Officials: New York Doctor Has Ebola, First In City
A Doctors Without Borders physician who recently returned to the city after treating Ebola patients in West Africa has tested positive for the virus, according to preliminary test results, city officials said Thursday. He's the fourth confirmed case in the U.S. and the first in the nation's biggest city. A further test by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be necessary to confirm the initial test results. A law enforcement official and a city official received notification of the  test...   MORE
Lone Wolf Attacks by Islamic Extremists
Are On the Rise
The deadly shooting of a soldier guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada, is the latest in a growing number of lone-wolf attacks by radicalized Islamic extremists across the world. The soldier, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was gunned down on Wednesday at point-blank range by 32-year-old petty criminal Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a recent convert to Islam, who was armed with a rifle and dressed in black, his face half-covered with a scarf. He was later shot dead.   MORE
Who Are the 5 Pastors in the Houston Sermon Subpoena Scandal?
Although much has been reported regarding the ethics and legality behind the city of Houston's subpoena of five Houston-area pastors that had asked them to turn over all of their sermons that address homosexuality, gender identity, and the city's first openly-lesbian mayor, little attention has been given to who those five pastors actually are and the ministries they operate.     MORE
Ben Carson: Houston Mayor Using Alinsky Tactics
You don't have to be a constitutional scholar to recognize the blatant violation of constitutional principles that's involved in the Houston City Council's power grab to subpoena the sermons of five area ministers, as well as internal correspondence dealing with social issues. The council and Mayor Annise Parker are sensitive to what pastors are telling their congregations about same-sex marriage and a new ordinance the council passed—in the face of strident public opposition—in the name of gender equality. So, they have subpoenaed the sermon texts and other materials to try to quell dissent.    MORE
philly.com: Were Teen Girls Lured Into Terror?
Three teenage girls being investigated for trying to join Islamic State forces in Syria were victims of an "online predator" who encouraged them, a school official said yesterday, as U.S. officials tried to determine how they made it to Europe without anyone knowing and whether terrorists' appeal is deepening among vulnerable youth.  MORE
Baptist Press: China - Fewer Abortions? But More Persecution
China's newly announced switch to a two-child population control policy does not resolve the coercive nature of the program, pro-life leaders say. The disclosure of the change came even as the communist government imposes the most severe oppression in four decades, according to a leading advocate for the Chinese church. Christians face the "worst persecution in China since the Cultural Revolution," Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid, said in an article by Christian Today on Oct. 9. That description is justified, Fu explained to BP in written comments in an email interview, due to "both the large scale and the severe degree of [the] violent crackdown" against not only the unregistered house churches but against the..."   MORE
FBI Report Warns of Potential Homegrown ISIS Attacks
Against Law Enforcement in US
Federal authorities have warned US law enforcement of potential terror attacks against them from homegrown ISIS members or supporters, according to a leaked internal bulletin exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas. The leaked document is dated October, 2014 and was provided by a trusted federal agent who did so on the condition of anonymity. The memo was issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Depart- ment of Homeland Security (DHS) as a Joint Intelligence Bulletin and is titled, “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Its Supporters Encouraging Attacks Against Law Enforcement and Government Personnel.” The document alerts US law enforcement personnel, including FBI Special Agents, to be aware of...   MORE
2,000-Year-Old Tablet Discovered In Jerusalem
Israeli archaeologists displayed yesterday a 2,000-year-old stone block unearthed in Jerusalem that they hope will help shed new light on a Jewish revolt against the Romans. It is part of a lintel from an arch built to welcome Emperor Hadrian when he visited Jerusalem in 130 AD, around the time the region's Jews, led by Bar Kochba, rose up against Roman rule. The Latin inscription on the remnant, which hails Hadrian in the name...
Canadian Parliament Shooter Was a New Convert to Islam
More information is emerging about the man who shot a Canadian soldier in Ottawa on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, 32-year-old Canadian Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo as he stood guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Moments later, he stormed into the Parliament building with a blaze of gunfire before he was shot and killed by House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. 
Mike Huckabee, Phil Robertson Join 'I Stand Sunday'
Event to Support Houston Pastors Subpoenaed for Their Sermons
Conservative groups are organizing an event on the first Sunday in November to support the five Houston pastors whose sermons were subpoenaed by city officials. Known as "I Stand Sunday," the event will feature former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd, Alan and Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame, and local clergy.
Idaho Couple Facing Fines, Jail Time for Not Hosting Gay Weddings
May Be Saved by State Law
Idaho couple Donald and Evelyn Knapp, ordained ministers and owners of the Hitching Post Lakeside Chapel of Coeur d'Alene, are facing thousands of dollars in fines and possible jail time for refusing to host gay wedding ceremonies, which the city claims violates its anti-discrimination ordinance. The couple has since filed their business as a religious organization, which means they might be saved by an Idaho law that protects religious freedom.
CNS News: Houston Pastor Says Gay Rights Agenda Is
‘Systematically Deconstructing God’s Created Order’
Rev. David Welch, one of five pastors who were subpoenaed by the City of Houston to turn over all sermons and other documents and communications related to homosexuality and gender identity, said Wednesday that the move represents a much broader agenda of the city’s lesbian mayor and other gay rights activists. “This is the result of our allowing these critical institutions to fall into the hands of those who are of an opposite world view who are intentionally and systematically deconstructing God’s created order,” said Welch, executive director of the Texas Pastor Council.
Top U.S. Aid Recipient Is Set to Hang a Christian Woman for Blasphemy
100,000 Atheists Get 'Unbaptized'
NC Judge Resigns Rather Than Perform Gay Marriages
Pastor With AIDS Who Slept With Church Members Is Forced Out of Pulpit
Poll: More Than 1 in 4 Americans Afraid to Fly Because of Ebola
Ohio Couple Married 73 Years Die Within 28 Hours of Each Other
Helen & Joe Auer, who weathered the Great Depression, a world war and had 10 children, die just over a day apart.
In Elegant Ruling, Federal Judge Upholds Traditional Marriage in Puerto Rico
Good Guy with a Gun Ended Terror Attack on Canadian Parliament
ISIS Rakes in $800 Million in Black Market Oil Sales Per Year, Report Estimates
The Islamic State terror group is raking in an estimated $800 million per year, or $2 million per day, in crude oil sales which is produced in oil regions the group captured in the past year in Iraq and Syria, a U.S.-based global analytics group reported on Monday.
Top Meteorologist: Climate Change 'Nothing but a Lie'
The co-founder of the Weather Channel is making waves among meteorologists by saying "climate change" is "nothing but a lie." John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel in 1980, says that the theories of man-made climate change are no longer credible in light of the so-called hiatus in rising temperatures, not to mention that "polar ice is increasing, not melting away." Coleman adds, "Polar Bears are increasing..."
ISIS-Affiliated Twitter Account Claims Ottawa Shooter As Its Own
A Twitter page that proudly sports the Islamic State flag published a photo of suspected Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau with the caption: “A photo of he who would be the shooter of #Ottawa.” In the profile description, the user writes, translated from French, “Islam is a religion of justice and of rights and duties, not a religion of peace, tolerance, chocolate, tenderness… #knowit”
Former Connecticut Church Sold for Benefit of Local Muslim Community
The Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) has sold its property at 35 Harris Road, Avon, former home to Christ Episcopal Church, to the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center, Inc. (FVAMC). The sale, for $1.1 million, was completed on Oct. 21. The building was vacated after the congregation voted in 2012 to dissolve as a parish and close by the end of that year.
Jim Daly: Why Are These Pastors Being Threatened With Fines of $1,000 Per Day?
People of faith do not forfeit their freedoms of speech and religion when they go into business. Public accommodations laws that elevate homosexual behavior to a protected status have been used to punish churches, wedding photographers, bakers, florists, wedding venues, faith-based adoption agencies, and even t-shirt makers in various states for refusing to participate in or promote an event or message that violated their conscience.
Katherine Timpf: Football Coach Fired Because Eating Watermelon Is Racist
A winning high-school football coach was fired after the team’s tradition of eating watermelon after games was deemed “inappropriate” and “racist.” Bud Walpole had been coaching Academic Magnet Raptors football team, and was in the middle of a very successful season, according to CBS Charlotte. 
Joe Carter: In California, Abortion Rights Trump Religious Freedom of Churches
Remember the Hobby Lobby case when the Supreme Court ruled that an employer could not be required to provide employees with certain types of abortifacients if it was against their religious beliefs? Remember also how some people complained that such exemptions in health care plans should be allowed only for churches and religious ministries? Apparently, California government thinks that both of those claims are absurd. They think that every employer — including churches — should be required to pay for elective surgical abortions.
Z.T. Arnold: Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom
If houses of worship are open to the public and make money from offering a service, then under liberal rationale doesn’t that make them businesses that are “open to the public?”
Victor Davis Hanson: America’s October Worries
...Today’s October worries are more insidious: the Ebola virus, the macabre Islamic State, a tottering stock market, a bellicose Russia, and a crisis of confidence in our government.
Jackie Gingrich Cushman: The Power of Positive Beliefs
It's more than just positive thoughts. It's positive beliefs. My mother didn't just think positive thoughts; she believed that her positive thoughts would come true. And they often did. 
Lloyd Marcus: Obama - They Still Don't Get Who He is
Obama will not impose a travel ban from Ebola infected countries, no matter how many Americans get sick and die. God help us.
D.W. Wilber: World’s Greatest Democracy?
Over the past several years when I hear the United States described as the “world's greatest democracy”, I sometimes wonder how so?
Elise Hilton: Surrogacy - A Knot That Can’t Be Untangled
I’ll say it again: surrogacy is a bad idea. It’s bad for the child, it’s bad for women, it’s bad for families. Even when everything goes “well,” it’s still a situation where a woman has been used for rental of her womb for 9 months. Using a fellow human being’s body because you want something is wrong, even if you pay them.
Don Johnson: Benefits We Derive from Evangelicals
When it comes to the Evangelicals, it is often our concern to sharply distinguish ourselves from them. Since the late 1950s, Evangelicals have followed a different path than Fundamentalists. Consequently, we are very concerned about distinguishing the pathway, lest there be confusion on the part of observers...Since we focus so much on those things that distinguish us, some observers accuse us of an overly negative viewpoint and others accuse us of hypocrisy when we mention or use evangelical literature and other productions in our own ministries. We need to provide clarity here also. There are ways to benefit from evangelicals without disturbing our fundamentalist position.    MORE
Unlocking the Bible: The 25 Most Popular Christian Hymns
One of the major ways Christians have let the Word of God dwell in us richly throughout history has been through singing hymns in church gatherings. Hymns are beloved because they share the richness of the Gospel and the beauty of Jesus Christ in a catchy and memorable way.     MORE
J.A. Medders: When A Pastor Gets Depressed
...The Hebrew word for cast down also means melting, sinking, disintegrating, and despair. And as I looked at myself, I realized that most of my day I spent wallowing instead of hoping. I had been trying to pinpoint my despair instead of looking to the God of my life (Ps. 42:8). I wanted to figure me out—instead of walking by faith. I began to preach the gospel to myself.    MORE
Jack Wellman: Five Common Obstacles to Church Growth
Church growth can be hindered in many ways.  What are five common obstacles to church growth?   MORE
Jim Oesterwind: The Courage of a Rescuer
Every good adventure story has a villain, a victim, and the courage of a victor. There is also a catalyst, circumstance and/or event that sets everything in motion. Look beyond the names that are difficult to pronounce in the opening of Genesis 14, and you will find four kings invading Sodom, Gomorrah, and other cities. The invasion was successful and the defeated kings served Chedorlaomer and the other victors for twelve years before they finally rebelled in the thirteenth year.   MORE
Jesse Johnson: Three Truths About Spiritual Gifts
...With a focus on tongues, signs, miracles, healings and the like, it is easy to be confused about how God through the Holy Spirit has actually equipped the church. That confusion isn’t limited to charismatic churches–in fact because of an avoidance of the sign gifts, that confusion is often seen even inside of cessationist and continuationist churches too.     MORE
Jonathan Parnell: What Are You Looking For? 
What is the point of life? Few people are able to answer this question with unshakable confidence. Most of us, if we’re honest, would admit that the daily grind on this planet can be rather unsatisfying. The labor never pays off like we imagined. The respites never deliver like we hoped. There is more, right? We’ve all felt this deep down. There’s got to be more.    MORE
Time: Risen Again - China’s Underground Churches
....Though Christianity has deep roots in China — it dates as far back as the 7th century — it is hard, in the present day, to get a clear picture of the community. The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is wary of organized religion, and has alternately tried to crush, discourage, or co-opt Christian groups. But having survived the ravages of the Cultural Revolution, the faith is now flourishing: a 2010 study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences estimated there are 23 million Christians in China. In 2011, Pew Research put the figure closer to 67 million, or 5% of the population.   MORE
IChristian Group Calls for International Pressure to Stop Pakistan From Executing Christian Mother of Five
A group working to protect Christians from blasphemy laws has said that international pressure on Pakistan is needed to overturn the death penalty handed to Christian mother of five Asia Bibi. Christian leaders in Pakistan have vowed to continue appealing the case and fighting for the mother's life.  MORE
"Houston Five" Pastor Calls for Investigation of Mayor Parker's Actions
 Steve Riggle, senior pastor of Grace Community Church and one of the pastors whose sermons were formerly subpoenaed by Houston Mayor Annise Parker, is now calling for the mayor’s actions to be investigated. Last week, five Houston pastors received subpoenas for their sermons that addressed homosexuality, gender identity or openly gay mayor Annise Parker. The subpoenas for the sermons were later repealed. 
The pastors are now nationally known as the “Houston Five.”   MORE
Rand Paul: Religious Freedom Dying 
At the Altar of Political Correctness
On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five theses on the door of the Castle Church of Wittenberg. Christianity was for all time changed by one man's confrontation with authority. For his audacity, for alleging that one's path to heaven could not be purchased, Luther was excommunicated. It took great bravery to challenge what was then considered to be the ultimate arbiter of God's will. Luther was told, effectively, that his pathway to heaven was foreclosed. When the Mayor of Houston, sent her legal attack dogs to demand the sermons of ministers who opposed an ordinance that might prevent churches from hiring people who adhered to a traditional faith, my first thought was of Martin Luther and my hope was that someone would, in elaborate calligraphy, stencil the First Amendment upon parchment and nail it to the doors of city hall. MORE
Christian Chapel Owners Were Reportedly Threatened With Jail Time and
Fines For Refusing to Marry Gays — and Now They’re Fighting Back
Two ordained ministers have filed a federal lawsuit and are seeking a restraining order to prevent local officials from forcing them to marry same-sex couples, saying they have been threatened with fines and possible jail time over their refusal. Donald and Evelyn Knapp, owners of Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, are being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal firm, claiming that city officials told them that they are required to conduct gay marriages under a nondiscrimination ordinance.  If they do not, the Knapps say, that they could “face months in jail and..."
Stone Discovered In Jerusalem May Answer A Nearly 2,000 Year-Old Question
 Israeli archaeologists said Tuesday they have discovered a large stone with Latin engravings that lends credence to the theory that the reason Jews revolted against Roman rule nearly 2,000 ago was because of their harsh treatment. Israel's Antiquities Authority said the stone bears the name of the Roman emperor...
Jordan to Israel: You Are Inciting a Religious Conflict Over Temple Mount
Nearly 900 English Churches in Danger of Falling to Ruin
Huffington Post: The Evangelical War on Halloween  (See Disclaimer)
Christianity Today: Chasing the Christian Movie Audience
North Korea Frees US Tourist That Was Arrested for Leaving Bible
ABC News: Devil Worshiper Hell-Bent on Controversy
LDS Church Discusses 'Magic Underwear' Temple Garments
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a video this week that explains the meaning behind the undergarments some members of the LDS Church wear, which have attracted curiosity and comment in the past. The video states members believe the garments are sacred temple clothing, and says terms like “magic underwear” are both inaccurate and offensive. 
Iraqi Christian Church Warns of IS Persecution
With all the focus on the rise of the Islamic State (IS) and related turmoil in the region, one important and tragic story has been left out of the popular narrative: the plight of the Middle East's ancient Christian communities. These once vibrant communities, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, face additional duress as winter approaches. The European Union must take concrete action immediately in order to avoid the loss of many lives and of humanity's cultural heritage, which they represent.
Religion & Politics: Atheists in Foxholes: The Military Chaplaincy’s Humanist Problem
Do American military chaplains need to believe in God? Or, as the Navy Times once asked, “Who supports the atheists in the military?” These questions attracted renewed attention this year after the Army formally recognized humanism as a religious preference for soldiers in April, and the Navy rejected the application of a humanist chaplain to join its ranks in June. The issue of how to meet the needs of non-theists in the....
Ben Carson: Houston’s First Amendment Problem 
We as Americans must guard every aspect of our Constitution and recognize when it is being threatened. One of the great dangers in America today is extreme intolerance in the name of tolerance. For example, in this Houston case, it is presupposed that the pastors in question may have said something that was objectionable to the homosexual community. In order to prove that we are tolerant of the homosexual lifestyle, we as a society allow gays to be intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them in any way.     MORE
Casey Mattox: California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else
A regulatory change in California has placed abortion in the category of ‘basic health services’ all insurance plans must cover. Even those churches buy.
James G. Long: The Politics of Psychopathology
Psychopathology is the driving wheel of Marxism.
Joe Carter: Want to Serve Your Country? Start a Business
If I were to advise most bright, motivated, service-oriented young people who aren’t the “military type” I’d recommend they take a different path: start a business. Creating a business...is a high and noble calling.
Weekly Standard: What Can Be Done to Save the Family?
The crises of the welfare state, wage stagnation, income inequality, unemployment, the prison-industrial complex—all of these, and much more, can be traced to the breakdown of the family.
Kate Havard: The Lost Art of Reading
Properly understood, esoteric reading is merely careful reading.
Thom Rainer: The Top Ten Attitudes of Healthy, Long-Term Pastors
In an earlier post, I shared the top traits of pastors who had long-term and mostly joyous ministries at one church. Another key insight I learned from these pastors is how they think. The first article, therefore, dealt mostly with their actions. This article refers to their thoughts. After each attitude, I share a representative comment (at least as I best recall them) from a healthy, long-term pastor. Here, then, are the top ten attitudes listed in the frequency I heard them.  MORE
Clint Archer: Bleep! Why Christians Shouldn’t Cuss
....The determining standard of what is “intrinsically objectionable or offends good taste” has proven quite the moveable feast. Words that were respectable vernacular in the Elizabethan era would get a kid’s mouth washed out with soap today...While as Christians we acknowledge that God’s standards of holiness are immovable a thinking linguist must acknowledge that what different cultures and periods consider to be taboo is a perplexing field of study.     MORE
Krauszer: Seven Tips For Getting Youth Involved In Serving At Your Church
Every church should be focused on reaching the next generation. If they do not, it is likely the church will never grow, and even more likely that it will eventually die out. The Bible talks about teaching younger children the ways of the Lord for a reason; it’s necessary for the health of the church and for society as a whole. If the church does not pour the gospel into younger souls, then who will?   MORE
York: Four Reasons Why Some Preachers Get Better and Others Don’t
....I’ve seen guys who were no better the fifth time they preached for me than they were the first time, but I’ve seen guys whose initial sermon was depressingly awful turn it around so radically by the end of the semester that I almost couldn’t recognize them as the same preacher.     MORE
Edmondson: Seven Suggestions When Your Life Is In Drama
Cheryl and I were watching a drama show on television once — I don’t even remember which show it was — but the character’s lives were filled with marriage problems, health issues and work problems. Drama. Funny how we tend to enjoy shows watching other people’s drama. Maybe that’s because we know our life is sometimes filled with drama too. But, towards the end of the show, Cheryl looked at me and simply said, “I’m glad our life is not a drama right now.” Wow! I hadn’t thought about it — but when I considered the definition — ME TOO! ....Here are 7 suggestions when life is a drama....     MORE
Addington: Honoring the Past While Building For the Future In the Local Church 
I have a bone to pick with two groups in the local church. The first is with those who are so intent on preserving the past that they do not allow the church to move forward into the future. It is a recipe for a slow death and a slide into irrelevance... The second is with those in the church (often pastors and leaders) who exclusively focus on the future to the marginalization of the past.   MORE
Joey Cochran: Social Media and the Sensation of Missing Out
Social media is both a blessing and curse as we all know and have experienced. One curse is that it facilitates the sensation of missing out. For example, have you ever gotten onto Instagram to see pictures from all your friends who are at the same event together? But you didn’t go. Your immediate response of dismay, envy, and justification for why you didn’t go or why you weren’t invited....   MORE
Eric McKiddie: Top 10 Sermon Introduction Mistakes
How you get your sermon started matters. While there is lots of room for error in the body of your sermon, there is little room for error in your introduction. It can be the difference between someone being on the edge of their seat or slumped in their seat, between using their phone’s Bible app or fantasy football app.  MORE
'Tremendously Important' 2,000 Year Old Find in Jerusalem
....Researchers say the significance of the inscription stems from the fact that it specifically mentions the name and titles of Hadrian who was an extremely prominent emperor, as well as a clear date - a tangible confirmation of the historical account regarding the presence of the Tenth Legion in Jerusalem during the period between the two Jewish revolts against Roman rule.   MORE
Obama No Longer Believes Marriage Definition Should Be Left to States;
Says Constitution Requires Gay Marriage in All 50 States
Although President Barack Obama previously said the definition of marriage should be decided locally, he now believes the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to same same-sex marriage in all states. He also suggested that the Supreme Court's decision earlier this month to not rule on same-sex marriage is the hallmark of his tenure in an interview recently published in the October 27, 2014 issue of The New Yorker. In the interview, President Obama picked the silence of the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage when asked to name the best Supreme Court decision of his career.   MORE
Houston Sermon Subpoenas May 'Launch a Thousand Right-Wing Fundraising Letters,' Secular Group Fears
A church and state watchdog group has warned that the recent controversy over Houston city officials subpoenaing sermons from pastors may create a major conservative fundraising effort. Rob Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State wrote that Houston's legal move against pastors  will create a conservative backlash. Writing for the Washington, D.C.-based group's blog "Wall of Separation," Boston argued that the incident "will launch a thousand right-wing fund-raising letters."MORE
Politico Poll: 64% Believe America Is 'Out of Control' 
A devastating new Politico poll reveals voters believe America has spun off its axis and is "out of control."  "An overwhelming majority of voters in the most competitive 2014 elections say it feels as if events in the United States are 'out of control' and expressed mounting alarm about terrorism, anxiety about Ebola and harsh skepticism of both political parties only three weeks before the Nov. 4 midterms," reports Politico. The poll, which surveyed states and districts in the most competitive congressional races, found that 64% of Americans believe "things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now."    MORE
Howard Friedman: Houston Narrows Subpoenas, But Pastors Say Not Enough
The city of Houston, Texas announced yesterday that it has filed narrowed subpoenas against five pastors in a lawsuit against it challenging rejection of referendum petition signatures. At issue is an attempt by opponents of the city’s Equal Rights Ordinance to obtain its repeal.   MORE
Ministry Matters: A 17-Year-Old Boy Has Been Crucified
Did you know that ISIS militants crucified a 17-year-old boy in Raqqa, Syria a few days ago? If you follow a number of news sources, you probably read about it online. Or you may have seen the photo in your Facebook feed. But you probably didn’t see it on television news. It may have been reported on....
Christian Post: Where Are Social Conservative Groups in the 2014 Election?
As the 2014 congressional midterm elections approach, two social conservative political action committees have focused their election contributions toward a handful of Senate races that are crucial for the GOP's hopes of taking control of the Senate this November.
Ministry Matters: Orphans Abandoned, Shunned In Africa’s Ebola Crisis
....As Ebola continues its rampage across Liberia and elsewhere in West Africa, thousands of children are taking a double hit: losing parents to the fatal virus and then being shunned by relatives who fear they will catch the disease. The United Nations estimates the virus has orphaned nearly 4,000 children across the region, and that number could double in coming weeks. 
Unchurched Americans Most Resistant to Evangelism Outreach in 20 Years
Iran Court Adds 6 Years Pastor Benham's Sentence
Ex-Leaders To Return To Mars Hill Church
After Mark Driscoll's highly publicized resignation from the church he founded nearly two decades ago, former Mars Hill leaders and members are calling for a return to worship Sunday.
Jihad In Canada: Radical Islamist Kills One, Wounds Another
GOP Rep: Mysterious Child-Paralyzing Enterovirus Tied to Illegal Alien Influx
'Houston Five’ Pastor Steve Riggle Makes a Bold Call
Eight Potential Disasters That Could Jolt Us Into an Awakening
Fearing Jail, Two Pastors Sue City Over Gay Marriage Law
Robert Klein Engler: The Black Flag of ISIS Signifies 
the Military Tactics of Muhammad
The Black Flag of ISIS is not new. It has been seen in the West before. The strategy of those who fight under that flag is not new, either. The strategy is world domination under the rule of Islam. The general Muslim strategy followed by ISIS is explained clearly by Raymond Ibrahim. He writes, “…The spread of Islam by arms is a religious duty upon Muslims in general. Jihad must continue to be done until the whole world is under the rule of Islam…”    MORE
Daniel Greenfield: You Can’t Reform Islam Without Reforming Muslims
Every few years the debate over reforming Islam bubbles up from the depths of a culture that largely censors any suggestion that Islam needs reforming. But Islam does not exist apart from Muslims. It is not an abstract entity that can be changed without changing its followers. And if Islam has not changed, that is because Muslims do not want it to.  Mohammed and key figures in Islam provided a template, but that....
David Limbaugh: Criminalizing Innocent Christian Behavior
Where are all the atheist freedom lovers we always hear about? It's time for them to start standing up for religious liberty. The left and militant gay movement are getting bolder and bolder, and too many Christians are stewing in their apathy. It seems that with each passing month, this senseless tyranny advances. The latest is that two Christian ministers in Idaho, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, have allegedly been ordered to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies at their chapel or face fines or jail sentences.
Ken Blackwell: Houston’s Mayor - Endangering Civil Rights
....The rights protected by the First Amendment cannot be abridged by Houston’s City Council, either. And yet, Mayor Parker and her cohorts are doing that very thing. Notice the so-called "progressives" in Houston are establishing a de facto religion of tolerant intolerance while seeking to prohibit the free exercise of religious dissidents. They are trying to suppress pastors’ and lay peoples’ freedom of speech and press.
Joseph Klein: Fear in America
Citizens say their country is “out of control” — and leadership is nowhere to be found. 
Debra J. Saunders: Spare Me the Sermon on Seizing Sermons
Instead, the city engaged in an intolerant political inquisition that threatened to chill religious dissent. Good thing it backfired. Huckabee urged viewers to send Parker a Bible. I would send her a copy of the 1st Amendment.
Elise Hilton: The Endandered Family And Why It Must Be Saved
In reality, the traditional family is a necessary economic and sociological element of a strong society. It’s like the game Jenga: you can slide and maneuver things all you want, but eventually, it all comes crashing down.
Rabbi Aryeh Spero: Silence In the Face of Jihad In New Jersey
The mainstream media continues the cover-up of Islamist violence in the United States.
Mark Judge: How Conservatives Lost Heaven
The structure is in place so that when an artist reinforces dominant liberal values, he or she has an instant pipeline to the people.
Chantrill: This is What You Get When You Reduce Everything to 'Activism'
Obama spends all his time doing politics, raising money and dividing people, and sensibly resting up on the golf course in between his exhausting fund-raising gigs. To hell with governing.
Joanna Breault: The Pastor’s Wife Effect
And despite shifting notions of celebrity, the church tends to hold an unspoken expectation that pastors and their wives live in a special category of Christian.
Samuel Rodriguez: The Single Greatest Civil Rights Threat of Our Time
We live in a time where the very freedom to express our respective faith values stands threatened – a road we have never been down before. From the HHS mandate requiring religious organizations to sacrifice conviction on the altar of political expediency to the failed attempt by Uncle Sam to require businesses, such as Hobby Lobby, to abandon conscience or suffer the consequences of continued litigation, our freedom to worship stands threatened.
Jon Gleason: Curing 'Oh My Goodness!'
....“Oh my goodness!”....This also is something Christians might say from time to time that has no real profit, is often just a “sanctified swearing substitute,” and is highly dubious theologically as well: Philippians 3:9 And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith: So much for “my goodness” — that pretty much covers it, doesn’t it?  The only “goodness” we have is the goodness of God, so He is our goodness, our righteousness.  What exactly do the words “oh my goodness” mean, for a Christian?   MORE
Brandenburg: Ebola - Government Failure Stems from a Shift in Worldview
.... How does a known recent arrival from West Africa and with a fever get released back to the general public?  We've reached a worldview tipping point.  Awash in moral relativism, an instinct of toleration prevails, indecision and inability to decide right or wrong.  It is bound to look incompetent, but it is a derangement proceeding from the elimination of absolute truth and goodness.  MORE
David Cloud: The Darwinian Inquisition
In the days of Charles Darwin and his “bulldog” Thomas Huxley [pictured at left], science became the new religion and scientists the new priests. There was “One Catholic Apostolic Church of True Knowledge.” Pope Huxley and his fellow bishops in the Church of Science brought back the inquisition by disallowing challenges to evolutionary theory and excommunicating those who dared to question it. Consider St. George Mivart, who was “excommunicated from the Church of Science.” He started out as an ardent evolutionist and a disciple of Huxley, but he was savaged when he had the audacity to publish a book  debunking Darwinism...    MORE
Thom Rainer: Seven Things I’ve Learned from Joyous Pastors’ Wives
One of the unexpected and pleasant surprises of this blog for me is hearing from pastors’ wives...For certain, I have learned from other spouses of ministers as well. But the most frequent comments have come from pastors’ wives. In this article, I share with you the lessons I’ve learned from pastors’ wives who tell me they have found great joy and meaning in their lives. Here are seven of those lessons: MORE
Jon Bloom: Be Ready to Answer Your Kids’ Questions About the Bible 
Kids are thinkers. They ask good and sometimes hard questions. My kids have asked me some of the hardest theological questions between ages 5 and 8. They’ve queried me on comparative religion, death, eternity, heaven, hell, Jesus and the cross, and what about all those people who have never had a chance to hear the gospel? Interestingly, these questions tend to come at bedtime.     MORE
Tim Challies: A Great Reward
One of my lifelong struggles has been finding freedom in the most basic part of the Christian life—personal devotions. It’s not that I don’t do them, of course, but that they rarely seem to come easily and naturally. I want to wake up longing to read the Bible and eager to pray. I want to get up in the mornings thinking, “I just can’t wait to hear from God and speak to God.” But so often I find myself reading and praying out of simple obedience. That duty is too seldom joined by delight.     MORE
Edmondson: Five Times When Temptation Has an Easier Way
Even Jesus was tempted. What makes us think we won’t be? Of course the enemy tries to tempt a believer. His single goal is to distract us from a total devotion to Christ. Temptation is the major tool in his arsenal. And, in my experience, there are times we are more easily tempted.  MORE
T.J. Addington: Leaders Who Are Too Busy To Listen
There is often a conflict for leaders between their schedules, the maintenance of key relationships and having enough time to stop and carefully listen to those they interact with. The ability to listen and evaluate what is being shared is very different from listening on the run and not having the time to consider what was heard. And it is a common problem for leaders with out of control schedules. MORE
David Murray: Two Models for Husband-Wife Love
Because of sin, husbands have a tendency to neglect or abuse their headship. That’s why the Apostle Paul combines his teaching on the husband’s leadership in Ephesians 5v22-32 with three commands to love his wife and uses two models to help them.  MORE
Communists Look To Give Democrats Boost In Upcoming Election
The Communist Party USA is stepping up to bat in the 2014 election, rallying its troops against Republicans and promoting a long list of ways for people to support the Democratic Party agenda. An Internet announcement signed by Lisa Bergmann of the Young Communist League USA and Joelle Fishman of a related political action committee said: “Can you believe it? No, really. Student debt has exceeded $1.2 trillion. One third of black men are serving time in prison, and young black men are 21 times more likely to be killed by police than whites...."   MORE
Vicar of Baghdad: 'Americans Have to Realize 
All of Their Intervention Has Totally Been Wasted'
Canon Andrew White, the Anglican pastor who's known as the Vicar of Baghdad, says that after U.S. troops left Iraq in 2011, the country has been facing "total devastation," even worse than under Saddam Hussein. White also described what Christians are facing as one of the worst persecutions in history.   MORE
Houston Pastor Subpoenas Shows Extremism Already on the Shores of America
Pastors around the country saw an unthinkable scenario play out in America last week—one many never thought they'd see in their lifetime. In a country built on freedom, five pastors in Houston were served subpoenas, and attorneys demanded the submission of sermon notes and conversations with congregation members relating to homosexuality or transgenderism. Sam Rohrer, a longtime legislator and president of American Pastors Network, says the recent news out of Houston proves there are three distinct extreme movements happening simultaneously in America—all aimed at stripping freedom of religion and freedom of speech from Christians.MORE
Yahoo News: Nine Real Technologies That Will Soon Be Inside You
Given the frenzy of interest following the announcement of the Apple Watch, you might think wearables will be the next really important shift in technology.  Not so. Wearables will have their moment in the sun, but they’re simply a transition technology. Technology will move from existing outside our bodies to residing inside us. That’s the next big frontier. Here are nine signs that implantable tech is here now, growing rapidly, and that it will be part of your life (and your body) in the near future…   MORE
Mike Huckabee Asks Pastors Across the US To 
Send Sermons, Bibles to Houston Mayor
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said pastors from across the United States should send "thousands and thousands" of Bibles and sermons to the Houston mayor who demanded pastors turn over their sermons to the government due to their objection to an LGBT discrimination city ordinance.   MORE
Christian Mother of Five Death Sentence for Blasphemy Upheld by Pakistani Court
The death sentence of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman and mother of five children, was upheld by the Lahore High Court in Pakistan on Thursday. Bibi has been convicted of blasphemy for drinking from the same bowl of water as Muslims and making derogatory comments about the prophet Muhammad.
City Threatens to Arrest Ministers Who 
Refuse to Perform Same-Sex Weddings
Two Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face jail time and up to a $1,000 fine, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court. Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Donald and Evelyn Knapp, ordained ministers who own the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene. According to the lawsuit, the  chapel is....  MORE
Thom Rainer: Seven Good Things About the Houston Subpoena Controversy
I share the outrage of millions who were stunned when the city of Houston issued subpoenas to five area pastors. I am stunned and angered by this massive encroachment upon local churches by a governmental body. But there is an additional perspective to this horrendous act.
Joe Carter: Why Can’t We Get Wasted Food to the Hungry?
Roman Catholic Bishops Scrap Gay-Friendly Proposal
What's Really at Stake in ISIS's Fight for Kobani
The Decline of Decline? Alarming Rate of Mainline Protestants Leaving
Church May Be Slowing Down
There has been a lot of attention paid lately to the alarming numbers of a decreasing membership in mainline Protestant denominations in the United States in recent years.
Joni Eareckson Tada: Why Brittany Maynard’s Choice
To Die Is Not Personal or Private
It has been heartbreaking these last few days to hear the story of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old, beautiful, young woman diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor and given only a few months to live. The saddest part of the story for me, however, is not her prognosis, but her decision to end her life prematurely on November 1 through physician-assisted suicide. I understand she may be in great pain, and her treatment options are limited and have their own devastating side effects, but I believe Brittany is missing a critical factor in her formula for death: God. 
Anthony Carter: Why Are Young Blacks Leaving the Church?
Are “black millennials” leaving the church? Is this something about which we should be alarmed? In recent times much has been written on this subject seeking to interpret and analyze what some are saying is a disturbing trend....The church is not primarily a social institution that easily measures its membership, and therefore success, by how many people attend. The church is a spiritual organism given life by God the Father, in God the Son, and sustained through God the Holy Spirit. It is not a fraternity or sorority seeking...
Andrew Walker: Hillsong, A Church In Exile
....What this issue is about is whether the church models faithful obedience to Christ in a way that both honors Scripture and loves its neighbor. Hillsong thinks it’s doing both; but is actually doing neither.
Raymond Ibrahim: The Islamic State and Islam
....Let us consider some of the most extreme acts committed by the Islamic State—beheadings, crucifixions, enslavements, sexual predations, massacres, and the persecution of religious minorities—and put them to the test, see if they fill the same criteria, see if they are Islamic or not, especially in the context of jihad, which has its own set of rules. The Islamic State beheads “infidels,” including women and children.
Rick Marschall: Do You Know Fanny Crosby?
Fanny Crosby’s name is known by some people today, but her great number of gospel songs fill the hymnbooks of many denominations, and the airwaves even today, sung in every musical style you can think of. 
Preston Yancey: Four Ways Millennials Are Embracing Traditional Faith
Actually, Millennials do desire religious orthodoxy. Here’s how.
Robert Tracinski: Gay Marriage - No One Expects the Secular Inquisition
Except that we did expect it, because it’s inherent in the fundamental basis of the left’s argument for gay marriage.
Richard J. Mouw: Retirement Home Christianity
In my younger days I liked to talk about heaven as a realm where we would continue to be active...I haven’t changed my mind, but I have to admit that the thought of an active afterlife makes me a feel a bit weary these days.
Jack Cashill: Multiculturalism Kills
The logic of multiculturalism has dictated the White House response to the Ebola crisis. That logic, however, doesn’t fly with ordinary citizens. 
Daniel Greenfield: How the Muslim World Benefits from ISIS
Playing “Good Caliph“and “Bad Caliph.”
Phil Cooke: Houston Sermon Subpoenas and Christians:
The Stakes are Too High to Get It Wrong
It started when Fox News broke the explosive story: "The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, or gender identity. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court."
Wallace Henley: Secular Jihad in Houston
Secular jihad – that's the best way to characterize the subpoenaing of sermons and other communications from pastors opposing the Houston city regime and their "bathroom law." It's important not to overreact to the overreach of Mayor Annise Parker and her supporters on the Houston City Council. Yet their actions call for vigorous opposition: First, because of the violation of the Constitution's First Amendment, and second, the irrationality of the bathroom law itself.
R.C. Sproul Jr: Husbands, Hold Your Wife’s Hand
...That is likely my deepest regret, that I did not hold her hand more. It’s not, of course, that I never held her hand. It is likely, however, that I didn’t as often as she would have liked. Holding her hand communicates to her in a simple yet profound way that we are connected. Taking her hand tells her, “I am grateful that we are one flesh.” Taking her hand tells me, “This is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.” It is a liturgy, an ordinary habit of remembrance to see more clearly the extraordinary reality of two being made one. It would have, even in the midst of a disagreement, or moments of struggle, communicated, “We’re going to go through this together. I will not let go.”  MORE
Thom Rainer: Nine Trends in Pastor and Church Staff Compensation
Some of the current trends in pastor and church staff compensation are surprising to me, while others are about what I expected. I relied on several current compensation studies to assemble these nine trends... For this article, I will discuss fulltime compensated pastors and church staff only. I do have data for part-time compensated staff as well; I will address those church workers in a later post. MORE
Brian Croft: 10 Lessons From the Life and Ministry of Andrew Fuller
One of my goals for my sabbatical last year was to study the life and ministry of the 18th century English particular Baptist Pastor, Andrew Fuller.  Now that my time away has ended and feels so long ago, I thought I would still share about my findings. MORE
Kent Brandenburg: What's Wrong With the 'Free Grace' Movement?
Salvation is free -- no doubt.  It's not by works -- no doubt.  However, the free grace movement doesn't represent biblical grace.  From the perspective of a lost person, what a deal.  Not only is there no works involved, which is a deal, but he gets to keep his old life too!  He doesn't give up anything, not even his own will.  He keeps that too.  It's not a hard sell for the "evangelist," that's for sure.  The biggest problem is that this is not how the Bible presents it.  It reminds of a lot of other false gospels in that it takes a part of salvation and really focuses on it to its own distortion.     MORE
Edmondson: Seven of the Biggest Pitfalls of Being an Introvert as a Pastor
I am an introvert. From all public appearances on Sunday morning — and with my frequent activity in the community — that surprises people. But in my private life and with those closest to me there is no questioning of that fact. If anything, I have become even more introverted the larger our church has grown. I can wish I was otherwise, but this is how I am wired. And, it’s not wrong. It’s not a personality flaw. It’s not cruelty. I love people. But, being an introvert has its downsides as a pastor.     MORE
David Murray: Mental Illness and the Church--An Analysis
In this article I want to comment on a few of the more general findings from the research and in a second article, I’d like to zoom in on the core issue of the research, which concerned salvation and the mentally ill. But first, here are some of the research results that intrigued me.     MORE
Chris Brauns: Why Did God Allow Satan to Harm Job and His Family?
....Any study of the book of Job raises questions about the debate between God and Satan. We wonder, why would God allow Satan to harm Job and his family. I will be speaking to this question more in our next sermon, but let me make some of the points in advance here in this blog post. The idea is that these points are all part of the answer. So...“Why did God allow Satan to harm Job”?   MORE
Jerry Sivnksty: Treasuring Our Time (Part Two)
.... I cannot stress enough the importance of memorizing the Scripture. Psalm 119:11 says, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” The Word of God is our authority for living as Christians. We are not to govern our decisions based upon our logic, reasoning, or emotions—our lives are to be controlled by the teaching of Scripture.     MORE
T.J. Addington: The Biggest Favor You Can Do for Your Pastor & Church
The biggest favor you can do for your pastor and church is to carefully guard the gate of who gets into church leadership. After 25 years of consulting I can fairly say that one of the top reasons that churches experience trouble comes down to one issue. They did not guard the gate and allowed the wrong people into leadership. It is also one of the most frustrating issues that pastors face. If you wonder why churches don't see more ministry results? Often it comes down to leadership in the church - the wrong leaders.     MORE
...The central fact in these pictures is not that of the troubled souls. The central fact is that of Christ, and of what He said to these people. To the man sick of the palsy He said, "Be of good cheer, child." To the woman broken, bruised, weary, emaciated, and forlorn, He said, "Be of good cheer, daughter." To the disciples in the midst of the storm, terrified by the approach of the phantom, and to the disciples yet more afraid of the future without Him, He said, "Be ye of good cheer." To the man in the prison, hindered in high and holy service, He said, "Be of  good cheer." In each case He challenged fear, and uttered a call to courage, and gave His reason for doing so.  These incidents illustrate and illuminate the whole realm of discipleship, and I bring them to you this morning in order, as I may be helped by the Spirit of God, to fasten your attention upon that challenge of Jesus. I bring them to you as a greeting, not as my word to you, for that would be very worthless, but as the Master's word to you. "Be of good cheer."  MORE

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...This chapter is a full length portrait of Peter himself. If we see clearly the effect upon Peter, we shall have a true idea of the effect of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the entire church. God shows us things that are too great to be seen in their completeness, in illustrative and easily comprehend- ed parts...Notice his heroic eloquence. He is not only a speaker, he is a burning speaker It is not enough to speak-you may teach an automaton to speak, you may so instruct a machine as to utter a mimic cry. This man is not only speaking words, he is speaking them with unction, with fire, with emphasis never heard in his tone before. A man does not read simply because he pronounces words that are in the text that he is perusing, a man does not give out a psalm simply because he articulates without inaccuracy every individual word. There is some- thing in the reading which cannot be put into type,  or an atmosphere, or an aroma, or a far-reaching fire of the soul.   MORE
...Law always has a place and work distinct and wholly diverse from that of grace. Law is God prohibiting and requiring; grace is God beseeching and bestowing. Law is a ministry of condemn- ation;  grace, of forgiveness. Law curses; grace redeems from that curse. Law kills; grace makes alive. Law shuts every mouth before God; grace opens every mouth to praise Him. Law puts a great and guilty distance between man and God; grace makes guilty man nigh to God. Law says, "Hate thine enemy"; grace says, "Love your enemies, bless them that despitefully use you." Law says, do and live; grace says, believe and live. Law never had a missionary; grace is to be preached to every creature. Law condemns the best man; grace justifies the worst...   MORE
....We are about to look into something which is so glorious and endless that it will be the theme of contemplation of all the saints, not only in this world, but also in the world which is to come. We shall spend our eternity in gazing upon it, and wondering at it, and in being astounded by it. But it is our business to start upon this here and now in this life. Indeed this is a characteristic of love at all levels; it delights in thinking not only of the object of its love, but also of the love it receives. Nothing therefore should give greater joy to all God's people than to meditate upon this love of Christ. Indeed, our chief defect as Christians is that we fail to realize Christ's love to us. How often have you thought about this? We spend time thinking about our activities and our problems, but the most important necessity in the Christian life is to know Christ's love to us, and to meditate upon it. MORE
...“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart”—“depend on Me for what you need; look to Me for what you need, and do not take the advice of those brokers, or any other such agents, but consult the Lord”—“lean not unto thine own understanding.” Do not suppose because you have had a good deal of experience, or another person has had a good deal of experience, that that is all which is needed; but betake yourself to the Lord under all circumstances, at all times, under all difficulties, and seek His advice and counsel. Now this has been my habit (it was not my habit for the first two years after my conversion), but it has now been for 69 years my habit to act according to this, and the result is that all has been going on well with my affairs. I have never been allowed to bring myself into difficulties on account of such matters, because I have not trusted in my own experience, but have trusted in the Lord.  MORE
....Jesus set limits to his activity, and beyond those limits no man ever persuaded him to go. One day his brothers wanted him to go to Jerusalem and make an impression on the big men there, but he refused to listen to their exhortation, telling them that they might go any time they chose, but that it was different with him. He could not go until it was time for him to go, until his work compelled him to go. He could not go until his hour had come. When the hour arrived he set his face steadfastly to go to Jerusalem. All along the way men tried to divert him, but he could not be diverted, to Jerusalem he must go...Men all around him have the enjoyment of large liberty. They wander hither and thither, going whithersoever they wish, but it was not so with him.  He could not dissipate his energy, he could not waste a single hour. It was always, "I must," "I must," "I must." There were broad roads on his right and left, and along these roads thousands were traveling, but he could not go with them.     MORE
In these days of national strife and international confusion, when the seeds of hatred are being cultivated in the hotbeds of communism and radicalism, let us throw back our shoulders, double up our fists, rough with the calluses of honest toil,and stand up for true, fundamental, godly Americanism. The Bible teaches patriotism, and patriotism was the light that burned in the hearts of the faithful in the midnight gloom of the dark ages.  It was the torch that lit the fires of the Reformation. It was the rock upon which Western civilization survives the onslaught of the Red Scourge, it will be Christian patriotism that will fuel the lamps of truth and provide morale for the fight for freedom. America has many privileges, but it also has great responsibilities. Our freedom was obtained at a great price. Our first responsibility is to God, but we are duty bound to our beloved country.   MORE
....There is no want of power in God to cast wicked men into hell at any moment. Men's hands cannot be strong when God rises up. The strongest have no power to resist him, nor can any deliver out of his hands.-He is not only able to cast wicked men into hell, but he can most easily do it. Sometimes an earthly prince meets with a great deal of difficulty to subdue a rebel, who has found means to fortify himself, and has made himself strong by the numbers of his followers. But it is not so with God. There is no fortress that is any defence from the power of God. Though hand join in hand, and vast multitudes of God's enemies combine and associate themselves, they are easily broken in pieces. MORE
....As Ahab goes walking through the rows of vines, he begins to plan how he will have that vineyard arranged by his royal gardener, how flowers will be here and vegetables yonder and herbs there. As he converses with himself, suddenly a shadow falls across his path. Quick as a flash Ahab whirls on his heels, and there, before him, stands Elijah, prophet of the living God. ..."And Ahab said to Elijah, Hast thou found me, O mine enemy?" and Elijah, without a tremor in his voice, his eyes burning their way into Ahab's guilty soul, answered: "I have found thee: because thou has sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the Lord." Then, with every word a thunderbolt, and every sentence a withering denunciation, Elijah continued...     MORE
...If the issues of life are determined by fate or chance, there are no foundations. In the one case we become the effortless children of apathy upon whom no responsibility devolves, our only consolation being the Oriental proverb, “Kismet.” In the other case we become the devotees of ephemeral pleasure with no higher watchword than, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” Hence my theme today: The Providence of God is the Christian’s foundation. Under these - Fate, Chance and Divine Providence may be grouped all the theories and philosophies of life. There is no room for another classification.   MORE
...ministers in all ages have found it necessary, frequently to remind their people of the terrors of the Lord, as so many powerful dissuasives from sin. But whence is it that men are so disingenuous? The reason seems to be this: The promise of eternal happiness is so agreeable to the inclinations and wishes of mankind, that all who call themselves Christians, universally and willingly subscribe to the belief of it: but then there is something so shocking in the consideration of eternal torments, and seemingly such an infinite disproportion between an endless duration of pain, and short life spent in pleasure, that men can scarcely be brought to confess it as an article of their faith, that an eternity of misery awaits the wicked in a future state.  MORE
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