Early-bird shoppers headed to stores on Thanksgiving in what's becoming a new holiday tradition. In the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Illinois, the parking lot of a Wal-Mart store was full roughly 30 minutes before Thanksgiving deals started at 6 p.m., including $199 iPad minis. In New York City, there were 500 people in line by the time a Target store in the East Harlem neighborhood opened at 6 p.m.    MORE
Daily Signal: Those Thanksgiving Sales Don’t Really Save You Much--So Why Are You Asking Me to Work?
Shopping on Black Friday is completely unnecessary. I’ll say it again: shopping on Black Friday is completely unnecessary. The deals you think you’re getting on this one magical day can be obtained in other days if you shop smartly in the time leading up to the Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever holiday you celebrate. My opinion comes from working six years in retail, all in management. Four of those years were in a big-box retailer, while the other two were in a medium-sized specialty shop. When a Black Friday ad comes out, it has about 30 to 50 items that are marked at attention-getting prices. However, if you look at those same exact items throughout the year, you may find them at the same price. Sometimes even lower.   MORE
Edmondson: Three Steps to Being a More Thankful Person
Ever wonder the secret to being thankful? I believe the secret to being thankful is in learning to be more content. We give thanks out of a heart overflowing with gratefulness. A full heart naturally produces gratitude. How do we do that? The Apostle Paul told us he had learned the secret. I think Paul gave us some clues earlier in his letter to the Philippians. Here’s Paul’s remedy...     MORE
'They Even Cut the Throats of the Babies': 
Yazidi Survivors Share How They Lost Their Families to ISIS
In Kurdish-protected and internationally-organized refugee camps throughout Iraq and Syria, Christians, Yazidis, and Muslim Kurds live a tentative life in which many have lost their entire families and have no sense of when they will be able to return to a life of normalcy. Speaking to the UK's Daily Mail, a number of refugees living in various centers across Iraq told stories and shared photos of the family they had either never seen again or watched die before their eyes.    MORE
Darren Wilson Breaks Silence, Says Michael Brown Appeared Demon-Possessed
During an exclusive interview with ABC News, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson stated that he believed teenager Michael Brown appeared to be demon-possessed the night to the got into an altercation that resulted in Brown’s shooting death. “That moment before the second shot, you guys are staring at each other, and you said that there was a look in his eye like something you’ve never seen before. You described it as a demon,” ABC’s George Stephanopolous said to Wilson during the interview this week. “It was a very intense image he was presenting,” Wilson replied, nodding. “A demon?” Stephanopolous asked. “Very intense,” Wilson repeated, nodding. “And what did you think was going on in his mind? Why do you choose the word demon?” Stephanopoulous inquired. “I don’t really know what was going on,” Wilson replied. “I was just shocked by the whole interaction...."    MORE
Atlanta’s Fire Chief Suspended For Publicly Professing Christian Beliefs
Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran is suspended for one month without pay after publishing a book that says homosexuality and having multiple sexual partners is “vile,” “vulgar”, and “inappropriate”. The 162-page paperback titled “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” is being sold at Amazon.com. Chief Cochran is an evangelical Christian who has not shied away from his faith in the past.  MORE
Maryland County To Churches: Preach Environmentalism or Pay Tax
A Maryland county is offering churches a way out of a state tax that charges them for paved surfaces on their properties: preach on environmentalism instead. The tax — called a fee by Gov. Martin O’Malley and supporters who won its passage a year ago — is aimed at collecting from homeowners, businesses and churches based on the percentage of “impervious surfaces” at their properties, as a means of protecting the Chesapeake Bay from environmental degradations and runoff, The Washington Post reported.
Todd Starnes: Parents Offended by 'Nutcracker' Christmas Tree
....But those are junior varsity skirmishes compared to what happened at Butler Elementary School – where the PTA canceled a field trip to see “The Nutcracker” because there was a Christmas tree on the stage. I’m not making this up, folks...The questionable content had nothing to do with men in tights. The parents got their tutus in a twist over "O Tannenbaum."
Scientists On the Brink of Creating Artificial Life
Do Christian Hashtags Rally the Faithful or Inspire Troll Attacks?
Two pastors in northwestern Bangladesh could each face two years in prison if convicted of "hurting religious sentiments." Police arrested the pastors along with 41 people listening to their preaching at a rented house...
BBC: Israel 'Foils Hamas Cell Planning Jerusalem Attacks'
Sunday Morning Is Inconvenient for Church Services...Says Church of England
Sunday mornings not ideal for some families to attend church because they are busy shopping and doing DIY, says leading cleric as figures show many switching to midweek services 
Pew Research Center: Four-In-Ten Couples Are Saying 'I Do,' Again
Nearly 1 in 5 Households Celebrated Thanksgiving on Food Stamps
Christian Bale on Studying Moses: He Was a 'Freedom Fighter'
for Hebrews, 'Terrorist' to Egyptian Empire
NY Times: When Their Workday Ends, More Fathers Are Heading Into the Kitchen
A study published last year by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that the percentage of men who spent time cooking on any given day jumped to 42 percent in 2008 from 29 percent in 1965. (As more women joined the work force, the percentage who cooked dropped during that period to 68 percent from 92 percent.) Women still spend more than twice as much time preparing meals....
World Tribune: Where Are Korean Megachurches Going?
...The rise of the megachurch in Korea is ironic indeed considering that early Christians, mainly Catholic missionaries and thousands of their adherents, had to suffer and die in their struggle to spread the word of God in the late Joseon Kingdom. These days, however, Korea’s Christian churches are wealthy and influential. In fact, they face an age-old problem, as the apostle Matthew wrote. “Ye cannot serve God and mammon,” one of the most famous lines from the Bible.
David Roach: When the Reformers Fell in Love
...Learning about famous Christian marriages, like Martin and Katie Luther's, can "breathe life" into the marriages of believers today and "give some guys and their wives courage to get real and be honest," radio host and marriage expert Dennis Rainey told Baptist Press.
Russell Moore: Man, Woman, and the Mystery of Christ;
An Evangelical Protestant Perspective
....As an evangelical Christian, I come to this discussion with motivations about the common good and human flourishing, but beyond these merely natural goods to an even deeper concern for what I believe to be the purpose of the entire cosmos: the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of us must stand together on conserving the truth of marriage as a complementary union of man and woman. But I would add that with that there is a distinctively Christian urgency for why the Christian churches must bear witness to these things.     MORE
Owen Strachan: The Wilberforce Test—Preaching and the Public Square
....I would like to pose a question: could our preaching today raise up a Wilberforce? Could it pass, in other words, what we could call the Wilberforce test? In what follows, I will sketch out how it is that a pastor can meet this mark. Every pastor, I argue, is a public theologian, called by God to bring biblical truth to bear on all of life such that his people storm the gates of hell and promote righteousness and mercy in a fallen world. Too often, we are presented with just two choices when it comes to the pulpit and public-square... MORE
Economic Collapse Blog: 24 Reasons Why Millennials Are
Screaming Mad About Our Unfair Economy
Do you want to know why Millennials seem so angry?  We promised them that if they worked hard, stayed out of trouble and got good grades that they would be able to achieve the “American Dream”.  We told them not to worry about accumulating very high levels of student loan debt because there would be good jobs waiting for them at the end of the rainbow once they graduated. 
Kevin D. Williamson: Those Ungovernable Colonists
The American colonies must have been an unruly place, full as they were of religious fanatics and slave traders, second sons and fortune hunters, criminals and former political prisoners, and all manner of people in between....While we are counting our blessings this Thanksgiving, let’s not forget to count that one: Our ancestors did not much like being told what to do, and we — and the world — are immeasurably richer and happier for that.
End of the American Dream: 21 Facts That Prove
That Dependence On The Government Is Out Of Control In America
If you could stay home and watch television, play video games and hang out with your friends all day at government expense, would you do it?  Of course most Americans that collect money from the government each month are not abusing the system.  Many truly are incapable of taking care of themselves, and others are just receiving government benefits (such as Social Security) that they feel that they have earned by a lifetime of hard work.  But with each passing year the number of Americans jumping on board “the safety net” continues to grow rapidly, and a lot of these people should be able to take care of themselves.
Creech: Should NC Magistrates Perform Gay Marriage Despite Their Faith?
Nevertheless, AOC Director Smith claims that magistrates swear an oath to the United States Constitution, and, therefore, have a duty to perform such marriages since two federal judges have ruled the State's Marriage Amendment that defines marriage as one man and one woman is unconstitutional. Smith adds in his latest correspondence that he believes Berger may be misleading magistrates to believe they can opt out.
Michelle Malkin: What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out
In his 967-word statement to the nation about the Ferguson grand jury decision, President Obama devoted precisely one sentence to the risks and sacrifices police officers make to keep the peace.  One.
Cliff May: Slaughter in the Synagogue
Those fighting for the Islamic State say they are waging a religious war. Hamas columnist Dr. Issam Shawer praised last week’s slaughter as a “martyrdom operation” against the “descendants of apes and pigs.”
Danielle Avel: ISIS Calls for Poisoning and Running Down Westerners
Terrorist group calls on Muslims in the West to do their duty. 
Samuel Gregg: Economic and Religious FreedomMutually Reinforcing
Severe restrictions on religious freedom often have as much to do with seeking to shut down any sphere of life that is outside the government’s control.
Rich Lowry: America the Bountiful
Throughout all of history, material progress essentially didn’t exist until around 1800. The economic trajectory was flat until the human lot began to improve in ways that would have been unimaginable in prior millennia.
Doug Wright: A Word for Thanksgiving
Luke 17:11-19 tells the story of ten men which were lepers – outcasts from society. They had a disease which not only signaled their physical demise, but it made them social outcasts. The problem was that they could do nothing to change their lot in life. Their leprosy was a condition that they did not choose, and they could not alter. Beyond their own inability to change their physical condition, no one else could help them. At the time no medicine was known, and no cure was in sight.     MORE
Peter Krol: Three Disciplines to Develop Wise Speech
You want to speak words that deliver, delight, gladden, and heal. You’d like to be able to defuse, persuade, inspire, and influence. You can picture leading such Bible studies, but you don’t know how to move in that direction. You see the potential, but you don’t know how to realize it. You’re not alone, and you don’t have to feel stuck. Proverbs describes not only the product but also which best practices...    MORE
John Coakley, Jr.: Manhood and the Cross
As men, we all wear a variety of hats and titles in life. Many of us are husbands and fathers, church members and church leaders, and various other titles that we hold within our respective lives. Regardless of your title or position, what must be understood, is that the way we perform in our title and position is defined by the cross. The cross, by means of the Holy Spirit, presses in, convicts our heart, and empowers us in every regard for living as Christian men. It is in the cross that we find our purpose and our reason...    MORE
Tim Chester: Over-Pastoring and Under-Pastoring
There are two common dangers in pastoral ministry and Paul is alert to both of them. They are what we might call over-pastoring and under-pastoring. Over-pastoring is what happens when a leader or leaders exercise too much control in the life of the church. They are quick to suppress any dissent and may even end up bullying people. They often personalize issues. Suggestions for change or criticism are responded to in a personal way with counter-accusations.   MORE
Jonathan Aigner: Dear Traditional Worshipers...
I know how you feel. It’s devastating to see what’s happened to worship in the church. The insistence that the common trends of the day are most fitting for public worship is wrong and short-sighted. It’s grieving that most churches now let Christians choose to not learn the historic creeds, or the great tradition of hymns and songs, or the great privilege of praying together and reading Scripture together. The commercialization of our sacred time, well, it’s nothing short of tragic. Yeah, we’ve sacrificed so much of who we are.    MORE
Thom Rainer: Eight Very Difficult Ministry Situations for Pastors
Results of an informal Twitter poll pointed out the greatest sources of discouragement of pastors and staff. Here I share the challenges of difficult ministry situations. Specifically I asked: “What are some of the most difficult situations you have had in pastoral ministry?” This time, I am simply reporting anecdotal information in my conversations with pastors. Eight consistent themes have arisen. MORE
Paul Tautges: Replacing Fear With Awe
In verse 7 of Psalm 107, the songwriter says, “At your rebuke they fled [the waters after the Great Flood]; at the sound of your thunder they took flight.” In reference to this, the editors of the study Bible note the following: “Mark may have had this text in mind when he wrote that Jesus ‘rebuked the wind’ and commanded the sea (Mark 4:39).” So, I turned to Mark 4:35-41 and read through it a few times (Mark 4:35-41). Here are just a few quick thoughts that jotted in my journal.     MORE
T.J. Addington: What I Know About Leadership Today That I Didn't Know Then
Learning to lead well is something that is learned the hard way over time. I took time recently to consider what I know today that I didn't know well enough as a young leader. It is a long list which simply says how little I knew about good leadership as a young leader. The raw stuff was there but there was and is a lot to learn. If you fit that young leader category, these may be things to consider.  MORE
Edmondson: 10 Realities Every Young Leader Needs to Hear
Occasionally, when I am talking to a young leader something becomes apparent. They often think what they are experiencing is unique. And, more surprising than that, they think perhaps their struggle is no longer mine — like somehow I’ve outgrown them. Here are 10 realities every young leader needs to know:   MORE
Rewriting America’s Thanksgiving History to Remove God Is a Tragic Deception 
As Americans mark Thanksgiving this week, one thing noticeably absent from public discourse is our nation's first Thanksgiving celebration—and the One to Whom those early American settlers gave thanks. Instead, talk of "Pilgrims" is taboo, and talk of giving thanks to God even more so. And beyond this, very few in America today recognize the strong theme throughout our nation's history of national leaders' setting aside a day of Thanksgiving not to family, friends or an unnamed source but to God. Religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland says this is not only a tragic rewriting of American history but also a subtle strategy to strip America of the very core that makes her a nation worth celebrating: her acknowledgement of God.   MORE
How Not to Commit Idolatry in Giving Thanks
Jonathan Edwards on True Thanksgiving 
Jonathan Edwards has a word for our time that could hardly be more pointed if he were living today. It has to do with the foundation of gratitude. True gratitude or thankfulness to God for his kindness to us, arises from a foundation laid before, of love to God for what he is in himself; whereas a natural gratitude has no such antecedent foundation. The gracious stirrings of grateful affection to God, for kindness received, always are from a stock of love already in the heart, established in the first place on other grounds, viz. God's own excellency. In other words, gratitude that is pleasing to God is not first a delight in the benefits God gives (though that is part of it). True gratitude must be rooted in something else that comes first, namely, a delight in the beauty and excellency of God's character. If this is not the foundation of our gratitude, then it is not above what the "natural man," apart from the Spirit and the new nature in Christ, experiences. MORE
David Mathis: The True Story of Thanksgiving 
Come Thanksgiving Day each year, many of us give the nod to Pilgrims and Indians and talk of making ready for a harsh first Winter in the New World. But for the Christian, the deepest roots of our thanksgiving go back to the Old World, way back before the Pilgrims, to a story as old as creation, with a two-millennia-old climax. It’s a story that keeps going right on into the present and gives meaning to our little lives, even when we’re a half a globe removed from history’s ground zero at a place called Golgotha.    MORE
Jayme Metzgar: Here’s The Difference Between
Feeling Thankful And Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving may be the last religious holiday still widely celebrated for its true meaning. While our post-Christian culture has all but divorced Christmas from the Incarnation and Easter from the Resurrection, this last holdout—this simple ritual of gratitude—is still hanging on. In fact, I would dare say gratitude is making a comeback, and not just in the church. Everywhere you look, secular academics and self-help gurus are researching, writing, and publishing books about the psychological and societal benefits of thankfulness. This 2011 New York Times piece refers to Thanksgiving as “the most psychologically correct holiday of the year.” Oprah Winfrey herself, America’s high priestess of secular positivity, keeps a gratitude journal and recommends the practice, saying that thankfulness “changes your personal vibration.”  MORE
US Entering Dangerous New Era in Religious Hostility
A school tells a student that he can't attend because God's the most important thing in his life.  A public health official gets fired for sermons he gave in his off-hours as a lay pastor. A congregation is told they may not be able to locate downtown just because - and only because - they're a church. These are all real examples of cases in the past several months showing your religion can get you in real trouble in today's America. For the last three years the Liberty Institute has published...    MORE
Lifeway Study: Almost a Quarter of American Families Have
Turned to Church Food Pantries for Help
A September Lifeway Research survey reveals that nearly a quarter of Americans have received food from a church-run food pantry. Minorities and churchgoers commonly benefit from church pantries, according to the survey. The Nashville-based Christian research firm polled 1,158 respondents about church food pantries and found that 22 percent said they have relied on a church program to feed their families. Of those who have received food from a church pantry, 26 percent were churchgoers. Over a third identified as evangelical. More than one in three church pantry users (37 percent) were African Americans, 25 percent were Hispanic while 19 percent of the pantry users were Caucasian. MORE
The Islamic State Seeks the Battle of the Apocalypse
The gruesome video released by the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) emphasizes that the beheading of Peter Kassig took place in the town of Dabiq, Syria. The town was chosen because of its significance in Islamic end-of-time prophecies about the time when the Mahdi and (the Islamic version of) Jesus will bring victory over those who oppose sharia.     MORE
Nasty Weather Puts Kink in Thanksgiving Travel
Thanksgiving travelers could be in for a tough trip this year. Snow, slush, and rain are already falling across the country Wednesday just as more than 46 million people hit the road. With the frozen precipitation falling from Iowa to Wisconsin, getting anywhere quickly is going to be nearly impossible. Heavy rain is drenching the Northwest and Southeast, and a Thanksgiving nor-easter is pounding the East Coast. MORE
HHS To Push Obamacare On 'Black Friday'
The federal government is teaming up with health care groups to promote Obamacare on Black Friday, according to an announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services. The department is teaming up with popular websites like The Knot, The Nest, and The Bump to promote the controversial health care website to encourage Americans to sign up for health insurance while millions of Americans spend the weekend looking for deals.    MORE
Thanksgiving: 4 Facts About the History of the Holiday
It is Thanksgiving, one of the major holidays in the United States. Below are four points of interest regarding the development of the observance, on the last Thursday in November, and the practices therein. The modern concept of Thanksgiving dates back centuries, deriving from religious traditions in Europe.
Christian Man Tortured and Killed by Police in Pakistan;
Family Try to Storm Police Station
A 35-year-old Christian man was reportedly tortured and killed by police while in custody in Lahore, Pakistan. His family attempted to storm the policy station in protest, while an investigation has been launched into the incident. Fides News Agency reported that the family of Rakha Shahzad is demanding justice for the slain man, which has prompted an investigation by authorities. The agents involved in the incident have claimed that the Christian, who was allegedly arrested because of selling drugs and alcohol, died because of a "heart attack" during the investigation. The brother of the diseased has claimed, however, that Shahzad was...
George Washington: Thank God for Our Constitution
On Oct. 3, 1789 George Washington, the first president of the United States, issued a proclamation to make the fourth Thursday of November as a day for “offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations." Washington also declared that “it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor.” Finally, Washington asked Americans to give "our sincere and humble thanks" to God "for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted."   MORE
Brown Family Church Torched In Riots
Although the media is desperate to keep the false narrative alive that the family of Michael Brown is only calling for peace, the fact is that on Monday night, just before all hell broke loose in Ferguson, while Michael Brown's mother stood silently by, Brown's stepfather repeatedly ordered the mob surrounding him to "Burn this bitch down!" The next morning, the Brown family church was one of about a dozen or so building burnt to the ground. Worse still, a 20 year-old man was found dead.
Standing with Israel in Time of Need
As the situation between Israel and the Palestinians degenerates, much of the world is blaming Israel and anti-Semitism is rising. "So Jewish people here -- God's covenant chosen people here -- need to know that there are believers all over the world, but particularly in America that do support them, that do want to help them, that do want to bless them," said Dudley Goff from the Israel Food Outreach. Israel Food Outreach partners with Gleanings for the Hungry in Southern California. They now provide a soup mix that goes to more than 60 outreach organizations in Israel with programs for the needy, Goff said.
Heart Stent for Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, 81
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a heart stent implanted on Wednesday, reviving talk about how long the 81-year-old liberal jurist will be staying on the court.
Church of England Leaders Disagree on Marriage, Abortion
John Adams on Thanksgiving: Ask God to Make Our Schools
‘Nurseries of Sound Science, Morals and Religion’
On March 6, 1799, President John Adams issued a proclamation “Recommending a National Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer”--for “thanksgiving to the Author of All Good.”
Arkansas, Mississippi Gay Marriage Bans Overturned
Federal judges have overturned Arkansas and Mississippi state bans on gay marriage, but both orders are on hold so the states can consider appeals.
Thanksgiving Place to Be Set Up in Front of White House for Pastor Saeed Abedini
Ben Carson: Race Relations Have Worsened Under Obama
Fans of '19 Kids and Counting' Support Duggar Family After
Gay Activists Push TLC to Cancel Popular Show
Fans of TLC's reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" have created a petition to support the Christian family amid a push by LGBT activists to get the show canceled because Michelle Duggar campaigned against a pro-LGBT ordinance in her community. In August, Michelle actively campaigned against an ordinance in Fayetteville, Arkansas, that would've prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. According to critics, the ordinance had several negative consequences, including allowing transgendered men, or men who identify as female, to use women's restrooms.
KC McCauley: Thanksgiving--4 Ways to Stuff
Competing Interests and Focus on True Meaning
Thanksgiving faces an unprecedented amount of competition. Early signs of this appear as Halloween and Christmas are simultaneously advertised in September, making Thanksgiving seem like merely a traditional transition into the holiday season. In addition to all of the holiday anticipation, there are actually many things that happen on Thanksgiving Day that compete with its intended purpose of giving thanks. And it seems like some of these tendencies are indicators of things that we must battle against the rest of the year: discontentment, distraction, complaining, and carelessness.
Charisma News: What President Lincoln Taught Us About Giving Thanks
The following is the proclamation that set the precedent for America's national day of Thanksgiving. During his administration, President Lincoln issued many orders similar to this. For example, on November 28, 1861, he ordered government departments closed for a local day of thanksgiving.
Eddie Hyatt: Why We'd Do Well to Remember America's 1st Thanksgiving
America's national "Thanksgiving" holiday is rooted in the nation's Christian origins and the habit of its first immigrants to set aside special days for giving thanks to God for His goodness and blessings. This custom can be traced back to the Pilgrims who landed at Cape Cod in November 1620, and who periodically would set aside days in which to offer gratitude to God for His mercy and blessings. This custom was carried on by succeeding generations and found its way into the national consciousness and calendar.
Thanksgiving may be the last communal and contemplative annual event in North America. Ramadan is for Muslims; Passover, Yom Kippur and other holy days are observed by Jews; Diwali, Dharma Day, a plethora of other holidays are specific to the religions that established them, as is Easter for Christians...Thanksgiving is a little different. It’s not really a religious or ethnic festival. Even though Christians grateful for survival gave it its start, it doesn’t automatically exclude anyone. Most people, whether they’re religious or not, recognize that gratitude is a good thing. And most of us can find something to be thankful for.    MORE
Joseph Scheumann: Five Truths About Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is more than a day off. It is more than eating mashed potatoes and gravy, watching football, and taking a wonderful turkey-induced nap. Thanksgiving is a pervasive and essential concept in Scripture. And although it is good to set aside a Thursday each November to cultivate a heart of thanksgiving, the Scriptures have more to say about giving thanks than one day a year can handle. MORE
Jon Bloom: Feasting On Thanksgiving
....Thanksgiving is about feasting on the manifold, abundant, overflowing, all-sufficient grace of God in all that he is for us and all that he has done, is doing, and promises to do for us. An abundant, delicious feast of food is intended to be a symbol, a small picture, a momentary experience of what God’s grace is like. It is to help us “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8). In other words, the food is meant to fuel our thanksgiving, not be the focus of thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving to really be about thanksgiving requires the intentionality of remembering on our part. We are not, by fallen nature, thankful people. We are naturally selfish.    MORE
David Brumbelow: 10 Reasons To Be Thankful
The American Pilgrims in AD 1621 had a grateful heart and little else. We seem to have all else, except a grateful heart. Think of all the conveniences you have that the Pilgrims didn’t. Have you thanked God lately?   MORE
Jon Bloom: How Can We Give Thanks in All Circumstances? 
I have in the past described grumbling as the accent of hell and gratitude as the accent of heaven. But as many of us prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, let’s take a longer look at gratitude. More specifically, how is it possible to obey 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and “give thanks in all circumstances,” especially if our circumstances are horrible? What fuels thanksgiving when life seems to be one discouragement, disappointment, disease, disaster, and death after another? There is only one way. And Jesus both is the way and shows the way.   MORE
Jack Wellman: Five Ways Your Church Can Help Feed the Poor
Have you ever considered different ways that you can feed the poor in your community?
Here are five ways that your church can do that. MORE
....But if on this same day, 1851 years ago, instead of being in the great city of Rome, we had been in the little village of Bethlehem in Judaea, we might have seen a sight stranger still; a sight which we could not have fancied had anything to do with that merry- making of the slaves at Rome, and yet which had everything to do with it. We should have seen, in a mean stable, among the oxen and the asses, a poor maiden, with her newborn baby laid in the manger, for want of any better cradle, and by her husband, a poor carpenter, whom all men thought to be the father of her child...There, in the stable, amid the straw, through the cold winter days and nights, in want of many a comfort which the poorest woman, and the poorest woman's child would need, they stayed there, that young maiden and her newborn babe.  That young maiden was the Blessed Virgin Mary, and that baby was the Son of God.   MORE

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The Pilgrims and Their Faith A Classic Thanksgiving Sermon by Charles E. Jefferson Hebrews 11:37
....There are different kinds of sermons. There are explanatory sermons...There are hortatory sermons ...There are story sermons...Let me tell you this morning, in a simple, unadorned manner, the story of the Pilgrims.  In the northern part of England, about 140 miles from London, in the county of Nottinghamshire, there is a little village with the unattractive name of Scrooby. It is a very old town, with a history running back to the twelfth century. At the beginning of the seventeenth century there lived in this village a man by the name of William Brewster. He was a graduate of Cambridge University. After graduating he became the private secretary to a distinguished English diplomat. Later on he succeeded his father as the postmaster in Scrooby, where he lived in a large manor house belonging to the Bishop of York. In the hall of this manor house a company of English men and women were in the habit of meeting every Sunday to worship God in a way that was different from the worship prescribed by the State church.  MORE
...there is no reasonable ground for thinking that at death the influences of a whole lifetime will cease to operate upon character, and that, whatever those influences may have been, the soul will be purified by the shock of death. Why, I ask, should death have any such result? .. And it is impossible to see why the soul should put on a new character simply because it lays aside for awhile the instrument which it has employed during a term of years, any more than why a painter's right hand should forget its cunning because he has sold his easel, or why a murderer in fact should cease to be a murderer at heart because he has lost his dagger and cannot afford to replace it. True, at death, the ear, the eye, the hands, perish. But when they are destroyed in this life by an accident, does character change with them? The indulgence of the purely animal appetite may depend on the healthy condition of the organ; but the mental condition which permits, if it does not dictate, the indulgence is unaffected.  MORE
In these days of national strife and international confusion, when the seeds of hatred are being cultivated in the hotbeds of communism and radicalism, let us throw back our shoulders, double up our fists, rough with the calluses of honest toil,and stand up for true, fundamental, godly Americanism. The Bible teaches patriotism, and patriotism was the light that burned in the hearts of the faithful in the midnight gloom of the dark ages.  It was the torch that lit the fires of the Reformation. It was the rock upon which Western civilization survives the onslaught of the Red Scourge, it will be Christian patriotism that will fuel the lamps of truth and provide morale for the fight for freedom. America has many privileges, but it also has great responsibilities. Our freedom was obtained at a great price. Our first responsibility is to God, but we are duty bound to our beloved country.   MORE
....There is no want of power in God to cast wicked men into hell at any moment. Men's hands cannot be strong when God rises up. The strongest have no power to resist him, nor can any deliver out of his hands.-He is not only able to cast wicked men into hell, but he can most easily do it. Sometimes an earthly prince meets with a great deal of difficulty to subdue a rebel, who has found means to fortify himself, and has made himself strong by the numbers of his followers. But it is not so with God. There is no fortress that is any defence from the power of God. Though hand join in hand, and vast multitudes of God's enemies combine and associate themselves, they are easily broken in pieces. MORE
....As Ahab goes walking through the rows of vines, he begins to plan how he will have that vineyard arranged by his royal gardener, how flowers will be here and vegetables yonder and herbs there. As he converses with himself, suddenly a shadow falls across his path. Quick as a flash Ahab whirls on his heels, and there, before him, stands Elijah, prophet of the living God. ..."And Ahab said to Elijah, Hast thou found me, O mine enemy?" and Elijah, without a tremor in his voice, his eyes burning their way into Ahab's guilty soul, answered: "I have found thee: because thou has sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the Lord." Then, with every word a thunderbolt, and every sentence a withering denunciation, Elijah continued...     MORE
...If the issues of life are determined by fate or chance, there are no foundations. In the one case we become the effortless children of apathy upon whom no responsibility devolves, our only consolation being the Oriental proverb, “Kismet.” In the other case we become the devotees of ephemeral pleasure with no higher watchword than, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” Hence my theme today: The Providence of God is the Christian’s foundation. Under these - Fate, Chance and Divine Providence may be grouped all the theories and philosophies of life. There is no room for another classification.   MORE
...ministers in all ages have found it necessary, frequently to remind their people of the terrors of the Lord, as so many powerful dissuasives from sin. But whence is it that men are so disingenuous? The reason seems to be this: The promise of eternal happiness is so agreeable to the inclinations and wishes of mankind, that all who call themselves Christians, universally and willingly subscribe to the belief of it: but then there is something so shocking in the consideration of eternal torments, and seemingly such an infinite disproportion between an endless duration of pain, and short life spent in pleasure, that men can scarcely be brought to confess it as an article of their faith, that an eternity of misery awaits the wicked in a future state.  MORE
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