NEWS ARCHIVE FOR JUNE 22nd-30th, 2017
Christian Headlines: Eight Freedoms to Thank God for This Independence Day
....Freedom is a great definition of independence, as it is the result of the choices we make in our life. The power of choice is one of the greatest freedoms we have in our country, and knowing where to find it is important, as we see in Proverbs 2:6: “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.” Let's review eight freedoms we should all celebrate this July 4th. 
Prophecy News Watch: Temple Institute Moves Ahead With Plans For Third Temple
The Temple Institute is unrelentingly pulling out all the stops via a multi-faceted approach to ensure that the 3rd Jewish Temple will finally be built. If sheer zeal and commitment alone could accomplish the project, it would certainly have been accomplished a long while ago. But as Andrew Tobin for the Times of Israel recently reported, the problem for proponents of this project is that the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem is sacred not only to Jews but to Muslims and Christians too. 
Christian Post: Why Are More Evangelicals Supporting Gay Marriage?
Polls showing rising numbers of evangelicals supporting same-sex marriage show the influence of culture and failures of churches, according to two experts interviewed by The Christian Post.
Nancy Pelosi Says Republicans’ Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood ‘Dishonor God’
 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently criticized Republicans’ efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, even going so far as to say such efforts “dishonor the God who made us.”  Pelosi is a Democrat and a Catholic. She also is a firm supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood. Recently, in comments about the proposed GOP healthcare bill which aims to repeal the Affordable Care Act and defund Planned Parenthood, Pelosi seemed to equate caring for God’s creation with supporting Planned Parenthood. “I know my colleagues are people of faith,” Pelosi said. “They tell us that all the time. So, this is God’s creation, we have a real responsibility to it…to minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor...God...."
WORLD Mag: Federal Court Upholds North Carolina Religious Liberty Law
The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday in favor of a North Carolina religious liberty law protecting county magistrates. The law allows the public officials to recuse themselves from performing marriage ceremonies for or issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The appeals court declared the three couples who filed suit didn’t have standing because the law hadn’t harmed them. The ruling, issued by a three-judge panel, mirrors a district court decision against the plaintiffs for the same reason. Under the law, counties in which magistrates have filed recusals must make other officials available to perform their duties. The plaintiffs argued ...
World Net Daily: Turkish Dictator ‘Removes Mask’ In Seizure of 50 Churches
The government of Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan has seized at least 50 Syriac Christian churches and monasteries, according to press reports in Turkey. Turkey’s Mardin Governorate has established a special Commission for Liquidation & Sharing of the properties owned by the Syriac community. The church seizures are occurring against the backdrop of Erdogan’s policy of turning Turkey back to its Shariah-compliant Ottoman roots.
Christian Post: 160 Christians Arrested During Eritrea's Fresh Crackdown on Christianity
Human rights groups have reported that the number of Christians arrested in the Eastern African nation of Eritrea since the government began its most recent crackdown against Christians in May has reached at least 160.
Christian Post: Bible Classes Can Now Be Taught in Kentucky Public Schools
Effective this past Thursday, Kentucky public schools can now teach a course on the Bible thanks to a bill signed by the state's Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.
Weekly Standard: Taxpayers Are Funding Animal Tests for Homemade Abortions
More than 60 Republicans and Democrats in Congress are supporting a bill—the Federal Accountability in Chemical Testing (FACT) Act (HR 816)—that would improve disclosure by federal agencies about hundreds of expensive, slow, and outdated animal tests…the National Toxicology Program (NTP)…is engaged in hundreds of planned and ongoing animal tests…Two of the substances on the NTP animal testing list…are best known as a way to induce “herbal abortions.”
Vatican’s 3rd Most Powerful Figure Charged With Multiple Sex Assaults
The extent of the charges the senior Vatican cardinal is facing has not been revealed by police. However, according to Patton, “there are multiple complainants relating to those charges.”There might be up to 10 alleged victims, Australian news website News.com.au reports, adding that they were minors at the time of the alleged assaults and are now aged from their late 20s to their early 50s....
DNA Analysis of Egyptian Mummies Supports Biblical Story of Noah’s Descendants
Recent analysis and study of ancient mummies in Egypt has revealed findings that coincide with the Bible’s account of Noah’s descendants. Researchers from the University of Tuebingen and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History found that the DNA of mummies entombed in Abusir-el Meleq, Middle Egypt, actually matches that of Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples from the Near East, Anatolia, and the Eastern Mediterranean instead of modern Egyptians.
Ryan Bomberger: Top 10 Reasons to Keep Planned Parenthood Out of Public Schools
There are many reasons to keep the nation's largest abortion chain out of the business of miseducating our children. Here are ten...
David Cloud: Good Churches Ruined by Bad Associations
After studying the emerging church for the past five years, including attending one of the largest emerging church conferences with media credentials, reading several dozen of their books, and interviewing some prominent emerging leaders--and at the same time observing what is happening among fundamental Baptists--in 2011 I issued a warning that most independent Baptist churches will be well down the contemporary/emerging path within a generation.  I am more convinced of this with each passing month. 
Ardee Coolidge: The Question Churches Can No Longer Ignore
If a woman in your congregation faced an unplanned pregnancy, to whom could she turn for support? I’ve been a part of the church for my whole life, but I’m not sure I could answer this question. If I don’t know the answer, then a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in my church probably doesn’t know either.
Thom Rainer: Five Imminent Dangers In Churches
....There are five imminent danger signs in churches today. I am not speaking of just those churches that have abandoned core doctrines; I am also speaking of churches that are supposedly solidly evangelical. Here are five of those dangers:
New Survey Finds That Evangelical Christian Support For Gay Marriage Has More Than Doubled
A new survey just released by the Pew Research Center has found that support for gay marriage in the United States is at an all-time record high. According to the survey, 62 percent of all Americans are now in favor of allowing gays and lesbians to get married, and only 32 percent are opposed. These numbers have almost flipped completely upside down from where they were a decade ago. In 2007, 54 percent of all Americans were against gay marriage and only 37 percent were in favor of it. To say that our culture has been transformed over the past ten years would be a major understatement.
Dean Stewart: We Still Celebrate Independence Day at Our Church
....A good Independence Day celebration takes a tremendous amount of planning, work, and expense. For this reason alone I understand not every pastor/staff would want to tackle such an endeavor. My plans are to continue to have such services in the future and I have some good reasons why.
Newsweek: 'No Religion' Is the New Religion in Australia, Despite Growing Muslim Community
Although religious groups last year were campaigning against the idea of Australia becoming a Muslim majority country, Australians are actually becoming less religious overall in recent years. In a survey released Monday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census found the number of people who practiced “no religion” had increased exponentially in 2016.
CBN News: Aussies Ditching Religion? The State of Christianity Down Under
Christianity is apparently on the decline in Australia even as the Pentecostal church continues to grow. The latest census figures reveal a nation that is becoming increasingly secular. Thirty percent now report they have no religion. That's up from 22 percent five years ago and 16 percent in 2001. Just over 52 percent of Australians self-identify as Christian, compared with 88 percent 50 years ago.
UK Daily Mail: Methodists and the Church of England Could Merge More Than 200 Years After They Split
The Church of England and the Methodist Church are set to merge more than 200 years after their historic split, it was revealed yesterday. The two greatest protestant churches should declare themselves in ‘communion’ and share each other’s priests and ministers, leaders said. The deal to repair the rift will mean the CofE – once known as the Tory Party at prayer – will join forces with an institution long regarded as a central pillar of working class culture. The Labour Party was famously said by one of its leaders ‘to owe more to Methodism than Marx.’ However Methodist churches have lost more than a third of their membership over the past 12 years and it counted just 188,000 regular worshippers last year.
Jerusalem Post: Iran’s Flag On Israel’s Border‘We Are Coming’
Lebanon seems to be having a flag sale. Iranian flags, Hezbollah, the UN, Spain, Palestinian flags. They are all flying provocatively along the border with the northern Israeli community of Metulla…On a hill overlooking new houses being constructed…is another huge poster with a photo of the Dome of the Rock. The face of Ayatollah Khomeini glowers down over the dome and Hezbollah has written “we are coming” in Hebrew and Arabic.
Breitbart News: Virginia Man Charged with Filming Woman in Target Dressing Room
Police in Henrico County, Virginia, have arrested a 23-year-old man and charged him with taking video of a woman and a child in a Target dressing room.
CBN News: Preschoolers in Sweden Banned from Saying 'Amen,' Mentioning the Bible
Preschoolers at a Christian school in Sweden are forbidden from praying before meals, saying 'Amen,' or even talking about the Bible. According to This Is England, supervisors from the school district say participating in these acts of faith violates a  law called "The Education Act," regardless if they're done at a Christian school. 
Huffington Post: On The Supreme Court's Trinity Lutheran Decision And Its Potential Implications For School Vouchers      THIS IS A LEFTIST SITE THAT OPPOSES CHRISTIANITY.  SEE DISCLAIMER
The SCOTUS vote on Trinity Lutheran vs. Comer was 7-2. Justices Kennedy, Alito, and Kagan “joined in full,” and it seems that Breyer also fully supported the opinion even though he filed his own opinion. Two justices (Ginsburg and Sotomayer) joined in filing a dissenting opinion.  What I consider salient to the question of whether SCOTUS will extend the findings of the Trinity case to....
CBN News: Why Younger Christians are Favoring Same-Sex Marriage
Support for same-sex marriage is at an all time high - even among white evangelicals and it's due to a generational shift, according to a new study from Pew Research Center. Their poll shows that 47 percent of Generation X and Millennial evangelicals (those born after 1964) favor gay marriage, compared with 26 percent of Boomer and older evangelicals (those born between 1928 and 1964).
Paul de Vries: What Do Hispanic-American Christians Think About Israel?
What does the largest and fastest growing minority group in America think of Israel as a nation in 2017, and of the American policies toward Israel?
111 Terminally Ill Patients Took Their Own Lives In First Six Months of California Right-To-Die Law
A total of 111 people in California took their own lives using lethal prescriptions during the first six months of a law that allows terminally ill people to request life-ending drugs from their doctors, according to data released Tuesday. A snapshot of the patients who took advantage of the law mirrors what’s been seen in Oregon, which was the first state to legalize the practice nearly two decades ago. Though California is far more diverse than Oregon, the majority of those who have died under aid-in-dying laws in both states were white, college-educated cancer patients older than 60.
Lifesite: Atheist Richard Dawkins: 'Any Fetus is Less Human Than an Adult Pig'
“With respect to those meanings of ‘human’ that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig.” — A tweet from Richard Dawkins, echoing philosopher Peter Singer, who has made the same comparison.
Christian Post: Christian Converts in India Beaten for Refusing to Worship Hindu Gods
People in India have been converting to Christianity following what has been described as miraculous healings done in the name of Jesus, persecution watchdog group Open Doors has said.
Mike Konrad: Germany and Islam
Germany has a bizarre historical connection with Islam that lies beneath much of the present day crisis in Europe. One could argue that these connections are just the product of historical coincidences, but with Germany the coincidences seem to add up regularly.
Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Can Play a Role That Churches and Little League Once Filled
Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook groups to play an important role that community groups like churches and Little League teams used to perform: Bringing communities together. And with nearly 2 billion people around the world on Facebook today, he might have a chance to make it happen. Zuckerberg laid out his lofty ambition in a Chicago speech last week that suggested Americans are in need of something to unify their lives.
Eco Collapse Blog: CNN Producer Admits That The Entire Russia Narrative Is Fake News
Nobody else needs to dig a grave for CNN because they are doing it themselves.  There has been scandal after scandal at the network, and now one of their producers has been caught on undercover video admitting that CNN has been pushing fake news stories about a connection between Donald Trump and Russia in a desperate attempt to get ratings.  In other words, CNN’s entire Russia narrative has been a complete lie all along.  Unfortunately for CNN, they are going to discover that once your credibility is gone it is....
Gay Marriage Support Among White Evangelicals Has Doubled, but 59 Percent Still Oppose: Pew
Americans' support for gay marriage has hit an all time high, according to a Pew Research Center survey, which also found a "dramatic shifts" in support among white evangelicals.
Joe Carter: Why a Church Playground Matters for Religious Liberty
In a key victory for religious liberty, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday the state of Missouri violated the Free Exercise Clause when it excluded a church from a general program to purchase recycled tires and resurface its playground because it was a religious institution. The case, Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer, involved a religious preschool that was rejected from a state program that provides reimbursement grants to purchase rubberized surface material (i.e., tire scraps) for children’s playgrounds. The preschool was ultimately denied the grant for its playground solely because the playground belongs to a religious organization. 
The Blaze: Canadian Christian School Under Attack for Teaching ‘Offensive’ Bible Verses
....According to a report,  the Battle River School Division chair, informed the chair of the Cornerstone Christian Academy, Deanna Margel, “any scripture that could be considered offensive to particular individuals should not be read or studied in school.” Skori also said “any teachings that denigrate or vilify someone’s sexual orientation” should be banned.
Washington Times Op-Ed: Religious Rights Rest In Clutches of the Supreme Court
The Supreme Court of the United States agreed this week to consider whether a Denver baker violated the constitutional and civil rights of a gay couple by refusing to sell the two guys a wedding cake. Let’s hope the court sides with religious freedom on this, not special rights. For religious freedom advocates, this case is huge. It basically will tell which right prevails in America: religious freedom, as based on God-given rights and constitutional protections, versus gay rights — and, more specifically, versus gay and same-sex marriage rights that came about largely by court battle, not legislatively, as based on the will of the people.
Dyck: You Can Break Your Brain…Things I’ve learned from My Struggle with Depression and Anxiety
....My world had been turned upside-down. For the next year my life returned to a level of normalcy (I’m an excellent public faker), but inwardly I was still tortured by fears and a grinding anxiety that would leave me physically exhausted by the end of each day. The turning point came after a doctor challenged me with an analogy:  “If you were diabetic, would you refuse to take insulin?”
Michael Snyder: The Federal Government Owns 61 Percent Of Idaho, 64 Percent Of Utah And 84 Percent Of Nevada
Did you know that the federal government owns 28 percent of all land in the United States?  Today, the feds control approximately 640 million acres of land, and after decades of very poor management, many are calling on the states to take a larger role.  This is particularly true in the 11 western states where the federal government collectively owns 47 percent of all land. 
The Atlantic: The Church of CrossFit
....CrossFit is his favorite example of a trend he has noticed: how, in the midst of the decline of religious affiliation in America, and the rise of isolation and loneliness, many ostensibly non-religious communities are “functioning in ways that look a little bit religious,” he explained on Friday at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which is co-hosted by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic.
Christian Post: Six Christians Charged With Forced Conversions in India After Taking 72 Children to Vacation Bible School
Six Christians who were arrested in May for taking 72 children to a Vacation Bible School camp in Madhya Pradesh state, India, have reportedly been charged with kidnapping and forcible conversions as police refuse to recognize the children as Christians.
CBN News: Christians, Sikhs Protest India's Prime Minister at the White House
Protestors waved flags and chanted as India Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at the White House for a meeting with President Donald Trump. "We're here today basically to raise awareness of the human rights violations that are happening with India," Jatinder Grewal, director of Sikhs for Justice told CBN News. Over the past few years under Modi's rule, conditions for Sikhs, Christians and other religious minorities have grown difficult.
Christian Post: Televangelist Todd Coontz Indicted on Tax Fraud, Claims $1.5M Condo, Ferraris Are Business Expenses
After North Carolina televangelist Todd Coontz was indicted on tax fraud charges last week, claiming that his $1.5 million condo and luxury cars were "business expenses," a group that monitors ecclesiastical fraud has warned that some preachers are "raping" the Christian community.
Washington Times: Justice Gorsuch Immediately Asserts Himself On Right of Supreme Court
Newly minted Supreme CourtJustice Neil M. Gorsuch came out of the starting blocks quickly in his first months, firmly planting himself on the court’s right along with Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. as defenders of religious freedom and skeptics of judicial meddling in the other two branches’ work.
Missionary Amy Medina: Surprise! We Need to Learn from Christians from Other Cultures
.....It might be tempting for us American missionaries to believe that we are in Tanzania to set straight the African Christians who don't know any better.  After all, we have theology degrees and conferences on doctrinal statements and We Know The Bible. What we've learned, though, is that they need to set us straight too.  We white Americans can also learn from the African Church.
George Stiekes: Absorbed with God — Continually
....There is the Law of Design which states: Things work well when they function according to the way they were designed. They work poorly or not at all when that design is violated. God is the Master Designer, the Supreme Creator of the entire universe and absolutely sovereign over everything (John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:16-17). It is crucial, with regard to everything, that it is about God – not us. 
David Cloud: The Religious Harlot “Church” of Revelation 17
The Bible teaches that the apostasy will increase until a “one world church” is formed. This is signified by the religious harlot of Revelation 17.   This downfall started even during the days of the apostles when some of the churches were committing spiritual fornication with the world (James 4:4). Demas was one of those who turned from the truth because he loved the world (2 Tim. 4:10).
CBN News: Supreme Court Rules on Missouri Church Playground Case
A church playground in Missouri won a closely watched case that it fought all the way to the Supreme Court. In 2012, Trinity Lutheran Church, in Columbia, Missouri, applied for a state grant to resurface its preschool playground, which would allow the church to receive reimbursement for using a safer rubber material made from recycled tires. While the church ranked fifth out of 44 applicants, the state denied the grant, citing the Missouri state constitution's establishment clause, generally referred to as "separation of church and state."
Christian Headlines: Supreme Court Will Hear Religious Liberty Challenge to Gay Weddings
The Supreme Court agreed Monday (June 26) to reopen the national debate over same-sex marriage. The court will hear a challenge from a Colorado baker who had lost lower court battles over his refusal to create a wedding cake for a gay couple. Like a New Mexico photographer three years ago, the baker cited his religious beliefs.
Over 1,620 People Slaughtered During Ramadan; Islam Holy Month One of Deadliest in Modern History
Over 1,620 people were killed in Islamic terror-linked bombings, shootings, and stabbings during this year's Muslim holy month of Ramadan, according to a tally by Breitbart News.
Jerusalem Post: What's Next For the Troubled Holy Site At the Western Wall?
With the government decision Sunday to indefinitely freeze the resolution that would have created a state-recognized egalitarian prayer area at the southern end of the Western Wall, the question arises: What’s next for this troubled holy site of ours? Taken superficially, it would appear that the haredi parties United Torah Judaism and Shas have truly got one over on the progressive Jewish movements by nixing the agreement that would have given them true, if symbolic, recognition by the State of Israel as legitimate expressions of Judaism in the Jewish state. Symbols matter, which is why the Reform and Conservative movements worked so hard to obtain the agreement and implement the decision, and there is no doubt that Sunday’s decision is a bitter blow. 
Supreme Court Orders States to List Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates; Gorsuch Dissents
The United States Supreme Court has reversed a lower court that upheld an Arkansas law that treated same-sex and opposite-sex married couples differently regarding the issuing of birth certificates.
Christian Institute: Abortions of Disabled Babies at All-Time High In Scotland
A pro-life group has called on the Scottish Government to do more to protect the unborn after new figures revealed an all-time high in abortions of disabled babies in Scotland.
U.S. Supreme Court Reinstates Trump Travel Ban, Will Hear Arguments
The Supreme Court is letting the Trump administration mostly enforce its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, overturning lower court orders that blocked it. The action Monday is a victory for President Donald Trump in the biggest legal controversy of his young presidency.
Christian Post: Pastor Suggests SBC Was 'Played' Into Condemning Alt-Right White Supremacy
Doug Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, suggested Monday that the Southern Baptist Convention was "played" into condemning the alt-right white supremacy movement at their recently concluded annual meeting, arguing that the politically correct decision will only serve as more fuel for the extremist group.
Christian Headlines: Pensacola’s Large Public Cross is Focus of Legal Battle
After a judge recently ruled that a large cross which stands on public property in Pensacola, Florida, must be taken down, some experts say there is still hope to save the cross. The Freedom From Religion Foundation had filed a lawsuit against the 34-foot cross in 2016. Last week, District Judge Roger Vinson ruled that the cross must be taken down within 30 days.
Church of England Aims to Increase Millennial Giving With 'Tap and Go' Digital Collection Plates
Collection plates in the Church of England are being digitized, an effort leaders say will enable millennial churchgoers to give more easily since many no longer carry cash.
CBN News: Christian School Punished for Being Too Christian
A Christian school in Indiana is under fire for standing up for Biblical marriage.  Lighthouse Christian Academy is one of many schools that receive money from government vouchers. However, critics believe those vouchers should be taken away because the school condemns sexual sins like fornication and homosexuality.  Lighthouse's says marriage is between one man and one woman.
CBN News: Family, Friends Remember Otto Warmbier 'A Deep Desire to Know God in a Personal Way'
 Family, friends and well wishes gathered to celebrate the life of Otto Warmbier. "He had so much promise, he was everything - outgoing, athletic, bright, curious," said Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.  Two thousand people packed into a school for his funeral and final send off this week..."I'm going to remember him as being smart, wearing crazy sweaters and just simply being larger than life," said Cynthia Meis, Otto's former college admissions counselor. Those who gathered to hear about his life were still coming to terms with his sudden absence. "The impact he made is always going to last with people, so it's just - it doesn't feel real yet, honestly," said Grady Beerch, a friend of Warmbier's.
Acton Institute: What Christians Should Know About 'the Economy'
....Economic growth is not a goal that should be pursued for its own sake, nor is it a means to achieve a materialist paradise. Economic growth is not the chief end of man, but merely the blessing that results from fulfilling God’s dual cultural mandate: Be fruitful and multiply and steward the earth’s resources.
ERLC: India’s Dangerous Trends on Religious Liberty
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday, June 26. The leaders represent the world’s two largest democracies, totaling more than 1.59 billion people. The primary purpose of the meeting is for these two world powers to coordinate on national security and economic issues.
Swedish Prime Minister: Priests Should Be Forced to Perform Same-Sex Weddings
Sweden's Prime Minister says no priest working for the Church of Sweden should be allowed to refuse to wed same-sex couples. Stefan Löfven, a Social Democrat, compared priests who refuse to wed same-sex couples with midwives refusing to carry out abortions. He told the Church of Sweden's newspaper Kyrkans Tidning, "Us Social Democrats work to ensure that all priests should wed all people, including same-sex couples. If you are a midwife you either have to carry out abortions, or you have to find another profession. The same goes for priests who do not want to wed homosexuals."
Christian Post: Top 10 Bible-Minded Cities in US for 2017 Revealed
AHow do Americans from each region interact with the Bible? A study by Barna Group explores the faith profile of 131 cities to identify the top 10 most Bible-minded cities as well as the least Bible-minded cities in 2017. Barna's annual Bible-Minded Cities report, in partnership with American Bible Society, is based on interviews with 76,505 adults over a 10-year period. And it found that Chattanooga in Tennessee is the most Bible-minded city in America, for the second year in a row.
Reuters: U.S. Top Court Set To Rule On Religious Rights
The U.S. Supreme Court is set to issue the final rulings of its current term on Monday, including one on religious rights, amid talk that swing voter Justice Anthony Kennedy is considering retirement...Although there are no firm indications that Kennedy, 81 in July, will step down, some of his former law clerks have said he is considering it. Any announcement could come Monday morning.
Prophecy News Watch: Yellowstone Quake 'Swarm' Raises Disaster Fears
The "supervolcano" at Yellowstone National Park is being hit by a swarm of hundreds of earthquakes, according to researchers who have been tracking seismic activity this week.  More than 400 have been detected in the area since June 12, including a 4.5 magnitude quake within the park on June 15. Researchers say the risk of activating the supervolcano is low and the quakes are nothing to be concerned about, as they are common in the region. However, others believe it is inevitable and only a matter of time before a disaster takes place.
Christian Post: Nearly Half of Americans Say They Pray Before Meals: Poll
About half of all Americans say a prayer over their food at least a few times a week which is an unusual commonality in a politically divided nation, according to a new poll by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Spurgeon.org: Five Ways Spurgeon Coped With London’s Terror Attacks
On September 30, 1888, “Jack the Ripper” murdered his third victim, Elizabeth Stride, only five miles from last Sunday’s terrorist attack in Finsbury Park. Terror seized Spurgeon’s London. Would the murders continue? Who would die next? (Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly)....Spurgeon was no stranger to terror. A madman once stormed through the door of his house with a club. Seizing the weapon, Spurgeon opened the door and bellowed at the top of his voice, “If you are not out of this house this very moment, I’ll break every bone in your body.” The man was paralyzed with fear and arrested...In the recent wake of suicide bombers, knife attacks, and runaway vehicles, here are five ways Spurgeon coped with terrorism in London....
CBN News: How Secularism Threatens Freedom and Righteousness In America
Over the last century, secularism in America has triumphed so spectacularly that secularists now dominate the cultural mountains of influence: business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion. Raised upon the Christian cultural foundation laid by the American Founders in the 17th and 18th centuries, secularists have produced a structure that is the antithesis to the Founders intention. Unless confronted by the men and women of Issachar, people “who know the times and know what to do” (1 Chronicles 12:32), secularism spells doom for freedom and liberty in America. Why? Because virtue is a key component of freedom. 
Christian Post: Michigan Judge Stops Deportation of Over 100 Iraqi Christians
A federal judge in Michigan has ruled that more than 100 Iraqi Christian migrants facing deportation can stay in the U.S. for at least two more weeks to give the court more time to determine its jurisdiction.
Mary Katharine Ham: Aftermath Of Alexandria Shooting Showed Left's Bullying At Its Worst
....Less than 48 hours after a multiple assassination attempt on members of Congress, there were no media vans or cameras at the Alexandria baseball field where it occurred. Just for perspective, when Republican staffer Elizabeth Lauten committed the offense of writing something critical of President Obama’s daughters on her private Facebook page, news cameras were camped on her parents’ lawn staking her out for the better part of a week.
James Simpson: When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism
Our culture looks to be coming apart at the seams. The June 14 attack on the GOP Congressional Baseball team is only an exclamation point in an increasingly hostile, increasingly violent, premeditated campaign by Democrats and other leftists to create an atmosphere of ungovernable anarchy. The Christian church has not escaped this agenda. In fact, it has become a major target.
Michael Snyder: America Is On The Verge Of Widespread Chaos And Civil Unrest
Things will never be the same in America from this moment forward. When 66-year-old James Hodgkinson attempted to gun down as many Republican members of Congress as possible at a baseball field in Virginia, he permanently shattered the notion that we could go back to the way that things used to be in this country. At one time, Republicans and Democrats may have strongly disagreed....
Douglas Murray: How Europe Lost Its Way
....For even the mass movement of millions of people into Europe would not sound such a final note for the continent were it not for the fact that (coincidentally or otherwise) at the same time Europe lost faith in its beliefs, traditions, and legitimacy. 
New Republic: Do Fundamentalist Churches Face an Epidemic of Sexual Abuse and Institutional Denial Not Unlike the Catholic Church Sex Scandals?
.....Yet the potential for sexual abuse is actually exacerbated by the core identity of fundamentalist groups like ABWE. Like Catholics, fundamentalists preach strict obedience to religious authority. Sex is not only prohibited outside of marriage, but rarely discussed. These overlapping dynamics of silence and submission make conservative Christians a ripe target for sexual predators. As one convicted child abuser says, “Church people are easy to fool.” SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
Eco Collapse Blog: 69 Percent Of Americans Do Not Have An Adequate Emergency Fund
Do you have an emergency fund?  If you even have one penny in emergency savings, you are already ahead of about one-fourth of the country.  I write about this stuff all the time, but it always astounds me how many Americans are literally living on the edge financially.  Back in 2008 when the economy tanked and millions of people lost their jobs, large numbers of Americans suddenly couldn’t pay their bills because they were living paycheck to paycheck.  Now the stage is set for it to happen again.
Thom Rainer: Six Attitudes That Kill Evangelism In the Church
....I won’t bore you with statistics about declining evangelism in our churches. You don’t need me to convince you most churches are not reaching our communities with the gospel. You don’t need me to provide data that shows our churches are reaching fewer people today than just a few years ago.  But why are our churches less evangelistic today?
Mike Riccardi: Ecumenical vs. Evangelical
One of the most devastating attacks on the life and health of the church throughout all of church history has been what is known as the ecumenical movement—the downplaying of doctrine in order to foster partnership in ministry between (a) genuine Christians and (b) people who were willing to call themselves Christians but who rejected fundamental Christian doctrines.
Dave Hare: Four Misconceptions of the Missionary Call
.....We have found that there is a very common perception that certain people are "called" to be missionaries in a unique way. While I certainly have met a lot of unique missionaries, I believe that there are some misunderstandings undergirding this belief. Below are four of these misconceptions I hope to clear up in this post. 
David Cloud: Let the Dead Bury the Dead
....If a young person wants to make wise decisions in God’s will he must fear and serve God more than man. If it comes to a choice of obeying and pleasing his friends or relatives and obeying and pleasing God, he must choose God. One of the greatest sins among young people is to fear their relatives and friends more than God. Great numbers of unbelievers commit this sin and....
Tim Challies: How To Distinguish True Zeal from False Zeal
I fear there is a plague of complacency among Christians today. Whatever happened to zeal? Whatever happened to Christians who are on fire to know and obey God, who have  “an earnest desire and concern for all things pertaining to the glory of God and the kingdom of the Lord Jesus among men?” Yet while zeal is a noble trait, it must be properly directed, for not all zeal is good. Here are some pointers on distinguishing true from false zeal. 
Daily Caller: UK Man Sentenced To 20 Months For Anti-Muslim Posts On Facebook
Nigel Pelham of Sussex, England, has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after being found guilty on “eight counts of publishing threatening written material intending to stir up religious hatred against Muslims,” according to the Sussex police.
Thought Crime: German Police Raid Homes Of People Who Made 'Hateful Postings' On The Internet
On Tuesday, German police raided the homes of 36 people accused of posting “hateful” content on social media. The content in question includes allegedly racist posts and threats. The raids largely targeted individuals associated with far-right movements hostile to immigration. “But the raids also targeted two people accused of left-wing extremist content, as well as one person accused of making threats or harassment based on someone’s sexual orientation,” reports The New York Times.
Ch Post: Charges Dropped Against Undercover Activists Who Exposed Planned Parenthood in California
Fourteen felony charges that were filed in California against undercover investigative pro-life activists who exposed Planned Parenthood's selling of fetal body parts to biotech firms and other practices have been dismissed.
Chicago Tribune Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders, the Left, Christianity and the Constitution
...."In my view, the statement made by Mr. Vought is indefensible, it is hateful, it is Islamophobic and it is an insult to over a billion Muslims throughout the world," Sanders said. "This country, since its inception, has struggled, sometimes with great pain, to overcome discrimination of all forms." And then he said, "We must not go backwards."
Jerusalem Post: Israeli Forces Brace for Last Friday of Ramadan Prayers
Police have finalized enhanced security preparations in the Old City for the final Friday of Ramadan, less than one week after a terrorist stabbed to death a female Border Police officer guarding the Damascus Gate. Noting that tens of thousands of Muslims from the West Bank and east Jerusalem will gather at al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said on Wednesday that special units will be on hand to ensure there is no violence.
DNA Study of Mummies Indicates Ancient Egyptians Descended From Biblical Ham
In a scientific first, DNA taken from Egyptian mummies has been decoded, producing unexpected results about the true origins of the Egyptian people. These results confirm a controversial theory that traces the First Egyptian Dynasty back to Biblical Ham, as described in the Book of Genesis.
Ch Post: Former United Pentecostal Church Pastor, Wife Arrested for Being Drunk at Bar With Baby
Three years after parting ways with the United Pentecostal Church International, Michael Trosclair, a former senior pastor at Turning Point Church in Theodore, Alabama, was arrested at a bar along with his wife and their infant daughter in tow.
Todd Starnes: Would Baseball Team Have Mocked Tebow’s Religion Had He Been a Muslim?
The Charleston RiverDogs are in the doghouse with baseball fans after they incessantly mocked the Christian faith of Columbia Fireflies outfielder Tim Tebow...Every time Tebow came to bat, the “Hallelujah Chorus” was played over the public address system. The Riverdogs’ mascot wore eye black inscribed with “John 3:16” and was filmed “Tebowing” on the field.
New Book, The Trial of Kermit Gosnell, Describes Shocking Details About the Abortion Industry
When police raided the Women’s Medical Society, they thought that they were putting an end to a pill mill that was the largest supplier of illicit prescription painkillers in Philadelphia. But once inside, police made the grisly discovery that Kermit Gosnell’s medical office was something much worse. Police seized the bodies of 47 aborted babies – all with mysterious wounds across the backs of their necks. They soon realized they had uncovered a “House of Horrors” where babies were routinely born alive during very late-term abortions amid unspeakable squalor, only to be brutally murdered.
CBN News: Kushner Arrives in Israel: Can He Revive Stalled Mideast Peace Talks?
Senior White House advisor Jared Kushner arrives in Israel Wednesday for meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The visit is the latest attempt to forge a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. "Listening and learning" from Israelis and Palestinians, that's what the Trump administration is doing.
Newsmax: Planned Parenthood Played Huge Part in Republican Triumph In Georgia House Race
....Where Ossoff supported Planned Parenthood funding and received an estimated $1 million from the controversial organization, Handel campaigned as an opponent of Planned Parenthood. She also had a particular history with the controversial organization: In 2012, she resigned in protest as a vice president of the Susan G. Komen cancer foundation after it reversed a decision to end its grants to Planned Parenthood. "Planned Parenthood was the principal issue," former Georgia Rep. John Linder, said...
CBN News: Woman Sexually Violated in Target Bathroom
Target's gender neutral bathroom policy has backfired once again.  A woman identified only as Leslie, claims she was sexually violated by a man in the women's bathroom at a Target store in Woodlands, Texas.  She says a man came into the restroom, and began videoing her as she tried on different bathing suits.  "In the mirror I saw the reflection of the cell phone," she said. 
Dennis Prager: If a Trump Supporter Had Shot a Democratic Congressman
 What would have happened if a Trump supporter had shot a Democratic congressman and other Democratic Washington officials? The answer is obvious. The New York Times, the rest of the left-wing media and the Democratic Party would have made the shootings the dominant issue in American life. It is not possible to understand the left — and, therefore, the media and the current state of American life — without understanding how the left uses and relies on hysteria. Hysteria is to the left as oxygen is to biological life. 
Egyptian Church Raided, Chained Off by Police to Prevent Christians From Worshiping
Authorities in Egypt raided a church-owned building that was being used by a local Coptic Christian community for worship and chained down the doors so that Christians could no longer enter the building.
CBN News: Judge Says Big Pensacola Cross Must Come Down
A massive cross that stood in a Florida park for nearly half a century is being removed.  A federal judge ruled in favor of the American Humanist Association and the Freedom from Religion Foundation on Monday.  The secularist groups filed a lawsuit on behalf of four plaintiffs in 2016. They claimed the 34-foot monument violated the so-called separation of church and state and was offensive to non-Christians. Now, the city has 30 days to remove it from where it stands in Bayview Park in Pensacola.
Christian Post: Federal Court Declares Cross on Fla. Public Property Unconstitutional
A federal judge has ruled that a 34-foot cross displayed on a public park in Florida is unconstitutional and should be removed.
Moneyish: 24% of Americans Don't Have Single Dollar Saved For Emergency
A survey released Tuesday by Bankrate.com found that 24% don’t have even a single dollar saved for an emergency. And that’s just one of many surveys showing how little we have saved.
Daily Caller: Four New York Churches Spray Painted With 'Hail Satan' Graffiti
Vandals sprayed satanic graffiti on four Long Island churches in New York over Father’s Day weekend, police said Sunday. Police are investigating the pentagrams and “hail Satan” graffiti as a hate crime, saying vandals spray painted three churches Friday and another sometime Saturday, PIX-11 reports. The four churches, Shaw Temple A.M.E. Zion Church, the Gospel Church, the Amityville Full Gospel Tabernacle, and the Prayer Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, are all within a mile of each other.
CBN News: Role Reversal— The Changing Face of Caregivers
The face of the United States is changing with shifting demographics and majorities. And those changes aren't solely along racial, ethnic or religious lines. Today, men make up about 40 percent of America's 40 million caregivers — a role traditionally viewed as predominantly female....In 1996, the number was only 19 percent.
Christian Post: Most Czechs Don't Believe in God, Souls or Heaven, Says Pew Poll
The Pew Research Center reports in a new analysis that the Czech Republic stands as an atheistic anomaly in Eastern and Central Europe, with most Czechs rejecting the belief in God, souls and Heaven.
John Van Gelderen: Why Churches Still Need Evangelists
Why do churches still need evangelists? This question is akin to asking, “Why do people with physical issues still need specialists?” Of course, the answer is—they specialize! When you need eye care, you don’t go to a general practitioner; you go to an eye doctor. If you have heart issues, you go to a heart specialist, and so forth.
David Cloud: Steven Anderson’s Holocaust Denial
In his YouTube video “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed,” Steven Anderson says the Holocaust is a “fantastic story that has no basis in reality” and that it is believed because “most people have just not looked at the details.” He says, “There is a mountain of evidence on why this never could have taken place.”  He does admit that a lot of Jews died of harsh conditions and a lot were murdered, but he does not believe that the Jews were systematically exterminated by the Nazis in World War II.
H.B. Charles Jr: Preachers Need To Be A Faithful Steward of Their 'Other Pulpit'
....When I stand in the pulpit – be it in the pulpit where I serve as pastor or as the guest speaker in another church – I must speak at a servant of Christ and a steward of the mysteries of God. I have one responsibility, which is to be faithful. A faithful pastor will not compromise the centrality of the pulpit. Lately, I have been thinking much about how this stewardship from God applies to another “pulpit” where I often speak. Social media. I use various social media platforms.... Every now and then, I wade into the waters of controversy on social media to share my perspective on some current event, biblical point, or public debate. But I am growing increasingly hesitant about what I say in this personal but public “pulpit.”
Christianity Today: Saving Your Ministry Before You Lose It
....If you can’t develop habits of discipline that overcome a growing area of temptation, blow the whistle! Tell your spouse, a pastor friend, even a trusted leader on your church board. It is always better to admit your struggle than to get caught as you are seeking to cover it up. King David spent a lot of time and energy seeking to cover up his affair with Bathsheba. In his efforts to hide his sin....
Ryan M. Reeves: Why Biblical Archaeology Matters
....The biblical accounts, Sennacherib's written and pictorial records, and the excavated remains from Lachish provide us with a rare glimpse from multiple angles of an important historical event in the lives of God's people during a time of national crisis.