‘The Time Is Coming That Whoever Kills You Will Think That He Is Offering A Service To God’
How do you deal with psychotic religious warriors that believe that they are offering a service to God by killing Christians?  Ever since 9/11, we were endlessly told about what a great threat “al-Qaeda” was, but I don’t remember a single time when al-Qaeda ever marched a group of Christians out and beheaded them on camera.  ISIS appears to be an entirely different animal than al-Qaeda ever was, and it is about time that we started taking them seriously.  But the Obama administration is actually allowing Americans that went overseas to fight for ISIS to come back into the country and resume their normal lives.  To me, that is absolutely insane.  These are people that believe that they score major points with their god when they kill us.  And they especially seem to relish the opportunity to kill Christians.  Sadly, this is all part of a rising trend of Christian persecution all over the planet.  Christian churches are being burned to the ground in places such as Egypt, India and West Africa, and earlier this month we witnessed a horrific incident during....       MORE
Headlines & Articles for Friday-Saturday, May 1st-2nd, 2015
Americans Say Religious Liberty Trumps Gay Rights
Most Americans say religious freedom should take priority over gay rights, according to a new Associated Press-GFK poll. About 56 percent say the government needs to protect religious liberties when they conflict with gay rights. Only 40 percent say it should be the other way around. Meanwhile, 52 percent say wedding-related businesses should be allowed to refuse service to same-sex couples. Christian business owners in a number of states, from Colorado to Washington, have been punished for choosing not to provide services for same-sex weddings.   MORE
National Review: Sexual Revolutionaries 
Prepare for a De-Christianized America
In yesterday’s oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges (better known as the “gay-marriage case”), the solicitor general of the United States committed a classic “Kinsley gaffe”: He accidentally told the truth. Normally, in any argument about the next legal step of the sexual revolution, the accusation or even implication that there’s a slippery slope is grounds for outrage. Not only shouldn’t we explore the legal implications of expanding the definition of marriage, the very attempt is homophobic. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.Yesterday, however, the solicitor general tugged at that curtain...It turns out that the sexual revolution demands “de-Christianization.”   MORE
Mohler: Supreme Court Argument on Same-Sex Marriage Puts Religious Liberty in the Crosshairs
“It is … it is going to be an issue.” With those words, spoken yesterday before the Supreme Court of the United States, the Solicitor General of the United States announced that religious liberty is directly threatened by the legalization of same-sex marriage. Donald Verrili, representing the Obama Administration as the nation’s highest court considered again the issue of same-sex marriage, was responding to a question from Justice Samuel Alito. His answer confirms with candor the threat we have long seen coming. Back in 2005, long before the movement to legalize same-sex marriage had gained cultural momentum, the Becket Fund held a forum on the question...  MORE
Rush Limbaugh: '12th Imam' Is Like the 'Antichrist'
Rush Limbaugh has shocked listeners by warning the Iranian government’s hoped-for “12th Imam” is “equivalent to the Antichrist,” the prophesied end times figure believed by many to be the personification of evil. 
Time Mag: Scientists Discover the Secret to Keeping Cells Young
Researchers say it may be possible to slow and even reverse aging by keeping DNA more stably packed together in our cells
It’s Official: Police Were Ordered To Stand Down 
and Let the Baltimore Riots Rage Out Of Control
We now have official confirmation that the rioting in Baltimore on Monday was purposely allowed to spiral out of control.  Up until now, there had been some unconfirmed reports that police in Baltimore had been ordered to “stand down” during the riots, but nobody had been willing to come forward and go on the record.  Now that has all changed.  Michael Lewis is the Sheriff of Wicomico County, Maryland and what he has to say is absolutely jaw dropping.  When he saw what was happening in Baltimore, he gathered up some of his fellow officers and drove down to the city to help.  But when he got there, he says that all of the police were being ordered not to take any action and to let the rioters destroy property.  Lewis made this astounding claim during a discussion on a Baltimore radio station…     MORE
Michelle Bachmann Wars With Obama Over 'End of World'
'Instead of laughing and mocking, president should be weeping' “Michele Bachmann actually predicted I would bring about the biblical end of days,” Obama told the correspondents, who erupted in roaring laughter. “Now that’s a legacy. That’s big. I mean Lincoln, Washington, they didn’t do that.” ...When the progressive media heard Obama’s mocking of Bachmann, they dutifully took his cue and heaped more invective on the former congresswoman.
Justin Taylor: Hyper-Headship and the Scandal of Domestic Abuse In the Church
Jason Meyer, pastor for preaching and vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, gave a powerful and important sermon this past Sunday. In it, he defined things like “hyper-headship”: Hyper-headship is a satanic distortion of male leadership, but it can fly under the radar of discernment because it is disguised as strong male leadership. Make no mistake—it is harsh, oppressive, and controlling. In other words, hyper-headship becomes a breeding ground for domestic abuse. Meyer also addressed the issue of domestic abuse, highlighting three lessons in particular...
Russell Moore Calls on Church to Embrace 'Refugees of the Sexual Revolution'
Speaking to the largest Latino Christian organization in the world Tuesday, Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said that the sexual revolution will fail and the Church must be prepared to embrace those "refugees of the sexual revolution."
Kevin DeYoung: Why Not Gay Marriage?
As the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in DeBoer v. Snyder, it’s worth asking the question: Is there any reason a decent, rational, non-bigoted American might oppose same-sex marriage? Just as important: Are there any decent, rational, non-bigoted Americans who are willing to consider why other Americans might have plausible reasons for opposing same-sex marriage? This blog post is my way of saying “yes” to the first question and “let’s hope so” to the second.
J.D. Payne: Those Who Think, Read
Kingdom citizens are called to love God with all of their minds (Matt 22:37). They are called to be people of understanding, for “the wise lay up knowledge” (Prov 10:14, ESV). Part of the stewardship that comes with Kingdom citizenship is that of thinking. Thinking about God. Thinking about His world. Thinking about His mission in His world and our place in that mission. And loving God with our minds and laying up knowledge should involve the thinking that comes from reading.  Those who think, read.
'Sons of Liberty' Helps Iraq Christians Take on ISIS
When ISIS beheaded two of Matthew VanDyke's friends, journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, he began to wonder what he could do to stop what he calls "this scourge on humanity." 
Vik Khanna: How We Got Our Son To Stop Gaming
Our 11-year-old son decided gaming wasn’t moving him toward his life goals, so he dropped it. 
Daniel John Sobieski: 
Gay Marriage vs. Religious Liberty
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case to determine whether the Constitution requires states to issue same-sex marriage licenses and requires other states to honor same-sex marriages performed in those states. A primary argument by the plaintiffs is that gay marriage is covered under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment and that if straights can marry, then so can gays. The counterargument is that marriage is a privilege and not a right, a union of one man and one woman sanctioned over millennia by virtually every culture and country over time as the stable foundation of any society, a framework for the bearing and rearing of children that are the future of any society...
Joy Pullmann: Five Reasons I’m
Glad My Parents Were Strict
Buzzfeed is calling for all the kids who had strict, conservative, fundamendalist parents to grouse about how horrible it was to grow up guided by two strong pairs of hands. I guess they wouldn’t know it from, you know, observing other people, but perhaps the only thing worse than having strict parents is having lax parents.
1. Learning Self-Restraint Pays Off Big Back when I was immature (cough), I had a close friend whose parents let everyone know they believed in “giving kids their space.” I was so jealous that “Nicki’s” parents bought her a car when she turned 16; my parents could have, but they made me buy my own and pay my own insurance and gas, to boot. They also let her run around ordering....
Jonathan Cahn: 'Follow Baal and Go To Hell'
“The justices of the Supreme Court took up their seats [in a hearing] on whether they should strike down the biblical and historic definition of marriage,” he said. “That the event should even take place is a sign this is America of [George] Washington’s warning … a nation at war against its own foundation.” 
David Archibald: Seven Reasons China Will Start a War By 2017
It will be one of the most pointless, stupid and destructive wars in history, but that is what is coming.
12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask
Why did the Baltimore riots seem like they were perfectly staged to be a television event?  Images of police vehicles burning made for great television all over the planet, but why were there abandoned police vehicles sitting right in the middle of the riot zones without any police officers around them in the first place?  Why was the decision made ahead of time to set a curfew for Tuesday night and not for Monday...
Flower Shop Appeals Gay Wedding Case to State High Court
A Washington flower shop owner who lost a 2013 lawsuit over her refusal to provide services for a same-sex wedding is 
appealing to the state Supreme Court.
T.J. Addington: Many Leaders Need To Redefine Their Definition of Loyalty
It is not uncommon in conversations with leaders and their staff to have the issue of loyalty come up. I have heard many leaders say, "my highest value for staff is that they are loyal." That statement, however it is made begs several questions: loyal to what or whom and what is the operative definition of loyalty? Whenever I hear leaders talk about loyalty as one of their highest values, yellow flags go up in my mind.
David Cloud: Soft Separatism and the Downfall of Many Independent Baptist Churches
...Soft separatism is a separatism that is ineffective to protect the Lord’s people from spiritual dangers. It is characterized by professing to believe in separation but doing things that make the separation ineffective, such as focusing on positive truth and avoiding “negativism and criticism”; avoiding dealing with “personalities”; refusing to distance oneself properly from those who are headed in a wrong direction in order to cut off the leaven of compromise from one’s personal life and family and church; and messing with dangerous things such as....
Brandenburg: Kooky Alternatives to the Truth
...God created male and female and designed them to be different, but men would blur the edges and finally leave confusion either to have it their own way or fit into the world.  The designs are obvious, which is why in a proposed gender change, you find men attempting to add certain proportions that were once not there.
Thom Rainer: Six Ways Millennials Are Educating Their Churches Theologically
...In recent years, I have noticed a remarkable—and welcomed—return by younger leaders to the fundamentals of the faith, basic theological education, and the deepening of doctrinal roots. Recently I sat down and studied these trends and identified six ways Millennial leaders in the church are increasing the importance and effectiveness of theological education in the local church.
Edmondson: Ten Secrets of Many Senior Pastors
....When I first shared the points in this post a few years ago it was at a conference for executive pastors. I was asked to give my perspective as a senior pastor, since each of them reported to one.  Specifically, the request was to share some things about senior pastors they may not know. I honestly didn’t realize what I was sharing would be so revealing for some of them.
Ben Bailie: Burdened Preaching, Serious Gospel
....Lloyd-Jones’s preferred term for a sermon was a “burden.” He believed every time a preacher enters the pulpit he should come with a burden from the Lord. The burden should be a specific message God has given the preacher to be delivered at a specific time to a specific congregation from a specific text. This burden should shape every aspect of preaching, from the manner of delivery to the content.
Unlocking the Bible: How to Be Productive According to the Bible
The Bible’s view of work and productivity is vastly different from our culture’s view...
Headlines & Articles for Thursday, APRIL 30th, 2015
‘We Will Not Obey’: Christian Leaders Threaten Civil Disobedience
If Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage
“We will not obey.” That’s the blunt warning a group of prominent religious leaders is sending to the Supreme Court of the United States as they consider same-sex marriage. “We respectfully warn the Supreme Court not to cross that line,” read a document titled, Pledge in Solidarity to Defend Marriage. “We stand united together in defense of marriage. Make no mistake about our resolve.”      .MORE
Why Is Obama So Silent About The Vicious Persecution Of Christians All Over The Globe?
As you read this article, Christians are being openly persecuted in more than 60 nations.  Churches are being burned, believers are being hunted down and imprisoned, and violent mobs are beating and killing those that dare to say that Jesus is Lord.  And thanks to ISIS, the persecution of Christians has risen to frightening new levels in 2015.  In recent months, our news sources have been filled with headlines about Christians that are being beheaded, crucified and buried alive by ISIS.     MORE
Are The Baltimore Riots Being Manipulated?
Is it possible that there are people out there that are attempting to inflame the Baltimore riots for their own twisted purposes?  I don’t know if you have noticed, but there has seemed to be lots of unprotected police vehicles parked very close to where all of the protests have been happening.  The police had to know that those vehicles would be prime targets if violence erupted.  So where were the police while those vehicles were being smashed and set on fire?  And why did the mayor of Baltimore say that authorities purposely “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that”?  Yes, Freddie Gray really died.    MORE
In Every City In America There Are People 
Ready To Riot, Loot And Set Things On Fire
The city of Baltimore has been transformed into an “absolute war zone“, and the governor of Maryland has declared a state of emergency as the rioting in “Charm City” continues to escalate.  The funeral for Freddie Gray has unleashed a firestorm of violence, and none of it is going to do anyone any good.  To their credit, some of the leaders of the African-American community are standing up and loudly condemning the violence.  They know that smashing cars, throwing rocks at police and looting stores is not going to solve anything.    MORE
Christians Die While Worshipping as Quake Hits
Hundreds of Nepalese Christians died as their churches crashed down upon them when last week's devastating 
earthquake hit during their weekly worship services.
Business Insider: Christians Are Leaving the Faith In Droves and the Trend Isn't Slowing Down
An extensive study done by the Pew Research Center has yielded some fascinating information regarding the trajectory of world religions over the next four decades.  As of 2010, Christianity was the dominant world religion with roughly 2.2 billion adherents and Muslims were second with about 1.6 billion adherents. If current demographic trends continue however, Islam is expected to catch up to Christianity midway through the 21st century.
Washington Post: U.S. Economic Growth Slows To 0.2 percent, Grinding Nearly To a Halt
The U.S. economy ground nearly to a halt in the first three months of the year, according to government data released Wednesday morning, as exports plunged and severe winter weather helped keep consumers indoors.
Faith Leaders Warn SCOTUS: 'Don't Cross That Line' 
A group of prominent Christian leaders are issuing a warning to the Supreme Court. If it legalizes gay marriage, they will not obey.
Russell Moore: What Baltimore Needs
The horrific scene seems to bring out the worst ideological responses from divergent corners. Some, wrongly, excuse the rioting, pointing out the issues leading up to it as justifying such criminality. On the other side, some suggest, wrongly, that such rioting is part and parcel of what peaceful protesters are about, distracting from the very real systemic issues that must be addressed. But behind all of this is a question the church must ask: what does Baltimore need in a time such as this?
CNS News: Gallup Poll Says Less Than 1% of Adult Population Part of a Same-Sex Couple
According to a recent Gallup survey, of the total U.S. adult population (approximately 243 million U.S. adults), less than 1 percent, only .8 percent (approximately 2 million U.S. adults), are part of a same-sex couple.
Rape Culture, Feminism, And The Shocking Truth That You Aren’t Being Told
....Our hypersexualized culture is constantly fanning the flames of sexual desire while at the same time teaching us to disregard all of the traditional boundaries for sex.  Needless to say, the results have been absolutely disastrous. 
CBN News: Gay Marriage Case: What Hangs in the Balance
Whenever the high court hears a case dealing with same-sex marriage, as it did Tuesday, partisans on both sides fill the Supreme Court plaza with witty signs, colorful costumes, songs, chants and lots of yelling at each other. As CBN News passed a traditional marriage advocate, he could be heard fighting with a gay marriage supporter. "You're just like the Pharisees," the gay marriage supporter said. "Jesus loved the sinners and we're loving you just like Jesus loved the Pharisees," the traditional marriage advocate replied.
Jerusalem Post: Israelis Who Hate Israel—and the Christians Who Fund Them
...Zochrot, a tiny radical anti-Zionist group, was established with the aim of “rais[ing] public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe” in Arabic)” and “recognizing and materializing the right of return,” an agenda equivalent to calling for the abolishment of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. With no local support base or constituency, Zochrot operates only through generous funding from a coterie of foreign Christian aid organizations.
Author: Persecuted Christians in Middle East Are ‘Defying ISIS by Their Faith’
Although they are facing the worst religious persecution in centuries at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Christians in the Middle East are “defying ISIS by their faith,” says author Johnnie Moore...
Facing Financial Ruin, Christian Florist Fights Back Against Radicals
"It's me today ... It's you tomorrow." 
How Will Greece Default? Let Us Count The Ways
What was once anathema has become conventional wisdom, and lately the only question when discussing the fate of Greece is not if but when it will default. Actually, there is another question: how? Because as the following UBS flow chart shows, when it comes to the matter of picking an obligation on which to not make a payment, Greece has a truly 5 star menu selection. 
As Baltimore Burns, Christian Leaders Meet at Reconciled Church Summit in Orlando
As pockets of East and West Baltimore erupted in flames and riot on Monday night over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray who died on April 19 after suffering serious injury while in police custody, a diverse coalition of Christian leaders from across the country gathered at First Baptist Orlando church in Florida Tuesday to discuss ways in which the church can intervene and prevent these eruptions before they start.
Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Could Create Religious Liberty Issues
For Christian Schools, Charities, Obama's Lawyer Admits
The lead attorney representing the Obama administration admitted before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday that if the court were to rule in favor of making same-sex marriage a constitutional right, it would create a religious liberty "issue" for faith-based schools and institutions, who could be at risk of losing their tax-exempt statuses.
GoFundMe Removes Christian Grandma-Florist Barronelle Stutzman's Fundraising Page
GoFundMe, an online fundraising website, has taken down the donation page for 70-year-old Christian grandma-florist Barronelle Stutzman, who is at risk of losing her flower shop and life savings after she refused to work a same-sex wedding because of her Christian beliefs.
Saints’ Benjamin Watson’s Viral Message on Baltimore Riots: Christ is Needed to Fix Brokenness
Christian Post: Six Interesting Facts About Hillary Clinton's Christian Faith
Hillary Clinton wants to be president of the United States, but what actually guides her? The only currently declared candidate for the Democratic ticket was raised in the Methodist tradition and continues to practice that faith today. Here are six interesting facts about Clinton's faith as it relates to her candidacy and personal life.
ISIS Spotted On The Streets Of Baltimore Smashing Police Cars?
UN Cultural Agency Slams Israel's Claim to Religious Sites
Google Developing 'Truth-Seeking Algorithm'
“With billions depending on the world’s iconic search engine for virtually every tidbit of information under the sun, Google is looking to take it one step further with its new ‘truth-seeking algorithm’ that will rank sites by what it considers to be truth. Many are concerned with the massive Internet information storehouse’s newest endeavor, especially with the left-leaning political bent it has demonstrated over the years.
After Tragedy, Syrian Christian Leader Warns: ‘We Could Disappear’
Edmondson: Seven Suggestions for Raising Boys Who Welcome Your Input as Adults
How do you get your sons to want to come to you for wisdom, long after they leave home? I get asked that a lot. I have a few thoughts.
T.J. Addington: Church Boards Who Live With Their Heads In the Sand
I love to help churches but it astonishes me that boards often do not address known issues which are hurting their congregations. 
Brandenburg: Luke 14:15-24What It Doesn't Mean
....The idea of Jesus' teaching wasn't, let's see if the banquet hall could be filled up with rich people first, and if they don't want that, go to maimed people, and if there aren't enough of those, then get the out-of-towners. The idea is that anyone who would come, could come.   The audience of Jesus' story was the first group, the ones who didn't want it. 
Aaron Earls: Five Steps to Avoid Technological Slavery
There have been numerous studies and research done on the effect the internet and smartphones are having on our brains. In many ways, they are clearly rewiring them and having an impact on our physical health. I know this temptation full well. It would be extremely difficult for me to go through a complete digital detox, not only because it is part of my job, but because it is part of the way I live my life now.
Art Rainer: How Ministries Can Adapt to Shifting Demographics
Your community’s demographics will shift. It is not really a matter of if but when. By 2050, America will be a minority majority nation, with Hispanics realizing the greatest population growth. But it is not just race or ethnicity that will change. In 2030, there will be 73 million people 65 and older. Currently, there are about 33 million. Whether it is race, age, income level, economic status, or education level, your community’s demographics either have or will shift.
Headlines & Articles for Wednesday, APRIL 29th, 2015
New York Times: Gay Marriage Arguments Divide Supreme Court Justices
The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed deeply divided about one of the great civil rights issues of the age: whether the Constitution guarantees same-sex couples the right to marry. The questions from the justices suggested that they were divided along the usual lines — conservative and liberal — with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy holding the controlling vote. On the evidence of his words, he seemed torn about what to do. But Justice Kennedy’s tone was more emotional and emphatic when he made the case for same-sex marriage. That, coupled with his earlier judicial opinions, gave gay rights advocates reason for optimism by the end of the arguments, which lasted two and a half hours.     MORE
In 1 in 5 Families in U.S., No One Works
In 19.9 percent of American families in 2014, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), no one in the family worked. A family, as defined by the BLS, is a “group of two or more persons residing together who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption.  In 2014, there were 80,889,000 families in the United States,  and in 16,057,000 of those families, or 19.9 percent, no one had a job. The BLS designates a person as “employed” if “during the survey reference week” they “(a) did any work at all as...  MORE
Critics Rip Hillary To Shreds For Suggesting Christians Must Change Their View On Abortion
In an address last week before the 2015 Women in the World Summit, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton engaged in some pro-abortion rhetoric that many deemed intolerant of those Americans who hold a deep, faith-based aversion to abortion. During her remarks, she asserted that women in modern America are “denied access to reproductive health and safe childbirth” without offering specifics...In reality, of course, her euphemistic language was widely reported as a reference to abortion and the need for expanded access to prenatal murder. She continued by castigating religious Americans whose faith teaches them that such a deadly procedure is sinful.   MORE
Huckabee: ‘We Are Moving Rapidly Toward the Criminalization of Christianity’
The persecution of Christians because of their moral opposition to homosexual behavior and so-called gay marriage is on the rise in America, to the point where “Christian convictions are under attack as never before” and “we are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity,” said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is also an ordained Southern Baptist minister. During an Apr. 23 conference call with conservative pastors, Gov. Huckabee and FRC President Tony Perkins talked about persecution of Christians in the U.S. military, in the business world, and how homosexuality as a “civil right” and same-sex marriage are affecting the social and legal climate.   MORE
Baltimore Burns and Media Wonders: Where's Obama?
President Obama spoke – at last – about the madcap situation in Baltimore on Tuesday, but rather than telling protesters to go home, as analysts and peaceful residents alike wanted, he seemed to throw the police under the bus and fault them for the crisis and chaos that’s tearing through the city streets.
Iran Seizes Marshall Islands Cargo Ship In Gulf Waters, Pentagon Says 
Iranian naval forces have seized a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship in the strategic waterway of the Gulf, according to US officials. The Maersk Tigris and all its crew members were steered towards the Iranian island of Qeshm near the southern port city of Bandar Abbas after it was intercepted by an Iranian naval vessel.
Dispute Outside Brooklyn Church Leaves 2 Fatally Shot, 4 Injured
Washinton Free Beacon: EPA Spends Cash to Study Churches That Preach Climate Change
Deborah Hamilton: Is America Ripe for God's Judgment?
Maine Coach Forced To Resign After Sharing Facebook Post About Islam
According to recent reports, a Conway, N.H., man was forced out of his position as a lacrosse coach at Fryeburg Academy after sharing an open letter to Barack Obama about the influence of Islam on the world. 
Napp Nazworth: Could the Supreme Court Compromise on Gay Marriage?
One line of questioning during Tuesday's oral arguments on gay marriage before the U.S. Supreme Court suggests a "wild card" compromise as one possible outcome.
Thom Rainer: Five Ways Church Members Hold the Church as a Financial Hostage
Do you know any church members who have made demands based upon their financial giving to the church? Okay, that's probably a rhetorical question because most of you readers certainly have experienced that discomfort. I asked a number of church leaders to share with me how this "hostage taking" usually takes place. Here are the five most common responses
Southern Baptist Pastors' Conference Cancels Ben Carson as Speaker for Political, Theological Reasons
Potential presidential candidate Ben Carson was recently disinvited from a speaking invitation at a Southern Baptist Pastor's Conference in Columbus, Ohio, in June, because of concerns raised by some Baptist pastors.
Mark H. Creech: Newborn Infants Are 'Morally Irrelevant'
In essence, the argument was one that says opinions on personhood are somewhat arbitrary. Therefore, parents should be allowed to decide whether to take the life of their newborn for all the same reasons they are allowed to have an abortion, including cases where a child is disabled. How did we reach such a place of madness in western culture?
CAPC: So Much Stuff, So Little TimeHow Do We Keep Our Possessions from Possessing Us?
I have a lot of stuff. I have less stuff than many of my fellow Americans, so at times, I feel self-satisfied. But then I realize I have a lot more than I need, so my sense of self-satisfaction dissipates and is replaced by shame and a desire to do better — to pare down to the very basics. The basics of the basics. The ur-basics. I’m sure there is a new book on decluttering that will help me, one that everyone is reading. Or one that addresses simplifying. Or maybe a book that takes on minimalism, because minimalism is a life-changer, or so I hear.
Joe Carter: Nine Things You Should Know About Genocide
Because several genocides began in April or have a major anniversary in the month, many organizations and institutions around the world have set aside April to be a month of genocide awareness and action against genocide. Here are nine things you should know about genocide in the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries....
Brandenburg: Luke 14:15-24What It Means
The Pharisees believed in resurrection, which they saw like a huge, lavish banquet where they would be invited along with all their big shot friends, the best social event any of them experienced in their own lifetimes and to what the Old Testament compared to the kingdom anyway (cf. Isaiah 25:6-9). Implied by the beatitude of one of them as a toast in v. 15, they assumed they'd be there.  Jesus intends His story in vv. 16-23 to correct that assumption.
T.J. Addington: Eight Reasons Why Many Supervisors Do Such a Poor Job of Leading Others
I suspect that many staff would not give their boss or supervisor high marks for their supervisory skills or stewardship. It is true in ministry settings as well as secular settings.
Edmondson: Seven Suggestions for Challenging a Controlling Leader
....I should point out that while I believe the Bible teaches to respect authority, I don’t believe it says we must ignore the abuse of authority. All children should honor their parents, for example, but respect is never an excuse for abuse. There are times when it is appropriate to confront authority. Jesus certainly did during His earthly ministry. Here are 7 suggestions with how to challenge a controlling leader:
Benjamin Vrbicek: When Ministry Success Becomes an Idol
....The capacity of the human heart to turn anything into an idol is astounding. To paraphrase Tim Keller in Counterfeit Gods, when something, even a good thing, becomes an ultimate thing, then idolatry happens.
Gary Gilley: The Biblical Basis for Revival
If the Scriptures do not encourage us to seek revival, what does it say on the subject? In the Old Testament we find several references to being revived. The word that is sometimes translated “revive” or “revived” is found two hundred thirty-four times in the Old Testament and it means to give life, make alive, and give new life, depending upon the context.
Christian Churches ‘Must Be Made’ To Affirm Homosexuality, Says New York Times Columnist
This is How Religious Liberty Dies — The New Rules of the Secular Left    -Albert Mohler
Does Christianity Need to Change Its Sexual Ethics?    -Trevin Wax 
Same-Sex 'Marriage' Is Becoming the Established Religion    -Frank Turek
The World Only Works When Life Is Considered Precious    -Tim Challies
The Need For Spiritual End-of-Life Care    -Amy Julia Becker
Temple Altar Rebuilt and Ready For Use    -Practical Bible
What ISIS Really Wants    -Graeme Wood, The Atlantic
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