NEWS ARCHIVE FOR MAY 1st-10th, 2017
President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey
 President Donald Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday, saying it was necessary to restore “public trust and confidence” in the nation’s top law enforcement agency following several tumultuous months. “The FBI is one of our nation’s most cherished and respected institutions, and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” Trump said in a statement. The White House said the search for a new FBI director was beginning immediately.....
VP Pence Joining Franklin Graham to Stand for Persecuted Christians
Vice President Mike Pence, an evangelical Christian who has made religious freedom a priority, is scheduled to join Franklin Graham for this important event fighting religious persecution. Pence, an evangelical Christian who has made religious freedom a priority, is scheduled to address the gathering Thursday morning....
Hymns at Funerals Dying Out as 'Celebratory' Pop Songs Become More Popular
For decades traditional hymns such as Abide with Me and The Lord Is My Shepherd have been staples at British funerals.   But their popularity is waning as more people opt instead for cheerier secular songs.  A shift to more balanced ceremonies which involve celebration as well as mourning has driven an increase in pop songs and poems.  ..
Christian Post:Jakarta Christian Governor Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Blasphemy Against Islam; Islamists Want Him Dead
Jakarta's Christian governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, was sentenced to two years in prison in Indonesia after being found guilty of insulting the Islamic faith.....
Asia News: Ahok Condemned To Two Years for Blasphemy. Shock and Consternation In Indonesia
The Jakarta governor has been brought to Cipinang Prison. The sentence is hasher than the demands of the public prosecutors. The case divided the nation and gave force to radical Islamic groups. The contrast between radical movements and moderate groups underscored. The political situation is not beneficial to President Joko Widodo.....
Why the Six-Day War Was a Prophetic Milestone and Nearly Armageddon
The 1967 Six-Day War pitted a relatively young Israel against five established Arab armies. One of the world's superpowers also came dangerously close to entering the war, which led to fears of a potential Armageddon.....
Christian Post: Christian Pastor Faces Daily Torture in Pakistani Prison Amid 'Blasphemy' Conviction
The wife of Zafar Bhatti, the Christian pastor in Pakistan who last week was sentenced to life in prison under the country's controversial blasphemy laws, says her husband is being tortured every day. "There have been numerous attempts to kill my husband — he is bullied everyday and he is not safe from inmates and prison staff alike. Every day I worry that I will receive word that he is dead, this worry is making me age very quickly," Nawab Bibi, 65, told a reporter......
Halloran: Ten Questions Christians Should Ask of Their Entertainment
....Never before have we had so many options of TV shows, movies, music, blogs, social media, and books available through so many different mediums (TV, internet, Netflix, etc.). How can we make sure we faithfully follow Christ in this new entertainment age?....
Controversial ‘Embryo Jewelry’: A Symbol of Profound Selfishness
An Australian company has taken a controversial spin on preserving keepsake memories: Parents can now wear extra baby embryos and keep test-tube baby remnants in jewelry, of all things. “We are working with a number of local & international fertility clinics to raise awareness of this option for families,” the company, Baby Bee Hummingbirds, wrote in an April 30 Facebook post.....
Bombshell Report Claims Obama Spied on Thousands in Election Year
A bombshell report could reveal that former president Barack Obama set new standards for abuses of power during his final year in office as he sought to put Democrats in charge of all three branches of government and set the course for a radical transformation of America as it has existed. The fierce media and political pushback over President Trump’s now legendary tweet that he had been “wiretapped” by Obama was an indication that Trump was on the mark with his accusation. ...
Target Doubles Down On ‘Gay’ Pride Despite Losses In Bathroom War
For the second year, Target is using a #TakePride hashtag on social media to promote its rainbow-themed online merchandise. The retailer’s “pride” paraphernalia include tee-shirts, swim trunks, flip-flops, headphones, iPhone cases and an assortment of other products emblazoned with LBGT logos. 
Michael Brown: A Secular Rapper Calls American Pastors to Account
You know we’re in trouble when a secular rapper urges pastors to get back to preaching that the Lord is a jealous God of “discipline and obedience.” As a recent article declared, “Chart-Topping Rapper Kendrick Lamar Is Preaching More Spiritual Truth Than Most of the Dead Churches In America.” So sad, but so true......
Ancient Origins: Ancient Babylonian Tablet Provides Compelling Evidence that the Tower of Babel DID Exist
Half the world seems to say the Bible is pure bunk, while the other half says it’s, well, the word of God. Now comes a professor who isn’t religious to say that a baked tablet from ancient Babylon gives evidence that the biblical tower of Babel was real. And his evidence is quite persuasive. ....
Abortion Foes Cheer Series of Advances, as Opponents Protest
From the U.S. Capitol and the White House to far-flung battlegrounds in Arizona, Iowa and elsewhere, it's been a dramatic fortnight in the debate over access to abortion and birth control. Foes of abortion celebrated a series of advances and claimed new momentum....
Turkish President: We Will Protect Against the Judaization of Jerusalem
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday vowed that his government would work with the Palestinian people to guard against the “Judiazation of Jerusalem,”… Erdogan made the comments to Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdella….
120-Yr-Old Church Drops 'Baptist' From Name Due to 'Negative Stereotypes'
The First Baptist Church of Geneva in Kane County in Illinois is now called Chapelstreet Church, after they removed the mention of the denomination from its 120-year-old name hoping to be more welcoming to people..


President Trump Nominates Ten Conservatives to be Federal Judges
President Donald Trump unveiled a slate of ten judicial nominees to the federal courts on Monday who are mainstream conservatives, taking the next step to fulfill his campaign promise after his successful appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. When it comes to judicial nominations, the president is best known for.......
Texas Bill Would Let Adoption Agencies Refuse Parents on Religious Grounds
Texas lawmakers are poised to vote on a bill that would allow adoption agencies to turn away potential parents they find objectionable on religious grounds. Opponents say the proposed law would allow faith-based agencies to discriminate against potential parents who are gay, single or of a religion that members of the adoption agency find objectionable.
The bill's author insists it heads off any potential discrimination by mandating......
California May End Ban on Communists In Government Jobs
Being a communist would no longer be a fireable offense for California government employees under a bill passed Monday by the state Assembly.....
Hank Hanegraaff Reveals He Has Rare Form of Cancer, Reads Orthodox Prayer Surrendering to God
"Bible Answer Man" Hank Hanegraaff has told his supporters that doctors have discovered he has a rare form of cancer.....
Conflicting Gender Segment Deleted From 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' Episode on Netflix
The Netflix version of a 1996 episode of Bill Nye's famous children's science television program appears to have cut out a segment that teaches that there are only two possibilities for gender — boy or girl. That segment contradicts Nye's current beliefs on gender identity...


North Korea Arrests Christian Professor; Fourth US Citizen Held as Crisis Between Nations Escalates
North Korea has reportedly arrested a U.S. citizen and professor from the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology who has identified himself as a Christian. He is now the fourth American held by Kim Jong-un's regime. The state-run KCNA news agency said Kim Hak-song was detained on May 6, becoming the second U.S. citizen arrested from the evangelical-funded PUST, and the fourth American to currently be held. ...
Sax: 'I Just Want Her To Be Happy'  —The Collapse of American Parenting
....Why are American-born children now under-represented among the ranks of the innovative? This pattern is not confined to the winners of science contests. There has been a collapse of creativity among American-born kids. American kids are now less creative and less innovative compared with American kids just twenty years ago.  I have been a medical doctor in the United States for more than thirty years. Today, I often hear American parents say, “I just want my child to be happy.” Unfortunately, when you let contemporary American kids do whatever makes them happy, the result is likely spending time on unproductive and wasteful pastimes....
CBN News: Why Many Christians Are Calling for a Full Repeal of the Johnson Amendment
 The early word on President Donald Trump's religious freedom executive order is that it doesn't go far enough.  Many Christians want a full repeal of the Johnson Amendment in order to prevent the Internal Revenue Service from going after non-profit organizations and churches.....
The Stream: Former Obama DHS Official on ISIS Slaughtering Egyptian Christians: ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’
....In a tweet posted Sunday, Mohamed Elibiary, who formerly served as senior member of the DHS’ Homeland Security Advisory Council, stated, “Reading ISIS’s latest mag ‘otherizing’ Egypt’s Copts. Subhanallah how what goes around comes around. Coptic leaders did same to MB Egyptians.” “Subhanallah” is Arabic for “Glory to Allah,” and so in this tweet, Elibiary is expressing praise to Allah for the fact that ISIS is killing Egyptian Christians as apparent retribution for Coptic leaders doing the same to members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.....
Breaking Israel News: Ancient Tablet Proving Existence of Tower of Babel Deciphered After 100 Years
An ancient tablet believed to depict the Biblical Tower of Babel has been deciphered 100 years after its discovery and may represent the first-ever image of the real Tower when it stood in Babylon during Biblical times. The amazing tale of the tablet is told in a series produced by the Smithsonian. For scholars, the tablet offers proof that the Tower of Babel wasn’t just a work of fiction, the series argues, but “an actual building from antiquity.”....
Breitbart:Sally Yates Won’t Say If Trump Was Wiretapped
Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates declined to say any Presidential candidates had their communications intercepted by American intelligence during the 2016 campaign Monday. “Was there any incidental collection, where our intelligence community collects information involving a presidential candidate, on either side of the aisle, during 2015 or 2016,” Sen. Lindsay Graham’s (R-SC) asked Yates and fellow witness before the Senate Judiciary Committee.....
Cooper Abrams: A Mother's Faith— A Mother's Day Sermon
....According to the poll, the person with the greatest influence was a person's mother. 42% of men and 53% of woman said that mother was the most influential person in their life.  On this Mother's Day we pause to honor mothers and to reflect on the important contribution they have made to our lives. ....
Scientology Facilities Closed After Police Find People Held Prisoner Inside
Scientology centers in Tennessee have been closed after police rescued two patients being held and medicated against their will. “We proceeded up the hill through a gated, makeshift paddock that is secured externally with a steel latch,” the Cannon County officers reported. There, they saw the person who had called them looking out through a Plexiglas window. “He is locked inside the cabin with no way to remove himself from the building,” the report went on.....
Hilgemann: Dear Christians, Please Stop The Angry Social Media Comments
With the advent of social media, I’ve seen the problem grow. Someone posts a link to an article, and without fail, some “Christian” leaves a negative comment...Christians are far too quick to judge an article based only on the headline. But for those of you who don’t know, the purpose of a headline is to get your attention and compel you to want to read the article. It’s impossible to say in a sentence what the article explains in a thousand words..
Lifezette: How the Abortion Industry Will Take a Hit Under 'Trumpcare'
As most people know by now, the House of Representatives passed a health care bill last week, by a vote of 217-213, that repealed former President Obama’s health care law. The bill — if passed into law — will redirect hundreds of millions of federal dollars away from the abortion industry.....
Four Things The Washington Post Got Wrong About Christian Conservatives and 'Putin's Russia'
In its Monday edition, The Washington Post published a front-page article that attempted to show how some Christian conservatives in the United States, including Franklin Graham, are building Russian ties and starting to view Russian President Vladimir Putin "as a potential ally."....
88-Year-Old Graduate: 'With God All Things Are Possible'
Rev. Horace Sheffield started college at Shorter University in 1959. Now, 58 years later he's finally a graduate.  The 88-year-old left Shorter without a diploma back 1965 because his family needed him.  "I had some daughters that were getting ready to go to college and I couldn't go to college and put them through, so I dropped out with 115 hours," he said......
Jonathan Watson: The Importance of Regenerate Church Membership
....While the phrase “regenerate church membership” may sound theoretical and impractical, it is a doctrine of intense practical importance. Three key aspects of importance should be noted. First, regenerate church membership provides a common ground for fellowship and for fulfilling the “one another” commands of the New Testament....
David R. Brumbelow: 13 Reasons Why Not to Commit Suicide
....The Bible is God’s letter to you.  In its pages you will find strength, hope, truth, love, joy.  Start reading in the Gospel of John or Luke.  Check out Psalms and Proverbs.  There’s stuff in there you never imagined.....
Justin Deeter: The Failure of Theological Liberalism
As liberal theology developed from within Protestantism in the 19th century, it created a crisis of authority within Christianity in America. The squabbling over orthodoxy spurred theological innovation. Such innovation diminished the authority of Scriptures, eschewed dogmatic claims, and revised Christianity with modernism....
U.S. Officials Help Chinese Christian Family Escape to America
A Chinese Christian woman and her two daughters, ages 15 and 4, escaped from a Thai jail and eventually made it to the United States with the help of U.S. Embassy officials, according to the AP. Chen Guiqiu fled China with her two children after authorities imprisoned her husband, Xie Yang, a well-known human rights lawyer, on a charge of inciting subversion. The three are now safe in the U.S., but it was a close call......
People Who Read Books Tend To Be Nicer Than Those Who Don't - Study Says
Does reading books make you a nicer person? Or are nicer people more likely to be drawn to reading?A recent study by researchers at Kingston University found that......
Christian School Under Fire for Cancelling Transgender Play for 5-Year-Olds
A Catholic school district is facing backlash for cancelling a play about gender identity aimed at 5 to 10-year-olds.  The play is called Boys, Girls and Other Mythological Creatures and it's the newest controversy in an on-going saga surrounding gender identity and transgenderism. ....
Christian Post: Family Radio After Harold Camping: Donations Up, Answers in Genesis Joins Programming
Nearly four years after the death of their controversial president, Harold Camping, Family Radio appears to be on the mend, with a reported increase in donations and the addition of entities like Answers in Genesis to its regular programming.....
Tennessee School District Temporarily Halts Bible Club Following Complaint From Atheist Activist Group
Officials at a school district in Tennessee have temporarily shut down a Bible club at a local elementary school following a complaint from a prominent atheist activist group...
Wally Morris: The Emptiness of a Full Life
....When Christ spoke about a person gaining the world, that implies that a person can achieve and gain quite a lot. The world is a big place with much to offer and much to do. The opportunities are almost endless, and the attractions can be very attractive....Yet all of this fulfillment can end up being empty. .
Taigen Joos: Honorable Christian Manhood— Part 3
The need for Honorable Christian Manhood is great because the assaults on Honorable Christian Manhood are great.....


In Egypt, a 50-Year-Old Christian Is Executed By the Islamic State
A group of armed men shot dead an Egyptian Christian in a barber shop. The execution took place in the late evening of 6 May in the city of Al-Arish, capital of the North Sinai governorate, where a wave of violence against the religious minority has caused hundreds of families to flee in the recent weeks. There are armed bands and Islamic State affiliated jihadist groups operating in the area, fighting Cairo's security forces for control over the territory......
'Every Democrat Should Support Abortion,' Claims Party Chief
Abortion should be supported by every member of the US Democratic Party without exception, according to its Committee Chairman. Thomas Perez claimed it was “not negotiable” that members give their backing to abortion on demand. ....
Harvard Accused of Bid to Airbrush Out Its Christian Heritage
Prestigious American university Harvard is considering removing a line from its ceremonial song which references its Christian heritage...
Harvard takes its name from John Harvard, who emigrated with the Puritans to the United States in the 1600s and left his academic books to the institution after his death......
Hot Air:Another Post-Election Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Fake
...One incident which was widely reported at the time involved a church in Indiana which had been spray-painted with a swastika and the phrase “Heil Trump.” A slur for gay people was also painted on the church. This week police revealed the crime was actually a “false flag” carried out by the church’s own organist, who is himself gay......
David Cloud: A Godly Love for Reading and Learning
Churches should challenge the young people to be studious, to be students of the Bible, first, and then students of life in general as God made it. Everything you learn can enrich your life, marriage, and ministry. God made man’s amazing mind, and He did not make it to waste on laziness and vanity. ....
Thirsty Theologian: John Wyclif and the Revival of English Preaching
The three centuries before the Reformation were, writes J. C. Ryle, “probably the darkest period in the history of English Christianity.” During this time, England was “thoroughly, entirely, and completely Roman Catholic.” Into this age of spiritual darkness, 150 years before Martin Luther, was born John Wyclif, “the morning star of the Reformation.” ....
Matt Recker: Principles of Christian Service from the Unprofitable Servant
....Christian service is a high and undeserved honor. The servant in this story first worked outside and then inside. We must not be offended at anything commanded of us by Jesus Christ. Any service commanded by Him will strengthen our faith....


MONDAY EDITION May 8th, 2017
CBN News: Atheist Group Jumps to Sue Trump Over Religious Liberty Executive Order
A Wisconsin-based atheist group is asking a federal judge to strike down President Donald Trump's latest executive order, which is designed to protect religious freedoms. The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) filed a lawsuit just hours after President Trump signed the executive order that would block the enforcement of the Johnson Amendment. ...
The Hill: Religious Liberty Order Disappoints Some Conservatives
Some conservatives are frustrated by President Trump’s new religious liberty order, saying it is dramatically scaled back from what they were expecting and doesn’t enact the protections he promised during the campaign...Ahead of the signing, religious conservatives hoped the order would resolve a number of issues they say conflict with their faiths, including LGBT anti-discrimination protections and ObamaCare regulations on contraception in employer-provided insurance. But after reviewing the text of the much-anticipated order, prominent conservatives described it as useless at best and harmful at worst. ...
ChinaAid: Over 30 Christians, Including an American Family With Children, Detained Overnight In China
Police officers raided a house church meeting in China’s southern Guangdong province on Wednesday evening, detaining 30 of the members in attendance including the pastor and an American couple with two children. More than 20 officers broke into Zhongfu Wanmin Church approximately a half hour into their evening service on May 3. The church members attempted to take pictures of the raid, but officers confiscated all cell phones, ID cards, and bank cards. “How could the police take away their bank cards?” a local pastor asked while recounting the events to a ChinaAid reporter. “This is a very recent [change in behavior for officers.]”...
CNN: ‘Alarming’ Rise In Children Hospitalized With Suicidal Thoughts or Actions
The percentage of younger children and teens hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or actions in the United States doubled over nearly a decade, according to new research…A steady increase in admissions due to suicidality and serious self-harm occurred at 32 children’s hospitals across the nation from 2008 through 2015, the researchers found. ....
Darren Carlson: Four Ways Satan Uses Christian Generosity for Evil 
Whether it’s small-town churches scrapping funds together through bake sales and car washes for a short-term mission trip, or large foundations funding building projects around the world, Christians want to see their money used for good. Yet too often their donations have an unintended effect. I want to introduce you to four ways Satan has used Christian charity for evil. ..
Lifezette: Franklin Graham Graham ‘We Need to Protect Christians’ Here and Abroad
Christians who do not support the LGBT agenda in this country face persecution, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said this week...“We need not only put a spotlight on what is happening around the world, but what is happening here in this country, where Christians are being persecuted, but in a different way,” Graham said. “It’s not with a gun or a sword, but they are being forced out of business because they did not support the gay-lesbian agenda.”.....
Rachel Alexander: Public Prayer In America Facing Serious Threats
....The U.S. has a long, cherished tradition of prayer in the public sphere. There is a reason we enjoy an annual National Day of Prayer. But many people disagree. They try to use the law and the courts to empty our public life of any recognition of God. State legislatures around the country already protect public prayer, and Congress should do the same.....
Relevant Mag: How To Love God While You're Suffering from a Mental Illness
....Mental illness can be a road filled with overwhelming feelings of condemnation, fear and rejection. And as I grow in my understanding of the Lord’s heart, His voice sounds different now from the way it did when I was a depressed 16-year-old. ..
Chuck Lawless: Eight Ways the Internet Can Hurt the Church 
I’m grateful for the Internet. Via it, we can find available resources, communicate with missionaries, train international believers, and evangelize the global lost. On the other hand, here are some ways the use of the Internet has hurt the church.......
Excitement and Caution as Liberty U. Awaits Trump Commencement Speech
It’s exam week at Liberty University and everywhere are signs of last-minute cramming... But final exams aren’t the only tests facing the outwardly placid campus this week. Students at the nation’s largest Christian university are also preparing for the arrival of President Trump, who is to deliver the commencement address for the Class of 2017 on May 13. He will be the first......
CBN News:ISIS Militants Kill Christian Man in Northern Sinai
Gunmen have shot dead a Christian man inside a barbershop in Egypt's northern Sinai, security officials said on Sunday - the latest attack on Christians in the turbulent region contested by a local affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group.....
Christian Today: Young Evangelicals More Liberal Than Parents on Gay Rights, Remain Conservative on Abortion 
....The Pew Forum found that LGBT rights is the most high-profile hot button issue where younger evangelicals take a more inclusive stance than the older generation...The report also highlights data which show the Millennial generation takes a less conservative stance than its forbears on both immigration and environmentalism......
Reuters: China To Further Tighten Its Internet Controls
China will further tighten its internet regulations with a pledge on Sunday to strengthen controls over search engines and online news portals, the latest step in President Xi Jinping’s push to maintain strict Communist Party control over content. Xi has made China’s “cyber sovereignty” a top priority in his sweeping campaign to bolster security...
Geoffrey Grider: The Coming Destruction of the United Nations
Until the founding of the United Nations in 1945, there had never been a gathering all of the world powers in one place. That this takes place in our day is not only unique in world history, but was also foretold by the prophets of the Old Testament. .....
New York Times: A Monument to Jesus In the City of Mao
Sweeping heavenward like an enormous glass-and-metal ski jump, a new Protestant church dominates the crumbled earth, freshly planted trees and unfinished water features of a suburban park under construction in Changsha.
About 260 feet tall and topped by a cross, the Xingsha Church is bigger even than the biggest statue of Mao Zedong in China, less than 10 miles west of here....
Ch. Post: Four Things The Washington Post Got Wrong About Christian Conservatives and 'Putin's Russia'
In its Monday edition, The Washington Post published a front-page article that attempted to show how some Christian conservatives in the United States, including Franklin Graham, are building Russian ties and starting to view Russian President Vladimir Putin "as a potential ally."....
Help Coming for Christians Fighting Pakistani Blasphemy Claims?
...The penalty under Pakistani law for insulting Islam is death, but mobs have been imposing the penalty without waiting for the judicial process to finish......
RealClearPolicy: The Role of Religious Freedom Today
Throughout history religion has played a stabilizing role in society. When practiced freely, religion establishes a moral compass for people to follow, which in turn leads to tolerance of differing views and comity in civil society. Free expression of religion allows pluralistic religious organizations to exist within modern secular states, and can ease ideological conflicts by.......
American Conservative: Egypt and the End of the Secular Middle East
...In the new post-2013 environment, there are multiple reasons why Christians are such a natural target for Islamist terror. ....
CBN News: Kazakhstan Cracks Down on Religious Freedom
....Kazakhstan's constitution guarantees religious freedom, but groups such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Protestant Christians face regular harrassment.....
Timothy George: Fosdick's Reformation
...Long before Norman Vincent Peale had developed his own distinctive brand of therapeutic preaching, Fosdick perfected his pulpit performance, a style of preaching defined as “personal counseling on a group scale.” ....


Charlotte Observer: Will There Be a 'Next' Billy Graham?
....The Charlotte-born Graham is now 98, lives quietly in his mountain home in Montreat, and hasn’t preached to a packed-stadium crusade in 12 years. Yet no “next Billy Graham” has emerged – that is, no American religious figure who commands as much fame, impact, and respect as Graham did......
Time: Inside Evangelical Leaders' Private White House Dinner
On the eve of the first National Day of Prayer of his presidency, Donald Trump invited his closest evangelical advisors to join him for a private, long-awaited dinner celebration at the White House......
Washington Times: Saving Syrian and Iraqi Christians
....According to the Pew Research Center, Christians are the world’s most widely persecuted faith community. The systematic oppression of Christians, ranging from nonviolent discrimination to acts of extreme violence, is taking place in more than 75 percent of the countries of the world...
Trump's Religious Liberty Order Doesn't Answer Most Evangelicals' Prayers
....While the Trump’s broad vision to “protect and vigorously promote religious liberty” holds promise for people of faith, it lacks some of the specific conscience safeguards many conservative Christians wanted to see....
McDowell: Atheists May Not Believe In God, But They Still Live in His World
....Many people claim not to believe in God, but in my experience, it’s only a matter of time before their lives betray them. Why? Remember, even those who don’t believe in God still live in the world God created. It’s inescapable......
Franklin Graham: 'Christians Are Being Persecuted' Because They Don't Support 'Gay-Lesbian Agenda'
Commenting on the persecution of Christians around the world, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said it was imperative to also shine a light on persecution in the United States, where many Christians are under attack because "they do not support the gay-lesbian agenda.".
MacArthur: Who Is Lord of the Church?
The truth that Christ is Lord of His church may sound somewhat benign to a casual listener in our generation, but the struggle for Christ’s authority in the church has come to us through the ages on a sea of blood. ....


Breitbart: Pew Survey Says American Trust Level in Federal Government Plummets to Historic Lows
Pew Research Center’s national survey on the overall trust of the American people in the federal government is “near historic lows,” with just 20 percent saying they trust it to do what’s right “always or most of the time.” Those that trust the government “some of the time” is much higher — 68 percent — and 11 percent said they “never trust the government.”....
Christian Post: What Trump's Religious Freedom Order Does and Doesn't Do
Much has been made about the executive order promoting religious liberty signed by President Donald Trump, leaving some prominent conservatives & religious freedom advocates disappointed while others are calling the order the most significant moment for religious liberty in decades.
Indonesia Hard-Liners Call for Jailing of Christian Governor
Thousands of conservative Muslims took to the streets of the Indonesian capital on Friday to call for the jailing of its minority Christian governor who is on trial on charges of blaspheming the Koran.
Jerry Falwell Jr. Calls Donald Trump a 'Dream President' For Evangelicals
..."I think evangelicals have found their dream president," Falwell declared on Fox News. He argued that the president achieved a great deal in his first 100 days, and gospel-centered Christians are grateful. "I think reuniting Israel with America after eight years of treating them badly..."
Satanic Temple to Erect First Ever Satanic Monument on Public Property
City leaders in Belle Plaine, Minnesota have granted The Satanic Temple permission to erect a satanic monument next to a Christian memorial.  The Veterans Memorial Park is used to honor fallen veterans of war. The Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts is planning to erect a memorial in the park: a black cube, inscribed with inverted pentagrams and has an empty soldier's helmet on top...
AA video filmed on a shaky cell phone captured Chinese police decked out in riot gear clamoring over the wall of Chengan Church in Wenzhou in the darkness of night to install surveillance cameras inside the church building. Worship singing heard in the background soon gives way to shouting as a scuffle breaks out between the police and church members trying to protect their church. In another video, a police officer swings an ax to break the padlocked gate of Xiaying Church as parishioners watch from inside.  These scenes from late March seem like a replay...
Michael Snyder: Does Anyone In Washington Even Care That We Are 20 Trillion Dollars In Debt?
..this deal actually increases spending at a time when our debt has been absolutely exploding. 
Julie Roys: Why Trump's Religious Freedom Order Falls Far Short of Promises
Another Hate Crime Hoax: Church Organist Admits He Vandalized His Own Church with Trump and Nazi Slogans
Robert Arvay: Darkness Is at the Heart of Liberal Progressivism
P.J. Media: Why We Shouldn't Put Christian 'Celebrities' on a Pedestal
Christian Judge In the Crosshairs of a Liberal Vendetta In Oregon
WND: District Told to Fix Damage From F-Bombing School Official
A Pennsylvania school district that employs a “gay” F-bombing assistant principal who was captured on an 18-minute video berating two teen pro-life advocates on a public sidewalk has been warned to make amends or face legal consequences.
Alan Keyes: Discarding Christianity Discards Truths of Humanity
....But in the context of the biblical patriotism of the Christian age, the doctrines and demands Rome despised produced  self-discipline, accessible to people of all stations in life. 
Fast Company: Digital Minimalism
How to drastically cut back on overuse of your cell phone and devices.
ISIS Tells Muslims 'Stay Away From Christian Gatherings', Warns of New Massacres
Bruce Thornton: The Left's Continuing Homage to Communism
Why progressives pay no price for clinging to their murderous ideology. 
Mark Tapson: The Nightmare Reality of the Communist Dream
Another communist fantasizes that ‘this time’ they’ll get it right. 
 Bawer: Celebrating Communism At the New York Times
Ch. Post: Small Florida Congregation Merges With Megachurch
A small, declining Baptist congregation in Florida is merging with a nearby megachurch and will serve as a satellite campus.
Will Trump Confront Renewed Religious Repression in Russia?
....This kind of paranoia and religious discrimination has also affected, to a lesser degree, other “non-historically Russian” minorities such as Baptists, Lutherans, Seventh-day Adventists, Mormons, and Pentecostals as well as Orthodox schismatics and some Muslim groups...
Michael Brown: A Huffington Post Humanist Urges the Church to Stop Using the Bible as a Moral Guide
Lifezette: The Real Objectives of Trump’s Religious Liberty Order
....President Trump detailed the two main objectives of the executive order: allowing church leaders to speak on political issues without being censored by the government, and striving to protect the conscience rights of faithful Americans.
Why There Will NEVER Be A Political Solution To America’s Problems
...But no matter what, the downward spiral of our nation just continues to accelerate. 
Mrvin Olasky: Preaching To Millennials
Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God, Augustine said. How can pastors when preaching use that insight?
Thom Rainer: 15 Really Strange Reasons Not To Attend Church
I asked church leaders and churchgoers to share some really good excuses they've heard from people who choose not to attend church. I got some fascinating responses.
David Murray: The Most Common Reasons Pastors Fall
Jeremy Wilson: For Those Who Are 'Over' Church
...Considering giving up on church? Reconsider. Punishing the church with your absence actually weakens both sides. That’s a lose-lose.
Joshua Jenkins: THINK MUCH ON GRACE!
Our minds could never rumage through to the ends of grace.
Tom Wheeler: Christ as Firstborn
One of the most important doctrines of Christian faith is the deity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus must be God to save us.


FRIDAY EDITION May 5th, 2017
Trump Signs Order Giving Religious Groups Greater Political Freedom 
Donald Trump, in a long-anticipated overture to the religious right, signed an executive order on Thursday directing the IRS to weaken its enforcement of a rule barring churches and tax-exempt groups from endorsing political candidates.  With the same stroke of his pen, he took steps to resolve a longtime dispute over an Obama-era rule requiring contraception coverage in employer healthcare plans, in favor of religious employers that oppose birth control.  Trump signed the order as he marked the National Day of Prayer. Throughout the campaign and his presidency, Trump and his inner circle have portrayed religious rights as being under serious assault. “We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced any more and we will never ever stand for religious discrimination,” Trump said to a group of faith leaders gathered in the White House Rose Garden. “With this executive order, we are ending the attacks on your religious liberty.”...
Faith Leaders React to Trump’s Religious Liberty Order: Did He 
Go Far Enough?
Faith leaders are revealing some mixed reactions to President Donald Trump's new Religious Liberty Executive order. Some say it falls short of addressing several key issues that were included in a draft of the order that circulated over the winter.
Nat. Review: Trump’s Executive Order On Religious Liberty Is Worse Than Useless
Ben Shapiro: Five Things You Need To Know About Republicans Passing The American Health Care Act
Joe Carter: What You Should Know About Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Liberty
Netanyahu Slashes UN Funding: “Israel Will Not Sit By While UN Denies Our Sovereignty”
....Polls have found millennials shockingly willing to curb fundamental rights of fellow citizens, such as Pew’s finding that 40 percent think minorities’ levels of offendedness should serve as a criteria the government uses to shut down speech.
Daily Mirror: In His First Criminal Cases, Neil Gorsuch Already Mirroring Scalia
It is only Neil M. Gorsuch’s first month as an associate justice on the Supreme Court, but he is already showing just how similar his judicial philosophy is to that of his predecessor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia.
Meeting of Christian Leaders Raided By China Government
Authorities in China’s northeastern Liaoning province conducted a massive raid against a gathering of house church pastors on April 26.
CBN News: A Blow to ObamacareHouse Passes GOP Health Care Reform Bill
The GOP crafted American Health Care Act made it through on a vote of 217 to 213. It now heads to the Senate where it is expected to face fierce debate.
Franklin Graham: Christians In America Are ‘Persecuted’ by LGBT Agenda
Evangelist Franklin Graham said Tuesday that Christians in America who oppose the LGBT agenda are being “persecuted” and singled out “over and over and over again” for acting in accordance with their biblical convictions on sexuality.
Fistfight Erupts as Church Members Seek to Fire GA Pastor Accused of Adultery
Judge Roy Moore on SPLC: ‘They Hate God and They Hate Anything About God and Christianity’
CBN News: 'Praise Allah!' Islam Tries 'Evangelical' Approach in Nigeria
A growing number of Muslim groups in Africa's largest nation are mimicking Pentecostal forms of worship as a way of winning converts.
UK Telegraph: Teetotalism on Rise in UK as Hospital Admissions for Alcohol Problems Rise
Lifezette: Pope's Political Views Stir Talk of a Communist Mentor
Francis and the religious Left are 'not strengthening Catholic identity,' says author of new book.
Networks Complain Trump’s Religious Liberty Order Will ‘Erase' Obama’s 'Legacy’
Calling the order “controversial,” the three networks warned the bill would likely cause discrimination and fretted about forced birth control coverage.
ACLU Immediately Threatens To Sue Trump For Executive Order On Religious Freedom
....“President Trump’s efforts to promote religious freedom are thinly-veiled efforts to unleash his conservative religious base into the political arena while also using religion to discriminate...”
Neil Gorsuch Is Already Shaking Up Business as Usual at Supreme Court
Relevant: The Horror Facing the People of North Korea Every Day
....There’s no real way to get accurate numbers of Christians in North Korea, but experts guess the number is somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 Christians who are all forced to practice in secrecy.
Daily Signal: France's Election Is Also a Crossroads for Europe
.....when French voters go to the polls for the second, decisive round in their country’s presidential election on May 7, they will choose between two candidates who hold diametrically opposing national security platforms—centrist Emmanuel Macron and the far-right National Front party’s Marine Le Pen.
Cripplegate: Reasons to Avoid Churches Who Will Not Practice Church Discipline
When practiced biblically, [church discipline] is consistent with biblical love, care, and obedience to Christ. It is that sacred process where the holiness of God is upheld, the purity of the church maintained, and the value of souls practiced.


CBN News: President Trump Ready to Sign Religious Freedom Order on National Day of Prayer
President Trump reportedly will sign a controversial religious liberty executive order as religious rights leaders plead for protection after years of attacks from the Obama administration.  Citing senior administration officials, Politico reports that Trump has invited conservative speakers to the White House, where he will sign the executive order.The draft seeks to provide exemptions for religious people and organizations who object to same-sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion, contraception and trans identity.   ..
Christian Bakers Refuse New 'Gay Marriage Rocks' Order, Despite Losing Discrimination Battle
Daniel and Amy McArthur of Ashers Baking Company have reportedly refused a new order to bake an engagement cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan, six months after losing a legal battle over their rights to turn down orders that clash with their beliefs.
Breitbart News: Abbas Misleads Trump—‘We Are Raising Our Children on a Culture of Peace’
Standing alongside President Donald Trump at the White House today, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas attempted to whitewash decades of official PA incitement to violence and anti-Israel indoctrination that continue unabated until today.
Donald Trump: Israeli and Palestinian Peace ‘the Toughest Deal to Make’
President Donald Trump met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday, calling for his country to work with Israel for a lasting peace deal.
Purdue Professor Argues Images of Aborted Babies Are 'Child Pornography'
Donald Trump Is a 'Dream President' for Evangelical Christians, Says Jerry Falwell Jr
Nancy Pelosi Says Democrats Should Welcome Abortion Opponents
Navy Chaplain Punished Over Biblical Advice on Homosexuality Felt 'Betrayed' by America
New Hamas Policy Lays Claim to Holy Places in Jerusalem, 'The Muslim Birthplace of Jesus
ISIS a Reenactment of Biblical War Between Israel and the Amalekites, Military Analysts Say
CBN NEWS:  Hamas Calls for Israel's Annihilation as Abbas Meets Trump
Hamas, the Palestinian faction ruling the Gaza Strip, has released a policy statement that demands Jerusalem for a Palestinian capital and alludes to the total destruction of Israel. The statement came as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas came to Washington to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump.
The communists who took the reins in China in 1949 viewed religion as backward and superstitious. Authorities did their best to wipe out religious life. And by the end of the 1970s, they'd been very successful...But these days... religion has not only survived in modern China, it's thriving.
WND: Is Russell Moore A Leftist?
...Russell Moore is a leftist. This is hard to swallow for evangelicals. But I say, watch what he does going forward. He will hire more Karen Swallow Priors. He will continue to be the useful idiot of New York-based media. He will continue to show his contempt for Bible-believing conservative Christians (who pay his salary!).
Christian Post: Trump Cabinet Members Attend Weekly Bible Study for 'Maturity in Christ'
Capitol Ministries, a Washington D.C. based ministry seeking to "make disciples of Jesus Christ in the political arena throughout the world" seeks to help members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet and other politicians in the nation's capital become more mature Christians through weekly Bible studies.
The Christian Post: South SudanIn Midst of Genocide, Civil War 16,000 Seek Refuge at Church 'Where Jesus Is'
Ann Coulter: Swamp People: 47; Trump: 0
If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there’s no point in ever voting for a Republican again. 
Stonestreet: Can the Government Discriminate Against Religion? We're About to Find Out
Reading the Bible before class was enough to get an Arizona college student ordered by his professor to leave the classroom and referred to the dept.  head.
Pennsylvania School Official Suspended for Cursing at Pro-Life Teens

....The epitaph on the smaller box, probably used to carry the bones when travelling, was the key piece of evidence that led him to believe that the bones could perhaps be those of John the Baptist. The finding is hugely important, partly because John the Baptist was both a disciple of Jesus and his cousin – meaning they would share DNA. 

The answer to that question may be a little more nuanced than you think. 
....Every sin deserves God’s wrath, but some sins receive different temporal ramifications than others. God has stipulated that those he has set over his flock must not be sinners of the blatant, notorious type...
Reissig: Five Things Your Wife Wishes You Knew (But Might Never Tell You)
Here are five things your stay-at-home wife wishes you knew about the work of the home.
Thom Rainer: Ten Reasons It Is More Difficult to Be a Pastor Today
…it is more difficult to be a pastor today than earlier years. At least ten major issues led to these challenges.
Islamic State Tries to Impose Sharia on Christians in Egypt's Sinai
Mark Creech: Treating Gays as Sinners Is Equality Because We're All Sinners

SBC Voices: There  Are More Full Time Senior Pastors Over 65 Than Under 40....
Go visit around the churches in your area. If the article below is to be believed you would encounter more gray hair (and presumably experience and wisdom) in pulpits than the high and tight or undercut tonsorial looks (along with youth and inexperience). You would find more senior pastors who are on Medicare than Obamacare and more pastors who are seeing life’s sunset days rather than the bright days of life’s prime. The full time churches would have more senior pastors who are over 65 than under 40.
CNN: Parishioners Survive Tornado Inside Church 'By the Grace of God'
Parishioners dropped to the floor and fought the wind to seal the doors to their hallway refuge as a tornado ripped apart their church Saturday night.  About 45 people -- including toddlers and students -- were at the parish hall of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Emory, a town outside of Dallas, Texas, when they received warning that a tornado was approaching.  They decided to take refuge in a hallway between the parish hall and the main part of the church. "About 30 seconds after we went into the hallway, it hit," said Monica Hughes, a youth minister who was among those gathered at the hall to honor high school graduates.......
Christian News Net: Florida Teacher Accused of Promoting Homosexual Advocacy in Math Classroom....
A religious liberties organization has submitted a letter of complaint to a school district in Florida after being contacted by parents who say that their child’s math teacher is promoting homosexual advocacy in the classroom. The teacher denies any wrongdoing.
Reuters: U.S. Top Court Rejects 'Gay Conversion' Therapy Ban Challenge....
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left intact California's ban on "gay conversion" therapy aimed at turning youths under age 18 away from homosexuality, rejecting a Christian minister's challenge to the law asserting it violates religious rights.
CNS News: Franklin Graham Homosexuality Is Defined by God as Sin, The 'Conversion Therapy' Is Jesus ....
Commenting on legislation introduced by congressional Democrats to ban conversion therapy -- even for homoseuxals who want the treatment -- Reverend Franklin Graham said all persons are born with a fallen, sinful nature and that God defines homosexual behavior as a "sin," an "abomination to Him." The one "conversion therapy" that works for all sin, said Graham, is to ask "Jesus Christ to come into our hearts."  Last week, Democrats introduced the "Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act of 2017," which would allow the Federal Trade Commission to classify conversion therapy as fraudulent.
Geoffrey Grider: Billy Graham Errors Down Thru the Years...
....Did you know that Billy Graham believed and taught that you could be saved and not know it? That the Body of Christ will include non-Christians from other religions as well as pagans? How about the time he told Larry King on CNN that he feels absolutely comfortable worshipping in a Mormon church? Now before you go and stroke out over what I’m telling you, take a moment to....
Charlotte Observer: Rebel Catholic Group Defies Church, Ordains Woman Priest In North Carolina....
An international group defiantly opposed to the Roman Catholic Church’s ban on women priests Sunday ordained its first woman Catholic priest in the 46 counties that make up the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.The ordination ceremony for Abigail Eltzroth happened in Asheville at Jubilee! – a nondenominational faith community – with Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan presiding.
Creationists Cheer Findings in Bear Genome Sequencing Project..   ..
....According to the biological definition of a species, individuals from different species are generally unable to interbreed and produce fertile offspring. Grizzly bears and polar bears apparently didn’t get that memo because they have been known to crossbreed, and the offspring  they produce are  fertile. 
CBN News: College Student Barred from Reading Bible Before Class....
A Northern Arizona University student was forced by his professor and the school's history department chair to stop reading his Bible prior to the start of class.
What Will Turkish President Erdogan's New Powers Mean for Christians?...
Bill to Avoid Shutdown Funds Planned Parenthood Through September....
A Man Played 'Pokémon Go' in a Church— He May Spend 3 1/2 Years in Prison for It...
....“But, you know, I didn't catch the rarest Pokémon that you could find there — Jesus,” Sokolovsky, an outspoken atheist, said at the end of a video he recorded that day. “They said it doesn't even exist, so I'm not really surprised.”
The Gay Pride Flag Flown At Wheaton Christian College Before Being Taken Down..
Christian Post: West Virginia Governor Signs Bill to Stop Underage Abortions Without Parental Notification   ..
Daily Wire: Artificial Womb Presents Serious Problems For The Pro-Abortion Lobby....
....With this advancement, the goal posts will once again shift in order to accommodate progressive views on abortion. Why? Because abortion has never been an ethics issue for the progressive movement; it is and always has been a political issue
Christian Post: Christian University Students Call School's Biblical Views on Sex, Gender Identity 'UnChrist-Like'....
A student club at Seattle Pacific University recently protested against the Christian university because it adheres to biblical views on human sexuality and gender identity.
Christian Orphans in North Korea Tortured for Their Faith in Jesus Christ...
In Egypt, There May Be More Catholics In Graveyards Than In Churches....
David Paulin: Socialist-Run Venezuela Descends Into Chaos
Massive anti-government protests reach a tipping point. 
Answers In Genesis: Gene Editing and Designer Babies—Why the Future Desperately Needs Us....
The discovery of an easy way to “edit” genes may someday make it possible to manufacture “designer babies.” As science fiction becomes fact, humankind needs a biblical perspective now more than ever.
John Zmrik: Liberal Christianity is the Suicide of the Mind....
Raymond Ibrahim: Why Christians Vex Muslims and Fascists....
Authority vs. Freedom. 
Daniel Greenfield: Gorsuch Puts Down the Left’s Serial Rapist   ..
In his first vote, Justice Gorsuch stood with us. 
Amber Randall: Here’s Why the Religious Freedom Clause Doesn’t Protect Female Genital Mutilation ...
....The head of a Christian legal organization explained to The Daily Caller News Foundation why the religious freedom clause does not apply in the case of female genital mutilation, and will likely fail to provide legal cover in these cases.
Johannes de Jong: Trump Saves US-Allied Syrian Christians From Turkish Invasion
We should thank Trump for his support of U.S. allies in Syria — and pray that it continues....
Brian Croft: What Three Elements Should Be In Every Funeral Sermon?..
....A funeral sermon should not exceed 20 minutes and should highlight these three categories, preferably expounded from a text of Scripture...
Paul Rezkalla: Why Pray If God Has Already Decided Everything?...
....God not only ordains ends, he also ordains means. He plans the destination and the entire journey to get there. When God determined that Christ would die on the cross, he also determined the means by which he was killed, the means by which he was delivered to the authorities, and the means by....
David Cloud: The Slippery Slope of Spiritual Decline.....
A large number of the fundamental Baptist churches that existed in the 1970s and 1980s have either ceased to exist, have capitulated to the contemporary philosophy. or they are well on the way...
Brandenburg: Evangelicals Arguing about Pink Hair Dye on Male Church Members..
Taigen Joos: Honorable Christian Manhood—Part Two....
....Every man who claims the name of “Christian” is designed by God to live honorable lives for the glory of God. Yet not all men do. Today, there is an all-out assault on Christian manhood. 
Thom Rainer: Ten Common Sentiments Pastors Wish They Could Express....
There are many things pastors would like to say, but they don’t feel like they have the freedom to do so.
Howe: Seven Reasons Your Church Members Aren’t Using Your Church Website...
Survey Reveals 36 Percent of Americans Believe Bible is True
 Two new surveys have revealed what Americans believe about the Bible and how often they read it. The two surveys were conducted by the Barna Group and the American Bible Society and by LifeWay Research, respectively, according to Relevant Magazine. The Barna/American Bible Society study revealed that the number of Americans who read the Bible regularly and the number of Americans who are skeptical of the Bible has begun to stabilize after the amount of skeptics increased and the amount of regular Bible readers decreased in 2011.  ..
Consecration of Gay Bishop Against Church Law, Methodist Court Says
The United Methodist Church’s top court has ruled that the consecration of an openly gay pastor as bishop is against church law. But in a somewhat muddled ruling that could reflect the ongoing struggle to determine how great a role LGBTQ members can play in the second largest Protestant denomination in the U.S., the court also ruled that the Rev. Karen Oliveto, its first openly gay bishop, “remains in good standing.” The Rev. Bruce Ough, president of the denomination’s Council of Bishops, released a written statement imploring United Methodists to honor the council’s decision, which was announced Friday....
Palestinian Factions Reject Israel's Right To Exist
After two of the Palestinians’ most notorious Islamic terrorist groups, Hamas and Fatah, agreed that the nation of Israel has no right to exist, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas appears to be distancing himself with the factions in preparation of his meeting with President Donald Trump on May 3 to spur a pro-Palestinian foreign policy.....
UK Guardian: How Artificial Wombs Will Change Our Ideas of Gender, Family and Equality .....
.....This type of technology offers the most plausible chance yet for the possibility that an artificial womb may yet become a reality – a device in which an embryo might be brought to full term. Over the years scientists wary of the ethical tangles involved have become silent (or been silenced) on its creation. The researchers behind the Biobag have been similarly clear that their goal is not to use it to push back the current limits of when a foetus can survive outside the human womb. But the idea of babies carried to term “outside of woman” is no dystopian vision, and neither is it fanciful in motivation or practicality.
Robert Tracinski: The Top Five Forms of 'Socialism Denial' Rampant In the West
...Presenting socialists as the alternative to fascists is an old bit of Soviet propaganda dating back to the 1930s, when Communists and Nazis used to brawl against one another in the streets of Germany. Yes, they were bitter and deadly rivals, but only because they were competing over who got to wear the jackboots. This is the “Alien vs. Predator” of political contests: whoever wins, we lose.  The connection goes even deeper.....
National Review: Climate-Change Activists Are the Real Science Deniers
....Framing the climate debate as one between noble keepers of the scientific flame and people akin to Nazis gave the former group license to say almost anything. To the casual observer, even the most egregious exaggeration about climate science could seem reasonable compared with its outright rejection. Thus, Obama’s assertion in his 2015 State of the Union address that “no challenge — no challenge — poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change” became widely accepted.....
Christian Today:Franklin Graham on Christian Persecution: 'If We Don't Wake Up, It Will Be Too Late'
Hundreds of Christians and victims of persecution from around the world will meet next month in Washington for a World Summit in defence of persecuted Christians, organised by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The aim is to join hands with people of other churches and denominations of the Christian faith, 'to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ and to hear firsthand reports of the suffering taking place around the world,' says BGEA. ...
Christian Today: Why Are American Christians So Unhappy About America?
....The survey shows that 'Americans are generally dissatisfied with a variety of aspects of life in the US. In addition to their disenchantment with the morals and values of most Americans, adults also have widespread concerns about living conditions and circumstances in the country.' Digging into the results a little more, a majority of Americans are only 'very or somewhat satisfied' with two areas on which they were surveyed – their level of religious freedom and the practices of small businesses. In every other area, a majority of people reported being unsatisfied.....