..;..Ohio Attack Further Evidence Jihadis Worldwide Mimic Palestinian Terror Tactics  -Prophecy News Watch
The car-ramming and mass stabbing attack at Ohio State University on Monday -- in which a Muslim assailant wounded 11 people before being shot dead by a police officer -- was further evidence that Islamist jihadis around the world mimic tactics used by Palestinian terrorists against Israelis, an international security consultant and political risk analyst told The Algemeiner on Tuesday. "Unfortunately, I think it is 100% the same thing," Dr. Joshua Gleis, president of Gleis Security Consulting, said. "And it is going to be copied even more so moving forward, because it is incredibly simple to do and there are no red flags for owning a car or a kitchen knife."  
Headlines & Articles — Friday, December 2nd, 2016
.;..Trump's Cabinet: A Motley Collection of Believers   -CBN News
Abraham Lincoln had his "Team of Rivals." John F. Kennedy had his "Wise Men." While history hasn't yet given a nickname for President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet and his executive team, it's starting to look like he's surrounding himself with men and women of faith. Here are some selections...
..;.Fidel Castro Before the Judgment Seat   - Jerry Newcombe
It is appointed once for a man to die, and after that comes the judgment. So declares the Bible. As everyone knows by now, Fidel Castro’s time to die came over the weekend.  The left chooses to idolize the wrong people, and Castro is no exception. I see people on occasion wearing Che Guevara shirts, and I think to myself, “What happened? Is your Adolf Hitler shirt in the wash?”
.;..CDC Reports Abortion Rate at an All-Time Low   -WORLD Mag
The number of women and girls seeking abortions in the United States dropped by one-fifth between 2004 and 2013, a new report shows. The abortion rate is the lowest it’s been since 1969 when the government started tracking the procedure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its 2013 abortion surveillance last week. It shows a 20 percent drop in total abortions since 2004, another tick in the decades-long downward trend.  Pro-life leaders see the new data as more proof the pro-life movement has changed public opinion about abortion.
..;.BuzzFeed Targets HGTV Hosts for Attending Christian Church  -Ricichet
So Buzzfeed reporter Kate Aurthur wrote a post about popular HGTV hosts Chip and Joanne Gaines which informed the world that the Gaineses’ have a pastor who is opposed to same-sex marriage. This post had one purpose and one purpose alone: to harm the couple. The post served no news purpose—even Aurthur concedes she never learned the Gaines’ view of same-sex marriage. The post cannot be termed “activism” since it fails at every level to persuade readers of the rightness of the same-sex marriage cause. Even the most generous alternate topic of Aurthur’s post, “Texas pastor opposes  same-sex marriage,” is as dog-bites-chew-toy as a news item can be.
.;..Are Chip and Joanna Gaines ‘Cultural Heretics’?   -Trevin Wax
Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed recently discovered that the church Chip and Joanna Gaines attend, Antioch Community Church, is led by a pastor who does not support same-sex marriage and who believes that homosexual practice is a sin. In other words, Chip and Joanna Gaines attend a historically Christian congregation on the matter of sexual ethics. What is newsworthy is the religious undertone of the Cosmopolitan article. 
..;..HILLSONG AND MAN: The Gospel According To Hillsong  -Grace To You
If you get the doctrine of man wrong, you can’t help but get the gospel wrong, too. That’s why John MacArthur describes total depravity as the most distinctly Christian doctrine...That was exactly what we experienced during our visits to Hillsong Los Angeles, where the biblical view of man has been discarded and replaced with something far more palatable to a therapeutic, self-centered culture.  In Hillsong’s spiritual economy, man has tremendous inherent worth. The individual replaces Christ as the central figure in God’s redemptive plan. Their own doctrinal statement says that the purpose of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection was to “prove His victory and empower us for life.” The redemption of wretched sinners is not in view. That man-centered approach is a recurring theme throughout Hillsong’s global ministry empire. Their songs are often more about the ones singing than the One they’re singing to. Every passage they preach is a promise of God’s blessing and favor for you. And their altar calls....
.;..Man In the Netherlands Euthanised Due To His Alcohol Addiction   -UK Independent
A man in the Netherlands has been allowed to die because he could no longer carry on living as an alcoholic.   Mark Langedijk chose the day of his death and was telling jokes, drinking beer and eating ham sandwiches with his family hours before he passed away.  He was killed by lethal injection at his parents’ home on 14 July, according to an account of the ordeal written by his brother and published in the magazine Linda.
..;.British Prime Minister Under Fire for Faith Comments
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is coming under fire for saying that she relies on her faith in God when making difficult decisions. In one of her most candid interviews since taking office earlier this summer, May told The Sunday Times that her moral sense of right and wrong helps her make the best decisions for her country.  "There is something in terms of faith, I am a practicing member of the Church of England and so forth, that lies behind what I do," May told the London newspaper.
.;..Trump's Win Comparable to Elijah's Victory Over The Prophets Of Baal, Michele Bachmann Says
Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says that Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 election is comparable to prophet Elijah's triumph over the prophets of the pagan god Baal as explained in the Old Testament.
..;.Beware of Economic Exploitation -Thomas Overmiller
Buying merchandise is not a sin, and selling merchandise isn’t either. But beware of economic exploitation. Economic exploitation occurs when buying and selling somehow dominates your life. This bondage can happen to sellers and buyers alike. Economic exploitation occurs when buying and selling somehow dominates your life. Economic exploitation is a serious problem. It is a massive, worldwide phenomenon, a well-oiled machine. It is a system that has ensnared people from ancient times and will continue to do so until the end of this age.
.;..What Temperature Should the Planet Be?  -Ricochet
Reading Richard Fulmer’s excellent post about Exxon being accused of holding illegal opinions on global warming reminded me of my response to my incredulous friends who just can’t believe that I don’t believe in science. My skepticism of the global warming issue produces such a strong response that I have developed a simple, reasonable set of questions to pose to my friends, which express my uncertainty: 
..;.Growing Up in a Porn-Saturated World  -Thinking Out Loud
....I’ve continued to try to gauge what is happening to kids who have simply always had access to graphic images of people clothes-less and/or involved in various types of sexual activity.  The world has changed. I believe this is one of the most important articles I’ve written, and I hope you’ll share this with others. Here, in no particular order, are things I believe every parent needs to think about. I’ve put keywords in bold face type for those who find this longer than most posts here.
.;..Some Worrying Stats About Digital Technology Use   -David Murray
I’ve often thought that future generations will look back on those of us who lived through the digital revolution and wonder, “What were they doing?” “Did they not realize the damage they were doing to themselves. The research is already beginning to reveal the harm we are doing to our brains. Here are some stats taken from......
..;.Magog Alliance Rising - Turkey Shifts To Russian Alliance   -Prophecy News Watch
Turkey's half-century old EU membership bid is currently tottering on the brink of collapse, after the European Union's legislature asked the bloc to freeze membership negotiations with Turkey over the government's heavy-handed crackdown following a failed coup in July. In response, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to open Turkey's borders to allow migrants to reach the EU, a move that would tear up the landmark deal that has reduced the flow significantly.
.;..America’s Declining Faith In Pastors and Churches   -Joel Miller
Religion holds powerful sway over people’s lives—but not always in ways we might expect. We typically imagine that the faithful check their brains at the church door and follow whatever dicta religious leaders offer. Maybe not. While religious belief represents the greatest influence on how people voted in our recent presidential election, the opinion of their pastors mattered far less to them, according to research by Barna. A third of adults said their faith had “some” or “a lot” of influence on them. But less than half that total ascribed the same power to their pastor.
..;.A Congregant’s Guide to Preaching   -Kyle Borg
....as a pastor I don’t simply want my congregation to hear preaching, I want them to know something of what preaching is. I want them to listen in an informed way. No pastor should be content to let a congregation go through the motions of, for instance, the Lord’s Supper, or singing, or even praying. But we take time to explain the what, why, and how–that they may sing and pray with understanding. Preaching is no different. 
.;..Yes, Go To Church On Christmas Day  -Kaylee Freeman
Calendaring is in full swing for the holiday season as families across the globe strive to find a time for all the family to come together. Presents are being wrapped and meals are being planned....However, this year, many have already expressed a slight planning dilemma—Christmas is on a Sunday. The questions have begun. How are we going to fulfill our family Christmas traditions if we have to be at church for Sunday School? How early do we need to get up to make sure the kids have time to open and enjoy their presents before church? Can we just skip this Sunday? 
..;.Three Common Ways Churches Overcomplicate Their Calendars  -Eric Geiger
A busy church calendar can keep people at church and away from the broader culture. Not only is mission thwarted but people also have a difficult time navigating what their next step at the church is. When there is a plethora of programs/events on the calendar, it is hard to know which ones are really important. How do churches get to an overcomplicated church schedule? How does busyness creep in? Here are three common ways:
.;..William CareyThe Good and the Bad   -David Cloud
 In the 1500s and 1600s, Baptists in England were busy evangelizing England itself and establishing themselves in the midst of hostility and persecution by the state church and were not involved in sending out missionaries to foreign lands. By the late 1700s, this changed.  William Carey (1761-1834) was the first Baptist missionary from England, and he went to India. 
..;.Pastors Can’t Afford to Neglect Themselves  -Erik Raymond
“What do you do for personal development?” I have asked this question to a number of pastors over the last few years. As suspected most guys are not doing much. Citing the pressing demands of ministry many simply don’t prioritize continuing theological education, training, and learning. Specifically, this means that many are not intentionally reading theological books, biographies, journals, or other materials geared to developing theological depth—unless they are studying for their sermons. I believe this practice is wrong. It is bad for the pastor and it is bad for the church. 
Be advised that some of the viewpoints espoused on this page may not be held by the editor.  News For Christians is a news digest, pulling links from all over the web.  We do not endorse all sites linked on this page or agree with the views of those sites. We choose these links to inform Christians of the issues of the day, not to teach doctrine or theology.  Please use discretion when reading these articles.
Headlines & Articles — Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
..;..The Ohio State Terror Attack Is Exactly the Type Of Knife Attack That ISIS Has Been Calling For  -Snyder
We have entered an era when Americans are going to have to realize that Islamic terrorists can strike virtually anywhere without any warning whatsoever. At one time terror targets were chosen for their political or religious significance, but now radical Islamic clerics are urging their followers to strike the “infidels” wherever they can. And this new approach actually instills more fear, because there is no way to predict where or when the next attack will happen. On Monday it was Columbus, Ohio but next week it might be your community. We just don’t know, but what we do know is that Islamic terror is on the rise. So far this year there have been well over 1000 Islamic terror attacks around the planet, and in 2017 there will probably be even more. Radical Islamic terror groups are growing like cancer all over the globe, and what we have seen so far is nothing compared to what is coming.
.;..Huge Solar Storm Which Could WIPE OUT Modern Technology Expected By 2020  -UK Express
Researchers have warned that there is roughly a 12 per cent chance that a solar storm could smash into Earth by the end of the decade. The powerful event would likely be as huge as the Carrington Event, which occurred on 1859....Today, in a modern world so dependent on technology, the implications would be far more severe. Solar storms can wreak havoc on global technology as the radiation which pummels our planet heats up the outer atmosphere, causing it to expand.
..;.Scientists Claim Religion has Same Impact on Brain as Sex, Ecstasy and Music -UK Mirror
The brains of people who feel God's spirit are stimulated in a similar way to the more earthly desires of enjoying drugs, music, gambling and sex, scientists have revealed.  Researchers used MRI scans to look into the brains of Mormons experiencing religious ecstasy. Scientists from the University of Utah in the U.S. enlisted 19 church-going teenagers to take part in an hour long "exam" with four parts for the study.
.;..Beer, Bohemianism and True Christian Liberty  -John MacArthur
If everything you know about Christian living came from blogs and websites in the young-and-restless district of the Reformed community, you might have the impression that beer is the principal symbol of Christian liberty. For some who self-identify as "Young, Restless, and Reformed," it seems beer is a more popular topic for study and discussion than the doctrine of predestination. They devote whole websites to the celebration of brewed beverages. They earnestly assure one another "that most good theological discussion has historically been done in pubs...."
..;.End of Obamacare? Trump Pick Wants it Repealed  -CBN News
President-elect Donald Trump has made his choice to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, and it could mean that the Affordable Care Act's days are numbered, at least in its present form.    Georgia Congressman Tom Price has been one of the staunchest opponents of the president's health care law on Capitol Hill.
.;..Emma Morano, Last Person Alive Born In 1800s, Turns 117 -
An alert and chatty Italian woman, Emma Morano, on Tuesday celebrates her 117th birthday as the last known person alive who was born in the 19th century.  Born November 29, 1899, she is the world's oldest living person and the secret to her longevity appears to lie in eschewing usual medical wisdom. On a chest of drawers stands proudly the Guinness World Record certificate declaring her to be the oldest person alive.
..;..How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts   -The Atlantic
....The preferred mode of gambling these days is electronic gaming machines, of which there are now almost 1 million nationwide, offering variations on slots and video poker. Their prevalence has accelerated addiction and reaped huge profits for casino operators. A significant portion of casino revenue now comes from a small percentage of customers, most of them likely addicts, playing machines that are designed explicitly to lull them into a trancelike state that the industry refers to as “continuous gaming productivity.”  ...“The manufacturers know these machines are addictive and do their best to make them addictive so they can make more money,” says Terry Noffsinger, the lead attorney on the Stevens suit. “This isn’t negligence. It’s intentional.”
.;..DNA Tests Could Fulfill God’s Promise to Abraham by Revealing Millions of Jews
Recent advances in DNA testing are the final stage in bringing about a special vision of Messiah, one that will fulfill God’s promise to Abraham while uniting all three major Abrahamic religions, believes a prominent rabbi and former member of Knesset."This is the special function of the final generation before the Messiah, which we are clearly in right now: to bring close all the descendants of Jews that were lost to the Jewish people.” 
..;.After Trump Rift at Liberty University, Students Find Unity  -Associated Press
....But this year, the campus was in the spotlight for another reason: a rift caused by Donald Trump's candidacy that raised questions about the college president's influence, open discourse, and practicality versus principles in choosing a candidate. Now, students, faculty and others say they're coming back together and are optimistic, like evangelicals elsewhere, that a Trump administration will mean progress on some of the religious right's most important issues after years of culture wars losses.
.;..The Travails of Lieutenant Marty   -Carl R. Trueman
.....But transgenderism is not about who uses which loo. That question is the trivial point of a very long and sharp spear, useful for belittling the concerns of those who believe that there is a profound connection between biology and gender. Transgenderism is set to change everything—our understanding of sex, of identity, of relationships, of the significance of the body. And it does this because it demands a revised metaphysics of personhood, a project with profound and comprehensive social and political implications. School bathroom policy is a good example: It has already prioritized government rights over those of parents. There’s the rub.
..;.10 Reasons Left-Wingers Cut Trump Voters From Their Lives  -Dennis Prager
....Why is this phenomenon of cutting off contact with friends and relatives so one-sided? Why don't we hear about conservatives shunning friends and relatives who supported Hillary Clinton? After all, almost every conservative considered Clinton to be ethically and morally challenged. And most believed that another four years of left-wing rule would complete what Barack Obama promised he would do in 2008 if he were elected president -- "fundamentally (transform) the United States of America."
.;..Why Are So Many Among The Elite Building Luxury Bunkers In Preparation For An Imminent ‘Apocalypse’?
Do they know something that the rest of us do not?  There are tens of millions of ordinary Americans that are feeling really good about the future now that Donald Trump has won the election, but meanwhile the elite are feverishly constructing luxury bunkers at a pace unlike anything we have ever seen before.  So why are so many among the elite preparing for an imminent “apocalypse” when tens of millions of other Americans are anticipating a new era of peace and prosperity?  Are they smarter than most of the rest of us, or are they simply being paranoid? 
..;.Is The World Becoming Protestant?   -American Interest
....f one looks at the Christian side of the ledger, Protestants stick out. By and large, Catholics, like mainline Protestants, have been less aggressive in efforts to convert people; Evangelicals have been the most aggressive, most spectacularly the Pentecostals among them, who have probably experienced the most explosive growth of any religion in human history.   Most Pentecostals can be described as Evangelicals with two.....
.;..Satan’s Civil Rights   -Peter Jones
For the first time, a Satanist group has official permission to meet in a public school at the end of the school day. An After School Satan Club (ASSC) meeting was held at Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon on November 16th, 2016. The previous day, at Parkrose Middle School (also in Portland), the Satanic Temple made a presentation that was supposed to be open to the community and press but was not. 
..;.The State of the American Church  -Get Religion
....Author Ed Stetzer is executive director of the Graham Center and former head of the Southern Baptists’ LifeWay Research agency. The article won’t necessarily produce a story but is worth reading as a journalistic tune-up. Stetzer’s survey is largely about U.S. Protestantism, and much of what he depicts will be thoroughly familiar to religion-watchers, notably the long-running and unprecedented decline of “mainline” and liberal churches, and the growing numbers of “nones” who tell pollsters they have no religious affiliation. He finds it conceivable that the “nones” could even become a majority among Americans someday, and says “the church’s influence on Americans is beginning to fade.”
.;..Atheists Force Connecticut Teacher to Remove Bible Verse Display -Christian Post
A Connecticut public charter school asked one of its employees to remove the display of a Bible verse on her profile outside a classroom after the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained to the school's board of directors about it.
..;.We Can't 'Agree to Disagree' on Homosexuality and Marriage  -John Stonestreet
Can Christians agree to disagree on our culture's most controversial topics? Well, when it comes to certain issues, the answer is no. For years, a steady drumbeat of Christian pastors, musicians, and authors have announced they've "evolved" on the issue of homosexuality. Authors like Matthew Vines and more recently, Jen Hatmaker, musician Nicole Nordeman and Yale philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff argue that the Bible doesn't actually condemn same-sex "marriage." Christians, they say, should bless such unions as "holy."
.;..Four Reasons Sunday Attire Is Important to Christian Millennials  -Thom Rainer
....The Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) are America’s largest generation ever, over 78 million strong. But only about 15 to 20 percent of this generation is Christian. Based on our research thus far, however, the Millennial Christians may be the most potent missional generation we have ever known in America. Okay, back to the issue of attire worn on Sundays (or whatever the worship day may be). Why is that issue important to Millennials? I recently had the opportunity to interview a number of these Christian young adults. Their responses may surprise you.
..;.Lord, Help My Daily Unbelief   -Bonnie McKernan 
....It’s easy to look back at times of seemingly big faith, where I “let go” of things I never really had, and foolishly pat myself on the back a little and think, “Hey, I got this. I was faithful. It worked!” only to be blindsided as I fall apart during much smaller trials — the ones that require me to make decisions, solve problems, or actually do things based on my beliefs.
.;..The Year of Jubile  -David Cloud
The year of Jubile was every 50 years. Israel was to count seven sabbaths of years and the following year was the Jubile. The word “jubile” in this passage is translated from two Hebrew words. In verse 9, it is terooaw, which means a loud sound. In verse 10 and in 13 other verses here, it is yobale, which is translated “trumpet” in Exodus 19:13. The Hebrew word for “trumpet” in Leviticus 25:9 is shofar, usually referring to a trumpet made of curved rams’ horns. 
..;.From Shame to Sin  -Reformation 21
The West is jettisoning the Christian understanding of human sexuality at an alarming speed. It is doing so, to a significant extent, without any meaningful understanding of how Christianity shaped western sexuality in the first place. Many seem to think that by freeing ourselves from the burden of Christian teaching we will finally be able to enjoy our sexuality without hindrance, as if this is what human beings were doing before prudish Christians came on the scene and ruined everything.
Headlines & Articles — Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
..;..Why Intellectuals Adore Tyrants Like Castro -John Zmirak
...Why did anti-poverty icon Dorothy Day proclaim, “God bless Castro” in 1961, and poo-poo the obvious signs that he was imposing a totalitarian government that crushed Cuba’s churches? Why did the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, just offer an anodyne eulogy for Castro’s death that has set off a worldwide parody epidemic of comparably blind, bland praise for Pol Pot, Hitler, and Idi Amin?  There is something deeper going on than simple partisan blindness. What we are seeing grows from a disease of the spirit. We need to diagnose it. The attraction that lures intellectuals to socialist tyrants like a dog to its master’s leg has its roots in three temptations, that build on one another. To this day, “bourgeois” is an epithet that college students and teachers toss off with a satisfied smirk, in the same way that too many white Americans used to sling the “n-word.” But it’s still perfectly respectable to scorn the middle class.
.;..What Castro's Death Might Mean for Cuban Churches -CBN News
Cuban pastors and missions leaders in the U.S. are wondering what Fidel Castro's death will mean for the long-oppressed church on the island nation.  While there's hope that it could mean greater freedom for believers, many are taking a wait-and-see approach for now. Although Fidel Castro was raised Catholic and educated by Spanish Jesuit priests, his revolutionary government was profoundly atheistic for many years.  It sent people of faith into exile and re-education camps and banned public displays of religiosity. 
..;.Israel Battles ISIS on Golan Heights
Israeli soldiers operating along the border between Israel and Syria on Sunday came under attack from terrorists affiliated with ISIS. The soldiers were conducting a mission in the buffer zone between the two countries, but still inside Israeli territory, when they came under mortar fire.
.;..Tullian Tchividjian Emerges From Scandal With New Wife, Preaches Sermon  -Christian Post
Tullian Tchividjian, the Rev. Billy Graham's grandson who lost his church and wife last summer to an adultery scandal, has re-emerged with a new wife and a redeeming message about God's "magnificent intervention."chividjian's remarriage was first confirmed in a Facebook post on Saturday by his new wife, Stacie, as she highlighted a sermon he delivered at the non-denominational Spring Hills Community Church in Santa Rosa, California.
..;.Theresa May Says Her Christian Faith Helps Her Make Difficult Decisions  -UK Telegraph
Theresa Mayhas said her Christian faith helps her make difficult decisions as she revealed her husband Philip picks her clothes and handbags when she goes shopping. The Prime Minister said her belief in God means she has faith in her gut instincts as she defended her leadership style which has been criticised for shutting others out of the decision-making process. 
.;..ISIS to Crucified Christians: 'If You Love Jesus, You Will Die Like Jesus' -Christian Post
A number of Iraqi Christians who weren't able to flee from their homes before the brutal Islamic State terrorist group conquered large swaths in northern Iraq were crucified "like Jesus" in front of their families, Iraqi refugees in Jordan have revealed.
..;..America Now Looks Like Rome Before the Fall of the Republic-the Week
From the early Middle Ages until just a few decades ago, every educated person had to study the history of Greece and Rome. There's a reason for that, and there's a reason why it's a shame we no longer do so. It's not just that history holds important lessons. It's that we live in a time built by dead men who preceded us. America is a constitutional republic. Its governing institutions were imagined and bequeathed to us by a number of men, and all those men studied the history of Greece and Rome, as did the philosophers and writers and statesmen they took inspiration from, and those that these men took inspiration from. This democracy we live in is like a piece of foreign machinery we are supposed to operate. If you're not a mechanic, you wouldn't try to fix your car without first trying to read some sort of instructions. In order to understand how our republic works, we need to understand the thoughts of the people who built it. We have to understand where they were coming from.
.;..Are You Addicted to the Internet?-David Murray
What is addiction? A condition that results when a person ingests a substance (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, nicotine) or engages in an activity (e.g., gambling, sex, shopping, Social MEDIA/Technology) that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work, relationships, or health. Users may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing...
..;.Seven Reasons Churches Are Too Busy   -Thom Rainer
If local churches were humans, most of them would experience burnout. Many congregations are too busy to be effective. Many have a hodgepodge of seemingly unrelated activities. As a consequence, there is no clear plan or process of discipleship in these churches. Members are often confused about what they should do and how active they should be in the disparate ministries and programs. And some members pull back their involvement altogether in a sense of frustration and often guilt.
.;..Giuliani Protects Religious Liberty And Calls Out Terrorists   -Larry Provost
The leftist elites are rapidly seeking their first casualty after losing to the will of the people in the respective states. One person the left is attacking with great zeal is former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani who is in the running for the position of Secretary of State. This is what leftist elites do when they cannot win with the facts; certain of those facts being that Obamacare premiums have jumped exponentially, still supporting abortion even at the latest stages before birth, and that they won’t call out Radical Islam by name even for murdering gays. 
..;.Atheist Sues Kentucky for Not Allowing 'IM GOD' License Plate  -Christian Post
An atheist in Kentucky is suing the secretary of the state's Transportation Cabinet over being denied a vanity license plate that reads: "IM GOD."
.;..Liberal Media, Democrats, ESPN Continue to Self-Destruct   -Michael Brown
Rather than learn some valuable lessons from the resounding electoral victory of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, it appears that the left is lurching further leftward, thereby paving the way to its own demise.
..;.Three Reasons Children Need to Obey Their Parents -Tim Challies
Should children obey their parents? Or, perhaps more to the point, should parents insist upon their children’s obedience? The culture around us seems perplexed, so focused on personal autonomy that in many families it seems clear that the children rule the roost. Many parents doubt their ability to direct their children and may even doubt their right to demand obedience.  Yet the Bible insists that children are to obey their parents...
.;..Let Us Repent of Our Nonchalance  -Jared C. Wilson
ear and trembling. Paul uses this phrase a couple of other times (2 Corinthians 7:15 and Ephesians 6:5), apparently with the connotation of submissive humility and receptive meekness. It is an affections-full being put into one’s place, I think. A disposition appropriate to the circumstances. The command in Psalm 2:11 is “Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling,” showing us that fear is not without activity and trembling is not without joy.
..;.Don’t Settle for the Gospel of Self-Fulfillment  -Trevin Wax
.... How does one come to believe that Jesus must be okay with a woman divorcing her husband and taking up with another woman – despite Jesus’ words about the permanence of marriage and its creational, male-female design?
.;..Jonathan Edwards, the Exegete -Kyle Strobel
Here’s a particularly difficult topic in Jonathan Edwards studies: Edwards’s exegetical method. For those who have read Edwards, they have probably been as equally captivated as concerned by some of his exegetical decisions, and are probably not sure how we should consider it today.
..;.Preacher, Should You Practice Your Sermons? -Bill Mounce
....What do you rely on in your preaching and teaching? Human wisdom that is not based on divine revelation? The cute turn of phrase? Studied rhetoric at the expense of divine truth? Human machinations rather than the simple telling of divine revelation? Do you spend more time on your exegesis or on your delivery? Practice your sermons and lectures. Think carefully and seriously about how to express yourself. But at the end...

Robert G.

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Billy Sunday
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Charles H.
I Would, But Ye Would Not!    Mat 23:37
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The Drawings of Divine Love    Jn 6:44-45
The Saint's Horror at the Sinner's Hell   Ps 26:9

D. Marytn

A Living Hope of the Hereafter    I Peter 1:3-5
Faith On Trial   Psalm 73:1-2
The Christian & the Non-Christian   Eph. 4:20
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T. DeWitt Talmage
The Laughter of the Bible    Psalm 126:2  2:4
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Windows Opened Toward Jerusalem   Dan 6:10
The Ministry of Tears    Rev 7:17
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G. Campbell
Christ's Call To Courage    Matt. 9:2, 22
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Christ's Vision of Jerusalem    Luke 9:51
As An Eagle...The Lord Did Lead    Deut. 32:11-12
How To Succeed In Life    Prov. 3:6

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