CBN News: How Einstein and a Total Eclipse Helped Prove God Is the Creator
.....A unique thing about Einstein's theory is it predicted the gravity of the sun would bend the light of stars as that light passed the sun. It would take a total solar eclipse blocking the sun to make it possible for scientists to see that light pass by the sun's limb...."It's that Theory of General Relativity that predicts there's a beginning to the universe. Until Albert Einstein's theory came along, astronomers and physicists thought the universe was infinitely old," Ross explained. "The Theory of General Relativity now said, 'No, it's finite in time. It has a beginning,' which implies there must be a Beginner who was responsible for bringing the universe into existence." Those who followed in Einstein's footsteps added more evidence with space/time theorems to back up this hugely important idea,    LINK
CBN News: Solar Eclipse— Random Happenstance or a Divine Sign?
....Astronomer and minister Hugh Ross  sees the designing hand of God, "The sun is 400 times farther away from us than the moon.  But the sun is 400 times bigger.   So that's why you get a perfect solar eclipse."  On the other side, though, is astronomer Dr. Bethany Cobb Kung of Washington D.C.'s George Washington University.  "It's a big universe and there are a lot of coincidences.  I think it's just a random happenstance," she said of the eclipse phenomenon.  Still, both the believer and the doubter are in awe of the coming eclipse and what they'll see.     LINK
Religion News Service: The Eclipse Is Deeper Than We Thought
Call it free celestial entertainment. That is how The New York Times described a solar eclipse in 1925...But, for our ancestors, an eclipse was not a show. It was a cosmic event. Kings trembled when they saw an eclipse. In the Bible, King Hezekiah was on his deathbed. He prayed for healing — and as a sign that he would be healed of his illness, God sent a sign, in the form of a shadow that fell upon his house. Astronomers know that on March 5, in 702 B.C, which was 15 years before the king died, there was a solar eclipse that could be seen throughout the Middle East.    LINK
PJ Media: Is Google Working with Liberal Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites?
Google revealed in a blog post that it is now using machine learning to document "hate crimes and events" in America. They've partnered with liberal groups like ProPublica, BuzzFeed News, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to make information about "hate events" easily accessible to journalists. And now, there are troubling signs that this tool could be used to ferret out writers and websites that run afoul of the progressive orthodoxy.   LINK
Christian Post: Trump's Evangelical Advisers Respond to Calls for Them to Abandon Him: It Would Be 'Immoral'
A meme circulating on social media from a prominent black minister decries the fact that none of President Trump's evangelical advisers have abandoned him in the wake of his comments about recent racial turmoil in Charlottesville. This stands in stark contrast to notable business CEO figures who have ceased advising the president, the pastor noted.     LINK
Fox News: North KoreaHow Christians Survive In the World's Most Anti-Christian Nation
For 16 years, North Korea has been ranked the “most oppressive place in the world for Christians,” and this week the U.S. State Department re-asserted it as one of the world’s worst religious persecutors – torturing and executing those even suspected of worshipping God. But that still hasn’t stopped an estimated 36 percent of the population – around 9 million – from practicing Christianity...“Christians are accused of being imperialists seeking to overthrow the government and those who are caught practicing their faith are arrested, horrendously tortured, imprisoned and [sometimes] immediately put to death.” So how do these brave devotees do it in the most closed country on earth?     LINK
The Star: ‘I Ate 2,757 Meals In Isolation’ —Hyeon Soo Lim’s Address To His Church After More Than Two Years In a North Korean Prison 
Released Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim on Sunday spoke in Korean to the congregation of the Light Presbyterian Church in Mississauga about how he survived his ordeal in a North Korean prison. Lim was released after 2 ½ years spent in North Korean custody earlier this week.     LINK
Newsmax: Barcelona's Chief Rabbi Urges Jews to Move to Israel: 'Europe Is Lost'
Barcelona's chief rabbi has urged Jews to move to Israel because Europe has been "lost" to radical Islam, and Spain has been a "hub of Islamist terror for all of Europe" for years." I tell my congregants, 'Don't think we're here for good,' and I...      LINK
Todd Starnes: CNN Publishes Fake Hate List – Targeting Well-Known Christian Groups
Many Christian organizations are fearful for their safety after CNN published a bogus “hate map” concocted by the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Here are all the active hate groups where you live,” CNN’s headline declared. The list included among others American Family Association, Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Counsel and Pacific Justice Institute. American Family Association blasted the CNN story calling it a “sham news article..."     LINK
Rush Limbaugh— ‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War
Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said given the state of affairs in the country, particularly in the wake of last week’s events in Charlottesville, VA, it could be said the country was on the cusp of a second civil war. Limbaugh insisted much of the angst was being driven by forces from the outside wanting to see the United States cease being a “super powerful nation.”     LINK
Megan Toombs: Ending Down Syndrome—The Nazi Way?
.....Someone brought up his recent trip to Northern Europe and how he thought it was (I’m paraphrasing) “so amazing that you never saw anyone there with a disability. They must be doing something right!” This of course started a discussion on how Europeans haven’t somehow magically ended the occurrence of disabilities in the next generation, they’ve ended their births.
They’re aborting them. “Terminating their pregnancies,” as they like to call it.  LINK
Daily Signal: Far-Left 'Antifa' Agitators on the Rise in the Age of Trump
....There is no cohesive, centralized structure to Antifa. Instead, it appears to be set up as a network of anarchists, communists, and socialists who say they are opposed to “racism, sexism, homophobia, and capitalism” and take inspiration from a European movement in the 1930s called Anti-Fascist Action....     LINK
Pat Buchanan: America's Second Civil War
“They had found a leader, Robert E. Lee – and what a leader! … No military leader since Napoleon has aroused such enthusiastic devotion among troops as did Lee when he reviewed them on his horse Traveller.” So wrote Samuel Eliot Morison... Growing up after World War II, this was accepted history.  Yet, on the militant left today, the name Lee evokes raw hatred and howls of “racist and traitor.” A clamor has arisen to have all statues of him and all Confederate soldiers and statesmen pulled down from their pedestals and put in museums or tossed onto trash piles.What has changed since 1965? It is not history. There have been no great new discoveries about Lee. What has changed is America herself. She is not the same country. We have passed through a great social, cultural and moral revolution that has left us irretrievably divided on separate shores.   LINK
J. Robert Smith: The Great Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee was a great American.  He was in rebellion against his country for four tortuous, bloody years....Lee was a brilliant field commander, full of audacity.  His daring was a gift and a bane.  He was a man of integrity.  He was a man of his place and time.  He deserves our remembrance and respect.     LINK
Deroy Murdock: Trump Accurately Blames Both Sides for Charlottesville Mayhem
How dare he? President Donald J. Trump stood before journalists on Tuesday and said the unsayable: “I think there is blame on both sides.” Rather than denounce only the execrable white supremacists and swastika-wielding neo-Nazis , Trump observed that there was violence coming from extreme leftists who opposed them with force...    LINK
Samuel Gregg: Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization
President Trump’s outspoken defense of Western civilization in his July 2017 Warsaw speech was a pointed reminder that one troubling characteristic of our time is the ongoing assault on the very idea of the West. This is most vividly manifested in the relentless use of physical violence by jihadists determined to terrorize us into submission. Nor, however, is there a shortage of efforts to dismantle Western culture from within.   LINK
Jack Kerwick: The Left and Anti-Americanism
It is always maddening for me to hear left-wingers criticize those toward their right of being “unAmerican” and “unpatriotic.” It is maddening because the left, by its very nature anti-American, is by definition unpatriotic.   LINK
Michael Curtis: The Failure of the Communist God
.....On this 100th anniversary of the October 1917 Russian Revolution, it is  useful to assess the existence and the failure of the dreams of 20th-century Russian Bolsheviks with their aspirations for a new society and a world communist revolution, and the consequent disillusionment of the faithful, and their sad fate, resulting from the Soviet regime led by Josef Stalin.   LINK
Korey Maas: Why It’s Ridiculous To Blame The Reformation For Secularization
October 31 will mark 500 years since Martin Luther’s posting of 95 theses on a Wittenberg church door, thereby initiating the Protestant Reformation. In simpler days, everyone understood how to react to such anniversaries...This year is different, though, and not simply because the anniversary marks a nice round 500 years...the celebrations will continue. And so will the lamentations. But the latter have, of late, tended less to highlight the perceived theological errors introduced with the Reformation and focus instead on what are viewed as its inevitable and detrimental social and political consequences. Hyper-pluralism; rampant individualism, relativism, and subjectivism; rapacious capitalism and soul-destroying consumerism; aggressive statism and secularism.    LINK
RealClearReligion: Explaining Polygamy and Its History In the Mormon Church     SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
....This spotlight on polygamy is likely to make the majority of Mormons who are nonfundamentalist uncomfortable. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) – the mainstream Mormon Church with 15 million members worldwide – publicly rejected polygamy in 1890. But...for more than 175 years, polygamy and tensions surrounding it have defined what it means to be a Mormon – especially a Mormon man.     LINK
Matt Recker: The Facts of Compassion
.....We need to have compassion. The expression “moved with compassion” is a great clue to the entire Christ life (Matt. 9:36; 14:14; Mark 1:41; cf. Luke 7:13). This Greek word is employed by the Gospel writers to express the deepest emotions of Jesus. Compassion feels another’s hurt in my heart, it bears another’s burden upon my back, and it hears another’s groan in my gut. Compassion “approximates the moral equivalent of a physical cardiac arrest.”   LINK
Kent Brandenburg: Moving the Goal Posts On Christian Liberty
Where do Christians have liberty?  They have liberty on non-scriptural issues.  Where the Bible is silent, believers have the liberty to do what they want, but with certain guidelines.  Believers don't have liberty to disobey scripture (Romans 6:1).  If it is scriptural, they must do it, whatever scripture says to believe and do. They don't have liberty not to do it.  If it is unscriptural they must not do it and they don't have liberty to do it.  However, if it is non-scriptural, they have liberty... LINK
Mez McConnell: Is Jesus Enough For Drug Addicts?
....Yes, the gospel is the only power on this earth (or anywhere for that matter) capable of completely transforming any life, no matter how lowly. But addicts need a reason to get out of bed. They need a purpose. Very often they lack ambition. They lack dreams. They lack motivation. They lack sustained support and accountability. They lack true community. Yes, they need love and sympathy. But, they also need chastisement. They need to be pushed. They need to set goals.     LINK
George Stiekes: Religion or Relationship?
.....The Temple for so many in Jerusalem had become nothing more than a shrine or a fetish. They believed that this shrine was more important to God than their obedience to Him and His Word. Believing this, they felt that they were totally safe from any enemy. Their hope was in the Temple instead of the LORD of the Temple.     LINK
David Cloud: I Love Israel
....Israel has been the subject of false teaching and unbiblical thinking among professing Christians since the time of the church fathers, so called, and the invention of Replacement Theology and the subsequent sad history of persecution of Jews by professing Christians. These heresies were subsumed by the Roman Catholic Church and were part of the  baggage that... LINK

Matthew Vadum: Al Sharpton Targets The Jefferson Memorial
 Racial arsonist Al Sharpton is demanding the federal government shut down the historic Jefferson Memorial in the nation’s capital because the long-dead president honored by the monument owned slaves.  Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president, the man who wrote the justly revered Declaration of Independence, is also the man who penned this noble sentence: "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Perhaps he was thinking of future Al Sharptons when he wrote it. Boiled down, this is a case where one of the most important, heroic, inspirational, intellectually robust, accomplished, and beloved figures in American history is under assault by one of the most repulsive, cowardly, sociopathic, intellectually deficient, unaccomplished, and despised figures in American history.    LINK
Fox News: Why the Solar Eclipse Is Your Chance to Witness One of the Greatest Mysteries of the Universe
Scientists are understandably jazzed about the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. They hope to learn a lot. But you should be excited, too, because the eclipse will pull back the curtains on one of the greatest and deadliest mysteries of the universe: the solar corona...Revealing the corona is worthy of great excitement, because the corona is arguably the most mysterious, most turbulent, most unpredictable, most deadly part of the sun.     LINK
Anglican Journal:New York City Episcopal Church Removes Robert E. Lee Plaque— He Was a Member There— Stonewall Jackson Baptized There 
A work crew sawed off two Robert E. Lee plaques from a tree on church property in south Brooklyn, New York, fewer than 24 hours after the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island received the first of many calls about the Confederate memorial... At issue: Two tree plaques at St. John’s Episcopal Church at Fort Hamilton, near the still-active military base. More than a decade before Robert E. Lee led the Confederate Army, he was stationed from 1842 to 1847 at the U.S. Army’s Fort Hamilton. He was a member of the church, along with Stonewall Jackson, who was baptized there, said Long Island Bishop Lawrence Provenzano. Lee planted a tree near the church, and the plaques commemorate him.   LINK
Josh Buice: FootballAmerica’s Leading False God
Fall is quickly approaching, but prior to the changing of the leaves on the trees will come Friday night lights.  If the Christian life is the pursuit of God— countless families are on a relentless pursuit of football.  Obsession is an understatement.  Fanaticism is normal.  The sport of American football is perhaps America’s leading false god.  Some 36.2 million children in America play organized sports.  Out of that number, approximately 1.2 million boys play organized football in America.  The game is played by young children in recreational leagues, middle and high school, college, and if you’re good enough—you can suit up and play on the Lord’s Day.     LINK
Christian Post: China Tells US to Back Off on Religious Freedom Criticism, Claims America Isn't Role Model for Human Rights
China is pushing back against the U.S. State Department's annual religious freedom report that highlights the Communist government's persecution of Christians and religious minorities, stating that the U.S. needs to solve its own problems with white supremacist violence.     LINK
CBN News: How the Church Is Failing To Protect Freedom In America
Renowned author and lecturer Os Guinness is dedicated to combating the rise of modernism and educating the Church on how to maintain Kingdom values in a constantly changing world. He believes the Church in America has far less influence than other, smaller groups, because it has melded into culture.     LINK
Police Kill 5 Suspects Following Second Terror Attack in Spain; 'Evil of Radical Islam' Blamed
Five terror suspects were killed in Cambrils, Spain, following a second attack of a car being driven into pedestrians, just hours after an earlier incident in Barcelona, which killed 13 people and injured 100 others.     LINK
CBN News: Evangelical Leaders Criticized for Standing by President Trump
President Trump's business councils may be a casualty of his controversial comments following white supremacist violence in Charlottesville over the weekend--but his evangelical advisers say they aren't going anywhere.   LINK
CBN News: Archaeologists May Have Found Ancient Bethsaida
What does an ancient Roman Bath have to do with Jesus' miraculous feeding of the 5,000?  Archaeologists working in Israel peel back layers to unravel the mystery of the past. That's what happened at a site they now believe may have been biblical Bethsaida...For years, archaeologists searched for biblical Bethsaida, the home of Peter, Andrew and Philip.   LINK
TGC: The 11 Beliefs You Should Know about Jehovah’s Witnesses When They Knock at the Door
The following is a brief overview of what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, along with what the Bible really teaches, printed among the many articles and resources in the back of the ESV Study Bible.   LINK
Trump to Rescind Obama Rule Forcing Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Treatments
LGBT rights groups have raised alarm at the fact that the Trump administration is in the process of finalizing a policy that would rescind an Obama-era healthcare rule that opponents say requires hospitals, doctors and health insurers to cover or provide gender transition therapies and procedures.   LINK
Christian Post: A Look at the Cultural Backlash to the Transgender Movement
The increasing efforts of both government and private sectors to advance transgender identity have not gone unchallenged. There have been many instances of large-scale backlash to this advancement.    LINK
Conservative Daily News: Dishonest Media and the Left’s New Civil War
Based on the visceral overreaction of the left and the mainstream media, to President Donald Trump’s comments this week, it would appear that there are many who are hell-bent on fomenting and fostering another Civil War. This one is shaping up to be even less civil since it’s not based on facts and established verities, but rather identity politics and ideological presumptions, assumptions, and aspersions.      LINK
CBN News: CNN Publishes Map of 'Hate Groups', Which Includes Christian Organizations
A CNN article that features the locations of so-called "hate groups" designated by the Southern Poverty Center Law (SPLC) has some Christian organizations pushing back. Family Resource Council (FRC) and Liberty Council are among those included on the list.  Liberty Council fired back at CNN in a press release. "CNN has published a fake news article… that recklessly lists pro-family organizations, including Liberty Counsel, as active "hate groups" throughout the nation," it reads.  Liberty Council also cited SPLC 's Mark Potok saying, "Our criteria for a 'hate group,' first of all, have nothing to do with criminality, or violence, or any kind of guess we're making about 'this group could be dangerous.' It's strictly ideological."    LINK
Newsmax: 13 Dead, 1 in Custody After Terrorist Van Rams Crowd in Barcelona Plaza
Two suspects are under arrest in Spain after a terrorist deliberately crashed a white van into a crowd of people in the center of Barcelona Thursday, killing 13 and injuring at least 50. State-owned broadcaster RTVE reported ay night that a man was detained a few hours after a van drove into crowds in the popular Las Ramblas district.      LINK
World Net Daily: Stunner! Eclipse Aligns With Biblical Day of Repentance
For centuries, one particular day has signified repentance for God’s people. It had deep meaning for Jonah, Moses and Jesus Christ. And this year, Aug. 21 – the first of Elul on the biblical calendar – contains a critical message for American Christians, as it will be the date of a total solar eclipse that will traverse the entire United States.     LINK
CBN News: Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount Under Threat of More Violence
A new report reveals more Jewish Israelis visited the Temple Mount last month than any other month since Israel recaptured Jerusalem during the 1967 war. Approximately 3,200 Jewish visitors went to the holy site. This is largely because thousands of Jews prayed there during the Jewish holy day of Tisha B'av.  LINK
Prophecy News Watch: Will The Coming Eclipse Begin A Period Of '40 Days And 40 Nights' For America?
Next Monday, we are going to witness one of the strangest events in U.S. history.  This will be the first total solar eclipse to ever be seen only in the United States and nowhere else.  Millions upon millions of people are going to flock to areas of the country where the full eclipse will be visible, but everyone in the continental United States is going to be able to see at least a partial eclipse.  There are lots of very unusual numbers associated with this eclipse, but in this article I want to focus on the number 40, and as this article unfolds you will start to understand why.     LINK
American Conservative: Death on Demand? Dutch Euthanasia Moves in Disturbing Direction
In 2002, the Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia. Today, Dutch euthanasia is moving away from “straightforward” cases where a patient has a terminal illness like cancer—and into more oblique territory. Since 2009, there has been a significant increase in euthanasia for patients with dementia and psychiatric illness. Doctors are also more open to euthanizing elderly patients who have an “accumulation of old-age complaints” rather than an actual terminal illness. At the forefront of these developments is the Life End’s Clinic, based in The Hague. The clinic employs...   LINK
Christian Post: 'Houston 5' Pastors Group Calls on Texas to Revive Transgender Bathroom Bill
The Texas Pastor Council has denounced the failure of the Texas legislature to pass a bill that would prohibit men who identify as women from entering women's restrooms.     LINK
Prophecy News Watch: YouTube Begins Purging Alternative Media
In the last week, we've witnessed a massive crackdown on alternative media -- the likes of which are unprecedented.  Quite literally overnight, YouTube issued a sweeping update and demonetized thousands of video in accounts across the political spectrum.     LINK
Newsmax: Eclipse Tips Everything You Need Know Ahead of Monday's Event
A total solar eclipse will darken skies across America on Monday, August 21. For avid star-gazers and first-timers alike, this notable celestial event is set to be an unforgettable experience. 
Michael Brown: There Is Hope for America
America is in very bad shape right now. But really now, are we as divided today as we were immediately before, during, and after the Civil War? Is it even fair to compare?     LINK
World Mag: Civil War At a Christian College
......If the story were only about Bryan, it would merely be a local item—but the conflict is a cautionary tale for Christian schools generally. How had relations become so uncollegial at a college where the unbelieving world should know us by our love? Relations between administrators and faculty members at many institutions are jagged—and tensions are likely to grow at some as enrollments decline and finances tighten.     LINK
Fox News: North Korea Is Executing, Torturing and Enslaving Those Who Practice Religion, US Says In New Report
The North Korean regime has continued to position itself as one of the world’s worst persecutors of the religious, torturing and killing people who practice their faith, according to a State Department report released Tuesday.   LINK
Reuters: China Angered at U.S. Criticism of Religious Freedom, Says U.S. Is Not Perfect
China hit back on Wednesday at criticism by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of its record on religious freedom, saying the United States was not perfect and should be looking after its own affairs rather than making baseless accusations. Tillerson, speaking at the State Department while introducing the agency's annual report on religious freedom, said the Chinese government tortures and imprisons thousands for their religious beliefs...   LINK
Ch Post: Washington Pastor Ties Solar Eclipse to Biblical Events, Says It's Warning Church Should Repent
Suggestions that the Great American Eclipse is a sign of God's judgment on the United States continue to emerge, with one pastor saying it means Christians should be repenting, given when it falls on the Jewish calendar.    LINK
CBN News: Most Americans Believe They're Sinners, But They Disagree on What to Do About It 
Most Americans understand they are guilty of sin, according to a new survey by LifeWay Research. Scott McConnell, executive director at LifeWay, says he was inspired to conduct the survey after seeing a group of religious people preaching and calling people sinners on the street outside a Nashville Predators hockey game.  This led McConnell to question how many people really think of themselves as sinners.  Overall two-thirds of Americans (67%) believe they are sinners, but five percent say they are OK with it.  LINK
Gene Veith: National Legalization of Marijuana as the Next Big Political Issue
Shaping up to be the next big political issue:  legalizing marijuana nationally. Currently, eight states have legalized the recreational use of the drug.  29 states have legalized marijuana for medical uses.  But the federal laws against it stand in the way of marijuana becoming a full-fledged industry in those states, even though the federal laws are not being enforced there. But the push for legalization on the national level has become more than just allowing states to decide the issue.     LINK
Scotsman: Smartphone Separation Anxiety Is a Growing Problem, Says Scientist
Smartphones are so central to our lives that being separated from them for any length of time can put people into a high state of anxiety – and the problem, it seems, is only going to get worse. Researchers have been looking into the reasons for our ‘smartphone separation anxiety’ – known as nomophobia – and found that it has little to do with being unable to make or receive a call. The main reason, they found, is to do with the key role our smartphones play in our overall identity by recording numerous memories that act as an extension of ourselves.        LINK
Peter Heck: Fundamentalist Christianity and Fundamentalist Islam Are Very Different
A radical Christian is one who sells her property and possessions, flies across the ocean to serve the starving children in Calcutta. Fundamentalist radical Islam is something utterly dissimilar. It is predicated around the idea that Islam must have worldly power.    LINK
Rachel Alexander: Charlottesville— Fueling Race Riots One of the Left's Cleverest Tactics 
The left has figured out several methods that successfully work to divide the left and the right. One of their cleverest ways is stirring up race wars, because it has the extra benefit of making the right look bad.   LINK
UK Guardian: The End of the Checkout Line— The Looming Crisis for American Cashiers
....A recent analysis by Cornerstone Capital Group suggests that 7.5m retail jobs – the most common type of job in the country – are at “high risk of computerization”, with the 3.5m cashiers likely to be particularly hard hit. Another report, by McKinsey, suggests that a new generation of high tech grocery stores that automatically charge customers for the goods they take – no check-out required – and use robots for inventory and stocking could reduce the number of....     LINK
James Dobson Says CBS' Iceland Down Syndrome Story Resembles 'Nazi-Era Eugenics'
Prominent evangelical leader James Dobson has responded to a CBS News report highlighting how the European nation of Iceland is on the verge of "eradicating Down syndrome births" because of the combined use of of prenatal screening and abortion.      LINK
AINA: Iraqi Assyrians Fill Pews in Churches Burned Down By ISIS
Hope has returned to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world as they struggle to bring life again to their historical homeland in northern Iraq, where they suffered a genocide campaign at the hands of the now crumbling Islamic State. "Christians have a future in Iraq...More biblical activity took place in Iraq than any other country..."   LINK
Christian Post: Crystal Cathedral Founder Robert Schuller's Belongings Auctioned Off Online
Recently deceased Crystal Cathedral Ministries founder Robert Schuller's belongings are being auctioned off online. The estate sale company Everything But The House has been working with Schuller's daughter on the auction.   LINK
Doug Wilson: In Praise of the President
....Back in the day when well-intentioned Christians were scrambling to denounce the Confederate flag, I pointed out that another flag was next—a flag that flew over slaves in bondage for many more years than the Stars and Bars ever did. Is there anything about what is happening now that shows that my prediction was off? Anybody who thinks the target in all this is the Confederacy, and not America, needs to sit down and think it through for a minute. The Confederacy is just an initial soft target on their way to other and greater things.     LINK
Crossway: Seven Back-to-School Prayers for Students
....Only in recent years that I’ve realized there’s something else students should prepare as they approach a new school year: their hearts. They need to recalibrate and tune them to the frequency of focused faithfulness. And the way that they do that is through prayer. Intentional prayer. LINK
9Marks: Christians Should Be Motivated to Minister to Homeless People
.....Homelessness is the single mom who’s unable to put a deposit down on an apartment because of bad credit. It’s the young man who has been released from jail but can’t get a job. It’s the addict or the person with mental health issues who’s been asked to leave their family home again and again. Many sleep in their cars, some will couch-surf for as long as they can, and still others will find a piece of land where they can pitch a tent or roll out a sleeping bag.      LINK
The Stream: Iceland is Wiping Out People With Down Syndrome Before They’re Born
“In Iceland Down syndrome is on the verge of being eradicated,” CBS anchor Reena Ninan said Monday night. For a second, it sounded as if the cure for some disease had been discovered at long last. The reality is far more sinister. Ninan continued, “and it’s due in large part to the widespread use of genetic testing.”  Genetic testing for what? Down syndrome.   LINK
PJ Media: Newly Uncovered Email Reveals the Roots of Hillary Clinton's 'Progressive' Christianity
On Friday morning, CNN published an email Hillary Clinton's pastor, the Rev. Bill Shillady, sent her on November 9, 2016 — the day after she lost the election to Donald Trump. In that email, Shillady compared Clinton's loss to Jesus' death on the cross, equating her political defeat to the death of the man Christians consider God incarnate.      LINK
Daily Caller: Corporations Increasingly Serve As Arbiters Of Public Morality
Major corporations are increasingly expected to play a societal role beyond just providing goods or services: more and more often, they’re expected to weigh in on issues of public morality. In the most recent instance, the CEOs of Merck and UnderArmor stepped down from the White House manufacturing council following Trump’s initial response to the Charlottesville violence that was widely panned in the media as insufficiently tough on white nationalists.     LINK
Christian Post: What I Saw at the Charlottesville ProtestsLocal Prayer Director
A resident of Charlottesville who prayed at the grounds of the weekend rally offers details about what actually happened on Saturday. From what he saw on the streets that day, he says the issues we face are much deeper than political ideologies and racial differences.      LINK
CBN News: 'Keep Your Eyes on Jesus,' Not the Eclipse
 God can speak to us through signs in the heavens, but the primary way God speaks to Christians is through His Son, said Stephen Bridge, the director of Jerusalem's Garden Tomb.  Some 300,000 Christians from around the world are expected to visit the Garden Tomb  this year. Many believe that it's the garden and sepulcher of Joseph of Arimathea, and therefore a possible site of the resurrection of Jesus. In light of the upcoming solar eclipse, which will be visible across parts of the United States on August 21, CBN News asked Bridge if he thinks God is still speaking to us by signs in the heavens. "I think that some of that depends on our own personality – and I'm not downplaying that – but the biggest way God speaks is through His Son," Bridge said.     LINK 
Washington Post: White Supremacy Angers Jesus, But Does It Anger His Church?
....In a time like this, Christians might ask whether we should, in fact, be angry. Should we not instead just conclude that this is what a fallen world is like and pray for the final judgment to come? If you are feeling distressed and heated, you have reason to be. White supremacy makes Jesus angry.     LINK
SBC Voices: Denouncing Racism Is Easy, Loving Racists Is Hard
....The way to counter this fear is not to assure white people that they will maintain power. The way to counter it is for an alternative community of Christ followers to demonstrate how to live without worldly power as we trust in God alone and love one another sacrificially.     LINK
David R. Brumbelow: Confederate Statues, History, and Racism
 Some of my thoughts on Confederate Statues, history, and racism.  Racism is wrong and sinful.  Period...The violence, injuries, and murder in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend is unjustified, wrong, and should be punished. 
The Confederate Statues and Memorials should stay and be protected.  They are part of our history and heritage.  They teach multiple lessons.  We should not cleanse and whitewash our own history.   Those who are offended by Confederate Memorials - maybe that is part of the price you need pay for multi-culturalism.  Allowing these Statues helped in bringing a divided country together again.  Tolerance should work both ways...Get rid of other people’s Statues and Memorials, and you should not be surprised when one day others get rid of your Statues and Memorials.      LINK
Common Sense: Soros Dips Into the Nazi Playbook at Charlottesville
A public gather of two opposing forces turned into a violent brawl between the two groups. Beer glasses, chairs, tables, fists and clubs flew through the air, and severely injured people who were left lying covered with blood on the floor/ground. There were fatalities. No I am not talking about the deadly riots in Charlottesville, this happened in pre-Nazi Germany and the conflict between the two opposing forces, the Communists and Nazis, set the stage for totalitarian government... LINK
Breaking Israel News: More Christians Than Jews Visited Israel in 2016, New Data Reveals
Fifty-four percent of the tourists who visited Israel last year were Christians. Of the Christian visitors, 38 percent were Catholic, 28 percent were Protestant and 28 percent were Eastern Orthodox. Jews comprised only 24 percent of tourists visiting Israel in 2016.      LINK
CBN News: Christianity is Rapidly Growing in Iran
Islamic Clerics are warning against the spread of Christianity in the most Islamic City in Iran.  House churches are hunted down and conversion to Christianity is viewed as an action against national security in Qom, Iran.  Christianity has been growing at a fast rate in the last couple of decades in Iran, that has caused the Islamic government a lot of concern...  LINK
Christian Post: Freed Christian Pastor Describes North Korean Labor Camp Conditions
Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, the Christian pastor who last week was freed and returned home to Canada, revealed what he had to suffer through at the North Korean labor camp where he was held.      LINK
Christian Post: Christian Mom Dies While Imprisoned for Her Evangelical Faith in Eritrea
A Christian mother who was arrested earlier this year amid a crackdown on evangelical Christians in the African nation of Eritrea has died, a Christian human rights organization reported.      LINK
The Atlantic: How Will the Church Reckon With Charlottesville?
Religious communities are grappling with the racism that enabled violent attacks 
against protesters—including the racism within their ranks.
On Saturday, white supremacists violently attacked protesters marching against them in Charlottesville. A 20-year-old man, James Alex Fields Jr., allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of people, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring at least 19 others. Two state police officers also died while monitoring the protests after their helicopter crashed. The next day was Sunday. And that mattered. Religious communities in America have long struggled with racism in and outside of their halls. Christians in particular have worked to overcome their complicity in slavery and Jim Crow. Almost immediately after....     LINK  SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
Joe Carter: Violence and Death At a White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville 
The Unite the Right rally degenerated into violence last weekend when groups of white nationalist protestors clashed with counter-protestors near the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency around 11:40 a.m., disrupting the main part of the event...    LINK
Toronto Sun: Pastor Freed by North Korea Back In Pulpit at Presbyterian Church
He spent the past 2 1/2 years digging holes in North Korea’s frozen mud in the depths of winter and working for eight hours straight under the scorching sun in spring and summer, newly-released Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim told a standing-room-only crowd at Mississauga’s Light Presbyterian Church Sunday.   LINK
CBN News: 'Racism Is Evil'— Trump Blasts White Supremacists from Charlottesville Riots
Charlottesville, Virginia is recovering today after a weekend of brutal violence between a group of white supremacists and people protesting their rally. President Trump condemned the violence over the weekend, but faced media backlash because he didn't label specific hate groups in his comments. Monday, Trump addressed the weekend violence again, clearly going after the racists who fueled the violence.      LINK
World Net Daily: Terrorists Do Understand Islam, Study Says
An international organization that supports persecuted Christians has a heads-up for Western politicians and other leaders who continually insist Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and describe it as a “religion of peace.” It’s not, contends the Barnabas Fund, citing a newly released study by Ednan Aslan, a professor of Islamic religious education at the Univ. of Vienna. Aslan found that many jihadis and “other radical Islamists” have a “deep understanding of Islamic theology.” LINK
Albert Mohler: Letter from Berlin The Lessons of History and the Heresy of Racial Superiority
....As Berlin awoke this morning to photos of Hitler salutes in Virginia,  there was news of a car driven into a crowd protesting against white supremacy, of one woman killed in the attack, and of two law enforcement officers killed in a helicopter crash. This is America? America has its own ghosts. The ghosts of American claims of racial superiority–specifically of white superiority–reach all the way to Berlin. Adolf Hitler and his race theorist, Alfred Rosenberg, took part of their inspiration from British and American race theorists. The American eugenicists, including those now celebrated by groups such as Planned Parenthood, offered ideological cover for the Nazi doctrines of racial superiority.   LINK
CBN News: Right Before Sermon, Gunmen Kill Two on Church Steps
 A church usher and a visitor were shot dead on the steps of a Chicago church Sunday morning, right as the worship was finishing and the sermon was about to begin. Emmanuel Fleming, 34, and Michael Swift, 46, were gunned down at 11:15 a.m. outside Friendship Baptist Church on Chicago's troubled west side.      LINK
Christian Post: Franklin Graham Defends Trump, Blames Satan for Charlottesville Unrest
The president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, Franklin Graham, defended President Donald Trump from critics saddling him with blame for the deadly clash that erupted at a white nationalist protest event in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend and blamed "Satan" for being "behind it all."      LINK
C. John Collins: Breaking News— Science Disproves the Bible
....There can be no doubt that the headline writers, and many of the reporters, got it wrong—and that they could easily have saved themselves the egg-on-the-face experience by asking someone who reads the Bible. I will leave it to the journalists’ profession to improve how they do these things.   LINK
Bruce Riley Ashford: White Christian Conservatives Should Oppose Protests By White Supremacists
....White conservatives – especially white Christian conservatives – should speak out openly against white nationalism and white supremacy. This is racism pure and simple, and it represents a frontal assault on the Christian gospel, a denial of human dignity and a subversion of our democracy.   A     LINK
Rod Dreher: The Curse Of Identity Politics
Charlottesville is the kind of America that identity politics is calling into being. It’s time for straight talk about that. On the Right, the story is fairly straightforward. Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and their ilk have to be condemned in no uncertain terms, and marginalized. The president’s coy rhetoric, dancing around these people for fear of alienating them, has to end. It is not enough for conservative politicians and thought leaders to condemn these incidents.      LINK
Michael Brown: Charlottesville, White Supremacists, Evangelicals, Racists, and Trump
The alt-right. White supremacists. Nationalists. Trump supporters. Racists. Evangelical Christians. Is this a list of unrelated, widely disparate groups that overlap only on the fringes? Or does this describe the inter-connected spokes of the same wheel, different in emphasis but not in kind? The tragedy in Charlottesville, which has heightened tensions and exacerbated divisions in our country, calls for clarification.    LINK
John Hawkins: How the Liberal Media Created Charlottesville
I wish I could say that it’s a shock that someone died in Charlottesville, but I’ve been predicting just this sort of thing in radio appearances for months. The liberal media is dying to blame it all on Donald Trump, but it should look in the mirror.  LINK
Susan Stamper Brown: Why Believers Support Trump
To say that people are gobsmacked by the overwhelming support by Christians for President Trump is an understatement.While I can understand why those from the party that booed God don’t get it, recent jabs by rightwing pundits are making it hard to differentiate between conservative purists and political snobs....It’s not that hard to understand. Believers understand the Bible says God installs and removes kings, or presidents in this case. That doesn’t mean God manipulates the vote count. It means God uses leaders to further his will for his divine purpose. Throughout history, God has used immoral and even wicked men to sometimes bless and other times punish people and nations. Although he uses them, it doesn’t mean he grants them special favor nor does he condone their sin or wickedness.     LINK
Marc Newman: Selectively Calling On the Church
I read a blog today arguing that if last Sunday your church didn't speak out against the murder in Charlottesville, Virginia, that this is evidence that you attend a white supremacist church. That might be true. Then, again, it might not.     LINK
Mark Johnston: A Theology of Vacationing
.....I wish to offer a theological justification for viewing a vacation as being a good thing - and this, not just at 'vacation times' when they happen to occur. The rationale behind this comes partly from some well intentioned, but significantly misguided ideals I held in the early years of my ministry. Namely that it was somehow a mark of sanctification to not take my full allocation of annual leave. And it was only after some wise and gentle persuasion from my dear wife that this theological aberration was put right. However, a more direct factor that made me think about the Bible's teaching...  LINK
Thom Rainer: Why Many of Our Churches Are Still One Color
....This church is one of tens of thousands of congregations that are one color, one race, or one group. Why? Why is this reality still taking place today? Let’s look at six reasons.     LINK
David Cloud: Seek to Make the Church Stronger
While there is a time to leave a church when it is clearly and irrevocably committed to unscriptural paths, it is also very important to do everything possible to strengthen existing churches insofar as this is possible. And regardless of how strong a church might be, there are doubtless ways it can be strengthened.   LINK
Trevin Wax: On Coming Out as Fat
.....But in a world in which no one agrees any longer on what the human body is for, why should those reasons matter? When it comes to gender, marriage, and sexuality, we have already abandoned any notion there being a telos or goal for human existence that is given to us by nature or by God. In light of that loss, who's to say a certain weight is truly healthier or better for a person? Do you see how the logic plays out?    LINK
Melissa Edgington: Sex Should Be Spiritual
God designed sex within marriage to be a sacred, pleasurable, and spiritual act. We don’t often stop and think about how amazing it really is that God invent ed sex and gave it such potential to build a physical and spiritual union between two people in the safety and devotion of a Christian marriage. Sex is an amazing gift, a chance to be bonded in body, mind and spirit. One flesh. Yet everywhere I turn Christian people seem to be struggling with sex.     LINK
Dave Hare: A Missionary Asks, America Is Better, Right? 
If you were to come to live in my village, you would know that there is something wrong. It takes time, of course, to sort through all of the cultural differences. Some things feel wrong, but when you take the time to think about it, they do not have a moral component at all.    LINK
Randy Alcorn: The Most Neglected and Least Modeled Spiritual Gift
....In Romans 12, Paul lists seven spiritual gifts, including prophecy, serving, teaching, mercy, and giving. I’m convinced that of all these gifts, giving is the one least thought about and talked about in the Western church, and perhaps in the entire world. Of course, all of us are called to serve, show mercy, and give, even if we don’t have those specific gifts. But...  LINK
CBN News: 'This is NOT the Way of the Cross'— Christian Leaders Condemn White Supremacism
Christian leaders are condemning white nationalism and the alt-right movement in the wake of the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one person dead after a car plowed through a crowd of counter-protestors. White nationalists came to Charlottesville to protest the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee where they were met by counter-protestors. The day turned ugly when the two sides began attacking each other with fists, thrown projectiles and even homemade flame-throwers. As the protests began to break up, a car came roaring into a crowd of counter protestors, killing one and injuring at least 26...    LINK
Christian Headlines: Eclipse Will Showcase the Beauty of God’s Creation
.....For those fortunate enough to be in the path of totality, a swath that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, the sun and moon will put on an especially spectacular show. As the moon moves in front of the sun, a narrow band of light around the dark silhouette of the moon will look almost like a beaded necklace due to the ragged terrain of the moon's surface.  LINK
Breitbart: AP Explains— How Robert E. Lee Went from Hero to Racist Icon
Confederate Army Gen. Robert E. Lee was vilified during the Civil War only to become a heroic symbol of the South’s “Lost Cause” — and eventually a racist icon. His transformation, at the center of the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, reflects the changing moods in the United States around race, mythology and national reconciliation....   LINK
Christian Post: Elevation Church Responds After Breastfeeding Mom Was Told to Leave Service
The multi-campus Elevation Church in North Carolina pastored by Steven Furtick has responded to a controversy that arose Sunday after a church member posted a comment on social media saying she was told to leave during service because she was breastfeeding her child in public.     LINK
Christian News Net: Disney Preschooler Animation 'Doc McStuffins' Features Family With 'Two Moms'
A watchdog group that monitors the promotion of sin in children’s entertainment is expressing concern over a recent episode of the preschooler-geared cartoon “Doc McStuffins,” which featured an animated depiction of the lesbian moms of two children.     LINK
UK Guardian: Holy Smoke! The Church of Cannabis
As congregations dwindle, a new religion is lighting up Denver, Colorado.
It started, naturally, with a group of friends smoking a joint. Steve Berke, a graduate of Yale University, was temporarily living in an old church in Denver, Colorado. His estate agent parents had bought the 113-year-old building with the plan to turn it into flats. He and Lee Molloy, as well as a few friends, had just moved from Miami to capitalise on Colorado’s lucrative marijuana market. But then, in the words of Lee: “We started having these stupid, fantastical conversations. What if we kept it as a church?” So Steve convinced his parents to give him the building and, nine months later, on 20 April 2016  – the International Church of Cannabis opened its doors with its own chapel, theology and video game arcade.    LINK
Huffington Post: Moms Plan ‘Nurse-In’ At Megachurch After Woman Claims She Had To Breastfeed In Bathroom
A breastfeeding mom is encouraging other mothers to participate in a “Nurse-In” at a popular megachurch in Charlotte, North Carolina, after claiming she was asked to leave the sanctuary while feeding her baby. “It’s basically us mothers coming together to support and show that breastfeeding is normal, it is what God intended for us to be doing...”     LINK
UK Telegraph: Male Cosmetics Counters Could Hit Department Stores In Five Years, L'Oreal Boss Says
Male make-up counters could become a reality within five years, the UK boss of L'Oreal has said, as it is no longer a taboo for the "selfie generation". In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Vismay Sharma, the cosmetics giant's UK managing director, said that demand for make-up among men was growing fast.      LINK
Christian Post: Russia's Crackdown on Evangelism Leads to Prosecution of Mostly Christians One Year After 'Anti-Missionary' Law
Evangelical Protestants make up the majority of the 181 cases prosecuted by Russian authorities under the country's notorious "anti-missionary" laws, which came into force last July, according to a report.     LINK
Christian Headlines: Cuban Pastor is Released from Jail but Kept under House Arrest
 A Cuban pastor who was put in jail for homeschooling his children will be allowed to continue his ministry work but under house arrest, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Pastor Ramon Rigal, of the Church of God in Cuba, was told Tuesday in court that he could resume his work.   LINK
Fox News: NFL's Lynch Sits, Eats During National Anthem
Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat eating a banana during the national anthem over the weekend, ahead of a Saturday preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, the AP reports.      LINK
World net Daily: ‘Historic’ Baal Arch Condemned as ‘Ancient Evil Manifesting Itself’
Around the world, hailed by the global elite, a symbol of a false god is rising. It has risen in London and New York City, the latter only a few steps away from Ground Zero. It was placed outside a global summit in Dubai. Most recently, it was even constructed for the G7 Summit in Florence, Italy. But the arch isn’t just a Roman ruin. It was originally an arch for the Temple of Baal, a terrible pagan god repeatedly mentioned in the Old Testament.  LINK
Daily Caller: Rebranded Hillary Clinton Sets Her Sights On The Pulpit
Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is looking to become a spiritual leader after losing to President Donald Trump in 2016, according to reports from people in Clinton’s circle. Clinton wants to preach, according to her pastor Rev. Bill Shillady, who has written a book about the former secretary of state’s spiritual life, particularly during her years-long campaign for president. During a promotional photoshoot for “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” a year’s worth of devotions tailored for Clinton as she campaigned for president, Clinton told Shillady that she’d like spiritual leadership to be part of her career.   LINK
Mike D. Virgilio: Study Shows Atheists Thought Immoral, Even by Fellow Atheists
Atheists are fond of accusing Christians of believing they can’t be moral or good just because they are atheists. Christians don’t believe this, and atheists can be moral or good, but that doesn’t keep them from saying it. Atheists can be as good and moral, or bad and evil as any other human being because they are made in God’s image... It seems, though, that even many atheists think atheists are immoral, according to a recent study.   LINK
Christian Post: Music Legend-Turned-Christian Glen Campbell Remembered for Praising God in Battle With Alzheimer's
During his 50 years in show business, Glen Campbell released more than 70 albums, sold 45 million records and accumulated numerous Gold and Platinum albums along with one Double-Platinum album. His last documentary, 'Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me' was nominated for an Oscar and showcased the singer's rough battle with Alzheimer's as he said farewell with a final 151-date nationwide tour.     LINK
Christianity Today: The Gospel of Mark Zuckerberg
From the late 1980s, many churches made the decision to run like businesses and now, in a surprising twist, businesses in 2017 are running like churches.  LINK
CNN: How Faith Led Hillary Clinton 'Out of the Woods'    SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
....A United Methodist minister, Shillady met Clinton, a lifelong Methodist, in 2002, when Shillady pastored a church in New York City. Over the years, a spiritual kinship formed between the pastor and politician, and as Clinton began her second run for the White House, Shillady offered to send her daily devotionals based on the day's news.     LINK
Deana Chadwell: America's Deadly Sins
.....It is true that in our free enterprise economic system some people become very rich and others remain poor. Which, to a conservative, seems better than everyone being poor, but to a leftist it is a situation most dire. That our poor have hot and cold running water, electricity, heat and air conditioning, TVs, phones, cars, and access to food from all over the world doesn’t seem to matter. That we all have an opportunity of climb out of poverty is also of little importance.    LINK
Chris Vaca: They’re Coming For Your Kids
.....Recently, Disney Junior aired an episode of “Doc McStuffins” featuring a family with two moms. Not only that, another cartoon shows homosexual indoctrination about two young boys “falling in love.” How they get away with this is beyond me, I don’t even want to watch that kind of stuff on cable, yet they are allowed to brainwash our kids....    LINK
Joe Carter: Empirical Evidence Finds Prayer Improves Intimate Relationships
Several researchers led by Frank Fincham at Florida State University’s Family Institute wanted to learn whether petitionary prayer (i.e., a prayer where you request something) for someone’s romantic partner or close friend has “any objectively measurable effects on couples.” According to a summary of the evidence by Thomas Burnett, an assistant director of public engagement for the John Templeton Foundation, “Praying daily for one’s partner has been linked to numerous positive outcomes: increased relationship satisfaction, greater trust, cooperation, forgiveness and marital commitment. Many of these benefits apply both to the prayer as well as the one being prayed for.”    LINK
Christianity Today: How We Lead In Times of Cultural Shift
It’s pretty obvious the English-speaking Western world is rapidly changing in regards to faith. The culture is moving in secular and pluralist directions, and away from a more Judeo-Christian influence. As a result, Christians need to re-learn how to lead effectively in our new post-Christian culture. LINK
Kathryn Butler: Dignity In Dementia
Few medical diagnoses rival dementia in its sense of hopelessness. Cancer, heart disease, and stroke devastate patients and families. Diabetes and kidney failure reconfigure lives. The cognitive decline of dementia, however, enshrouds all it touches with a mantle of despair. Our limited treatment options for dementia contribute to the despondency. We have no cure, and few medications slow its progress. Instead, we watch patients weep from sufferings they cannot articulate.       LINK
Sharper Iron: The Value of Biblical Exposition in Evangelism
Once upon a time, churches met on Sunday mornings for “preaching services.” In these services, preachers preached the Word of God, often verse-by-verse. They were chiefly teachers of the Word, and the faithful attenders were the eager students. They carried their Bible, took notes, and (over time) became experts of the Scriptures. Then, a thing called the Church Growth Movement changed all that.     LINK
Josh Moody: Your Inner Pharisee
....In a strict historical sense, Christians are not Pharisees. Pharisaic religion rejected Jesus as the Christ, and therefore when someone worships him as God’s Son, he is no longer a Pharisee. But is there an essence of Pharisaism alive today, even active within creeds that embrace the divinity of Jesus, the doctrines of grace, and Trinitarian orthodoxy?    LINK
WEEKEND EDITION — AUGUST 12th-13th, 2017
CBN News: What the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You— The Church In North Korea
President Donald Trump is warning North Korea's dictator that America's military solutions are now "fully in place, locked and loaded." The president took to Twitter Friday warning the communist leader that should he "act unwisely" the United States is ready to respond. "Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path," the president warned in a tweet. While the rhetoric between the two leaders continues to escalate, South Korean Christians are going on the spiritual offensive, deploying prayers and scriptures. For nearly three decades, one Christian human rights group has carried out an unusual aerial offensive to encourage North Korea's secret believers.  LINK
The Stream: More Americans Now Approve of Polygamy— Is Group Marriage Around the Corner?
No one in America believes in polygamy, right? Even those who believe in same-sex marriage think that it can include only two spouses. Isn’t that just common sense? Not any more. Gallup reports that 17 percent of Americans think polygamy is just fine. That’s one in six. The percentage has gone up from 14 to 17 percent just in the last year.      LINK
World Net Daily: Could We Have Another 'Great Awakening' Today?
A....On July 14, 1826, the Boston newspaper Christian Watchman printed an unverified story that Jefferson dined at Monticello prior to the Revolutionary War with Baptist Pastor Andrew Tribble. The story described how Jefferson inquired of Pastor Tribble how Baptist church government worked, then Jefferson stated that he “considered it the only form of pure democracy that exists in the world. … It would be the best plan of government for the American colonies.”      LINK
Christian News Net: Kazakhstani Pastor, Five Foreign Visitors Fined for Holding Baptisms
A local Protestant pastor and five foreign visitors were fined for holding baptisms in hot springs near Kazakhstan’s commercial capital Almaty. One of the foreigners–a United States-based Canadian citizen—was ordered deported. A court in Akmola Region overturned a summary police fine on a Baptist pastor for leading a church that chooses to meet for worship without seeking the compulsory state registration.       LINK
Financial Express: Jim Rogers Says the ‘Biggest Crisis In His Life’ Is Less Than a Year Away
Jim Rogers, the renowned co-founder of Quantum Fund believes that there’s an impending crisis, and it’s much sooner than you think. “We could see the worst crash in my entire life pretty soon,” said Jim Rogers in a recent conversation with Kitco news. Jim Rogers founded the Quantum Fund alongside George Soros, who is regarded as one of the most successful investors of all time.   LINK
Will the Upcoming Total Eclipse of the Sun Create a National Emergency? Some States Think So
Tens of millions of Americans are eagerly awaiting a chance to view the moon’s near-total eclipse of the sun on August 21, an event that won’t happen again in our lifetimes as it only occurs once every 99 years. But while most people are anticipating one of the coolest space-related scenes they’ll ever witness, some states are gearing up as though the event will cause some sort of regional or national emergency. As reported by CBS Philadelphia, states and cities in the eclipse’s path seem to believe some sort of “disaster” will accompany the event and are preparing...   LINK
Christian Post: Archaeology Discovery— Mug Workshop Found Near Where Jesus Turned Water Into Wine
Archaeologists have discovered an ancient mug workshop that would have been located near the town of Cana, where Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine.        LINK
ZeroHedge: 'We Can Barely Keep Up' — Prepper Panic-Buying Begins As WWIII Fears Grip America
....“We’re barely keeping up with the inflow of orders… People are concerned with North Korea, World War III and what President Trump might do… I’ve never seen it at these levels…”        LINK
Baptist Press: Christians More Likely to Oppose Gene Editing, Pew Finds
Christians are more likely than others to oppose embryonic gene editing to reduce the risk of disease in their babies, according to a Pew Research Center study conducted a year before the latest breakthrough in genetic engineering. LINK
12 Yr. Old Boy Allegedly Told to 'Turn the Other Cheek' After Reporting Rape at Elite Christian School
Brentwood Academy, an elite private Christian school in Tennessee where annual tuition is nearly $25,000 is now facing a $30 million lawsuit alleging that school officials failed to report the repeated rape of a 12-year-old boy by older male students. thhe Headmaster  is also accused of telling the victim to "turn the other cheek" when he reported...     LINK
Christian Judge Takes Case To the US Supreme Court
 Christian judge punished for refusing to perform same-sex marriages is taking her case to the US Supreme Court. Ruth Neely has been a municipal judge in Wyoming for over 20 years, and also sat as a magistrate with authority to perform weddings. The Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics demanded that Judge Neely either agree to carry out same-sex weddings or stop performing any marriages. Wyoming Supreme Court ruled in their favour. She subsequently lost her magistrate position. In 2014, Judge Neely stated that her beliefs about marriage meant she would be unable to marry a same-sex couple. She maintained her stance after same-sex marriage was legalised in the US in 2015.     LINK
Bioethics: People Back Editing Genes to Treat Disease, But Are Wary of Inheritable Changes
People generally think that editing human genes might be OK, but most think that there’s a clear line that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to changing traits that would be passed down to new generations, according to a survey reported Thursday. It’s not an abstract question.     LINK
Collapse News: Canada’s Single-Payer Healthcare System Is Imploding Due To Skyrocketing Costs
....Two countries that are upheld as examples of free healthcare being made available to every citizen are Canada and the United Kingdom. These countries promise easy access to necessary treatment at no charge. A shocking new report from the conservative think-tank The Fraser Institute, has just revealed, however, that the healthcare system in Canada is imploding, and treatment is anything but “free.” The situation is almost exactly the same in the U.K.        LINK
ZeroHedge: Study Warns Of Binge-Drinking 'Crisis' As Alcoholism Rates Spike 49%
The opioid epidemic isn’t the only public-health crisis plaguing the US. Americans are hitting the bottle harder than ever, according to a new study published by JAMA Psychiatry, posing new challenges for the US’s strained health-care system as local hospitals and first responders struggle with the spike in substance-abuse related maladies, including overdoses and alcohol poisoning that warrant urgent care.        LINK
Michael Brown: North Korea and the God Factor
Are we on the edge of a nuclear war, as some near-hysterical pundits claim? Will Kim Jong Un act foolishly, wreaking havoc on Japan and S. Korea, only to suffer a devastating response from America? What is that demented dictator thinking? The biggest question of all though is "What is God doing in the midst of this?"        LINK
Michael Anthony: Does the Bible Justify War?
While our Constitution clarifies that only Congress has the power to declare war, it's a very different thing to suggest that the Bible justifies war in the twenty-first century. It's not as clear as some well-meaning Christians may think, and the consequences of confusion over this could be horrendously irreversible if there were to be a nuclear conflict. While some might point to Israel's battles in the Old Testament as precedent for God using one nation to judge another, there is no direct parallel today. God's directives to Israel to obliterate enemies were given in the context of his plan for Israel, revealed in Genesis 12 with the Abrahamic Covenant.   LINK
Thom Rainer: Why Dying Churches Die
.....Many churches are dying. Some are so sick that they are a few years, perhaps just months, from death. But too many refuse to do anything. Any potential and dramatic turnaround will not take place because these churches do nothing. Why? Why do these dying churches walk resolutely down the path of death? Allow me to share six common responses...    LINK
David Cloud: Is God Finished With Israel?
We are told by many that God is finished with Israel, that she has been replaced with the church, and that the church is Zion, and the earthly Jerusalem has been replaced with the heavenly Jerusalem  We have long been told this by covenant theologians who follow the “church fathers” that devised this view. Now we are hearing....       LINK
Relevant Mag: How 'Facebook Infidelity' Can Sabotage Your Marriage
....The evidence that many married men and married women are using Facebook as a means to communicate emotionally and/or sexually outside of their marriage is overwhelming. Massive amounts of research pertaining to Facebook infidelity and related topics have been conducted by other researchers as well as myself. To bring you up to date, below are some key bullet points of what’s happening on the Facebook-infidelity front....      LINK
Brandon Hilgemann: Three Reasons to Be Thankful for Bad Sermons
....Although I am an advocate for powerful, God-glorifying, excellent sermons, the reality is that not all sermons will be the best we’ve ever preached. So here are three reasons you can take joy in the occasional bad sermon...    LINK
James Rasbeary: Grow Without Changing
A 63-year study found that our personalities change drastically over our lifetimes. It “revealed that our personality changes so much from youth to old age, on paper, you might look like a completely different person from when you were 14 and 77 years old.” Most of us probably understood this without a study to back it up – we all expect to change as we grow older. Some get better – others get worse. We know this from our own experiences.    LINK
Bill Randles: The Meaning of Spiritual Drunkenness
About 25 years ago, a worldwide revival movement broke out among Charismatic and Pentecostals, which was supposed  to bring new life and blessing to the declining churches, through mysticism, spiritual experience and especially through a phenomenon called “spiritual drunkenness”. It was alternately known as “the Laughing revival”, “the Toronto Blessing”, and “the Brownsville revival”. Unlike revivals of old, which were usually the result of heartfelt prayer, humble tears and deep confession of sin and iniquity, this new “revival” was a Postmodern,  in accord with the philosophy of our times. LINK