..;..Obama Administration Confirms Double-Digit Premium Hikes
Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Barack Obama's health care law, and many consumers will be down to just one insurer, the administration confirmed Monday. That will stoke another "Obamacare" controversy days before a presidential election.  Before taxpayer-provided subsidies, premiums for a midlevel benchmark plan will increase an average of 25 percent across the 39 states served by the federally run online market, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services. Some states will see much bigger jumps, others less.  Moreover, about 1 in 5 consumers will only have plans from a single insurer to pick from, after major national carriers such as UnitedHealth Group, Humana and Aetna scaled back their roles. "Consumers will be faced this year with not only big premium increases but also with a declining number of insurers participating...."
Headlines & Articles — Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
.;..Franklin Graham: Battle Against Godless Secularism Is for the Soul of the Nation
Besides the election, there is a more important battle taking place, Franklin Graham says, and the battle against godless secularism is for the soul of the country. Writing on his Facebook page Sunday, the president of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association said that the "forces of godless secularism want to remove the name of God and his son Jesus Christ" from the United States, and that those battles have been rising with for several years with more intensity. The candidates may be focusing on the key battleground states and the electoral college but the real battle, Graham said, is in the heavenly realm.
..;.China's Crackdown on Christians the Most 'Tyrannical' Yet    -CBN News
Chinese Christians are the targets of a new wave of persecution with some saying the communist government is on a mission to completely wipe out Christianity. One of the many Christians who knows the Chinese prison system all too well is Li Hongmin. China Aid reports Hongmin was arrested and charged with "running an illegal business" for simply printing copies of Christian materials.
.;..Should InterVarsity be Allowed to Define Its Own Theology?   -George Yancey
....There is a history of Christian colleges seeking “openness” and then losing their Christian character. Yale and Harvard were once Christian colleges, remember. Several mainline denominations likewise opened themselves up to contemporary ethical opinions, and are now in a state of decline. InterVarsity has every right to establish itself as a student organization that promotes a traditional view of sexual morality. Indeed its leaders are wise to do so with it, even if this costs the ministry some public esteem. Christian organizations that want to retain their distinctive values in a post-Christian society have to deliberately establish what they believe. And they need to be committed to their values, even if it costs.
..;..‘They’re Censoring the Christian Voice’ Pakistan Shuts Down Christian Stations in Urdu    -Mission Network News
Pakistan, already in the spotlight for religious freedom violations, now faces accusations of outright censorship. In an order issued three weeks ago, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), which regulates television broadcasts in Pakistan, shut down Christian stations broadcasting in Urdu. Bruce Allen, of Forgotten Missionaries International, described the broadcasters’ reactions. “The Christian community was blindsided by this, even those who were in the media industry,” he said. “This was not expected.” According to FMI, the PEMRA directive states the Christian stations are deemed “illegal and unlicensed.” However, Allen notes, “Even though this directive is talking about ‘illegal and unlicensed’ stations, there are 30 Islamic stations that are unlicensed and they’re not mentioned at all.”
.;..Turkey Targets American Christians   -Gladstone Institute
American pastors in Turkey are being arrested hand over fist. American Pastor Andrew Brunson, of the Resurrection Protestant Church, was arrested in Izmir (Smyrna)on October 7 alongside his wife, Norine Lyn Brunson, for "threatening the national security of Turkey." Brunson is expected to be deported in 15 days. The couple is still being held in detention.  Turkish authorities also seized the residence permit of Ryan D. Keating, an American student pursuing a PhD in the philosophy of religion at Ankara University. Keating is a Christian who heads the....
..;.Why I Will Vote For Donald Trump    -Michael Brown
Before you applaud me for my integrity or condemn me for selling out, allow me to explain my decision to vote for Donald Trump on November 8. First, I’m writing this because I have been asked incessantly for months how I would be voting, not because I think I’m someone special or that what I do should influence you. Second, I’m not endorsing Donald Trump. In my mind, there’s a world of difference between endorsing a candidate and voting for a candidate. Third, I respect those in the #NeverTrump camp and I share many of their concerns, including the possibility of his....
.;..To Resurrect ‘The Idea Of A Christian Society’ Christians Need To Get Courageous -Michael Morris
We are experiencing a new kind of class warfare, and the Christian voice in the public square is needed now more than ever, says R.R. Reno in Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society. In the book he argues that the new kind of social politics are designed to further a duplicitous vision for society that empowers the upper classes, while providing the illusion this is furthering human progress. And this all comes at the cost of the well-being of the lower castes of society.
..;.Christian Bakers Lose in Belfast Pro-Homosexual Ruling    -UK Telegraph
Christian bakers found to have discriminated against a gay man by refusing to make a cake bearing a pro-gay marriage slogan have lost their appeal against the ruling. The owners of Belfast-based Ashers declined an order placed by gay activist Gareth Lee, claiming the message was inconsistent with their deeply held religious beliefs.
.;..Church of England May Be Able to Ditch Sunday Services   -CNN
CCanon laws, which have been in the books for centuries, require churches to hold services every Sunday. In the morning and in the evening.
But there's a hitch. Attendance is declining. And there are just way too many churches. So the Church of England is now thinking of scrapping that law -- particularly because many parishes are failing to hold services at all of their churches and consequently, are breaking the law.
..;..Six Factors In Overturning Roe v. Wade  -WORLD Mag
The 2016 election reminds us, like no election since 1968 (when Richard Nixon was elected and named four justices), that the Supreme Court rests on politics and political victories. The U.S. Constitution establishes that the Supreme Court is made up of justices who are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, who are elected. Changing Roe v. Wade or other destructive Supreme Court decisions, therefore, rests unavoidably on political victories that can change the justices...Too many pro-life Americans have said over the past 30 years “Abortion is settled. Therefore, I can vote for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.” But then they voted for presidents who put four pro-abortion justices on the court who have voted to solidify or extend Roe—an unfortunate, self-fulfilling prophecy. Though Roe still stands, the objective evidence points to impressive electoral and legislative pro-life gains over...
.;..Artificial Intelligence Spawns Ethical Concerns  -Baptist Press
The ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) has drawn comments from the White House and British House of Commons in recent weeks, along with a nonprofit organization established by Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft. Now, Baptist computer scientists have called Christians to join the discussion...Individuals with a Christian worldview need to be involved in designing and programing AI systems to help....
..;.Dallas Church to Gay Member: ‘We Lovingly … Call You To Repentance’  -RNS
A Dallas megachurch is embroiled in controversy after it “lovingly” ousted a member for being in a gay relationship. Watermark Church, which draws 11,000 people to three campuses every weekend, sent a letter to member Jason Thomas, informing him it was removing him from membership because he was in a relationship with another man. “We are left with no other option but to remove you from our body . . .,” the letter, posted on the website of The Dallas Morning News, states. “We lovingly but firmly call you back to repentance.”
.;..Nigerian Girls Are Released, News Media Say – But Most Reports Keep Their Religion Hidden  -Get Religion
Twenty-one of those kidnap victims in Nigeria have been returned to their parents – a victory for that nation's government and for the alertness of mainstream media in this 30-month-long story. What is not so alert is the recurring blindness of most media to the religious dimension of the conflict: the abduction of 276 schoolgirls, most of them Christian, by the jihadist gang known as Boko Haram.
..;.Baptisms On the Football Field: Some See a Troubling Trend at Public Schools  -Washington Post
....To onlookers and to thousands who watched a video of the baptism later, it was a beautiful expression of faith in the context of football. Commenters wrote on Facebook, “I have tears running down my face watching this. God is so good!” “Keep winning for Christ, Coach Smith!”  To others, the baptism was an inappropriate action that a public school employee never should have taken.
.;..Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years Of Promoting Death   -Holly Scheer
Despite more than half of Americans wanting changes to our abortion culture, our political system protects Planned Parenthood and legal abortion on demand.
..;.Why Millennials Won't Build the Kinds of Churches Their Parents Built -Karl Vaters
....Millennials won't build the kinds of churches their parents and grandparents built. I don’t know what kinds of churches they will build, but they’ll be very different than what we’ve been used to in the last two generations. Here’s why.
.;..Fake Christian Emotions and Real Christian Affections  -Thomas S. Kidd
....American evangelicals have a conflicted view of the emotions. On one hand, sentimentalist literature, music, and “art” are among the biggest sellers in the Christian market. On the other, it is a staple of evangelical rhetoric that you “can’t trust your feelings.” The basis of our faith is not our feelings, countless sermons have told us, but the Word of God.
..;..America Needs To Wake Up – There is ZERO Hope For Our Country Until We Turn From Our Evil Ways
-Michael Snyder  America is never going to be great again until we deal with the wickedness in our own hearts. In recent days I have listened to so many national leaders tell us that Donald Trump is going to win the election and that this will usher in a new golden age of blessing and prosperity for America. Supposedly this is going to happen even though we continue to slaughter babies on an industrial scale, sexually-transmitted diseases are spreading at the fastest pace in decades, the percentage of births out of wedlock is more than 10 times higher than in 1940, and approximately two out of every three Christian men watch pornography on a regular basis. Even though there aren’t any signs of widespread national repentance, we are supposedly going to be showered with wealth, favor, protection and good times for as far as the eye can see. You can believe this if you want, but it doesn’t have any basis in reality. 
.;..Be Careful About Video Games    -David Cloud
....Video games are very addictive and they are great time wasters. Also many of them have very wicked content. Even the more innocent games use rock music as a background, thus addicting young people to the sensual rock rhythms. If young people are allowed to play video games, they must be carefully chosen and the play time must be strictly limited by the parents.
..;.The Gift  -Carol Loescher
There are grades of poverty and degrees of darkness. At first, I took her for a woman who was mentally ill. She sat in the dust, rolled in the dirt, and gave no thought to her appearance...Walter and I encountered the women when we walked to a funeral in our neighborhood. A crowd had gathered, and she was seated on the ground not far from the gaping grave. Most people were ignoring her. Like them, Walter and I walked quietly past her without even acknowledging her presence. The sun was hot, and we found a seat on a crude wooden bench in the shade. I launched into conver­sation with a lady seated next to me and was shocked to learn that the woman on the ground was the mother of the deceased! Grief had driven her to anguish and despair. Moreover, it was whispered widely that she was responsible for her son’s death. 
.;..The Blessed Man….Psalm 1 and 2    -Bill Randles
Everyone wants to be happy, but in this fallen world happiness seems elusive, for the most part. But the book of Psalms opens with a Divine description of a truly happy man, and how he attained it. God wants us to be happy, but knows it is only possible on His terms. But the description starts out negatively, that is the Psalmist tells us first what we must not do , if we want to attain happiness. It’s as though he were saying to us that happiness is possible for us, but not on the path that we are already on.
..;.What If You Don’t Want To Do What God Called You To Do?  -James Rasbeary
Almost 600 years before Christ, God called a priest named Ezekiel to be His prophet, His watchman on the wall, over the Israelites that were carried into Babylonian Captivity...Ezekiel does not appear very enthusiastic about his calling into the ministry. In fact, he was bitter about it – even angry. He didn’t particularly want to be a prophet, especially not then and there, knowing that preaching the truth would fill his life with briers, thorns and scorpions, not to mention some “hard looks.” This passage reminded me of others who did not exactly jump on God’s calling for their lives. 
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Headlines & Articles — Monday, October 24th, 2016
..;..Massive Cyberattack Hits America – Will Russia Take Down The Entire Internet If We Go To War?
We just learned a very important lesson about how exceedingly vulnerable our Internet truly is. On Friday, three massive waves of cyberattacks took down some of the biggest websites on the entire Internet. Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, Etsy, Business Insider, Github, Spotify, the New York Times and the Boston Globe were among the prominent websites affected. Security experts tells us that with each passing month these kinds of attacks are becoming larger and more sophisticated. And most Americans don’t realize this, but nations such as Russia, China and North Korea have been feverishly developing extremely advanced cyberwarfare capabilities. So could a day come when one of our enemies takes down our Internet completely for an extended period of time?
.;..Trump's 'Gettysburg Address' Promises 'the Kind of Change That Only Arrives Once In a Lifetime'
Donald Trump planted a flag on hallowed ground Saturday morning by laying out near the Gettysburg National Battlefield what he would do in his first 100 days as President of the United States. Touting 'the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime,' Trump told an audience of about 300 invited guests that he will 'drain the swamp' in Washington, replacing the current government 'with a new government of, by and for the people.'
..;.We Abandon Social Conservatism at Our Own Peril -Carlos D. Flores
Fiscal conservativism cannot exist without social conservatism. Strong families form the foundation of healthy societies and strong economies.
In the current election cycle, social conservatism seems to have lost no matter who ends up being elected president. After all, of the possible future presidents, who is poised to defend social conservatism? Hillary Clinton? Obviously not. Clinton promotes child dismemberment and is wholly on board with the LGBT agenda and all its projects: forcing women and girls to share a restroom with men who believe they are women, using the force of law to destroy the lives of bakers who refuse to use their skills to celebrate same-sex weddings, peddling a mistaken vision of marriage, and further destroying the sexual norms that make marriage possible.
.;..Site Where Romans Breached Jerusalem Walls In 70 AD Is Pinpointed
The site where, nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman army breached the outer walls of ancient Jerusalem before capturing the city and destroying the Second Jewish Temple has been discovered, the Israel Antiquities Authority says. Archaeologists made the discovery last winter during an exploratory survey at a future construction site, the IAA said on Thursday (Oct. 20).
..;..The Crucifixion of Judge Roy Moore    -Matt Barber
Under the “progressive” leadership of Barack Obama and his like-minded “social justice” warriors throughout all levels of government, we have entered an era of lawlessness unprecedented in American history. This is no more apparent than in Alabama where Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court has been unlawfully removed from the bench at the hands of liberal activists on Alabama’s Court of the Judiciary (COJ). The case is under appeal. This miscarriage of justice was carried out at the behest of the left-wing extremist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an anti-Christian activist organization that seeks to undermine, if not extinguish altogether, the free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. To add insult to injury, Judge Moore’s law clerks were likewise terminated without warning or explanation late last week. 
.;..Evangelicals Now Homeless in Election What to Do Next?    -Gary Black, Jr
...There are many causes for our angst. But the largest, most profound, and widely ignored change is the fact that the majority of the United States is no longer Christian. In other words, the U.S. is not a Christian nation. Some scholars would argue this has always been the case. Yet for many such a prospect is a sobering and disquieting realization they are just now coming to understand more fully in this election. 
..;.Leading Evangelical Calls For Civil Disobedience Against California Abortion Law -Christian Today
The evangelical leader Dr James Dobson has called for civil disobedience against a law in California which requires pregnancy centres to inform women about abortion services that are publicly funded. Dobson, founder of conservative group Focus on the Family, was speaking out after the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a motion filed by pregnancy centres opposed to abortion which sought immediately to block the law.
.;..Hillary Clinton's Insidious Threat to Traditional Christianity -Tyler O'Neil
Conservative Christian support for Donald Trump has become something of a scandal of late. But no matter how odious the Republican nominee's faults may be, religious believers must not be fooled — Hillary Clinton represents a terrifying threat to religious freedom and traditional faith in general. Last April, Clinton infamously declared that "deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed" in order to make way for abortion and other forms of "reproductive health care." These remarks, given at the sixth annual Women in the World Summit, are fully in keeping not only with other denigrating speeches she has given about religious beliefs, but even with her colleagues' political work behind the scenes, as recently revealed by WikiLeaks. For years, Clinton and her associates have demonstrated a contempt for traditional religious beliefs and an insidious effort to change them by whatever means necessary.
..;.Someone Who Has Three Million Followers on Facebook Explains 
the Ways Social Media Is Making Us All Dumber  -John Hawkins
Despite the fact that I own a 3.3 million follower page, I can tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Because of Facebook, I’ve been able to get a conservative viewpoint in front of tens of millions of people I couldn’t have reached any other way. On the other hand, Facebook is a cruel mistress. Every page owner dreads the next “algorithm change” that may send his traffic plunging off a cliff for indecipherable reasons... Yet and still, nearly 40% of Americans get news off Facebook and another 22% receive news through other social media sources. Just to give you an idea of how big that number is, only 38% of Americans read a newspaper daily and that percentage seems to drop every year. 
.;..Defeating HillaryThe Moral Mandate   -Kevin McCullough
....Though I do not make any assumption of intent to do so, I very much agree that those who refuse to stop Hillary, are assisting her efforts. On the campaign trail this year she has pledged to quadruple the current tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood. We currently send more than one half billion tax dollars to the organization that kills 387,000 children per year (and increasingly in turn makes more money from the selling of their body parts.) Hillary has pledged to quadruple these efforts.
..;..The UN's Shameful Purge of Historical Jewish Ties to Jerusalem
-Joseph Klein   The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) executive board passed a resolution, entitled “Occupied Palestine,” which refers to Jerusalem's holy sites only by their Islamic names. The resolution effectively denies the historical ties of the Jewish people to the Temple Mount, proving that this dysfunctional UN body is not grounded in any educational, scientific or cultural reality at all.  UNESCO is being used by Islamists, who rammed through the admission of Palestine to UNESCO with full membership privileges in 2011, to wipe away Jewish history in Jerusalem with a stroke of the pen. The purpose is to delegitimize the Jewish state. This is no surprise, considering that Islamic states such as the holocaust-denying Islamic Republic of Iran, the ISIS-funding state of Qatar and the genocide committing state of Sudan sit on UNESCO’s Executive Board. 
.;..The End of the Utilitarian Argument for Trump  -Gregory Brown
If you have been tempted by the utilitarian, lesser-of-two-evils argument for Donald Trump, then you must appreciate how his latest and most serious scandal changes that calculation.
..;.Five Things We Must Do to Preserve Our Nation   -Crystal Foreman Brown
Below, you will see two charts that I downloaded.  I am led to conclude that we have serious problems with both parties.  Our legislators know the inevitable trajectory of rampant spending, and choose to continue to demand more money and power.  As we endure their disingenuous rhetoric, they rob us of a stable future.  Please take a quick look at them.
.;..Deathstyle The New Lifestyle  -Stephen McAlpine
...Deathstyle is the new lifestyle. Where are the Christian voices who claim to speak for the voiceless in our culture? ...We live in a culture of death.  Of course you wouldn’t know that, so determined are we to have the times of our lives.  We live in a culture of death that has concealed the pale green of death on its face with the gaudy foundation of good times. 
..;.Three Warnings From a Pastor Leaving the Ministry -Scott Hollingshead
....After several years of ministry the church plant disbanded and the pastor left the ministry. He and I still kept in touch after the church shut down, but that communication dwindled over time. I found out he wasn’t going to church much anymore, and when I challenged him about that, he cut me out of his life. I was shocked. We had been so close...What happened? How did this happen? Were there warning signs along the way? As I look back on that experience, I’ve pulled out three lessons for pastors—warnings you could call them—from a pastor leaving the ministry....
.;..Be Careful Who You Listen To   -Don Johnson
....If you were to take a survey of a wide swath of the preaching in the western world today, what would you hear? Would you hear faithful proclamation of the word of God or would you hear the things people like to hear? There is a certain loyalty (in North America) to Christendom. The churches that remain give some recognition of Christian tradition and some credence to the Bible, but what do the people in those churches most like to hear? I would suggest that on average most pulpits are full of messages that please the hearers, congratulating them on their life choices, offering at most a mild corrective so that the hearers can live happy, prosperous, productive lives.
..;..Why the Local Church Really Matters  -Tim Challies
As we prepare to worship God this Sunday, it may do us good to pause for just a few moments to consider the local church. What is the church? Why has God called us into these little communities? Does the local church really matter? It does! The local church is foundational to God’s plan for his people. In their book Church in Hard Places, Mez McConnell and Mike McKinley offer 6 reasons that the local church matters.
.;..Three Ways to Respond When Slandered    -Gavin Ortlund
....It’s acutely painful to be slandered, and pastors and ministry leaders are particularly easy targets. Precisely because it’s such a serious sin, we must be especially careful to guard our hearts when it happens to us. One of the easiest ways to be led into sin is when we’re sinned against. Here are three tips for responding with wisdom and grace when slandered.
..;.The New Standard for Forgiveness -Paul Tautges
The refusal to forgive is a common problem among professing Christians and the #1 reason many conflicts remain unresolved. Therefore, it is essential for every believer to consider the most significant passage in the New Testament on this topic. Please take a moment to read Matthew 18:21-35. Here we learn the new standard of forgiveness given to us by Jesus. Jesus’ parable of the unforgiving servant illustrates this new standard of forgiveness and compels every believer to practice four ongoing disciplines. To faithfully practice biblical forgiveness, you must…
.;..The Sword of the Lord and the Carl Hatch Squeeze    -David Cloud
....I am thankful for many things that the Sword of the Lord has stood for through the years, but the issue of repentance is not a light matter. The Sword has been at the forefront of the downgrading of this doctrine and of the promotion of the heretical practice of “Quick Prayerism” whereby psychological manipulation, human salesmanship, and an empty “sinner’s prayer” have too often replaced Holy Spirit conviction and miraculous regeneration. I refuse to join hands in ministry with men who are guilty of this serious error. 
..;.The Law is Good   -George Stiekes
Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm. But WE KNOW THAT THE LAW IS GOOD, if a man use it lawfully. I Timothy 1:7-8   The Law is good for us yet today.  It reveals how God’s people ought to live with one another. It reveals aspects of God’s glory and character. Our nation considers them as nothing more than religious rules that need to be torn out of our society. Without realizing it, our society is already feeling the negative effects of doing away with them.
Headlines & Articles — Weekend, October 22nd-23rd, 2016
..;..The Temple & End Times -Amazing New Developments -Prop. News Watch
For us who are watching prophetic developments in the earth, there is something very exciting about monitoring the historic preparations taking place for the rebuilding of Israel's Temple.   In the last few weeks, two big stories have hit the headlines that are worth noting.  The first news item concerns the resurfacing of a report of a mysterious gemstone that could belong to the original breastplate of the High Priest. The second news headline is that Israel's reconvened Sanhedrin has taken the momentous step to nominate a High Priest - for the first time since the Temple's destruction in AD 70!  In this article we will look more at these intriguing developments and will then look at the prophetic implications for us as believers as we draw closer to the time of the Lord's coming. 
.;..OB-GYN to Hillary Clinton: 'No Medical Situation' Requires Late-Term Abortion
In response to Hillary Clinton's defense of partial-birth and late-term abortions at Wednesday night's debate, a California obstetrician-gynecologist has reportedly taken to Facebook to decry the claim that third-trimester abortion is necessary to help save the life of the mother.
..;.China Frees Pastor of 50,000-Member Church After 7 Years in Prison; Brutality Signs Evident
A Christian megachurch pastor from China's northern Shanxi province was reportedly released after spending seven years in prison for protesting against the demolition of a house church, and is believed to be showing physical signs of mistreatment.
.;..Astronomers Believe They've Discovered Why the Solar System Tilts  -CBN News
Astronomers believe a huge planet may exist on the edge of the solar system, and it may have caused the entire solar system to tilt.  California Institute of Technology scientists reported earlier this year that "Planet Nine" probably exists beyond Pluto, around 19 billion miles away. They believe it's ten times the size of Earth. Those scientists also now believe the mysterious planet, which hasn't been seen, could be responsible for the unusual tilt of the solar system in relation to the sun.
..;..Sweden Opens First Atheist Cemetery To Cater To a Growing Non-Religious Population  -UK Independent
A graveyard free of any religious symbols has been opened in Sweden to cater to the country’s growing number of atheists.  Josef Erdem, a teacher from Borlänge in central Sweden, first proposed the idea because he wanted people to “decide for themselves what their graves should look like”. He said he had grown up in Kurdistan and as a result his worldview had been shaped by having friends from all walks of life.  He sent in the formal application for the ground after negotiating with local representatives of the Church of Sweden.  The church will maintain the graveyard but that will be the extent of their involvement with the cemetery. 
.;..Bull of Nimrud Destroyed By Isis To Be Recreated In Rome   -UK Guardian
The human-headed winged bull of Nimrud that was destroyed by Islamic State last year will come back to life for tourists visiting Rome’s Colosseum...Alongside the winged bull, the exhibition will feature a reconstruction of the Temple of Bel at Palmyra... 
..;.Cardinal Dolan: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Prayed Together Before Al Smith Dinner
With all of the political barbs thrown in each other’s direction lately, one would think it would take miracle for someone to convince Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to take a quiet moment and pray together. Thursday night before the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner the miraculous happened. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who suggested the prayer and sat between the two presidential nominees during the evening, recounted the “touching” moment Friday on NBC’s Today show.
.;..Risk of ‘Mass Exodus’ of Doctors From Medicare   -Lifezette
New law's success or failure will 'profoundly influence the future of the U.S. health care system’
In what may be the most significant modification to Medicare since the program began in 1966, on Oct. 15, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final rule for implementing the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). It dramatically changes how Medicare pays doctors for their services. Does it really matter how doctors get paid? Yes — the success or failure of the new payment system will profoundly influence the future of the U.S. health care system.
..;..Christianity Is Approaching 'Lights Out' In Germany   -Prophecy News Watch
....Germans have been leaving the Catholic Church in droves. In 2015, 181,925 Germans formally chose apostasy. By comparison, only 2,685 people have converted to Catholicism. The number of baby baptisms has also decreased by one third, from 260,000 baptized in 1995 to 167,000 in 2015.  The situation is even more dismal for weddings. Twenty years ago, 86,456 couples married in a church. Last year, the number dropped by almost half: in a nation of 80 million people, only 44,298 couples sworn eternal love in a church. The proportion of people who attend church has declined from 18.6% in 1995 to 10.4% in 2015.
.;..Scientists Admit Limit to Human Life Span  -World Mag
....Scientists are just beginning to believe what the Bible tells us in Genesis 6:3. ‘Then the Lord said, ‘My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.’’ With that, God declared there would be no more Methuselahs, and new research published in the journal Nature is bearing that out.
..;.Raising Children In A Country Ruled By Moral Confusion  -Natashia Crane
.....In the past few days, I've watched with amazement as scores of articles denouncing Trump's character have been shared on social media by my liberal friends. They are rightly outraged at what he said.  But these are the same friends who are pro-choice, support transgender bathroom choice, believe there's no problem with sex outside of marriage, and think that not supporting same-sex marriage is bigotry. Liberal America, from whence does this hodgepodge of moral views come, other than from your own fickle liking? 
.;..An Establishment In Panic     -Pat Buchanan
....Establishment panic is traceable to another fear: Its ideology, its political religion, is seen by growing millions as a golden calf, a 20th-century god that has failed. Trump is “talking down our democracy,” said a shocked Clinton. After having expunged Christianity from our public life and public square, our establishment installed “democracy” as the new deity, at whose altars we should all worship. And so our schools began to teach.
..;.Two Diet Drinks a Day Could Double the Risk of Diabetes, Study Finds   -UK Telegraph
Two fizzy drinks a day could double the risk of diabetes - even if they are diet versions - a Swedish study has found.  Research by the Karolinska Institute on 2,800 adults found that those who consumed at least two 200ml servings of soft drinks daily were 2.4 times as likely to suffer from a form of type 2 diabetes. Many fizzy drinks are sold in 330ml cans, meaning that one and a half cans would be enough to double the risk.
.;..The Key to Successful MarriageIt’s In the Bible   -Lifezette
....Miriano latest book, “Marry Him and Be Submissive,” received backlash in Europe — especially in Spain. The book is based on biblical principles, but feminists are up in arms — and that includes Spain’s health minister, Ana Mato, who said, “I think it is inappropriate and disrespectful to women.”  But Miriano disagrees. She has argued she’s simply expressing marriage advice from a biblical perspective.
..;.Exorcist Priest and Soldier Arrested for Sex Abuse In Italy
 A Sicilian priest and a soldier have been arrested for sexual abuse, which they carried out under the guise of spiritual 'healing', local media reported on Friday. The pair, both based in Palermo, used the pretext of liberating victims from demonic possession in order to abuse women and children. The two were named by media as Salvatore Anello, 59, who belonged to the Capuchin order, and Salvatore Muratore, 52, who worked for the....
.;..Becoming Debt-Free  -Sharper Iron
Why are credit card fees and interest so high? Credit operates using basically a two-tier system. Tier 1 consists of those who pay no fees or interest. Consumers who pay off their balances on-time monthly pay no fees or interest charges. Tier 2 consists of those who pay fees and interest due paying late, not paying the minimum payment or due to carrying a balance and being charged interest. Tier 2 credit card customers not only pay for their own credit card service, they also pay for the credit services of those in Tier 1.
..;.Was Billy Graham the Father of the Religious Right? -Thomas S. Kidd
....Since many younger people today may not fully appreciate Graham’s enormous influence, Wacker emphasized that Graham was the most important evangelist in the Christian history of the English-speaking world since George Whitefield. He probably preached to 215 million people face-to-face all over the world during his ministry. He made the Gallup “most admired man” list 59 times.
.;..Jim Elliot Was Not the First to Say It    -Douglas K. Kutilek
“He is no fool who gives away what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.” That quote is universally associated today with the name Jim Elliot, one of five American missionaries who were martyred in South America in the 1950s. He had indeed written them in his journal, and they convey a profound truth. But they did not originate with Elliot. Almost those precise words were spoken and written centuries earlier.
..;.Gospel Weariness  -Tim Challies
....Trials do us good in at least one more way: Trials develop a gospel weariness, a weariness with this world. Reflecting on all he had seen and experienced my friend said, “I hate this world right now. All it has done is break my heart.” It had broken his heart and the hearts of the people he loves. “None of us want to stay here. We want to rise in the resurrection and be done with the pain. All this world does is fool you and fail you...."
.;..The Sentimentality Trap  -Benjamin Myers
....Sentimentality is emotional satisfaction without emotional connection, an agreement between the artist and the audience to skip straight to the gratification, which, due to the skipping, is not so gratifying after all—as Shakespeare knowingly suggests in his Sonnet 129 (“Th’expense of spirit in a waste of shame”). The popular painter Thomas Kinkade’s cozy little cottages, for instance, offer all the warmth of home—something I certainly enjoy—but what is the warmth of home without knowing the coldness of the world? 
..;.The Conversion of Charles Finney   -Justin Taylor
On October 10, 1821, a Sunday evening—a 29-year-old lawyer named Charles Grandison Finney knelt in the woods of Adams, New York, and had a conversion experience....Finney went on to become the great revival evangelist of the Second Great Awakening and the president of Oberlin College (1851–1865), but bequeathed to evangelicalism a Pelagian theology mixed with Higher Life perfectionism, the effects of which are still felt today.
.;..Is a Belief in Hell Incompatible with the Truth That God Is Love?  -Randy Alcorn
Many people today act as if we are the first ones to really believe in God's love. On the contrary, this has been a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith throughout the ages. The Puritans believed strongly in the love of God. It never prevented them from embracing the doctrine of Hell, since that is revealed in Scripture also. We may pride ourselves in thinking we are too loving to believe in Hell. But in saying this, we blaspheme...

Robert G.

Payday Someday    I Kng 21:18,19,23  Mat 10:28
Is Hell a Myth?      Mat. 10:28
Prepare To Meet Thy God    Amos 4:12
The Meaning of Christmas    Luke 1:78
Ichabod: Goodbye To Glory     1 Sam. 4:18-22

Billy Sunday
Broken Down Altars    1 Kng 18:30
Show Thyself a Man     1 Kng 2:2
The Devil's Boomerangs     Ecc 11:9
Teach Us To Pray      Luk 11:1
The Blood of Jesus Christ    Heb 9:13-14

Charles H.
I Would, But Ye Would Not!    Mat 23:37
Open House For All Comers   Luke 15:2
Why Some Seekers Are Not Saved   Is 59:1-2
Fathers in Christ    1 Jn 2:13,14
The Fatherhood of God     Mat 6:9
The Drawings of Divine Love    Jn 6:44-45
The Saint's Horror at the Sinner's Hell   Ps 26:9

D. Marytn

A Living Hope of the Hereafter    I Peter 1:3-5
Faith On Trial   Psalm 73:1-2
The Christian & the Non-Christian   Eph. 4:20
The Breadth, Length, Depth, Height of God's Love
God Or Mammon    Matt. 6:19-24

T. DeWitt Talmage
The Laughter of the Bible    Psalm 126:2  2:4
The Power of Kindness    Prov. 15:15
Windows Opened Toward Jerusalem   Dan 6:10
The Ministry of Tears    Rev 7:17
The Spider in Palaces    Pro 30:28

G. Campbell
Christ's Call To Courage    Matt. 9:2, 22
The Optimism of Faith    Heb. 11:1
Christ's Vision of Jerusalem    Luke 9:51
As An Eagle...The Lord Did Lead    Deut. 32:11-12
How To Succeed In Life    Prov. 3:6

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