seek to follow  the apostolic practice of “speaking the truth in love.” 
Christian Post: Gordon College Reaffirms Ban on Students, Faculty
Engaging in Extramarital Sex, Homosexuality
A Massachusetts Christian academic institute under fire for maintaining a policy for students and faculty that only allows for sex within heterosexual marriage has reaffirmed its stance. Gordon College, a Christian school located in Wenham, announced earlier this week that it's maintaining its conduct policy barring sex outside of marriage, including adultery and homosexuality. Administrators at the college also announced Monday that they will form a task force....
Abortion Killed 19 Times as Many Blacks as Murder
“For every black murder victim in 2011 there were 19 blacks killed by abortion, according to data from the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 2011 is the latest year for which the data is available.
Lyle Schaller, Preeminent Church Consultant, Dies at 91
Because he was born April 19, 1923, and reached retirement age in the last century, he is best known to America’s senior church leaders. Schaller outlived many of those whom he most influenced, dying on March 18, 2015, at the age of 91.
Times of Israel: Saudi Grand Mufti Calls for Demolition of Churches
Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah says Christian religious sites in Arabian Peninsula must be razed in accordance with Muslim law. 
Egypt’s Sisi Again Calls for ‘Religious Revolution’
Sisi said the global Islamic community needs to rethink and revolt “for religion and not against it.”
Russell Moore: When Orphan Care Goes Bad--Why Adoption Is Not For Everyone
....Potential parents should be told, from the beginning, that every child adopted or fostered will be, in a very real sense, a “special needs” child. In every case of adoption or foster care, there’s a tragedy. Someone died, or someone was addicted, or someone was impoverished, or someone left. Sometimes the trauma of this reveals itself immediately—and sometimes it remains subterranean for years.
Isis Wants to Blow up White House, Big Ben and Eiffel Tower
John MacArthur: The Long View on Pastoral Ministry
A recent poll suggests that the average pastor stays at his church for only three to four years. But that hardly seems long enough to be truly effective.
How TripAdvisor Is Changing the Way We Travel
Research almost any travel destination and you'll probably wind up on travel-industry Goliath, where passionate people praise and denounce everything from romantic getaways to cockroach-infested hotel rooms. But who can you trust?
Wall St. Journal: Stop Overregulating Bible Colleges!
These schools offer an affordable education, but many are not allowed to award a degree. 
Evangelicals Under Attack In Crimea
Jeffrey Walton: Same-Sex Marriage Means Dead Churches
Creation Moments: The Strongest Material in the World
Graphene may be the most unusual material that will ever be discovered. It has already revolutionized the world of physics and won the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics for physicist Andre Geim and his colleague, Kostya Novoselow. What's so unusual about graphene? Geim told CNN Tech, "It's the thinnest material you can get – it's only one atom thick. It's the strongest material we are aware of because you can't slice it any further. You can't get any material that is thinner than one atom, or it wouldn't count as a material anymore."
Don Johnson: Childless by Choice
This post owes its life to a heartbreaking article in the New York Times last Friday. Childless by Choice is a testimonial of sorts by an author who admits she chose not to have children because of her fears that she was not equipped to give a child a healthy home. One’s heart goes out to this woman, and, I am sure, many like her who are attempting to face this world bereft of any spiritual anchor in the eternal truth of God’s word, the Bible. All that is left for such belief systems is despair, or the salve of “therapy,” which seems an exceedingly small and tawdry consolation. What does the Bible have to say about children and parenthood?     MORE
Rico Tice: Two Neglected Truths About Outreach
There are two fundamental truths about outreach that we must remember, and we must teach to one another. If we don’t, we—and our churches—will hold back from fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission to “go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:20). There will always be hostility and hunger...  MORE
Snyder: How Much Time Do Americans Spend Plugged Into The Matrix Every Day?
The average American spends more than 10 hours a day using an electronic device.  And most of that activity is not even interactive.  The vast majority of the time we are just passively absorbing content that someone else has created.  This very much reminds me of the movie “the Matrix”, but with a twist.  Instead of humans being forcefully connected to “the Matrix”, we are all willingly connecting ourselves to it.  There is a giant system that defines our reality 
Bruce W. Davidson: Was Jesus a Nonviolent Pacifist?
People like Michael Moore and Ron Paul have speculated that Jesus would not give his thumbs-up to it the recent hit movie American Sniper, or to the military in general.  Many such people seem to imagine that Jesus was a nonviolent idealist like Gandhi. But anything more than a cursory look at Scripture shows that Jesus was obviously no Gandhi.
David R. Carlin: Why I’m a Climate Change Skeptic
Despite being a moderately intelligent and relatively well-educated person, I find it hard not to be skeptical of the popular theory of anthropogenic (man-made) climate change or global warming...So why do I find it difficult to believe in global warming when I’m told every day that 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists agree that human behavior makes a significant contribution to climate change? Let me list the reasons.
Ben Voth: The Vindication of George W. Bush
President Bush was remarkably successful in agendas surrounding global genocide. Those successes and our present efforts to recover that accurate history constant the prelude to a potential end of genocide as a reasonable global norm...
Moshe Phillips & Benyamin Korn: The Religious Dogma of Palestinian Statehood
The hysterical reaction of true believers when an article of faith is challenged. 
Chris Martin: The Millennial 'Adulthood' Delusion
....Millennials are often labeled as the self-centered, “Me” generation, and I’ve always hated that stereotype because I didn’t really see it. Now I do. Millennials think adulthood is more self-empowerment than self-sacrifice. 
Joseph Klein: Will Obama Unleash the UN on Israel?
The president lashes out after the Israeli election.
Halloran: Of Serial Killers, Hiding Sins, and the Glorious Hope of Forgiveness in Christ
The scary truth is that we all hide sin. We may not be hiding a murderous streak like these examples, but we have other things we work hard at keeping secret.
Krauszer: How Church Leaders Can Use Their Cell Phone To Help Their Ministry
It’s no secret that cell phones have become extremely useful, especially smartphones...For most people, their phones are now the most useful tool that they have. In extreme situations, some people have even been able to survive life threatening circumstances by searching things on their phones. It’s amazing, to say the least. And, because of how useful cell phones are, church leaders can utilize them to make their ministry more effective. Here are 5 ways church leaders can use their cell phone to help their ministry.     MORE
Gulf Coast Pastor: God Let Me Be A Preacher—B. H. Carroll
"I magnify my office, O my God, as I get nearer home. I can say more truthfully every year, 'I thank God that He put me in this office;' I thank Him that He would not let me have any other; that He shut me up to this glorious work; and when I get home among the blessed on the bank of the everlasting deliverance and look back toward time and all of its clouds and sorrows, and pains, and privations, I expect to stand up and shout..."    MORE
David Saxon: Why Are Most Fundamentalists Dispensationalists?
Although precise statistics are not available, it is undeniable and commonly recognized that the majority of American believers calling themselves “Fundamentalists” today are also dispensationalists...Of course, no claim is being made here that all Fundamentalists are dispensationalists or that all dispensationalists regard themselves as Fundamental- ists. Both statements are demonstrably false...  MORE
Travis Myers: Time-Tested Tactics for Fighting Temptation
....Eliot had pastoral words of instruction and encouragement for readers facing sufferings, sorrows, trials, or temptations — four separate categories of what Christ has endured for us and what believers each must also encounter. He considered the successful withstanding of temptations to be an important part of growing in Christian maturity...What is it about temptations that made Eliot consider them so crucial to Christian growth?      MORE
Garrett Kell: A Pattern Among Fallen Pastors – Lessons for Us All
....the study was of 246 men in full-time ministry who experienced moral failure within a two-year period of time. As far as he could discern, these full-time clergy were men who were born again followers of Jesus. Though they shared a common salvation, these men also shared a common feat of devastation; they had all, within 24 months of each other, been involved in an extra marital affair. After interviewing each man, Dr. Hendricks compiled 4 common characteristics of their lives.  MORE
Edmondson: Five Gifts You Can Give Your Pastor
....Most churches love to bless their pastor. I get asked frequently how the church can help me. But, that don’t know how. To be a pastor of a local church is a privilege and a high honor. But, it’s the hardest work I’ve ever done.
Here are 5 gifts you can give your pastor...    MORE
Chuck Lawless: Lead For the Future, Not From the Past
Leadership is a present-tense task, in that others are looking to us today to provide vision, encouragement, and support. Too many leaders, though, face present-tense challenges while living more in yesterday than today. Below is a list of characteristics of church leaders I’ve known who show this tendency. Using this list, consider if you might be “leading from the past tense.”    MORE
But an inquirer asks, What is the special meaning of the blood, of which we read so much? How does it speak of peace? How does it "purge the conscience from dead works" (Heb 9:14)? What can blood have to do with the peace, the grace, and the righteousness of which we have been speaking? God has given the reason for the stress which He lays upon the blood, and, in understanding this, we get to the very bottom of the grounds of a sinner's peace. The sacrifices of old, from the days of Abel onwards, furnish us with the key to the meaning of the blood, and explain the necessity for its being "shed for the remission of sins."  MORE

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