NEWS ARCHIVE FOR JUNE 12th-21st, 2017
CBS News: Americans Say U.S. Political Debate Is Increasingly Uncivil
Members of Congress are getting positive ratings for the way they responded to the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, last week. President Trump gets slightly lower -- though still net positive -- evaluations for his response to the attack, partly because Democrats are less likely to approve of his handling than of Congress'. Fifty-three percent of Americans approved of Congress' response, and 29 percent disapproved, while 46 percent approved of President Trump's response, and 36 percent disapproved. 
Bernie Sanders: Trump Appointee Has Religious Freedom, But He Can't Work In Government
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) has no problem with the Christian faith of President Donald Trump’s pick for deputy White House budget director — but the senator says the nominee is not welcome to serve in the government.
Seattle Times: Forever GreenCemeteries Make More Room For Natural Burials
Last goodbyes are said in these woods with wildflowers placed on a shrouded body, or with the beloved wrapped in a favorite childhood blanket. Dirt shoveled back into the graves leaves behind slowly sinking mounds of earth on the forest floor, marked with stones. “Green burials” like these at Rhinebeck Cemetery in New York’s Hudson Valley shun coffins, embalming fluid and concrete “vaults” so everything in the ground decomposes. It’s a movement that goes back more than a decade, but advocates say public attention has increased in recent years, with more cemeteries tweaking practices to accommodate people who want to tread lightly, even in death...Green burials turn back the clock to the days before the Civil War, when embalming caught on as a way to preserve soldiers who died far from home. 
National Review: Resisting the Divorce Momentum
.....Overcoming your problems will teach you how to prevent future problems in your marriage and with others. Facing your issues rather than running from them will provide insight about yourself, your needs, and areas where you need to improve. Elevating your communication and accommodating another will immediately improve your daily existence.”
rt.com: ‘European Army Is Inevitable’ Says German Defense Commissioner
Speaking to the German Press Agency on Monday, Hans-Peter Bartels, the Germany Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces, called on the 28-nation bloc’s militaries to unite into a single armed force. “We are currently disorganized, technically fragmented and duplicate structures unnecessarily,” Bartels said. “We do not want to go down the solitary national path anymore. Not in Germany, not in the Netherlands, not in the Czech Republic and not in Italy.” “In the end, there will be a European army,” he stated.
Israel Breaking News: Christian 'Awakening' to Holiness of Temple Mount Draws Islamic Fury
Until now, the bloody battle for the Temple Mount has been fought between Muslims and Jews, but a new awakening among some Christians to its significance is creating a shifting pre-Messianic reality at the already volatile site. The developing status of Christians on the Temple Mount played out a few weeks ago in a Muslim-Christian confrontation that nearly ended in violence.
Pew Research: Explosion in Tattooing, Piercing Tests State Regulators
Health officials worry that unregulated body art studios may not follow safe practices, which can lead to scarring, nerve damage and infections, including hepatitis C, the leading cause of liver cancer in the U.S.
Newsmax: Liberty University Professor Launches 'Digital Detox' to Fight Social Media
A Liberty University professor has launched a "digital detox" program to help students kick their addiction to social media. "I'm here to preserve humanity. Face-to-face contact is so important, and the more we are looking down at our screens, the less we exercise the muscles of our emotional intelligence," Dr. Sylvia Frejd told The College Fix.
OneNewsNow: Censoring Faith Expressions Violates First Amendment
A religious rights firm wants to set school officials straight after they told a Pennsylvania student she couldn't invoke the name of Jesus during her graduation speech because it would be unconstitutional. Beaver Area School District superintendent Dr. Carrie Rowe told Moriah Bridges she couldn't express her faith during her graduation speech and couldn't recite a prayer that excludes other religions.
Breitbart News: St. Louis Cardinals Refuse to Bow to LGBT Demands to Punish Christians
The St. Louis Cardinals have sponsored “Christian Day” for 30 years, but recently gay activists have begun to pressure the Major League Baseball team to cancel the special day, or at the very least to remove former Cardinals star Lance Berkman as the event’s spokesman. To it’s credit the team has rejected the demands. Gay activists are upset that the Cardinals have allowed Berkman to be the spokesman of “Christian Day” because he recently spoke out against transgender boys posing as girls in school locker rooms. 
ABC News: In World's Largest Refugee Settlement, Churches Offer Hope
 Scores of thousands fled the violence of South Sudan's civil war with little but their faith. Now, in the world's largest refugee settlement, they are improvising churches.....Tens of thousands have been killed in the civil war, and close to 2 million South Sudanese now shelter in neighboring countries. As World Refugee Day is marked on Tuesday, the international community prepares to meet in Uganda to draw attention and funding to the world's fastest-growing refugee crisis.
10-Year Old Survivor of ISIS Massacre: 'Every Time They Shot a Christian, They Yelled God Is Great'
A 10-year-old Egyptian schoolboy who witnessed the brutal murder of his father by Islamic State militants in Minya, where 29 Christians were slaughtered in May, says the jihadists cried out "God is great" every time they shot a follower of Jesus Christ.
Biblical Digs May Change After Invisible Inscription Traced to Before King Nebuchadnezzar Is Found
Archaeologists might start employing a new technology during excavations after the discovery of a previously invisible inscription on the back of an ancient pottery shard dating back to 600 B.C., before the destruction of Judah's Kingdom by King Nebuchadnezzar.
National Post: Canada Christian School Told They Can’t Teach ‘Offensive’ Scripture
A small-town Alberta Christian academy is worried its religious freedom is under fire after its board asked the school to stop teaching “offensive” scripture. Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA) and the Battle River School Division (BRSD) are at risk of splitting up after a terse email exchange between CCA leadership and the board chair led to the former seeking legal counsel. At a board meeting on Thursday the BRSD committed to a sit-down discussion with the school after board chair Laurie Skori said CCA had been looking to “create controversy” and had “broken our trust” by talking to the media.  CCA chair Deanna Margel stressed the importance of the school’s right to decide what it gets to teach. “You can’t just pick and choose those scriptures,” she said. “We need every single word there to challenge us, to call us to greater understanding. It’s just so important.”
Daily Caller: Canada Christian School Under Fire For Biblical Stand On Homosexuality
Evangelical Christians are under fire as an Alberta school board is demanding a Christian school stop teaching “offensive” scripture that indicts homosexuality as a sin, the National Post reports. The offending passage is from 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, which states: “Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”
Christian Post: RC Sproul Jr. Avoids Prison, Takes Plea Deal for Driving Drunk With Kids
Four days before he was set to go on trial this month for allegedly driving drunk with two of his underage children in his vehicle, R.C. Sproul Jr., the embattled son of Ligonier Ministries founder Robert Charles Sproul, agreed to a plea deal that will keep him out of prison as long as he obeys the law.
Michael Brown: How Does Growing Apostasy Prove That Christians Are Getting Closer to the Truth?
There’s a bizarre argument I’m hearing these days which basically goes like this. “Look at how many churches are embracing homosexual practice. This proves we’re getting closer to the truth.” To the contrary, all it proves is that more and more churches are apostatizing. The logic behind this argument is as wrongheaded as it is unbiblical. First, to argue that greater acceptance of homosexuality by churches is proof of spiritual growth is like arguing that greater acceptance of obesity by doctors is a proof of medical progress. The reverse is actually true. Second, the Bible often warns us against compromise and apostasy, both moral and creedal. And in every generation, there have been heretics who have departed from the faith. Should we therefore celebrate every heretical doctrine and practice as proof of our spiritual maturity?
Chicago Tribune: Kushner To Visit Middle East In Pursuit of Peace Between Israelis, Palestinians
Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, is traveling to the Middle East this week in pursuit of a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians, a White House official confirmed Sunday night.  Kushner will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu in Jerusalem and with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah as a Trump envoy, along with Jason Greenblatt, an assistant to Trump and special representative for international negotiations.
CBN News: Christian School Defends Right to Educate Children According To Its Values
A private Christian school in Indiana is at the center of a debate over whether schools that participate in taxpayer-funded voucher programs can speak out against homosexuality. Officials at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Bloomington, Indiana, say they've never turned anyone away based on sexual orientation. But at a congressional hearing, Senate Democrats cited Lighthouse as an example of a school that discriminates against LGBT students. They pointed to a school brochure that says the Bible does not allow....
Christian Post: Trump Administration Says Schools Can Be Investigated for Wrong Pronoun Use for Transgender Students
The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights has issued an internal memo explaining that refusal by public schools or teachers to refer to a transgender student by his or her preferred pronoun or name could be grounds for an investigation.
UK Telegraph: Islam Is Still Rooted In the Values of the Dark Ages – and Until We Accept That, We Will Never Get Rid of Radicalism
....Britain’s extremist Islamists, after all, are not coming from ordinary Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish or atheist backgrounds. They are coming from ordinary Muslim families, they have Muslim friends and they live in largely Muslim neighbourhoods.  It is therefore those families, friends and neighbours who are likely to be the first to hear those extremist views and thus be in the position to challenge them at the earliest opportunity and, we hope, stem their growth into full-bodied Islamist violence.
Jurist: Texas Governor Signs Controversial Adoption Bill Into Law
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an adoption bill into law on Thursday that allows adoption agencies receiving public funding to refuse to place children in adoptive families or foster homes that conflict with the agencies' religious beliefs. The bill passed in the Senate in May. The law states, "A child welfare services provider may not be required to provide any service that conflicts with the provider's sincerely held religious beliefs." Civil rights groups believe that this new law will be used to allow adoption agencies to discriminate....
G. Shane Morris: Survey Finds Most American Christians Are Actually Heretics
Evangelical writer Eric Metaxas remarked on BreakPoint last week that if Americans took a theology exam, their only hope of passing would be if God graded on a curve. He’s right. In knowing both the content of the Bible and the doctrinal foundations of Christianity, we Americans aren’t just at the bottom of our class. We are, as Ross Douthat argues in his book, “Bad Religion,” a nation of heretics.
Jerry Newcombe: The Odds of Evolution Are Zero
Zero times anything is zero. The odds of life just happening by chance are zero. This universe just springing into being by chance is impossible.
Christian Post: Oregon First State to Offer 3rd Gender Option on Driver's Licenses
Oregon has become the first state to allow residents to be identified as neither male nor female on applications for driver's licenses, learner's permits and identity cards.
Time Does Not Mend a Broken Heart as Scientists Find Condition Causes Long-Term Damage
Songwriters, poets and novelists have long mused over whether time truly heals everything...But a new study has apparently put their agonising to bed and concluded that not even the clock can always mend a broken heart. A team of medical researchers from the University of Aberdeen have said that so-called "broken heart syndrome" can leave physical scars that never recover.
Big Bang in Trouble? Physicists Challenge Key Component of Cosmological Theory
A team of physicists from Harvard and Princeton universities recently ignited a controversy among the scientific community by pointing out apparent weaknesses in a key element of the Big Bang theory.
Nik Ripken: What Do You Pray for ISIS? 
As followers of Jesus, we have chosen the side of good over evil. Nowhere is this clearer than in regions of the world where persecution is the costly price Christians pay for proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ — places, for instance, where ISIS is ruthlessly executing our brothers and sisters in the faith. While the battle with evil certainly has physical manifestations, the deeper and more important war is spiritual and internal. When evil attacks, we cry out in prayer for God to help us. And what we ask God for tells us a lot about what we really want, and in what we hope. “God, save me!” is a very normal and understandable response to the evil of persecution. We hear it from psalmists and in the first half of Jesus’s prayer in the garden before his crucifixion. 
National Review: Planned Parenthood's Century of Brutality
....Sanger herself was generally careful to forswear compulsion in her eugenics program, but in reality the period was characterized by the widespread use of involuntary sterilization. Mandatory-sterilization bills were introduced unsuccessfully in Michigan and Pennsylvania at the end of the 19th century, but in 1907 Indiana became the first of many states to create eugenics-oriented sterilization programs, targeting such “unfit” populations as criminals and the mentally ill, along with African Americans and other minority groups. 
Michael A. G. Haykin: Every Christian Ought To Be a Good Historian
.....Men and women are historical beings, immersed in the flow of time.  Without the past our lives have little or no meaning. When a community forgets its past, it is like a person suffering from dementia: they really cannot function in the world. So we must study history, and as Christians, this means Church history. 
It seems that in the western world there is one category of people not particularly allowed to voice an opinion; one category of people that should be denied office at all costs. Would that be people with a track record of lying to the public? No. People with a track record of breaking their promises? Nope. People with a history of political violence? Nope again. What about people who come from a tradition which established schools for all children, brought an end to slavery, built hospitals and hospices, elevated women’s rights, fought racism, put an end to widow burning and cannibalism, alleviated poverty, and much more?
Art Rainer: How Debt Can Destroy Your Ministry
....The current and future fallout from our debt is significant. Marriages are falling apart. Retirements are abandoned. Stress and hopelessness are increasing. I wish I could say that those in ministry have avoided the debt plunge. But I know that this is not the case. I have had the conversations....For those in ministry, you could say that debt is a ministry killer. Personal debt places burdens and barriers on the lives of those in ministry. Let’s consider how debt can destroy your ministry.
Sean Martin: 'I Wasn’t Born to Be a Golfer'Lessons from a U.S. Open Champion
Satan tempts and deceives Christians into believing that the contentment we crave lies in having or achieving more...Sometimes we need someone who’s accomplished more than we could ever imagine to remind us that worldly success is ultimately empty apart from Christ.
Sarah Walton: Pray Them HomeThree Prayers for Prodigal Children
....Parents, if you are raising a seemingly hard-hearted, rebellious son or daughter (whether outwardly or inwardly), I challenge you to take up your arms, fight the spiritual battle that rages over them with all of your God-given strength, and refuse to give up on their life. I encourage you to pray these three prayers over lost children. 
TruNews: Attacks Against Conservatives Soar
A wave of liberal rage has marked the last 11 months since the rise and subsequent election of President Donald Trump. The Daily Caller News Foundation compiled a list of attacks against conservatives and Trump supporters. Only incidences of violence and threats of violence where the perpetrators were clear are included in the report, excluded are events where the instigator was difficult to discern. An attack on anyone is concerning, but when the target seems to be focused on those who historically oppose the liberal agenda, it should raise eyebrows in the Christian community, but more importantly urge prayer. 
Christian Post: NFL Star Ben Watson: America Is 'Reaping the Consequences of Fatherlessness'
As America celebrates Father's Day 2017, Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson has issued a reminder that the nation is currently suffering from the dire effects of "fatherlessness" and asserted that Satan would love nothing more than to keep dads from connecting with their children.
Tennessee Homeowner Credits Jesus Christ After Georgia Fugitives Surrender in His Driveway
A Tennessee homeowner rejected the label of hero and instead pointed to Jesus Christ while speaking at a press conference on Friday about the capture of two escaped Georgia inmates who murdered two correctional officers while in transport to another prison. Patrick Hale, 35, says that he had been alerted by friends on Thursday night that the convicts, Ricky Dubose and Donne Rowe, were in the area and had been in a shootout with police. He loaded his guns in the event that he needed to protect himself and his daughter. His wife was not home at the time. Within minutes, Hale saw the two men cross a barbed-wire fence 300 yards from his back door. He called 911. “I prayed like I have never prayed before,” Hale recalled.
ISIS Kills 2 Chinese Missionaries Accused of Violating Visa Rules in Pakistan by Sharing the Gospel
Pakistan's interior ministry has said the two Chinese nationals who were kidnapped and killed by Islamic State-affiliated militants last month were preachers who allegedly violated their business visa rules.
Christian Post: Canadians to Face Hate Crimes Charges, Prison for Anti-Transgender Speech
Canada's Senate has passed a law against the use of wrong gender pronouns which critics say would allow authorities to charge those who deny gender theory with hate crimes leading to imprisonment, fines or "anti-bias" training.
Christian Headlines: Christian Families in India Forced into Hindu Ritual, Denied Water
Villagers in Uttar Pradesh state, India beat Christians, forced them to participate in Hindu rituals and have refused to provide them water, sources said.  Four families who were attacked in Jalalabad village, Ghazipur District rely on the water to irrigate their fields...
The Week: Who Killed the Contemporary Christian Music Industry?
....In CCM's heyday, approximately 50 million CCM albums were sold annually. In 2014, that number had plummeted to 17 million. CCM Magazine has long since ceased printing issues, and modern Christian songwriters struggle to penetrate the masses, outside of writing worship songs for church gatherings. The descent of CCM is a reflection of America's waning interest in Christianity as a whole. The precipitous dropoff in CCM sales has left Christian labels and artists staring into the void alongside their pastors, scratching their heads, wondering where they went wrong.    SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
Christian Post: Franklin Graham Calls Arrests of Detroit Christians 'Disturbing,' Fears for Their Lives
Evangelical leader the Rev. Franklin Graham has said the arrests of hundreds of Chaldean Christians in Detroit and other cities nationwide is "very disturbing," and urged President Donald Trump to consider their fate if deported back to Iraq.
Vietnam Punishes Tortured Pastor After He Revealed Human Rights Abuses to US Officials
The wife of a pastor imprisoned in Vietnam says government officials have locked her husband away in a cramped space in retaliation for informing U.S. officials during a visit in May about the brutality that he has faced as a prisoner of conscience.
CBN News: It's Time We Begin Shouting 'Don't Divorce!'
Psychologist Diane Medved has written a book whose title shouts out a command: “Don’t Divorce!” That’s because most divorces end up doing a lot more damage than people expect and don’t often bring the solutions, peace and comfort they hope for.
Michael Snyder: There Have Been 296 Earthquakes In The Vicinity Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Within The Last Seven Days
Is it possible that the Yellowstone supervolcano is gearing up for a major eruption? .... a full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would have the potential of being an E.L.E. (extinction level event). That is why it is so alarming that there have been 296 earthquakes in the vicinity of the Yellowstone supervolcano within the last 7 days. Scientists are trying to convince us that everything is going to be okay, but there are others that are not so sure.
CBN News: Southern Baptists Push Back Against LGBT Activists
Southern Baptist leaders are standing firm against a coalition of LGBT activists that want them to declare that homosexuality is not a sin. Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission President Russell Moore told CBN News that while Southern Baptists believe in the inherent dignity of all people and want to be known for love and compassion "we will not ignore the teachings of Jesus himself."
Aged Four and Scarred for Life: The Children Who Survived the Indonesian Church Attack 
 Two-year-old Anita Sihotang cannot bear the sound of her father’s motorbike because it reminds her of the noise of the explosion last November, when a petrol bomb was thrown into a church park where children were playing, killing one child and seriously injuring Anita and two four-year-olds. Whenever her father turns the key in the ignition, she runs away. “It was so heartbreaking to see them on that dreadful night,” recalls Anita’s father, Jackson. “We felt so powerless.” Anita, and four-year-olds Alvaro Sinaga and Trinity Hutahaean, had been playing after Sunday school in the grounds of their church in Samarinda, East Borneo, on 13 November 2016. The suspect, Juhanda bin Muhammad Aceng, reportedly threw the bomb into the church grounds as the children....
Lifezette: Prayerful Coach Just Wants His Job Back
A high school football coach who lost his position because he prayed after games is fighting for his constitutional rights. “My hope is that, at the end of the day, the court will let me get back to the sidelines and back with my team,” said Joe Kennedy, a former coach at Bremerton High School in Washington State, according to his lawyers, who fought for him in court on Monday.
Bonnie Pritchett: Bernie Sanders Needs a Remedial Course in U.S. Democracy
Is Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., trying to establish a religious test for serving in the U.S. government? Critics say yes and have even called on Sanders to resign over his unconstitutional comments. At the very least, Sanders’ grilling of Russell Vought, nominee for deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, during a June 6 Senate confirmation hearing revealed his ignorance and intolerance of basic Christian doctrine. 
Michael Vlatch: Revelation 19:15 & the Coming Reign of Jesus Over the Nations
I often have been drawn to Revelation 19:15. This verse comes in the middle of Revelation 19:11–21, a dramatic section describing Jesus’ second coming from heaven to earth. Concerning Jesus the verse reads: From His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may strike down the nations; and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty. Note that the wording of Revelation 19:15 is closely connected to four Old Testament messianic passages: Read more
David Cloud: Young People and Separation From the World
 Separation from the world must be emphasized continually. The world’s pop culture is devouring multitudes of young people in the churches. It is capturing their hearts. The church must deal effectually with the world’s music, social media, video games, dress fashions, friendships, attitude.  Even if you are saved and are studying the Bible and seeking His will, there are still powerful enemies within and without, and victory requires keen vigilance.
Tim Challies: 10 Sure Marks of Humility
Is there any trait more odious than pride or more precious than humility? Is there any trait whose presence we so highly honor in others and whose absence we so readily excuse in ourselves? Truly, pride is the chief of sins and humility the highest of virtues..... Here are 10 sure marks that you are growing in humility. 
WEEKEND EDITION JUNE 17th-18th, 2017
World Mag: Delaware Legalizes Abortion Through All Nine Months
Delaware gave pro-abortion advocates a rare but big win last week when Gov. John Carney signed a bill making it legal to kill unborn babies through all nine months of pregnancy. Proponents of the bill drafted it out of fear the Supreme Court might someday overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.
Canada Christian School Fears Bible Verses Will Be Banned Under Canada's New Human Rights Code
Administrators at a Christian school located southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, are concerned that parts of the Bible, specifically those that deal with sexual ethics, could be censored if they're deemed as offensive speech according to the province's human rights code.  Trustees from the Battle River School Division said that a number of Bible verses were expected to be included in a handbook for students at the Cornerstone Christian Academy in Kingman, but now they might be banned for potential violations, such as "targeting vulnerable minorities." Besides 1 Corinthians, concerns were also reportedly raised about a similar passage in Galatians 5, which states....
Reuters: Trump Rolls Back Parts of What He Calls ‘Terrible’ Obama Cuba Policy
President Donald Trump on Friday ordered tighter restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba and a clampdown on U.S. business dealings with the Caribbean island’s military, saying he was canceling former President Barack Obama’s “terrible and misguided deal...” 
CBN News: Will Trump's New Cuba Policy Help Or Hurt the Church?
....The effect on U.S. missions to Cuba and on the Cuban church itself is still unclear, especially as the Treasury Department has announced that it is still working through the specifics of travel regulations.
CBN News: At Pennsylvania High School, Students May Not Pray or Mention Jesus
Moriah Bridges wanted to thank God for His immeasurable blessings on Beaver High School’s graduating class. But she could not, because she was told it was against the law. The Pennsylvania teenager wanted to offer thanksgiving to the Almighty for parents and coaches and teachers. But again, she could not, because she was told it was against the law.
Christian Post: Over 850 LGBT Activists to Protest Christian Conference Addressing Homosexuality, Transgenderism Struggles
Over 850 LGBT activists have signed on to protest a Christian conference that will address same-sex attraction and transgenderism this weekend in San Diego. The Hope 2017 two-day conference....is organized by Restored Hope Network, and promises "powerful biblical teaching, dozens of workshops, worship, and inspiring life stories of those who have dealt with same sex attraction or transgenderism and been transformed by the living God."
TruNews: School Superintendent is Out After Praying at Graduation
In Missouri, a retiring school superintendent is being forced out after praying at a graduation ceremony and some students allegedly felt "offended".  The Willard School District Superintendent Ken Medlin is at the center of this controversial case gaining momentum with students alleging that they approached Medlin prior to the graduation ceremony and asked him not to pray. 
Breitbart News: Health Insurers Plan Rate Hikes for Obamacare Exchanges
Several health insurers will raise premiums by roughly 20 percent on plans sold through Obamacare exchanges.
Joe Carter: FAQ: What Christians Should Know About the Alt-Right 
....A majority of U.S. adults (54 percent) say they have heard “nothing at all” about the “alt-right” movement, and another 28 percent have heard only “a little” about it, according to a Pew Research Center survey taken last year.
Jerusalem Post: 15,000 Plus Sign Petition Against Anti-Israel Rally In London
An online petition calling for a ban of the upcoming “Al-Quds Day” march in London had garnered over 15,000 signatures as of Thursday, due to concerns that the rally promotes antisemitism and terrorism. The annual event, which has previously attracted controversy due to the waving of flags of terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, is scheduled to be held in the British capital on Sunday. 
Daily Caller: Canada Criminalizes Use Of Wrong Gender Pronouns
Canada passed a law Thursday making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.
Christian Post: Christian Teacher Shot Dead by Jihadists in Kenya
Suspected radicals from the al-Shabaab terrorist group reportedly shot dead a Christian teacher at an elementary school in northeastern Kenya. A Muslim teacher tried to save another Christian by offering to sacrifice himself for the other.
National Review: Euthanasia Abandons Despairing People to Their Worst Fears
....We can all empathize with those fears. But note: King’s desire to die has to do with existential anguish, not unbearable pain, which is euthanasia’s selling point. Studies from Oregon and Canada show that the request to die is overwhelmingly caused by such anguish. But here’s the thing: Such despair can often be alleviated with appropriate mental health and sociological interventions. But in our rush to honor lethal “choice,” we often deny people the very help that could restore their desire to live.
CBN News: Katy Perry's Family--- 'Pray for Her'
The record-breaking pop artist Katy Perry is a far cry from the Jesus-loving preacher's kid she once was in her teens.  While her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, who lead a prophetic ministry in California, disagree with their daughter's decisions, they still choose to love her. They recently spoke at the Church Of Grace in Yorba Linda, California, asking the congregation to pray for her.
Christian Post: Christians Face Violence Over Building 'Unclean' Churches in Egypt
In Egypt's Minya province, which has the highest percentage of Christians in the country, even the mention of the word "church" can be dangerous, as churches are believed to be religiously "unclean" by some local Muslims, according to a report.
The Atlantic: The Distinct, Positive Impact of a Good Dad
....In their approach to childrearing, fathers are more likely to encourage their children to take risks, embrace challenges, and be independent, whereas mothers are more likely to focus on their children's safety and emotional well-being. "[F]athers play a particularly important role in the development of children's openness to the world," writes psychologist Daniel Paquette. "[T]hey also tend to encourage children to take risks, while at the same time ensuring the latter's safety and security, thus permitting children to learn to be braver in unfamiliar situations, as well as to stand up for themselves." In his review of scholarly research on fatherhood, he notes that scholars generally find that dads are more likely to have their children talk to strangers, to overcome obstacles, and even...
David Cloud:How to Make Wise Decisions In God's Will
Many people have spoiled their Christian lives because of bad decisions made apart from God’s will (e.g., wrong job, wrong friends, wrong marriage partner, mistakes in the pursuit of education, mistakes made in moving to another place). And it is not only young people who make unwise decisions; many older and even elderly people have committed this grave mistake. Following are some foundational Bible principles for making wise decisions in God’s will:
Bible Mesh: Christian Missionary & ExplorerDavid Livingstone (1813-1873)
Even though David Livingstone had spent extensive time exploring Africa during his lifetime, it was not normal and certainly worrying when no one heard from the famous missionary-doctor-explorer for several months in 1871. Henry Stanley, a journalist for the New York Herald and explorer, set out to find Livingstone. He finally found the old man in October 1871 near Africa’s Lake Tanganyika.
Christian Post: Southern Baptists Address Membership Decline, Core Doctrine at Annual Meeting
Southern Baptists reaffirmed several theological commitments at the denomination's annual meeting Tuesday, emphasizing orthodoxy and missions amid declining numbers and following a divisive election year.
House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Remains 'Critical' After Shooting That Left Him in 'Shock'
House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, 51, was listed as "critical" Wednesday night after being shot along with several other victims at a Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, Wednesday morning.
CBN News: Apologize or Resign! Popular Pastor Gives Bernie Sanders Ultimatum for Anti-Christian Rant
A Texas pastor is demanding that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) either apologize or resign after he grilled President Donald Trump’s nominee for deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget during a hearing on Wednesday, effectively arguing that the nominee’s Christian beliefs disqualify him from serving in the position. Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, released a statement following the Russell Vought’s confirmation hearing, pushing back against Sanders’ controversial line of questioning over an article that Vought wrote in January 2016 about the ever-contentious debate over Islamic and Christian theology.
Baptist Standard: Baptists Blast Bernie Sanders for Imposing Religious Test
....“We have seen other recent examples of attempts to declare certain religious beliefs as irreconcilable with American values and therefore legitimate grounds for exclusion,” she wrote. “Part of living in a religiously diverse society is encountering people who have theological views that are opposed, even abhorrent, to us. Our founders created a system through the Constitution and Bill of Rights that provides equal citizenship despite those differences.”
CBN News: Franklin Graham Warns US Christians of Ontario's Anti-Parent LGBT Law
Christian humanitarian and evangelist Franklin Graham says the U.S. should be "on guard" after lawmakers in Canada's largest province passed a law that pits Christian parents against LGBTQ interests. Southern Baptist spokesman Dr. Russell Moore calls the law "alarming" and says that all people, not just Christians, should be concerned.
Evangelical UK Liberal Democrat Leader Resigns Citing Faith Conflict, Intolerance
Tim Farron, the head of the Liberal Democrats party in the U.K. has resigned from his position, admitting he has been "torn" between politics and remaining faithful to Jesus Christ.
Daily Signal: Coach Kennedy, Who Lost His Job After Praying, Makes His Case to 9th Circuit Court
Coach Joe Kennedy took his fight to be allowed to pray silently on the football field to court this week, appealing to a bench with a liberal reputation. “My hope is that, at the end of the day, the court will let me get back to the sidelines and back with my team,” Kennedy said in a statement after his appearance in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
Acton Institute: On the House of European History‘Without Christianity, Europe Has No Soul’
The newly opened House of European History has a blind spot: It entirely omits the role that religion played in European history. According to a new essay from Arnold Huijgen at Religion & Liberty Transatlantic, when it comes to religion, the $61 million museum in Brussels, built by the European Parliament, is “an empty House.” Instead, the EU displaces the Divine in its exhibits.
Paul Akin: The Number One Reason Missionaries Go Home
The most common reason missionaries go home isn’t due to lack of money, illness, terrorism, homesickness, or even a lack of fruit or response to the gospel. Regretfully, the number one reason is conflict with other missionaries. Yes, you read that correctly.
Amy Medina: Your Short-Term Trips Have Not Prepared You For Long-Term Missions
.....This is not a post about the good or the bad of short-term missions (STM), or how to do them well.  This is a post about the limits of STM trips as preparation for long-term missions. These days, just about every long-term missionary has been on at least one STM.  Of course, many long-term missionaries choose that life because of a short-term trip—which is a wonderful thing indeed.  But what is often not discussed is how different long-term missions is compared to short-term trips. 
Tim Challies: The Peril of Success
....It is good to desire success and good to dream of it. It is good to set goals and a pleasure to achieve them. But danger comes when too much of our effort has gone into gaining success and too little into gaining sanctification. When pursuing goals outstrips pursuing godliness we leave ourselves vulnerable to pride and greed and a million other sins. Sometimes success blesses us and sometimes it....
John Van Gelderen: Greatest Strength and Weakness of Independent Baptist Churches
....The responses from this simple question have provoked my thinking. As an evangelist, I do see that there is a definite strength in Independent Baptist churches as well as a definite weakness. The strength lies in valuing the written Word of God, and, from my perspective, the weakness underlying all the weaknesses listed above lies in not valuing the Holy Spirit.
David Cloud: The Downfall of James Robison
James Robison is an example of the ecumenical spirit that permeates the charismatic movement, and his case is a loud warning to those who are tempted to flirt with this movement.  In the 1970s, he was a fiery Southern Baptist evangelist, preaching boldly against the theological liberalism that had permeated his denomination and urgently needed to be rooted out. 
Fred Moritz: Grace from Eternity to Time
....First, predestination (v. 29) was God’s determination in eternity past, apparently, simultaneous with election (Eph. 1:4–5). Second, calling happens at a point in history, at the time the gospel is preached and the Holy Spirit convicts the sinner: “whom he did predestinate, them he also called” (Rom. 8:30). Third, justification follows calling at the time a person trusts in Christ....
Trump, Ryan Emphasize Importance of Unity After Shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise
President Donald Trump called for unity after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., was shot and wounded Wednesday morning when a man opened fire at Republican lawmakers and staff during a practice for a congressional baseball game.
World Net Daily: Gunman at GOP Ballgame: ‘Are You Democrats or Republicans?’
Christian Post: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Among Multiple Shot; Democrats, Republicans Gather in Prayer
CBN News: 'It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.' - Shooter's Leftist Ranting
CBN News: A Nation Divided: Violent Threats Escalate from Anti-Trumpers
Ann Coulter: The ‘Resistance’ Goes Live-Fire
Lawmaker Survived Shooting "By the Grace of God' and Heroic Action of Capitol Hill Police
Michigan's Rep. Mike Bishops says the only reason he and the others who were at today's gun attack in Virginia survived is because members of the U.S. Capitol Police acted heroically. "The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover," Bishops told WWJ Newsradio 950.
CBN News: Shooting AftermathAmerica's New Assassination Culture
 The Alexandria shooting incident was not the first time terrorists targeted members of Congress for assassination.  In March 1954, leftist Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire on representatives of the 83rd Congress inside the Capitol building.   Five representatives were injured, none were killed.   This time, 63-years later, a disgruntled leftist gunmen targeted only Republican members of congress on a baseball diamond. Why now, and why only congressional Republicans? It seems we now live in an age and culture where violence and calls for assassination are commonplace.  Entertainers and academics seem to fan the flames of discontent, inciting a violent response against President Trump and other conservatives leaders.
Christian Post: Will Trump's Tax Reforms Reduce Giving to Churches?
As Congress and President Trump work to pass tax reform some Christian leaders are concerned that current proposals in the House will yield a substantial decrease in charitable giving.
One News Now: Southen Baptists in Arizona for Annual Gathering
Representatives of the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. have gathered in Arizona for its annual meeting. Messengers from the Southern Baptist Convention have convened in Phoenix in the midst of the continuing controversy surrounding the lead ethicist of the denomination. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, received backlash following his consistent criticism of Donald Trump and his supporters during the presidential election.
World Net Daily: Southern Baptists Go ‘Gender-Inclusive’ On Bible
The Southern Baptist Convention’s 2017 meeting is underway during a time of crisis and division for the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Much of the division centers on politics – and at the center of the firestorm is Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). Moore spent last year waging a long and bitter war against President Donald Trump and his supporters, including penning frequent attacks on the then-candidate in the pages of leftist media outlets....
RNS News: Faced With Declining Numbers, Southern Baptists Focus on Evangelism
Faced with continuing declines in membership and baptisms, Southern Baptist Convention President Steve Gaines implored delegates to the denomination’s yearly meeting to turn to God and put their emphasis on evangelism. “I want to encourage you to be a soul-winner. I want to encourage you to be evangelistic,” said Gaines, who plans to appoint a task force for more effective personal evangelism.
Acton Institute: A Christian Defense of Capitalism
....Capitalism does not exist in a vacuum. In a fallen world, we need institutions protecting life, liberty, and private property. The rest is up to the “invisible hand.” It guides even the most selfish individuals to promote each other’s interests through the market. And it happens without commissars telling people what to do! I would have to be selectively blind to not appreciate the wisdom and....
Christian Post: Pope Francis Appoints Abortion-Backing Professor to Pro-Life Academy; Some 'Shocked'
Christian Post: AFA Demands Target Stop 'Insanity' After Sexual Voyeur Records Screaming Woman in Dressing Room
Christian Post: Greg Laurie on What Could Happen If There's No Spiritual Awakening in America
ZeroHedge: Pat Buchanan Asks 'Are We Nearing Civil War?'
....President Trump may be chief of state, head of government and commander in chief, but his administration is shot through with disloyalists plotting to bring him down… We are approaching something of a civil war where the capital city seeks the overthrow of the sovereign and its own restoration.
Crisis Mag: Why the Odds Favor Islam
....The transformation of the Albert Park Methodist Church to the Didsbury Mosque is emblematic of one of the most significant shifts in history: the transformation of Europe from a largely Christian continent to a largely Islamic one. The transformation is far from complete, and there’s an outside chance the process can be reversed, but time and demographics favor Islam.  SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
Michael Brown: A Call for Responsible Rhetoric in the Media (and Social Media)
CBN News: What Bernie Sanders' Behavior Says About Religious Freedom Today
....Sanders responded by suggesting Vought's comments to be "islamaphobic" and disrespectful towards other religions, even though Islam teaches that those who reject Allah will perish. Sanders then recommended to the chairman that the candidate not be confirmed, based on the candidate's answers to Sanders' religious test.
Associated Press: Islamic State Calls for Ramadan Attacks In USA and Europe
The Islamic State group is calling on supporters to carry out attacks in the United States and Europe during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan that began two weeks ago. In an audiotape circulated online Monday, spokesman Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajer praised last week’s attacks in Iran’s capital, saying the country is “weaker than a spider’s web” and calling for more assaults.
Ken Ham: The Secularist Media War Against the Ark Continues
Recently, a number of articles in the mainstream media, on blogs, and on well-known secularist group websites have attempted to spread propaganda to brainwash the public into thinking our Ark Encounter attraction is a dismal failure. Sadly, they are influencing business investors and others in such a negative way that they may prevent Grant County, Kentucky, from achieving the economic recovery that its officials and residents have been seeking. In one sense, such negative, misleading, and outright false reporting doesn’t worry me....
New York Times: Religious Liberals Sat Out of Politics for 40 YearsNow They Want In the Game
....Across the country, religious leaders whose politics fall to the left of center, and who used to shun the political arena, are getting involved — and even recruiting political candidates — to fight back against President Trump’s policies on immigration, health care, poverty and the environment. Some are calling the holy ruckus a “religious resistance.” Others, mindful that periodic attempts at a resurgence on the religious left have all failed, point to an even loftier ambition than taking on the current White House: After 40 years in which the Christian right has dominated the influence of organized religion on American politics — souring some people on religion altogether, studies show — left-leaning faith leaders are hungry to break the right’s grip on setting the nation’s moral agenda.
Breitbart News: Inside VenezuelaThe Socialist Haven on the Brink of Total Collapse
....Everything about Venezuela suggests this is a nation on the brink of collapse. Whether it is the ongoing violence, the extreme poverty, or the enormous piles of garbage in the street, nothing is working as it should be. In January, inflation reached over 800 percent, while some analysts predicting it could reach 1500 percent by the end of the year. Even at one of the city’s most exclusive hotels, breakfast offerings remain scarce and electricity and internet connection regularly cut out.
Los Angeles Times: Decision Time at the Supreme CourtRulings Expected Soon on Religion, Free Speech and Immigration
It’s decision time at the Supreme Court, as the justices prepare to hand down the final rulings of their current term by the end of this month. They are due to rule in 21 cases, including disputes over religion, free speech and immigration that could have broad significance.
This year’s term has been quieter than normal. It began in the fall when eight justices were waiting for the presidential election to decide who would fill the seat left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia. New Justice Neil M. Gorsuch arrived in mid-April in time to hear about a dozen cases. Most of this year’s docket was taken up with cases that asked the justices to clarify the law, not settle a highly contentious issue. Before their summer recess, the justices are also expected to act on several pending appeals.
Christian Post: SBC President Steve Gaines Seeks Task Force to Study Decline in Membership, Baptisms
The head of the Southern Baptist Convention has stated his intention to appoint a task force to study the decline in baptisms and membership for the nation's largest Protestant denomination.
Sam Rainer: Ten Facts You Should Know About the Southern Baptist Convention
....The SBC is often called “America’s largest Protestant denomination.” However, in all technicality, we’re a convention not a denomination. The SBC does not have a top-down denominational structure. We’re a collection of ministries supported by a cooperating network of churches. Every church within the SBC is locally autonomous, meaning each church makes their own decisions about staff, budget, programs—everything. Since each SBC congregation is self-governing, there is no head office in Dallas, Nashville, or Atlanta....
Christian Post: Five Reactions to Bernie Sanders Rejecting Trump Nominee for Christian Beliefs
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont garnered controversy over his questioning of Trump appointee Russ Vought's Christian beliefs.
Breaking Israel News: Israel Prepares for Massive Earthquake
“I hope there will not be an earthquake in 2017. There are enough earthquakes around us in all senses of the word, but we live adjacent to the Syrian-African rift, and an earthquake can hit at any moment,” Netanyahu said at Sunday’s Israeli cabinet meeting.
Newsmax: Poll Says That 73 Percent of Americans Support Euthanasia
Nearly three out of four Americans support euthanasia, a new Gallup poll revealed. Here is how the poll breaks down on the issue of whether a doctor should be allowed to end a terminally ill patient's life by painless means if the person requests it:
Rod Dreher: Born That Way’? Really?
....Sexuality is a lot more fluid than we think. For post-pubescent adolescents, teenagers, and young adults in their twenties, re-setting the boundaries of what is permissible resets the boundaries of what is thinkable, and for a meaningful number of them will change the way they behave. Here’s what I mean. It must be that there are young people who experience homosexual desires as teenagers, but who do not act on them for reasons of religious belief or social custom. Later in  life — in their twenties, say — their sexual desire solidifies as...
Julius J. Kim: Is a 'Churchless Christian' an Oxymoron?
....Simply put, those who are united to Jesus Christ through faith in Him are also part of His body, the church. Members of local churches not only receive wonderful privileges but also have special responsibilities. What does it mean to be a member of the church? Being a member of a church reveals at least three truths: (1) obedience to God; (2) submission to the means God has provided; and (3) service to other members through the use of one’s gifts.
Thomas Overmiller: Respect Your Wife and Love Your Husband
....A strong marriage relationship, especially between a husband and wife who are Christians, requires mutual love and respect. As believers, we are called by Jesus to love one another (Jn. 13:34). Furthermore, we are taught by Paul to submit to one another (Eph. 5:21). In fact, this call to submit to one another occurs in the same context as Ephesians 5:33 and serves as a broader principle that applies to all of our relationships as believers, especially marriage.
John MacArthur: Are Mental Impressions Divine Revelation?
You have undoubtedly heard people say things like, “God is calling me to the mission field,” or “God led me to attend this college,” or “We feel God wants us to get married.” Perhaps you have even said such things yourself. Christians who use expressions like those often mean they have had an impression or a strong feeling that they interpret as a disclosure of the divine will. Even people who believe prophecy and divine revelation have ceased sometimes fall into the trap of thinking God speaks directly to us through subjective means.
Tim Challies: Eight Ways to Measure Your Love for the Bible
Christians are people of the Word, men and women who live their lives according to its every precept. The Bible is the revelation of God to display his character and to show what it means to live in conformity to him. It is an inestimable privilege to have access to the mind and will of God. Yet while many people pay homage to the Bible, few love it. How can you know if your love for the Bible goes beyond a mere passing fancy? Here are a few ways to measure whether or not you truly love the Word. 
David Cloud: The Believer and Drinking
Most professing Christians believe that drinking is acceptable “in moderation.” This is true generally for Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans, and for a growing number of Emerging Church Evangelicals.
Legendary Investor Warns That Worst Stock Market Crash In Our Lifetime Is Coming ‘This Year Or Next’
If Jim Rogers is right, the worst stock market crash that any of us has ever seen is right around the corner.  For the past 15 years, Rogers has been a frequent guest analyst on CNBC, Fox News and elsewhere, and he is immensely respected for the depth of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table.  So the fact that he is warning that we are about to see the worst stock market crash in any of our lifetimes is making a lot of waves in the financial community.  And of course Rogers is far from alone. 
Gallup Poll: 54% of Americans Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal
....In fact the latest poll finds just 29% believe abortion should be legal and all circumstances or as a combined 68% of Americans believe or abortion should either be illegal in all circumstances or legal only under certain circumstances.
WND: Convergence Of Signs Prepares The Way For Third Temple
...It has been 50 years since Israel captured the Temple Mount and Old Jerusalem after brutal house-to-house fighting during the 1967 Six-Day War. Five decades later, the sacred site remains politically explosive, with even the simple act of prayer generating huge conflict. Yet, the biggest battles undoubtedly lay ahead. Competing claims to sovereignty are always at the center of any negotiations between Israel and its Arab neighbors. More importantly, there is a steady progression of signs indicating Jews are making real progress towards actually building the Third Temple, an act that would have profound geopolitical and spiritual ramifications. Many believers argue there is deep eschatological significance in how all of these unlikely events are coming together so swiftly and dramatically. 
World Net Daily: ‘Greatest Challenge the Church Is Facing’ Swells Worldwide
“Islam is presently the greatest challenge the church is facing, and will continue to be so in the days ahead,” he said. “The problem, of course, is not in Islam’s strength so much as it is in the weakness and apathy of the church. While many Muslims are well trained to reach and evangelize Christians, most Christians are not equipped or even willing to evangelize Muslims. This is a travesty in so many ways.
The Stream: Bernie Sanders Shows the Left’s Refusal to Coexist with Traditional Believers 
Religious tests for holding public office are banned in the Constitution and go against the very core of the American tradition. But you wouldn’t have learned that listening Wednesday to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as he questioned Russ Vought, the nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget.  His questioning of Vought was nothing less than theological interrogation, and in the end, excoriation.  Here’s what unfolded when Sanders took the mic.
Pcy News Watch: Shocking New Canadian Law! - Christian Families At Risk Of Having Children Taken
The transgender movement continues to gain momentum across the Western world, bulldozing, sanity, common sense, traditional values and cultures in its path of destruction. In Canada, prior to 2017, the Child and Family Services Act that regulates the foster care and child protective services agencies took into consideration the religious beliefs of the family with regard to gender identity.
AINA: Christian Communities Decimated By 50-80% in Syria, Iraq, Since 2011
According to a new report, more than half the Christians living in Syria and Iraq have been killed or fled the country since 2011, mostly because of targeted persecution from the Islamic State terror group. Exactly three years ago, the Islamic State took control of the Iraqi City of Mosul, beginning a particularly harsh period of persecution of the beleaguered Christian community living in the area.
The Stream: George Soros is Trying to Hijack Christian Churches
.....There are global actors with billions of dollars and vast webs of connections. They are trying to sway U.S. elections. Even worse, some want to hijack Christian churches. Their goal: to dismantle traditional Christian teaching, practice, or prudence on critical public issues:
Newsmax: Michael Reagan24-Hour News Has Killed Bipartisan Politics
The 24-hour news cycle and the media's unending quest for huge and profitable ratings have destroyed the ability of Republican and Democrats to sit down and negotiate compromises, veteran political commentator Michael Reagan, the son of Ronald Reagan, said.
Baptist Press: Student Missions Team Involved In Deadly Bus Accident
Thirty-eight students and adult chaperones traveling from Huntsville, Ala., to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for a mission trip to Botswana were involved in a horrific accident June 8 that left dozens injured and killed one student.
Newsmax: E-Cigarettes Potentially as Harmful as Tobacco
Many smokers switched to electronic cigarettes hoping they would be less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. But a new study at the University of Connecticut found that e-cigarettes are potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes.
Christianity Today: Cambodians Usher in a Miraculous Moment for Christianity
While persecution still percolates in other Southeast Asian countries, Cambodian Christians enjoy a promising sense of openness from leaders and neighbors.
Denny Burk: Have Southern Baptists Embraced Gender-Inclusive Bible Translation?
....The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) begins its annual meetings tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. It would indeed be a bombshell for messengers to learn as they arrive to the convention hall that their denomination has delivered a product that the rank-and-file have long opposed in resolution after resolution. It would be shocking if it were true. But it’s not true. In fact, it’s demonstrably false
David Cloud: When Was the Pre-Tribulation Rapture First Taught?
 It has long been claimed by those who interpret prophecy allegorically that the doctrine of the pre-tribulation Rapture is a new doctrine, and since it is allegedly a new doctrine it cannot be a true one.
Brett McCracken: The Danger of 'Church Shopping'
....For a church to meet and affirm every congregant in their totally unique, individuated spirituality is to fragment in a hundred different directions, losing any sense of a beautiful, transcendent core that makes church matter in the first place. A better approach for churches is to call the congregation in its diversity to meet Christ where he is at, even if it means asking people to redirect or abandon their various self-defined spiritual paths.
David French: Bernie Sanders Shows How Religious Ignorance Breeds Progressive Intolerance
Vermont’s junior senator could use a remedial course in the text and meaning of the Constitution. If your political sun has been rising and setting on the cage match between Donald Trump and James Comey, there’s an ominous little story that you might have missed. In an otherwise-uneventful Senate hearing for Russell Vought, Trump’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Bernie Sanders launched a direct and aggressive attack on Vought’s religious beliefs.
Christianity Today: In Christ AloneBernie Sanders Attacks Wheaton Grad’s Stance on Salvation
....This week, Wheaton alumnus Russell Vought, President Donald Trump’s pick for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, was repeatedly challenged by Senator Bernie Sanders for his Christian convictions and specifically quoted Vought’s disagreement with Hawkins’s position. While Sanders accused Vought of being Islamophobic and making statements that are “indefensible” and “hateful,” Christian onlookers saw the senator applying a religious test to deem an orthodox evangelical unfit for office. 
Christian Headlines: Bernie Sanders Grills Nominee Over Religious Beliefs
....Sanders first asked Vought, “Do you believe that that statement is homophobic?”  Vought replied, “Absolutely not, Senator. I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith.” He went on to say that he wrote the piece to defend Wheaton College because it is “a Christian school that has a statement of faith that includes the centrality of Jesus Christ for salvation.”
Newsmax: Jerry Falwell Jr. Joins White House Education Task Force
Jerry Falwell Jr. confirmed Thursday he is part of a White House task force examining issues in education. Politico reports that Falwell, the president of Liberty University, is among more than a dozen other college presidents who will help President Donald Trump's administration take a look at regulations in the higher education industry.
Christian Headlines: New Study Shows Euthanasia Is About Fear, Not Pain
A Canadian study published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine says patients requesting euthanasia aren’t necessarily in physical pain—they’re in “existential distress.” Canada legalized euthanasia last summer, and since then, hundreds have opted for the new Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). The Toronto-based study used data from four hospitals participating in MAID and concluded fear of not being in control is a leading factor when people want to die.
CBN News: As U.S. Soccer Celebrates Gay Pride, Christian Player Quietly Withdraws from Team
A U.S. soccer player who is outspoken about her Christian faith has withdrawn her name from the team roster after U.S. soccer announced that their teams will wear jersey’s designed to support gay pride month in June. Jaelene Hinkle did not specify why she pulled out, citing “personal reasons” for her decision.
Daily Wire: Trump Nominates Another Strong Group Of Conservative Judges
...."Trump has an unprecedented opportunity to nominate a substantial percentage of the federal judiciary," currently around 100 vacancies. In early May, Trump nominated a group of 10 solidly conservative judges, celebrated by the Right and decried by the Left. On Wednesday, he named another 11.
Fox News: Restoring Credibility? Trump's Slate of 11 Judicial Nominees Could Shake Up Courts
....Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn to transform the courts. With more than 120 openings on the federal bench, the White House has just announced a slate of 11 new judicial nominees. Court observers say the nominees will be a positive addition to the courts.
Jerusalem Post: Abbas Adviser Says Western Wall Can Only Remain Under Muslim Sovereignty
The Western Wall can only remain under Muslim sovereignty, a senior adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said during a Friday sermon. “It is an Islamic endowment that absolutely cannot belong to non-Muslims,” Mahmoud Habash, Abbas’s religious affairs adviser said, referring to the wall. “It is our property and endowment. It is impossible to concede one millimeter of it.”
CBN News: Christian Man Dies After Three Muslim Doctors Refuse to Touch Him
A Pakistani Christian sewage worker died after three Muslim doctors refused to touch him because they were fasting for Ramadan.  Irfan Masih fell unconscious after being exposed to toxic fumes while cleaning a manhole.  His brother rushed him to the hospital for treatment, but was shocked when three Muslim doctors reportedly refused to even touch him. 
Christianity Today: Hundreds of New Churches Not Enough to Satisfy Southern Baptists
Southern Baptists gained almost 500 churches last year, while taking in more than $11 billion. Such statistics would have most US denominations praising the Lord. But because of declines in other metrics that matter more—including their namesake, baptisms—leaders say members should offer lament instead.
CBN News: Vice-President Pence Stirs Faith Crowd with Pledge to Keep Promises on Abortion, Obamacare
Vice-president Mike Pence took to the stage at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference in DC and revved up the crowd with a campaign style speech. “As the good book says, if you owe debts pay debts. If honor then, honor. If respect then respect. I’m really here just to pay a debt, to pay a debt of gratitude to all of you that helped elect a president that is fighting every day to restore freedom in the country and to make this country great and strong once again,” said Pence thanking the crowd. 
Breitbart News: Al Gore Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming
Former Vice President Al Gore is now telling his climate disciples that God commands us to go forth and fight global warming. Engaging in some advanced publicity for his new global warming film spectacular, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” Gore told Interview Magazine that God didn’t create global warming and wants us to fix it.
TruNews: Mayor Stands up to Atheists 'The Cross Will Stand!'
Residents of a town in Missouri say they will not take down the cross that has been standing in the main city park for almost a century. The mayor of Neosho, Missouri Ben Baker, says he believes in the will of the people and upholding the U.S. Constitution. The cross was placed in the city's Big Spring Park by a resident back in the 1930's and for years served as the meeting place for Easter sunrise services. 
Fox News: Atheists Demand Town Remove Church Welcome Signs
A group of perpetually-offended atheists, agnostics and freethinkers are threatening to sue a small Wisconsin town because of two welcome signs. The signs, which were posted some 50 years ago, read, "The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You." The Freedom From Religion Foundation said the welcome signs are unconstitutional because they are not neutral toward all faiths. 
OneNewsNow: McDonald's Touts LGBT 'Rainbow Fries' For Gay Pride Month
From Friday through Sunday, McDonald’s restaurants in Washington, D.C, situated along the “Capital Pride” parade route are offering customers limited-edition “rainbow fry” boxes to celebrate the LGBTQ community and remind Americans that the Golden Arches is a major player and sponsor in promoting homosexual behavior across the nation.
New York Times: Prozac Nation Is Now the United States of Xanax
…According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, some 38 percent of girls ages 13 through 17, and 26 percent of boys, have an anxiety disorder. On college campuses, anxiety is running well ahead of depression as the most common mental health concern, according to a 2016 national study of more than 150,000 students by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State University. 
Way of Life: 15 Bible Reasons a Christian Should Join a Bible-Believing Church
New Testament Christians joined a local church. The churches had membership lists, either in writing or in memory. Since the Scripture was given for instruction in righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16), God evidently wants us to follow their example. Although there is no specific verse that says, "Thou shalt join a church," there are fifteen places that either require or teach by example that we should do so.
Don Johnson: Inerrancy and Fundamentalism
....While it is possible to conceive of a truly born again believer who is confused or fuzzy on inerrancy, the doctrine is of foundational importance to the Fundamentalist position and to a Biblical worldview. It is hard to imagine being able to take any kind of firm position in the kaleidoscope of shifting values and ideas in our world if the Bible isn’t a bedrock of truth. An errant Bible is no Bible at all. So when we find a vigorous defense of the doctrine, we take note and are edified by its arguments.
Mark Ballenger: Is It Sin to Be Sad?
....As I’ve matured with this verse over the years, it’s caused me to look deeper into its practical implications. If my life is hard, is it okay to be sad? If a dream of mine is not coming true, is it sin to be discontent? Does “rejoice in the Lord always” mean I must be happy no matter what?  Sometimes to really understand what is being said in the Bible, it helps to define what is not being said.