Christian Post: Are Planned Parenthood Abortionists Delivering Babies Alive Then Killing Them?
David Daleiden, head of the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress, alleges that StemExpress — a biotechnology company that sells aborted baby organs for tens of thousands of dollars — is trying to use the courts to block the release of future undercover videos because they might reveal "evidence of born alive infants." "In a meeting with their top leadership they [StemExpress] admitted they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics they work with, and that could be prima facie evidence of born alive infants," Daleiden asserted on CNN Friday. California-based StemExpress is "very scared," he said, about seeing the next undercover videos released to the public because they might reveal illegal partial-birth abortions are being carried out to obtain intact tissue and organs for research.   MORE
Headlines & Articles for Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Two Explosions 20 Minutes Apart Shock Congregants at Two New Mexico Churches
A pair of small explosions just 20 minutes and a few miles apart shocked congregants Sunday morning at two churches in southern New Mexico. There were no injuries or deaths from the blasts outside Calvary Baptist and Holy Cross Roman Catholic in Las Cruces, Las Cruces police spokesman Danny Trujillo said. Each building sustained minor damage.  MORE
Infowars: Obama Judge Fines School Over Christian Prayer
An Obama-appointed district judge fined a Mississippi school district over $7500 after a pastor led a prayer before an optional school assembly. U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves said the Rankin, Miss., public school district defied his prior order barring prayer at school events by allowing Rev. Rob Gill to begin an assembly honoring students with above-average ACT scores with a prayer.   MORE
Leadership Journal: Pastors...Lead Your Churches On Planned Parenthood
Pro-life activism has been a part of Christian witness throughout church history, but has received particularly focused attention by evangelicals and Catholics since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Now, though, we find ourselves in a unique cultural moment...Millions of people are seeing the brutal reality of what has always been labeled by abortion providers as a safe and clinical practice.   MORE
UK Guardian: China Wants to Control Churches 
When considering the latest outbreak of persecution against Christians in China, what you have to understand is that there are already thought to be more Christians there (some 100 million) than members of the Communist party (87 million). This is not an impressive outcome for 70 years of intermittently ferocious atheist suppression of religion: when the Communists seized power in 1947, there were only around 4 million Christians in the country. Under Mao, an estimated 500,000 Christians died for – or because of – their faith. Yet since the Maoist state was opened to capitalism in the 1980s, Christianity, along with other religions, has grown at an astonishing rate.    MORE
Josh Howerton: Planned Parenthood—Our Wilberforce Moment
What is happening right now with the Planned Parenthood videos is a “William Wilberforce moment” in our culture. Wilberforce was the Christian man who looked into his Bible, saw that racism and slavery were evil reverse-images of the gospel, and dedicated his life to accomplishing what seemed culturally and politically impossible in late-1700’s Great Britain: the abolition of the slave trade.     MORE
Blankley: American Christians—Recognize the Truth About Iran Is America’s Shame
....Iran is rich in biblical history. Persians are direct descendants of Noah. Its rulers helped repatriate Jews to Israel, providing them with financial, military, legal, and material aid. Persian Jews were among the first Christians. Sadly, however, since 1953, American foreign policy has all but destroyed remnants of ancient civilizations, much of which preserved Jewish and Christian heritage. American foreign policy, beginning under President Eisenhower, directly caused decades of suffering, needless bloodshed, torture of a once free people, intense persecution of Christians, excessive violations of human rights, and what is now an entire region’s hatred towards America.   MORE
Judge Blocking Planned Parenthood Videos An Obama Bundler and Donor
Judge William H. Orrick III, the federal judge who granted a temporary restraining order against the release of further videos depicting Planned Parenthood medical officials’ participation in the sale of the organs of aborted babies, is an Obama appointee and a major bundler and donor for Obama’s presidential campaign.    MORE
Joe Carter: Four Videos That Show How Planned Parenthood Harms Women
....That some clergy from denominations such as the United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church, and American Baptist Churches would turn a blind eye to the sale of body parts from children slaughtered in the womb is not surprising. Almost all mainline denominations officially support unrestricted access to abortion. But these ministerial shills have the audacity to frame their support for America’s largest abortion provider as a defense of women. Their kneejerk support for Planned Parenthood reveals a willful ignorance...   MORE
Boy Scout Backlash? Youth Organization May See Rapid Decline In
Church Support Following Vote to Approve Gay Leaders
The Boy Scouts of America may experience a severe backlash from church sponsors following its recent vote to approve openly gay scout leaders. A national organization boasting over 2.6 million members, many of the BSA's more than 37,000 troops come from churches that officially state that homosexuality is a sin. These include the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the United Methodist Church, and the Southern Baptist Convention.
Owen Strachan: Three Ways Chuck Colson Offers 
A Future For Evangelicals in Politics
One of the figures who most offers wisdom to modern evangelicals in the political realm is a man who famously lost his lofty place in it. Chuck Colson (1931-2012) was the classic American success story. Born a “swamp Yankee” in Boston, he began serving President Richard Nixon as special counsel in 1969. He left the administration in 1973, only to be implicated in the Watergate scandal. Colson went to prison in 1974. He was released in 1975 and began a prolific career as a social reformer and a public-square witness. In 2015, on the fortieth anniversary of his release, his life and subsequent career—told more fully in my new book—provide three ways forward for evangelicals in politics.   MORE
Ibrahim: Islamist “Justice”Slow Painful Death for Christian Mother in Pakistan
Pakistan’s authorities appear to have found a solution to at least one of their problems in the international arena: Aasiya Noreen, or “Asia Bibi,” a 50-year-old Christian woman and mother of five who has been on death row for six years for allegedly insulting Muhammad. Instead of executing Asia Bibi and further advertising to the international community that theirs is a savage and backwards nation — and instead of releasing her and provoking millions of angry Muslims to turn on the government and accuse it of supporting “apostasy” — Pakistan’s authorities appear to be letting time, wretched conditions, severe maltreatment, and beatings slowly kill her.   MORE
Napp Nazworth: The Christian Right—A New Hope for the Republican Party?
While liberals often describe the Christian Right as the "fringe" or "far right" of the Republican Party, the movement is the arty's best resource for expanding its base among non-whites. Pundits often claim 1) the Republican Party has a demography problem. A Party of mostly old, white people will not have much of a future in a nation where the young are more racially diverse than the elderly; and 2) social conservatives, or the Christian Right, are the "far right wing" of conservatism, and must be jettisoned to expand its appeal. These claims do not make sense together. While the Republican Party does have a demography problem, that problem will only be solved by embracing, not jettisoning, social conservatives.    MORE
Washington Post: Is Cecil the Lion More Devastating Than the Planned Parenthood Videos?
Stories surrounding both Planned Parenthood and a lion killed in Africa raise important questions about knowledge as a moral responsibility...On social media, many have connected the two stories through mutual finger-pointing at the perceived lack of outrage for one story or the other. But there is a stronger connection between the two events.
For Amish Teens, 'Rumspringa' Is a Chance To See the Outside World
Coming-of-age traditions exist in many cultures, from Hispanic Quinceaneras to Jewish Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, even the American Sweet 16 celebration. In the Amish culture, youth determine whether they will be baptized into the church through a process called Rumspringa. 
Boko Haram Slits the Throats of Sixteen Christian Fishermen
Boko Haram militants slit the throats of sixteen Christian fishermen on the shores of Lake Chad in Nigerian state of Borno.
Breaking Israel News: Recent Dead Sea Earthquake Ushering In End of Days Prophecy?
While Thursday’s earthquake caused no damage in Israel, the geological occurrence has served as a wakeup call for many. Dr. Shmuel Marco, who has spent many years studying the timeline of earthquakes in the region, told the Jerusalem Post that geological experts should take a hint from the Bible when predicting the next “big one.” 
Daniel John Sobieski: Where is the Coverage of Juanita Broaddrick?
The liberal media feeding frenzy about a quarter-century-old alleged marital rape involving GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, and former wife Ivana, has a fury that was strangely absent when Bill Clinton was credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978 when William Jefferson Clinton was attorney general of Arkansas.
Aaron Earls: 13 Numbers About Abortion and the 
Planned Parenthood Videos You Need to Know
The latest undercover video shows a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing the ways their lawyers have developed layers to keep them from being caught selling aborted fetal parts. As they pick through remains of an aborted fetus, the doctor says, “It’s a baby.” Later, a medical assistant exclaims, “Another boy!” Those are not problems of “tone” as Cecile Richards, president of the abortion provider stated earlier, those are admissions of truth. They acknowledge the reality that they work so hard to hide. As pressure continues to mount over the content of undercover videos (not to mention a lawsuit claiming they aided a sexual predator in obtaining an abortion for a 13-year-old girl), Planned Parenthood and abortion proponents have resorted to several tactics to survive.  MORE
Edmondson: Five Reminders When You Are the Community’s Pastor
There are times when a pastor is launched into the role of being a community pastor. At this point, it doesn’t matter the size of the church or the notoriety of the pastor. The community is looking for the pastor to lead.    MORE
David Murray: How Reading Can Transform Your Health
In How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health, Michael Grothaus says, “Reading doesn’t just improve your knowledge, it can help fight depression, make you more confident, empathetic, and a better decision-maker.” Grothaus’s life was in a rut…until he read War and Peace. Its 1500 pages took him two months to conquer and immediately became his favorite book because of how it changed him.      MORE
T.J. Addington: Eight Reasons Why Boards Do Not 
Address Known Issues Caused By a Senior Pastor
A recurring theme in my consulting with troubled churches is that there were issues known to leaders who chose not to address them until there came a point of crisis, often after a pastor left and after many congregants had left as well.  The question is - why were those issues not addressed so that a crisis could have be averted and the congregation not wounded as it was - in this blog by the senior leader. After all the cost of unaddressed and known issues that brings conflict to a congregation is high and it can take years to recover. As I have reflected on this question I would suggest that the following reasons are often in play.   MORE
Thom Rainer: Seven Things Search Committees Should Do After the Pastor Is Selected
Pastor search committees’ best opportunities for effective ministry take place after the candidate is selected. Unfortunately, most search committees cease to function too abruptly. As I have noted in previous posts on this topic, not all churches use a pastor search committee to call a pastor. Still, I hope some of these suggestions could be applied in any context. Also, keep in mind that these same issues apply to ministry positions beyond the pastor. Let’s look at seven things a search committee should do after the pastor is selected.   MORE
Jon Bloom: Where Real Courage Comes From
Where does courage come from? And how do you get it when you need it, when some fear towers over you and threatens you, and you feel like cowering and fleeing into some cave of protection? For an answer, let’s look at one of the most famous stories of all time in 1 Samuel 17 — and one of the most misunderstood stories in the Bible.   MORE
David Cloud: The Pelican—God's Amazing Creature
The pelican is another one of God’s amazing creatures. It is a large waterfowl that comes in seven or eight varieties. It has webbed feet, large wings, a long bill, and a bag of skin below its beak called a gular pouch. It varies in size from about six pounds to 30. Its wonderfully-designed skeleton weighs less than 10% of its body weight. The pelican cannot straighten its neck, because its eighth vertebra is joined with the seventh and ninth. Pelicans live in every continent except Antarctica and build their nests in colonies.    MORE
Headlines & Articles for Weekend, August 1st-2nd, 2015
Is America a Christian Nation? New Poll Suggests Few Americans View the US as a Christian Country
A LifeWay Research survey from earlier this week has found that only 19 percent of respondents consider America to be a Christian nation. Furthermore, more respondents felt the U.S. is a welcoming place for atheists than for Muslims. While only 19 percent identified America specifically as a Christian nation, close to 69 percent said that is a "Nation of Many Religions." Another 9 percent suggested it is a secular nation. "Debate about whether America is a Christian nation will continue," said Scott McConnell, LifeWay Research vice president. "Although most Americans are Christians, they understand a nation founded on principles of religious freedom will be a nation of many faiths."   MORE
Federal Judge Blocks Release of Sting Videos Targeting the National Abortion Federation
A federal judge on Friday blocked the release of any recordings made at meetings of an abortion providers’ association by an anti-abortion group that previously revealed secretly recorded videos of a Planned Parenthood leader. Judge William Orrick in San Francisco issued a temporary restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress hours after the order was requested by the National Abortion Federation.   MORE
CBN News: Marriage AftermathChurches Prep for Coming Storm
The recent Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage has many religious leaders worried about potential lawsuits if they refuse to perform gay weddings. In response, some are now adopting new measures to protect themselves and their congregations. The day marriage changed in America sent shock waves throughout the Christian community.  MORE
Forbes: Elites And Courts Push 
America Into A Post-Christian Era
...Long known as “a Christian nation,” the U.S. has turned sharply in a secular direction, thanks to the trickle-down influence of elites and handed-down dictates from courts.  This historic shift will affect everything from elections to education to ethics and beyond. How can a nation be Christian (or post-Christian) in the first place?  America has never been a theocracy, following the direct rule of God in the manner of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the Vatican. Rather America has been referred to as a Christian nation because of the core beliefs and world view of a majority of its people and an acknowledgement of God by its public leaders and symbols.  But as Americans, especially the young, move away from faith in large numbers, and courts systematically dismantle religious symbols and influences, the post-Christian era has arrived.    MORE
IRS Commissioner Won't Target Christian Colleges Opposed to Gay Marriage 'At This Time'
The Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service vowed in a Senate hearing this week that the federal agency will not strip Christian colleges and universities of their tax-exempt statuses should those institutions refuse to update school policies to be more accommodating toward same-sex relationships.    MORE
Wall St. Journal: Ministering During Wartime
Honoring the service of military chaplains, from the Continental Army to present-day Afghanistan.
Wednesday marked the 240th anniversary of George Washington’s founding of a chaplain corps in the Continental Army. Commemorations were low-key—the anniversary was mentioned on the House floor and highlighted by the “Faith It Forward” initiative spearheaded by Rep. Randy Forbes and Sen. James Lankford, co-chairmen of the bipartisan Congressional Prayer Caucus. Still, it was good to be reminded that in the war for American liberty—for a nation founded on the freedom to exercise religion, and the freedom to practice no religion at all—Gen. Washington believed that the military chaplaincy was essential for the health and well-being of his troops.    MORE
Wheaton College Ends Student Health Insurance, Citing Obamacare Mandate
Students at Wheaton College who have health insurance through school have just a few more days to find new coverage. The west suburban Christian liberal arts college will not renew its student health insurance plan for the 2015-16 school year in light of the Obamacare mandate to provide contraceptives, which the college opposes for religious reasons. The student plan expires July 31.   MORE
David Roach: Does The Bible Say Anything About Sleep Habits?
Americans aren’t getting enough shut-eye. That’s the conclusion of a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found that nearly nine million Americans take prescription sleeping pills and such prescriptions have tripled for people between 18 and 24. Of course, occasional sleepless nights are normal for nearly everyone and sometimes insomnia is caused by uncontrollable factors like physical pain or nightmares. But can a lack of sleep indicate a spiritual problem? Does the Bible say anything to guide us in our sleep patterns? You might be surprised to....  MORE
Mark Tooley: Why Liberal Religion Fails
Liberal religion will never command a majority nor will it ever be the wave of the future, although liberal religionists will never understand why. After all, everybody who counts agrees with them! A Huffington Post column by a liberal rabbi confirms this point. “This is liberal religion’s moment,” he enthuses, “if only liberal religious leaders will be wise enough to seize it.” After all, “Americans are changing in dramatic ways on social issues, mostly for the good, … are fed up with intolerance and hatred, more relaxed about sex, and more accepting when it comes to models of family life different from their own,” while the “Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision was a reflection of America’s evolving mores, further proof that in a remarkably short period of time, our citizenry has cast aside prejudices of the past.”    MORE
The Atlantic: The Tragedy of iTunes and Classical Music
The new version of Apple’s signature media software is a mess. What are people with large MP3 libraries to do?
Molecular Geneticist Attempts to Prove All Humans Descended From
'Original Human Couple' Adam and Eve in New Documentary
A well-respected molecular geneticist who works for Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis is featured in a new documentary where she attempts to confirm, through recent scientific discoveries, that all humans descended from the biblical Adam and Eve.
Amelia Hamilton: Abortionist Admits ‘It’s a Baby’ In New Undercover Video
The footage in the clinic starts with a crack. The crack of the baby’s skull. In the latest undercover video of horrors, Dr. Savita Ginde of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is caught on video discussing the sale of fetal body parts. They discuss the legalities, and how to avoid getting caught. They discuss pricing.
Heather Wilhelm: Planned Parenthood, Cecil the Lion and America’s Broken Outrage Meter
...This week, Cecil’s story exploded, inciting batten-down-the-hatches outrage. Animal rights group PETA, for instance, declared that Dr. Palmer should be “extradited, charged, and preferably hanged” for killing such a beloved creature. In a heated op-ed, former CNN host Piers Morgan proposed a new sport, “Big Human Hunting,” in which he would kill Dr. Palmer with a crossbow, torture him & skin him alive, which sounds normal if you just had a brain transplant from Jeffrey Dahmer.
Charles Krauthammer: Among the Ruins, a Case of Righteousness, and Christians Rescued
Christianity, whose presence in the Middle East predates Islam’s by 600 years, is about to be cleansed from the Middle East. Egyptian Copts may have found some respite under Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, but after their persecution under the previous Muslim Brotherhood government, they know how precarious their existence in 90 percent Muslim Egypt remains. 
Katie Geary: Why Planned Parenthood Can’t Donate Tissue Harvested From Babies
The first alarming question is whether Planned Parenthood illegally sells aborted fetuses’ organs and tissue. This is what Planned Parenthood and its defenders have repeatedly focused on, insisting that they are compliant with all laws. But it is what precedes that “fetal tissue donation” that needs attention. Specifically, does Planned Parenthood regularly flout the federal ban on partial-birth abortion using loopholes? How do they get away with this? Do their patients—the women who apparently choose to donate the “fetal tissue”—know what’s going on in explicit terms?
Lloyd Marcus: ExposedAmerica's Enemies Within
....My deep desire is to alert my son, daughter, and other non-political hard-working Americans of the moral, spiritual, and cultural evil threatening to overtake our great nation. No longer are we simply engaged in a battle of ideas -- Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative. America's choice of governing has become far more daunting -- light vs. darkness, good vs. evil. “Choose ye this day, whom you will serve.” Despite Leftist merchants of evil using big words and arrogant condescension to convince us that morality is relative, we instinctively know some things are good and some things are bad. Equally annoying is Leftists' air of superiority -- claiming to care more than us commoners about equality, saving the planet and all life; their evil intentions hidden beneath a shroud of faux compassion.  MORE
John-Henry Westen: What the Abortion Industry Can Teach Corporate America
This month, Planned Parenthood’s carefully crafted image of a caring, pro-women organization took a major hit when the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) revealed that America’s largest abortion company sells fetal parts for enormous profit.
The CMP videos revealed more than the horrifying and probably illegal practice of organ harvesting and fetal parts sales, however.  It also revealed a business model that some of America’s top organizations could learn from.
Jared C. Wilson: Your Sin Will Find You Out, But So Will His Righteousness
Your sins will find you out. You won’t get away with it. There will be justice. In this life or the next. Or both.
James Rasbeary: Helping Our Children With Ministerial Loneliness
Loneliness is not confined to the ministry. Many are lonely today, and many children grow up in lonely situations, for many different reasons. The purpose of this post, however, is to give some insights into helping children deal with “ministerial loneliness” – ie, the kind of loneliness that comes because their parents are in the ministry – though I believe that many of these suggestions would benefit any child.    MORE
Thom Rainer: Six Reasons Why Women May Be Leaving Your Church
...In this brief article, however, I want to look from a different perspective. I want to understand the motivations for women who leave the church. My process was simple; I quickly reviewed thousands of comments on my blog. Many times, I read a comment where a woman told me she had given up on a church. Here are the six most common themes...    MORE
Tim Challies: Why We Fail at Family Devotions
....I think the main reason we fail is that we make it too hard. Family devotions are the simplest thing in the world. We just need to get the family together, and then read the Bible and pray. Anything beyond that is gravy. Sing a song if you like. Engage in discussion if you like. Memorize a catechism if you like. Don’t feel like you need to begin with more than the basics. Don’t feel like you have failed if you do not get beyond the very basics. Read a few verses and pray.    MORE
Edmondson: A Simple Strategy To Have a Less Stress-Filled Life
Are you ever stressed? Silly question, right? We can never remove all the issues of our life that bring us stress. We have to somehow learn to navigate our lives through stress. I have some easy suggestions. I have shared this strategy so many times. I hope you find it helpful. These are simple. But, in my experience, they are powerful suggestions. Here are 4 steps to a less stressed life:   MORE
Stephen Nichols: The Spanish Inquisition
....The Spanish Inquisition occurred in the larger enterprise of ecclesial and secular courts imposing conformity to the Roman Catholic Church and stamping out all dissent. Rome sponsored inquisitions as early as the eleventh century. But the Spanish Inquisition was unique. First, it was controlled by the monarchy, rather than the papacy, and would be even more politically motivated than other inquisitions.  MORE
Brian Croft: What if I Preach a Bad Sermon?
Every preacher has preached a bad sermon.  If you think you haven’t, then you probably have preached a bunch of bad sermons.  It will happen to all of us.  Sometimes it won’t just be bad, but a disaster!  When a sermon doesn’t go well, most of us get very discouraged and if the despair is great enough, it might cause us to question whether we should continue to preach at all.  I bet no one can top the disaster of John Newton’s first sermon as he described it to a friend in a letter he wrote the next day....   MORE
Travis Smith: How Special Are the Millennials?
The following post, though tongue-in-cheek in tone, is meant to magnify what I believe to be an aberrant teaching of “experts” (authors, preachers, evangelists, professors) who have lectured us for years that Millennials are different and, if we are going to be successful in reaching them (regardless of what the goal might be) we are going to have to change. I am at a loss to find in history any generation that had to accommodate its youth in disciplines, preaching and worship. I believe it is such accommodation in this generation that has given us the morass of societal dysfunction that is enslaving our homes, churches and schools.   MORE
William Edward Biederwolf: The Growing Christian
“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow” (Matthew 6:28). I believe with Browning that “man was made to grow, not stop.” Greater men than Browning evidently believed this, too, for we hear Paul tell the Colossians that he wished they might be well rooted and grounded (Colossians 2:7). To the Thessalonians he said, “Brethren, we beseech you that ye increase more and more” (I Thessalonians 4:10). Likewise, Peter in several places gives the same injunction.   MORE
Headlines & Articles for Friday, July 31st, 2015
Relevant Mag: The Roots of Christianity’s Pro-Life Stand
...Regardless of reasons or ends Republicans may claim, for Christians, this issue surrounds a central concern within Christian teaching that transcends politics: life and human dignity. Followers of Jesus promoted a culture of life a long time before abortion became such a partisan issue. And the Christian concern for life neither begins nor ends with strictly “legal” concerns. Rather, our concerns are rooted deeper than political chatter, and our authority is higher than D.C. MORE
IRS Demanded to Know Content of Prayers from Pro-Life Group
Senate Republicans are still looking for answers in the IRS targeting scandal. At a hearing Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, asked IRS Commissioner John Koskinen why the tax agency would demand that an Iowa prolife group tell them about the content of their prayers. Koskinen admitted the request was "totally inappropriate," saying he has apologized for the IRS. The agency also made every member of that Iowa group promise not to picket Planned Parenthood.  MORE
4th Sting Video: Planned Parenthood Doctor Discusses
Fetuses Born Alive, Avoiding Legal Consequences
For the second time in a week, the Center for Medical Progress has a new video up featuring undercover footage inside Planned Parenthood. The newest video takes place at a Planned Parenthood mega-clinic and includes footage of Dr. Savita Ginde warning, “If you have someone doing this [tissue procurement] for you in an anti-state, they’re probably going to get caught.” It sounds like an admission of guilt.  MORE
Erik Raymond: Is Donald Trump a Theological Populist?
Have you seen Donald Trump in the news lately? If you haven’t then you haven’t been watching the news. The billionaire businessman seems to be making headlines daily. Of course, a main reason for this is not only what Mr. Trump says but how he says it. He is striking a chord as something of an unfiltered populist. Many people claim that he is touching on issues that they want to be discussed. And as a result, he is fast becoming a voice for many Americans. Some recent comments indicate that his representation may be a bit more broad than simply the economy and immigration, however. Mr. Trump has been dipping his toe in the formidable ocean of religion. But like any other topic, the outspoken Trump rarely simply dips in—he is more known for his “cannonball” comments. Speaking at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa recently he showed that he is more than a populist, he is actually a theologian.   MORE
Federalist: Eight Shocking Moments From 4th Planned Parenthood Video
Just two days after the release of video showing Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood employees picking apart a recently aborted child for parts, the Center for Medical Progress released another video featuring a conversation with Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains VP & Medical Director Savita Ginde. Here are 8 disturbing moments from the video.
Federalist: 10 Quick, Important Developments On The Planned Parenthood Scandal
Whether or not the story generates major media attention, the Center for Medical Progress’ expose of Planned Parent- hood’s participation in the harvesting and sale of fetal organs continues to feature major updates. Here are 10 of them.
Planned Parenthood Begs Media: Stop Covering Our Scandal
Planned Parenthood is in real trouble. Three shocking videos released over recent days -- with more on the way, apparently -- have shown officials at the abortion giant haggling over the price of aborted baby organs. It's ghastly, gruesome stuff, replete with one representative describing how she alters her late term abortion procedures to "crush" the baby in specific areas as to preserve sought-after and lucrative body parts.       MORE
Mustafa Akyol, NY Times: What Does Islam Say About Being Gay?
....the traditional mainstream Islamic view on homosexuality produces intolerance in Turkey toward gays and creates starker problems in Muslim nations that apply Shariah. In Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan or Afghanistan, homosexuality is a serious offense that can bring imprisonment, corporal punishment or even the death penalty. Meanwhile, Islamic State militants implement the most extreme interpretation of Shariah by throwing gays from rooftops.    MORE
World Mag: Whom Do Evangelical Insiders Favor In 2016?
Good news for Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Carly Fiorina. Mixed news for Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. Bad news for Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Ben Carson. And if anyone thought Donald Trump or Chris Christie were picking up support from evangelical leaders, pop that bubble.     MORE
Relevant Mag: Where Does the Bible Say Extra-Marital Sex is Wrong?
God loves sex. The first two commands recorded in the Bible are “have dominion over creation,” and then “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:26-28). In other words, rule the world and have lots of sex. Not a bad day at the office. Whoever said God was some cosmic killjoy? God created sex and declared it to be “good.” ...Before you book a hotel room and call up your girlfriend with the good news, please keep reading! Yes, the Bible does say that all forms of sex outside of marriage are wrong. Here’s how.    MORE
Michael Brown: The Failure of Status-Quo Christianity 
There is a reason the church in America has lost ground in recent years. It is not because of our stand for morality and righteousness, although our hypocrisy has greatly damaged our credibility and lessened our authority. It is not because of our claim that salvation comes through Jesus alone, although our failure to live out the radical implications of that claim has blunted the force of our message. No, the biggest reason the church in America has lost so much ground in recent years is because we have become the Church of the Status-Quo, the Assembly of the Content and Well Fed, drifting aimlessly with the tide rather than being the revolutionary society we were called to be.   MORE
Arsonists Still Love to Burn Churches
2,378 houses of worship have been torched since 1996.
Politico: Hillary Clinton’s Planned Parenthood Ties Run Deep
Hillary Clinton is friends with Planned Parenthood’s president and took a rare pause from her duties as secretary of state to keynote a Planned Parenthood gala, while her family foundation has worked with the group to promote birth control. So when Planned Parenthood found itself in the middle of a major scandal last week when anti-abortion activists released graphic undercover videos of executives discussing the alleged sale of aborted fetal tissue, Clinton’s support for the group was not so much a choice as a foregone conclusion — Planned Parenthood’s problem was Clinton’s problem, too.
Wheaton Drops Healthcare Coverage for Students
One of America's most prestigious Christian colleges is dropping its healthcare coverage for students because of the Obamacare mandate requiring birth control coverage.
Illegal Aliens Outnumber Unemployed Americans
The number of illegal immigrants in the United States totaled 11.3 million in 2014, outnumbering the 9.6 million Americans who were unemployed in the same year, according to data from Pew Research Center and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Kidd: Reports of Evangelicalism’s Demise Are Overblown
Devout and secular Americans alike have been heralding the decline of traditional faith since the time of the Puritans, but American religion always confounds reports of its demise. The crumbling of evangelical Christianity, in particular, is a favorite narrative of many in today’s media, and is even a popular story among certain Christian pollsters. In spite of worrisome signs in segments of the American evangelical world, traditional faith in America is not going away soon.
Christian Psychology Pioneer Clyde Narramore Dies
Dr. Clyde Narramore, a prolific Christian author and psychologist, has died at the age of 98.
Matt Perman: Abortion as a Form of Discrimination
Why It Ought to be Unthinkable
The purpose of this post is to argue that the unborn, from the moment of conception, have a right to life that is on the same level as infants, children, and adults. An induced abortion at any stage, therefore, is a form of discrimination that ought to be just as unthinkable to our society as slavery and genocide. Indeed, our society’s permissiveness toward abortion is nothing short of hypocritical when placed next to its passion for political correctness. In a society where so many run eagerly to show sensitivity towards the “rights” of nearly every special interest group, no matter how extreme, it is unconscionable that the rights of the weakest and most defenseless among us are revoked in the name of “choice” more than one million times a year.    MORE
Steve Chapman: Planned Parenthood and Our Abortion Choices
Confronting reality is not always a pleasant experience, but it is always a useful one. The covertly recorded videos of Planned Parenthood officials are a reminder that destroying fetuses is an ugly process with fatal results. In private, these abortion providers don't conceal what the procedure entails. 
Michael L. Williams: Do Aborted or Unborn Babies That Die Go To Heaven?
One of the most heated topics that people discuss is the topic of abortion....At some point, the question of what happens to the person that was that child will be asked either openly or in thought. For this reason it is important that we know how to answer the question, do aborted or unborn babies that die go to heaven? MORE
T.J. Addington: Ministry Burnout
Ministry burnout is one of the real risks any in ministry have. There are simply too many needs to be met, too many people who desire attention and the pressures can be intense. Early in my career I experienced this after dealing with dysfunctional leadership for a number of years. Every year ministry burnout takes good people out of the game and no one is exempt from the prospect unless we take precautions...   MORE
Edmondson: Seven Ways to Parent with Grace
...For an easy definition: Grace-based parenting attempts to parent children the way God parents us — by grace. It makes sense to me — if God leads us by grace we should lead our children by grace. I read in the Scriptures that grace teaches, graces protect, grace encourages, and grace redeems. Grace even disciplines and corrects. Oh, the power of grace. We are not under the law — but grace.  MORE
Stacy Reaoch: What If God Wants Me to Marry Someone Ugly?
My six-year-old daughter and I were doing a Bible study together that introduced the topic of purity. We had some pretty entertaining discussions, and I realized that it’s much harder to explain ideas like God’s sovereignty and purity to a six year old than it is to explain them to another adult. One night, as we talked about the beauty of God’s sovereignty in planning our futures — and how if God calls her to be married, he has already picked out just the right husband for her — she looked at me with concerned eyes. “Mom, what if I don’t like the person God wants me to marry?” ...“What if the man he wants me to marry isn’t — you know — very good-looking?”   MORE
Thom Rainer: Should a Church Have Financial Reserves?
Almost all personal financial experts will tell you our families need a financial reserve of several months’ income to weather unexpected challenges. I lead an organization where we seek to have some level of financial reserves for contingencies and capital expenditures. On the surface, it would seem that a church should have financial reserves if at all possible. But there are implications that argue both ways on this issue. Let’s look at eight of them.    MORE
Darrel Girardier: Six Lessons We Learned from Our Church Website Redesign
When we set out to redesign our church’s website last year, we knew the task wasn’t going to be easy. We had a long list of features that we wanted and a desire to give our visitors a faster website with a better mobile experience. Now, this isn’t to say our previous website was horrible, but we had three issues that needed to be resolved:  MORE
David Cloud: The Alpha CourseBuilding One-World Church
The Alpha Course is supported by influential contemporary musicians such as Stuart Townsend, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, and Chris Tomlin. Alpha is an interdenominational evangelistic program that has grown phenomenally since its inception in the early 1990s. More than 18 million people have participated in the program in 169 countries, and the materials have been translated into 112 languages.  MORE
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Robert G.

Payday Someday    I Kng 21:18,19,23  Mat 10:28
Is Hell a Myth?      Mat. 10:28
Prepare To Meet Thy God    Amos 4:12
The Meaning of Christmas    Luke 1:78
Ichabod: Goodbye To Glory     1 Sam. 4:18-22

Billy Sunday
Broken Down Altars    1 Kng 18:30
Show Thyself a Man     1 Kng 2:2
The Devil's Boomerangs     Ecc 11:9
Teach Us To Pray      Luk 11:1
The Blood of Jesus Christ    Heb 9:13-14

Charles H.
I Would, But Ye Would Not!    Mat 23:37
Open House For All Comers   Luke 15:2
Why Some Seekers Are Not Saved   Is 59:1-2
Fathers in Christ    1 Jn 2:13,14
The Fatherhood of God     Mat 6:9
The Drawings of Divine Love    Jn 6:44-45
The Saint's Horror at the Sinner's Hell   Ps 26:9

D. Marytn

A Living Hope of the Hereafter    I Peter 1:3-5
Faith On Trial   Psalm 73:1-2
The Christian & the Non-Christian   Eph. 4:20
The Breadth, Length, Depth, Height of God's Love
God Or Mammon    Matt. 6:19-24

T. DeWitt Talmage
The Laughter of the Bible    Psalm 126:2  2:4
The Power of Kindness    Prov. 15:15
Windows Opened Toward Jerusalem   Dan 6:10
The Ministry of Tears    Rev 7:17
The Spider in Palaces    Pro 30:28

G. Campbell
Christ's Call To Courage    Matt. 9:2, 22
The Optimism of Faith    Heb. 11:1
Christ's Vision of Jerusalem    Luke 9:51
As An Eagle...The Lord Did Lead    Deut. 32:11-12
How To Succeed In Life    Prov. 3:6

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