NEWS ARCHIVE FOR MAY 21st-31st, 2017
CBN News:Islamic War Rages In Philippines as ISIS Overruns City, Murders Christians
Islamic radicals who have besieged much of a southern city in the Philippines are trying to establish a regional branch of ISIS in that country. The Philippine military says the radicals include foreign fighters and local gunmen. The military is conducting air strikes, trying to regain control of the city of Marawi that has been overrun by ISIS. Marawi is located on the island of Mindanao, where more than 100 people have died and 70,000 have fled since terrorists launched their attack.  Among the dead are nine Christians who were murdered merely for being followers of Jesus Christ. A Catholic priest who was taken hostage by the ISIS jihadists says he's being held along with 200 other captives, including children. In a video taken by the jihadists, Father Teresito Suganob says under duress that his captors want the military to withdraw its forces from Marawi....
Plans Underway for Construction of Third Temple in Jerusalem
....Retaking the temple was important to the Jewish world because the site was where King Solomon built the first Jewish temple. When that temple was destroyed, a second temple was built, only to later fall in 70 AD to the Romans....Rabbi Richman, director of the International Department of The Temple Institute, says he is committed to rebuilding Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.....
Market Watch: Baby Boomers Divorcing At Stunning Rate
Among U.S. adults ages 50 and older, the divorce rate has roughly doubled since the 1990s, according to a recent Pew Research Center report.....
US May Tacitly Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Report Says
The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday that President  Trump or Vice President Pence may participate in the event, hosted by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and that the broadcast could be perceived as the White House’s tacit recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem......
Israel Today: Trump Completely Un-enamored With Abbas
Reports have emerged that the closed door meeting between Trump and Abbas was definitely not friendly when Abbas reiterated that his Fatah faction was not involved in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement.
Breaking Israel News: Turkey Attempting to Take Over Jordanian Control of Temple Mount
...The Jerusalem municipality’s eastern Jerusalem experts have revealed in recent days that Turkey has been competing with Jordan over influence among Arab residents as well as over control of the Temple Mount, reports last week said.
ISIS Targets Children in Ramadan Attack Killing 31 in Ice Cream Shop Bombing
Saddleback Church Youth Leader Arrested for Abuse of Teens
New Atlas: CRISPR Gene-Editing Tool Causes Unintended Genetic Mutations
...questions over how precise the CRISPR tool is have been raised in a new study from Columbia University Medical Center, which shows this gene-editing technology can introduce hundreds of unintended mutations into the genome.
Ch. Post: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Declines to Host Traditional Ramadan Reception
Sec. of State Rex Tillerson broke a nearly two-decade old tradition by declining to host a special celebration honoring the Muslim holy month of Ramadan...this year from May 26 until June 24.
Illinois Purges Social Workers And Foster Families Who Don’t ‘Facilitate’ Transgenderism
Illinois’s child welfare agency has proclaimed staff must ‘affirm’ gender ideology and ‘facilitate’ LGBT identities for kids—or be fired. 
Crux: Overdosing From Despair— How the Church Can Fight the Opioid Epidemic
More people are dying than ever from overdosing on painkillers, and the Church is trying to help. Some pain is part of being human: Having no pain is dangerous. Christianity sees pain as both an opportunity for virtue and a union with Jesus: The pain of Christians is far more meaningful, and thus endurable.  THIS SOURCE IS A CATHOLIC SITE.   SEE DISCLAIMER.....
George Stiekes: Teach Me Thy Way
....It was the Word of God that produced the foundation for our own nation. Our early leaders, and the signers of our constitution respected the counsel of God’s Holy Word and we are drifting far from that foundation today. Now we have leaders who think they are adequate on their own to make history-changing decisions that will influence our nation for years to come.....
Scott Archer: The Rapture Will Be No Secret
....The human heart is too dark to be convinced by physical sight, evidence, and reason. Faith in Christ comes from a supernatural work wrought in the heart of the elect by God’s sovereign grace so that he gets all the glory. So, no, the rapture will not be secret......
David Cloud: Changes Within the Independent Baptist Movement
There is a fierce battle raging within the Independent Baptist (IB) movement between those who are committed to the old Bible paths and those who are enticed by a new way. When I was saved in 1973 and joined an IB church a couple of months later it was assumed that ........
Don Johnson: What Can We Do About Millennials & the Church?
....what can non-millennials do about the world that is growing up and coming to leadership all around us? We can’t change the world at large, or the beliefs of “millennials” as a class. They are what they are and the society they are creating is somewhat frightening to believers......
'The Temple Mount Is in Our Hands!' Hope Reborn for the Third Temple
The capture of Jerusalem's Temple Mount 50 years ago sent shockwaves throughout the Jewish world. It also raised hopes for the building of the third temple. On June 7, 1967, Israeli Brigade Commander Col. Motta Gur made an announcement that Jews had waited to hear for some 2,000 years."The Temple Mount is in our hands! The Temple Mount is in our hands!" he declared. Retaking this ground was important for a number of reasons..
Court Criticizes Obama Administration for Illegal Spying on U.S. Citizens
Intelligence agencies violated the constitutional rights of American citizens through illegal surveillance during the Obama administration, recently declassified documents from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) show.  The secretive court also notes a change for the better under President Trump’s team.....
Michael Snyder: Five Highly Respected Financial Experts That Are Warning That A Market Crash Is Imminent
If everything is going to be “just fine”, why are so many big names in the financial community warning about an imminent meltdown?  I don’t think that I have seen so many simultaneous warnings about a market crash since just before the great financial crisis of 2008.  And at this point, you would have to be quite blind not to see that stocks are absurdly overvalued and that a correction is going to happen at some point.  And when stocks do start crashing, lots of fingers are going to start pointing at President Trump, but it won’t be his fault.  The Federal Reserve and other central banks are primarily responsible for creating this bubble, and they should definitely get the blame for what is about to happen to global financial markets. .....
Sean Harrelson: The Most Marginalized Minority
....Is it possible, despite our allegiance to justice and compassion, that we have left the disabled on the fringes, that we are guilty of being selective in our compassion? Have we neglected to “invite . . . the crippled, the lame, the blind” to the feast of grace..." Truly imitating the love of Christ will look different than simply adding a holy “Amen” to whatever cause the world happens to be applauding. True Christian compassion is not always attractive to the world. ....
TUESDAY EDITION May 30th, 2017
Lifezette: Islam Is On Track To Overtake Christianity as the World’s Number One Religion
Pew Research Center study projects Muslim population in America will double by 2050
Muslims will double their share of the population in the United States by 2050 and surpass Christianity as the world’s dominant religion by the end of the century, according to a Pew Research Center report released last week. The Pew study comes the same week that saw two acts of mass murder perpetrated by Muslim extremists — a suicide bombing outside a concert in Manchester, England, and a gun attack on a bus filled with Coptic Christians in Egypt.  Based on demographic trends, Pew projects that the Muslim population will grow by 70 percent worldwide between 2015 and 2060, compared with an overall population growth of 32 percent. ...
Memorial Day: Donald Trump Honors Fallen Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery
President Donald Trump honored fallen members of the United States military on Memorial Day, laying a wreath at the Tomb of Unknowns at the Arlington National Cemetery.  “Since the first volley of gunfire in the revolution, brave Americans in every generation have answered the call of duty, and won victory for freedom in its hour of need,” Trump said during his speech. The president was joined by Vice President Mike Pence.........
'We Are Christians' —Copts Would Not Deny Jesus as ISIS Committed Genocide
A clearer picture is emerging of the anti-Christian genocide unfolding in Egypt after 29 Christians were massacred near Cairo for their faith this weekend. Survivors from that bloody bus attack are revealing what ISIS did, killing their victims solely because they were Christians.....
American Among Dozens Killed In Attack On Christians In Egypt
ISIS Demanded Coptic Christians, Including Children To Deny Faith In Jesus...They Refused
ISIS Sympathizers Celebrate Deadly Terror Attacks in Egypt: 'Bless Pure Hands That Kill Christians'
Newsmax: To Many Americans, Memorial Day Has Lost Its Meaning
..."You can see it in people's faces that they're a little horrified that they forget this is what the day's about," said Jaslow, 34, who wears a bracelet bearing the name of a fallen comrade. "Culturally, we've kind of lost sight of what the day's supposed to mean.".....
Planned Parenthood Executives Joke about Decapitating Babies in New Video 
Planned Parenthood executives joked about decapitated fetuses, admitted to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs and said clinics have a financial incentive to sell human tissue in a new undercover video released last Thursday.....
New York Times: Christian School Teaches Scions of the Elite in Atheist North Korea
In a country that bans religion, this school is run by evangelical Christians.
Newsmax: Alarm Grows as US Consumer Debt Hits $12 Trillion
After a stint of frugality, Americans have returned to their borrowing ways. But are they getting into the kinds of debt trouble that lead to recessions?U.S. consumers now owe roughly $12.73 trillion to banks and other lenders for mortgages, car loans and credit card balances....
Gatestone Institute: In London423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches
Christian News Net: Hallmark Offering Cards to Celebrate ‘Gender Transitions’
The popular greeting card company Hallmark is selling cards to affirm those who identify as “transgender” and to celebrate those who are undergoing gender “transitions...”
'We Are Not Dying, We Are Reforming,' Says PCUSA Leader Amid Declining Membership
ZeroHedge: Merkel Says Germany Can No Longer Rely On America
Acton Institute: Charles Murray Says, 'We Need a Cultural Great Awakening'
...Noting the genuine, systemic struggles that exist across economic and social institutions, Murray argues that the underlying problems ultimately have to do with specific individuals making poor choices.
Newly-Discovered Remains Suggest Earliest Humans Came From Europe, Not Africa
A new discovery may have changed how scientists see our evolutionary family tree — suggesting that the human branch and ape branch split much longer ago than previously thought. 
John Van Gelderen: Seven Marks of Counterfeit Holiness
True holiness comes from the Holy Spirit, imparting the holy life of Jesus through faith. Ironically, while counterfeit holiness accuses all who disagree as being compromisers, counterfeit holiness actually compromises true holiness.....
Gulf Coast Pastor: T. B. Maston on the Curse of Ham 
Dr. Thomas Buford Maston (AD 1897-1988) was a longtime Ethics professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.  While a student, I had the opportunity to briefly visit with T. B. Maston on a walk around the SWBTS campus.....
Wally Morris: The Ministry of Funerals for Unbelievers
....Officiating the funeral of a believer is relatively easy...The funeral of an unbeliever or of a person where I have significant doubt about his salvation is much harder to officiate. The gospel must be given but must be done so in a tactful and sensitive way. One of my goals  is........
Relevant Mag: How to Respond to Criticism
....Criticism can come from all sorts of people—our spouse, boss, friend, enemy, church member or a complete stranger. Although we can’t control how criticism comes our way, we can control how we respond to it...Here are three ways to respond to criticism:.....
UK Express: Noah's Ark Discovered? Researchers '99.9 Per Cent Certain' of Astonishing Biblical Find
For millennia, scientists and Christians alike have been searching for evidence the story was in fact gospel. A team of evangelical Christian explorers found what they claim is “99.9 per cent” certainly evidence of Noah’s Ark beneath snow and volcanic debris on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Noah's Ark Ministries International, a Hong Kong-based documentary team, claim to have found wooden pieces from a structure which carbon dates back 4,800 years and was found 13,000 feet above sea level...
Christian Institute: ‘Church of Scotland’ Backs Homosexual Unions 
The Church of Scotland has taken steps to allow its ministers to perform same-sex “weddings,” after debating a report in its General Assembly. The report, put forward by the influential Theological Forum, acknowledged that the Bible condemns same-sex acts, but claimed Scripture was framed by cultural context. Marriage was redefined in Scotland in 2014, but individual churches are not required to participate in same-sex ceremonies.....
City Refuses Atheist Group's Request to Remove Cross From Public Park
Officials at a city in Missouri have decided to refuse a prominent professing atheist organization’s request to remove a cross display from a public park. The Wisconsin- based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) asserted that the figure violates the U.S. Constitution because its public location sends the message that the government endorses Christiantity......
Redskins Trademark, Secular Activities at Churches Are Cases With Anticipated Supreme Court Decisions
The U.S. Supreme Court has fallen behind pace, and will have to sprint to the end of its term with a series of decisions over the next month. Analysts said there are relatively few high-profile cases still awaiting a ruling, but among the ones most anticipated are decisions in a case involving taxpayer support for secular activities at churches and a trademark case that could decide whether the Washington Redskins’ trademark is deemed racist....
AP: Trial Is Near For NC Church Leaders Accused of Beating Their Fellow Members During 'Exorcism'
It has been nearly 4½ years since Matthew Fenner said he was beaten in a church sanctuary by a group of congregants hell-bent on expelling his "homosexual demons."..
MONDAY EDITION May 29th, 2017
Christian Post: America's Five Faith Groups Becoming More Divided on Political, Social Beliefs, Says Barna
Americans fall into five dominant faith segments, says Barna, which set out to find what people in these categories believe about some of the most contentious political and spiritual issues of the day. The five "faith tribes" are evangelical Christians, non-evangelical born again Christians, notional Christians, adherents of non-Christian faiths and religious skeptics.....
Trump: Netanyahu, Abbas Vowed to ‘Reach For Peace’ – And I Believe Them
President Donald Trump on Saturday said both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had assured him they were ready to “reach for peace.."....
New Evidence of Battle for Second Temple Matches Ancient Account of Josephus
“Josephus’ descriptions of the battle in the lower city come face-to-face for the first time with evidence that was revealed in the field in a clear and chilling manner,” said Stanton and Hagbi the directors of the excavation. “Stone ballista balls fired by catapults used to bombard Jerusalem during the Roman siege of the city, were discovered in the excavations. Arrowheads, used by the Jewish rebels in the hard-fought battles agains the Roman legionnaires were found exactly as described by Josephus......
Thom Rainer: Five Reasons Church Members Attend Church Less Frequently
About 20 years ago, a church member was considered active in the church if he or she attended three times a week. Today, a church member is considered active in the church if he or she attends three times a month. Something is wrong with this picture....
GOP Lawmaker: North Korean Dictator Is 'Terrified' of the Christian Message
North Korea is one of — if not the — greatest persecutor of the Christian faith, and Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) believes it’s because dictator Kim Jong Un is “terrified” of the gospel message.
CBN News: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Killing 29 Christian Pilgrims in Egypt's Sinai Desert
Christian Post: Trump Has Not Improved Religious Freedom in the Military, Says Chaplain
Student Not Allowed to Deliver Graduation Speech with Christian Content
A Christian student in Illinois was told he could not read his graduation address to the school because it contained Christian content.
Prophecy News Watch: Americans Love Jesus But Struggle With The Church
....Whether the causes are disagreements over politics, complaints over doctrine or changing life-priorities, the trend still poses the question: how will this affect Christianity?
Christian Post: College Freshmen Are Abandoning Religion at 'Skyrocketing' Rate
Analysis of religious affiliation trends among American college first-year students has found that the number of those who do not belong to a religion, or the "nones," has skyrocketed....
Texas Pastor Faces Third Lawsuit Alleging 'Sexual Exploitation'
Christian Adoption Agencies In Alabama Protected By New Law
House Bill 24 (HB24) states that adoption agencies that do not receive federal funding cannot lose their license for adhering to faith-based policies. 
Ed Stetzer: House Churches— Good and Bad
....Too many house churches are filled with people who got burned by the more institutionalized church. Thus, house churches tend to attract dissatisfied people—sometimes the angry children of evangelical megachurches.....
David Cloud: The Divine Inspiration of Isaiah
Few books of the Bible have been attacked so viciously by theologians than Isaiah, and this is not surprising in light of its amazing Messianic prophecies. The devil hates this book. Those who have torn apart Isaiah’s book are no less demonic and wicked than those killed Christ! ...
Randy White: The Sickness In Discernment Ministries
...I can only think of a few things that the church needs more today than discernment. But I am completely convinced that discernment ministry is not the way the church is going to gain this discernment.....
Mike Phay: Four Reasons to Bring Your Bible to Church
....This Bible vacuum in a worship service concerns me for several reasons, so allow me to offer four reasons why every believer should bring their Bible to church ....
Lifezette: On Memorial Day, Remember Those We Truly Honor
Memorial Day. It is a day of remembrance for those who died in service to the United States of America. It was commemorated at first to honor the Union dead of the Civil War and originally proclaimed Decoration Day by Gen. John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, on May 30, 1868. The first state to officially recognize Memorial Day was New York, in 1873. The South, for obvious reasons, refused to acknowledge the holiday until after World War I, when the meaning of it was changed to honor all Americans who died fighting in any war...
Melania Trump Unveils Her Religion
First lady Melania Trump revealed that she is Catholic. The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail broke the news. On Wednesday, Mrs. Trump traveled with her husband to the Vatican in Rome...During her interactions with the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Melania asked the pope to bless a rosary for her. The pope blessed her string of prayer beads....
Marshall Segal: The Nightmare Driving the American Dream 
Millions wear ambition to camouflage their insecurities. Not all ambition is insecure or ungodly, but a lot of it is...Ambition for the sake of Christ fills the heart and makes a real difference. Ambition for self draws an elegant veil over an empty heart, staying busy in order to look and feel significant.....
Kent Brandenburg: Repentance and the Baptist Church Constitution
Does your church constitution have a statement carefully defining repentance?  If your current church leadership went on to their eternal reward suddenly in an accident or other unplanned situation, would your church constitution be an effective guard against having a new pastor or pastors who teach a heretical gospel? ....
FRIDAY EDITION May 26th, 2017
Massacre in Manchester: A Reminder to the Church to Be Engaged
....World governments must fight back against it in terms of their political and territorial aspirations.  But this enemy cannot be defeated through these efforts alone.  Their goals are primarily spiritual, and that is why the Church is so important.....
Texas Governor Signs Bill Protecting Pastors' Sermons
Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) signed Senate Bill 24 Friday, which prevents the state officials from issuing subpoenas demanding that pastors hand over their sermon messages for government inspection...Immediately going into effect, the bill authored by Texas Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston) works to protect pastors’ religious freedom so they can freely teach from the Bible on issues that many consider to be politically incorrect.....
Survey: On Most Moral Issues Americans Are More Permissive Than Ever
According to a new Gallup survey, a record number of Americans now consider behaviors that the Bible condemns to be “morally acceptable.” Since the early 2000s, Gallup has tracked Americans’s views on the moral acceptability of various issues and behaviors. The overall trend clearly points toward a higher level of acceptance of a number of behaviors that the Bible condemns....
North Korea's Persecution of Christians 'On Par With Nero's Rome,' Expert Says
Christians in North Korea are facing persecution that is likely "on par" with the level of persecution that the Early Christian Church faced under Roman emperor Nero, a prominent human rights activist said during a Capitol Hill briefing Wednesday.....
Breitbart News: Principal Bars Pregnant Teen from Graduation: 'Best Way to Love Her Is to Hold Her Accountable for Her Immorality'
A Christian school principal in Hagerstown, Maryland says that after “countless hours in prayer and discussion,” his board’s decision to bar a pregnant teen from walking at her graduation ceremony is holding her “accountable for her immorality” and is “the best way to love her.”
Washington Post: 
Why Trump's Trip To Israel Was So Crucial To His Evangelical Base
Trump's Controversial Visit to the Western Wall and Why It Was So Important To Jews
CBN News: Mike Huckabee Leaving Fox for TBN
..."'Huckabee' will combine Gov. Huckabee's commentary on news-of-the-day and current issues, along with guests from the worlds of politics, entertainment and faith," TBN says.
Pakistani Pastor Given Life Imprisonment for Alleged Blasphemous Text Message
A 51-year-old Christian man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly sending out blasphemous texts in Pakistan.
Todd Starnes: Boy’s Graduation Speech Pulled Over Christian Content
Newsmax: Lack of Sleep Boosts Chance of Death by Heart Failure
Obama Administraton Illegally Spied on Americans, Court Docs Reveal; Legacy Media Silent
Target Gets 500K More Boycott Petitions, Still Refuses to Bar Men From Women's Bathrooms
The Stream: Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country To Mandate Same-Sex ‘Marriage’
BBC: Dissolving the Dead: An Alternative To Burial or Cremation
Most people arranging a funeral face a simple choice - burial or cremation. But a third option is now available... dissolving bodies in an alkaline solution. 
Prophecy News Watch: Are Jerusalem's Ancient Temple Vessels Hidden In Plain Sight?
With the United Nation's cultural body (UNESCO) once again passing a series of anti-Israel resolutions that deny the country's biblical and historical claims to Jerusalem, Harry H. Moskoff, investigative archaeologist, author, and Temple Ark expert, believes that one of the strongest ways to support Israel is through searching, and even finding the Ark along with the holy Temple vessels, for whose true location he claims to have a unique theory.....
World Net Daily: Creationist's Ark Floats Gospel Message In Bible Belt
Ken Ham built an ark, a Noah-sized ark, in the verdant, landlocked hills of the American heartland.....
Prophecy News Watch: 
Europe is changing and experts now believe that the process of Islamization has moved past a point of no return.  The familiar image of Europe is quickly fading in a post modern liberal form of cultural suicide.  Soon to be distant memories, in just a few decades we will look back on Christian values, democratic principles, freedom of belief, equality of the genders and respect for individual rights as echoes of a glorious European past. Just as the castles dotting the landscape recall a feudal history, so too will we look back on a time when Europe wasn't Islamic.....
Jeffrey Keenan: Embryos Are Too Important to Be Made into Jewelry 
....“Embryo jewelry” appears to be fraudulent, but regardless of the content of the pendants, the company is perpetrating an even bigger fraud: the idea that the creation of such jewelry is not identical to embryo destruction. The Staffords said they didn’t have the heart to destroy their remaining embryos, but they turned them over to Baby Bee to do exactly that.  My point isn’t to condemn......
CBN: Archaeologists Find Evidence of Jerusalem's Destruction 2,000 Years Ago
As Israelis celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem this week, archaeologists have found evidence of the battle for Jerusalem two millennia ago as they excavate the main thoroughfare leading to the Second Temple before its destruction by the Romans in 70 AD......
Pope Francis, Trump Hold Landmark First Meeting
Pope Francis and U.S. President Donald Trump finally met at the Vatican Wednesday in a friendly encounter which included an emphasis on protection of life and freedom of conscience. According to a May 24 Vatican communique, Pope Francis and Trump expressed satisfaction “for the good existing bilateral relations between the Holy See and the United States of America, as well as the joint commitment in favor of life, and freedom of worship and conscience.”....
Trump Leaves Israel With No Mention of Palestinian State, Settlements or Embassy
....Trump, who flew from Tel Aviv to Rome on the third leg of his first trip abroad as president, made no mention in seven public appearances in Israel of a Palestinian state, a two-state solution or settlements, something one senior government official said was a refreshing break from Trump’s predecessor. On the other hand, the president also made no mention of his campaign pledge to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.....
Washington Times: Europe’s Denial of Islamic Terrorism Threat Perplexes Security Specialists
The Manchester massacre underscores complaints from counterterrorism analysts that Europe has fallen into denial about the threat of Islamic terrorism. For instance, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is on record as saying terrorism is “part and parcel” of urban life.
YNet News: Jerusalem Celebrates 50 Years To Its Unification
Jerusalem Day celebrations began on Tuesday in the capital with various events and concerts well into the night and continue in full force on Wednesday as the city marks 50 years of...
Christian School Says Student Is Barred From Graduation for 'Immoral' Sex, Not Pregnancy
Heritage Academy, a small independent Christian school in Maryland that has been facing public criticism over its decision to bar a pregnant student-athlete from participating in her graduation next month, broke its silence Tuesday to clarify that the student was being punished for her "immoral" premarital sex, not her pregnancy.
Ancient Pools in Jerusalem Succored Jewish Pilgrims to Temple 2,000 Years Ago
....A massive cistern named the Pool of Israel—more than 360 feet long, 111 feet wide and 78 feet deep—is situated next to the Temple Mount. 
LA Times Publishes Editorial Encouraging Casting Spells on President Trump
Economic Collapse Blog: Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s
....the average rate of growth for the U.S. economy over the past 10 years is exactly equal to the average rate that the U.S. economy grew during the 1930s.
Christian News Net: Nigerian-Born Pastor Murdered in Indianapolis
Randy Alcorn: Why We Don’t Need to Fear the Moment of Our Death
Though as believers we know that Heaven awaits us after death, many of us still wonder about or fear the moment of death. What will it be like? Will it be frightening to experience the soul’s departure from the body? ....
 Samuel James: The Parable of Anthony Weiner’s iPhone
.... Could one of the lessons of Anthony Weiner’s fall be that we should take our digital technology more seriously as a potential stumbling block? I think so. Shrugging off social media and mobile devices as neutral might sound good on paper. But for any of us, at any given moment, there are thousands of ways to wreck our lives and the lives of those around us. It could be that......
Lifesite: Trump Appoints Pro-Life Conservative To Lead Faith-Based Office
There is more good “personnel” news for pro-family advocates: President Trump has hired another top social conservative, Shannon Royce, former chief of staff at the Family Research Council, to work in his Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Royce will serve as the Director of the Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships at HHS, under Dr. Tom Price, a former U.S. Representative, R-GA, and pro-life stalwart. ..
Facebook Founder Calls For Creation Of New World Order 'Global Superstructure' To Control Humanity
....We have gotten to used to communicating on Facebook that we no longer see it for the prophetical fulfillment it truly is. As of this writing, Facebook has 1,860,000,000 daily users posting and reading content around the globe, and is growing at a rate of 17% each year. Is short, it is the single greatest communication device ever conceived by mankind, second only to the Internet..
Michael Snyder: Donald Trump, Seth Rich And The Gangster Culture That Permeates Washington
Politics has become a very dirty game in America, and if you don’t know how to play the game, the game is going to play you. Donald Trump and Seth Rich are both victims of this cold, hard reality, and hopefully what has happened to them will help the American people understand what is really going on in Washington.....
Jon Miltimore: Six Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed In a Half-Century
Readers may disagree as to whether these changes represent social progress or cultural decline, but few will quarrel with the idea that America 1) is bifurcating; 2) has experienced a fundamental cultural transformation in just a few generations. Here are six statistics that drive home just how much things have changed in America in a little more than a half-century........
Jerusalem Post: An Historic Day At the Western Wall 
US President Donald Trump stood alone in a rare moment of solitude before the Western Wall on Monday. He wore a black kippa and placed one hand on the ancient weathered stones, standing there in that pose for half a minute. When the contemplative moment was over, he placed a note in one of the Wall’s crevices and then walked backward for a few steps....
Jerusalem Post: In Bethlehem, Abbas and Trump Speak of Mideast Peace Prospects 
Speaking alongside Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said he wants to achieve a conflict-ending deal between Israel and the Palestinians. “I am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” Trump told a press conference at the PA headquarters in Bethlehem........
Christian Post: Loss of Faith Among Top Reasons Young Adults Are Committing Suicide, Says Family Policy Institute
Losing faith in God and declining religiosity are among the top reasons why young adults in America are increasingly committing suicide, according to the conservative Family Policy Institute of Washington.....
Trump Says He Prayed for Wisdom From God While Touching Western Wall
President Donald Trump reportedly prayed to have God's wisdom as he touched the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem Monday.....
Julie Roys: Christian School Was Wrong to Punish Pregnant Student
The story, which was published over the weekend in The NY Times, has infuriated scores of Americans. It also sadly has reinforced negative stereotypes of Christians as legalistic and hypocritical jerks, who rail against abortion, while shaming those who choose life.
CNN: “Obama Was the Next Best Thing to Jesus”
CNN political commentator Angela Rye:  “Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus and here we are, just two months in and some change, there is issue after issue.”
Baptist Press:  'I Will Pray for You,' Draws Warning From Personnel Dept.
A Baptist mother of two has filed religious discrimination and retaliation charges against a school system that threatened to fire her for privately telling a coworker she'd pray for him.
Proclaim & Defend: Three Perspectives on Calvinism
Recently three articles dealing with the Calvinism vs. Armianism vs. In-between-ism came to our attention. Each of them reflect different perspectives on the questions surrounding the theology of salvation. None of them are definitive, all-encompassing statements....
Geiger: Five Warning Signs That Laziness Is Creeping into Your Leadership
Dan Doriani: Why Do Churches Wound Their Pastors?
Many churches idolize their pastors one day and savage them the next. 
Thom Rainer: Eight Signs Your Church May Be Closing Soon
There are eight clear signs evident in many churches on the precipice of closing. If a church has four or more of these signs present, it is likely in deep trouble. Indeed, it could be closing sooner than almost anyone in the church would anticipate.....
Melissa Kruger: Five Principles for Disciplining Your Children
....Through my years of working with kids, five guiding principles helped me as a counselor, teacher, and especially as a mom. While not all methods work for all children, I’ve found these principles work for a variety of children, regardless of their age, sex, or disposition.....
Candice Watters: Don’t Hide Those Gray Hairs
...It’s not easy getting older. And there’s plenty of help to pretend we’re not.  A multibillion dollar beauty industry keeps the charade going, all the while showing little-to-no respect for the elderly. When it comes to getting older, our culture offers three options: delay, disguise, or despise..
The Atlantic: My Family’s Slave
She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was.....
Abigail Dodds: The Horror of Human Embryo Jewelry 
....Previously Baby Bee Hummingbirds had been making jewelry out of mothers’ breastmilk and placentas. Now, the company has turned its attention to frozen human embryos— embryos that couples choose not to implant in the mother’s uterus and no longer want to store or “donate.” To put it plainly, they’re making trinkets out of discarded children. ....
Chris Martin: Public Discourse In the Age of Social Media
What is social media doing to our ability to communicate with kindness, clarity and depth? Should social media be seen as a redeemable form of communication, or is it a medium that is not meant to hold the weight of discourse? Can heavy matters of faith even be discussed on social media, or is the platform too temporary and cheap for the eternal riches of the gospel?....
CBN News Opinion: Five Reasons Why Trump's Trip Makes Christians Happy
President Trump's historic trip to the Middle East has many on social media praising his decision to visit Israel on his first foreign trip as president...During his speech at the Israel Museum Tuesday, President Trump pledged that his administration will always stand with Israel.....We've highlighted five reasons from his speech that many Christians and those who stand with Israel are sure to applaud as well..........
David Cloud: Roman Catholic Church Puts Mary On the Cross
In spite of claims of contemporary Catholic propagandists, the Roman Catholic Church worships Mary. She has been exalted as the sinless Mother of God who was bodily assumed into Heaven and crowned Queen of the Universe by Jesus Christ. According to Roman Catholic doctrine, Mary sits on Jesus’ throne and acts as His co-mediatrix. ....
Desperate Liberals Try To Blame The Manchester Terror Attack On Anyone Other Than Islamic Terrorists
The left just can’t seem to understand that Islamic terrorists are going to try to destroy our way of life no matter how nice we are to them. On Monday night, a bombing at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert made headlines all over the globe. 22 people, including an 8-year-old girl, were killed and 59 were wounded. It is exactly the...    .
TUESDAY EDITION May 23rd, 2017
CBN News: Trump's Historic Visit to Israel a 'Game Changer'
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted President Donald Trump for a visit Monday that both men described as exceptionally warm.  Following their private meeting, the men emerged and gave public comments. "We had a terrific discussion today and when I say terrific, it encompasses everything," said the prime minister. He expressed his appreciation for Trump and his strong stance on issues like getting rid of the Iran nuclear deal and combating radical terrorism, noting a major difference between Trump and former President Barack Obama. "For the first time in my lifetime, I see a real hope for change," Netanyahu remarked. Trump called Netanyahu a "great friend" and ally, though he stopped short of promising to rip up the Iran nuclear deal. He was also silent on the controversial two-state solution, which some tout as the way to bring lasting peace to the Middle East.....
CBN News: Texas Governor Signs New Law Protecting Pastors
Texas Governor Greg Abbot is taking a huge step to defend religious liberty.  Surrounded by pastors at Grace Church, near Houston, Texas, he ceremoniously signed SB24 into law today. The law protects pastors from being prosecuted for their statements from the pulpit."SB24 will give pastors critical protection from forced testimony and shield sermons from government subpoena power," said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.....
Prophecy News Watch: Jewish Sanhedrin Challenge To Trump: Pray At Temple Mount
....The Sanhedrin, a group of prominent rabbinical leaders who re-formed the ancient body of Jewish judges which was once the legislative body of Israel, said President Trump would help the cause of world peace by praying at the sacred location of the Temple Mount. They're not the only ones encouraging Trump to take such a step......
Christian Post:  Turkey Accuses Imprisoned American Pastor of Giving 'Special' Sermons to Kurds, Report Says
Imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson faces new accusations from Turkish prosecutors, even after President Donald Trump pressed for the pastor's release days earlier....
Forward: Jewish Mystics Hope Trump’s Israel Visit Might ‘Raise The Temple’
.... To some, Trump's triumph was so unlikely that there was only one way to explain in — God played a part. “President Trump can choose to be a part of a process to bring the Messiah,” Rabbi Hillel Weiss told Breaking Israel News, a religious website in Israel.....
FiveThirtyEight: Way More Americans May Be Atheists Than We Thought
....The number of atheists in the U.S. is still a matter of considerable debate. Recent surveys have found that only about one in 10 Americans report that they do not believe in God, and only about 3 percent identify as atheist. But a new study suggests that the true number of atheists could be much larger, perhaps even 10 times larger than previously estimated.....
First Things: A Note on the Kentucky Religious Freedom Decision
.... The real problem for Judge Taylor and the complainants lies in Adamson’s basic religious objection to same-sex practice. That’s the actual target: a belief, a faith that will not bow to sexual progressivism. It’s more just for a religious believer to compromise his lifelong obedience to God and the church than it is for a customer to drive to another location to obtain a service. In other words, Judge Taylor does not take religious vows seriously, but he takes the sensitivity of LGBT groups very, very seriously......
Christian Zionists Urge Trump To Keep His Promise On Moving Embassy To Jerusalem
Lifesite: Woman Dies After Botched Transgender ‘Sex Change’ Surgery
A woman in the last phase of “gender assignment” died Tuesday of complications from surgery, one of the last procedures in her effort to “transition” to the male sex.
Christian News Net: U.S. Religious Freedom Report Finds 'Worsening' Conditions Worldwide
Christian Post: Armageddon in Iraq? US Pastor Details ISIS Destruction of Christian City
With churches destroyed and desecrated, crosses distorted, and Jesus statues beheaded by ISIS, it looks as if "Armageddon" happened in Qaraqosh, said a U.S. pastor who recently visited the formerly thriving Christian city in Iraq's Nineveh Plain.
Virginia Sheriff Ordered to Remove ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers’ Decals From Police Cruisers
One NewsNow: Evangelical Leaders Question Hanegraaff's New Faith
...Dr. Richard Land does believe one can be Eastern Orthodox and a Christian.
Christian Pastor's Home, Church Burned Down in Southern India
Hindu nationalists in southern India burned down a church and the home of its pastor after some high "caste" Hindus converted to Christianity and joined the church.
Michael Brown: Four Reasons Trump's Saudi Arabia Speech Was Important
Although President Trump's speech before 50 Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia did not break new ground in terms of America's Middle Eastern policy, it was significant for at least four reasons.
Cloud:The Emerging Church— The 21st Century Face of New Evangelicalsim
The emerging church is simply the twenty-first century face of New Evangelicalism. Andy Crouch calls the emerging church “post-evangelicalism.” He says: “The emerging movement is a protest against much of evangelicalism as currently practiced. It is post-evangelical in the.......
CBN News Op-Ed: Are Trump's Promises to Israel Foretold In the Bible?
....Sooner or later, all the nations of the world are going to unite against Israel. In 1948, none of Israel's Arab neighbors accepted the U.N. partition. Instead, they attacked the nascent Jewish state, confident they would be victorious. They weren't...As the nation prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, the nations of the world are calling on it to cede Judea and Samaria and re-divide Jerusalem, not a winning proposition from Israel's point of view. It's not a little ironic that the man who campaigned on a pro-Israel platform may turn out to be God's chosen vessel to bring the Jewish state to the point that He steps in to defend her....
Gallup— Only 24% of Americans Believe the Bible Is the Literal Word of God
A new Gallup poll shows that only 24% of Americans believe the Bible is the “literal word” of God, which is a decline from the 1970s, but the survey also shows that the number of Americans who think the Bible is the “inspired word” of God, 47%, has stayed pretty steady over the last 40 years.....
Thom Rainer: Five Reasons Church Members Attend Church Less Frequently
About 20 years ago, a church member was considered active in the church if he or she attended three times a week. Today, a church member is considered active in the church if he or she attends three times a month. Some- thing is wrong with this picture. For 2,000 years, the local church, as messy as it is, has been God’s place for believers to gather, worship, minister, and be accountable to one another......