CBN News: Planned Parenthood's Satanic Ally— Satanist Lawsuit Links Abortion to Religion
Planned Parenthood in Missouri has a new ally in its battle for increased abortion access: the Satanic Temple. The religious and politically active national Satanist organization is backing the powerful abortion provider with state and federal lawsuits designed to challenge Missouri's informed consent and 72-hour-waiting period laws. Planned Parenthood has been fighting in court this year in the state to keep abortion clinics from having to follow outpatient surgical center standards, and the Satanists are fighting to increase abortion access on another front. The Satanic Temple says a pregnant woman in Missouri, "Mary Doe," wasn't able to carry out a "religiously motivated" abortion because of these laws.    LINK
USA Today: Faith Groups Provide the Bulk of Disaster Recovery
If you donate bottles of water, diapers, clothing or any other materials to hurricane victims in Texas or Florida, your donation will likely pass through the hands of the Seventh Day Adventists before it gets to a storm victim. That's because the Adventists, over several decades, have established a unique expertise in disaster “warehousing” collecting, logging, organizing and distributing relief supplies, in cooperation with government disaster response agencies.    LINK
Farmers Banned From Farmers Market Over Religious Beliefs Get Their Day in Court
The case of a Michigan city that banned family farmers from selling their goods at a local farmers market due to their religious beliefs about marriage headed to court Wednesday, where lawyers from both sides argued before a federal district judge. Lawyers for Steve and Bridget Tennes, owners of Country Mill Farms in Charlotte, Michigan, asked the court to...   LINK
Christian Post: Pakistani Boy Called 'Filthy Christian, Demon' When Killed by Muslim Classmates
As Christians in Australia prepare to hold a candlelight vigil on Friday for Sharoon Masih, the 17-year-old Pakistani boy who was killed for his faith in August by his Muslim classmates, details about the case have revealed that he was called a "filthy Christian" and a "demon" by students.   LINK
Martin E. Marty: Is America Losing Its Religion of Football?
During the quiet Labor Day season our clippings basket and online column reservoir fattened with stories headlined like these: “Loving and leaving the game of football,”“As worries rise, participation falls,” “Turning His Back on Football,” “‘I just don't think the game is safe for the brain,'” “Death of NFL inevitable as middle class opts out,” and more. These accounts prompted a digital visit to similar stories from years past, some appropriately accompanied by question marks: “Is It Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl?” and “What Would Jesus Think About Football?”—both from 2014.  LINK
Trevor Thomas: Why Evangelicals Are Sticking With Donald Trump
The Never-Trumpers of every stripe still don’t get it. Ten months after his historic defeat of Hillary Clinton, those opposed to Donald Trump -- whether from the political right, left, or middle -- have yet to grasp why so many Americans -- especially evangelical Americans -- have embraced, or at least tolerate, the politics of the Man from Manhattan. As my wife pointed out when I began this piece, “It’s really a no-brainer. There was no other option.” But nevertheless, to those dulled by their disdain for Mr. Trump, let me explain again our continued support for him.    LINK
World Net Daily: While Christianity Dies In Germany, Islam Springs Up In Its Place
All across Germany, churches now sit mostly empty on Sunday mornings, and it’s a problem for Catholics and Protestants alike. While Christianity is dying in Germany, Islam is on the rise. Historian Walter Laqueur wrote that Germany had about 700 “little mosques and prayer rooms” in the 1980s but “more than 2,500 at the present time” – and that was in 2009.    LINK
The Stream: Hostility Toward Religion Up 15 Percent Since 2015, Survey Reveals
Hostility toward religious freedom rose 15 percent in 2016, according to a new report. On Tuesday First Liberty Institute released Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America. The non-profit legal group has released Undeniable every year since 2012. Based in Texas, First Liberty focuses exclusively on religious freedom. The report documents all recorded instances of hostility to religion every year.      LINK
Christian Post: 60 Percent of Pastors' Spouses Say Church Salary Not Enough to Meet Needs: LifeWay
Nearly two-thirds of pastors' spouses have said that the salary received by their church is not enough to live off of, according to a recently released survey by LifeWay Research.     LINK
Emerson Eggerichs: How to Use Social Media Without Causing More Hatred in the World
How do we move forward and dig ourselves out of an America where hateful, vicious, and even violent rhetoric is the rule more than the exception?   LINK
Prophecy News Watch: Reports Say China Is Banning Children From Church
China's Communist Party-controlled government long has tried to stamp out faith. It has banned churches unless they are affiliated with the government, imprisoned pastors and lay leaders, and discriminated against church goers. Lately, government officials have removed crosses from church buildings. Now, according to UCA News, at least four regional governments in China are banning children from church. The governments have issued notices that "restrict children from joining Christian groups and attending religious activities," the report said.    LINK
Christian Post: School Defends Teaching of 'Hallelujah Chorus' After Atheist Group Complains
A Tennessee school principal and superintendent have defended a teacher's right to teach her class a portion of George Frideric Handel's historic classical composition "Hallelujah Chorus" after a local branch of the nation's largest secular legal organization complained that it was a form of proselytizing.   LINK
Mike Konrad: Luther's Very Mixed Legacy
....My views concerning Luther have gone all over the place during my lifetime, Was he a villain? Was he a hero? At times, I have held these diametrically opposed views. Now, I am of the opinion that he was a bit of both. Luther's chief attraction as a role model was that he was flawed. God was able to use a very flawed man to achieve a positive good.     LINK
James G. Robertson: The Haters Come for Jefferson
Tuesday night, Black Lives Matter supporters made their move on the University of Virginia (UVA).  Protesters climbed the statue of Thomas Jefferson in front of the Rotunda and covered the statue with a shroud.  News coverage says about 100 faculty, students, and community members, some carrying Black Lives Matter signs, read a list of demands and put a sign on the statue that said: "TJ is a racist and a rapist." Things are about to get interesting.      LINK

Christian Post: 'Attacks on Religious Liberty' in US Increased 133 Percent in Last 5 Years: Report
A new report released by a prominent religious liberty advocacy organization claims that there has been a 133 percent increase in domestic "attacks on religious liberty" in the last five years and about a 15 percent increase in attacks on religious liberty in the last year. The First Liberty Institute, a conservative legal group dedicated to defending people and organizations whose First Amendment rights have been violated, released its annual report, "Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America," on Tuesday. The report highlights cases reported in the last few years in which Americans have had...  LINK
Lifezette: The Supreme Court Case Set to Test Religious Liberty In the U.S.
For anyone in doubt, President Donald Trump supports the right to express conservative values — and is now staunchly defending religious liberty rights as well. The Trump administration is standing behind Jack Phillips, a Christian baker in Colorado who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage due to his religious convictions. Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission will be heard by the Supreme Court this fall.      LINK
CBN News: Irma's Deadly Aftermath: Eight Die in Sweltering Florida Nursing Home
President Trump will visit the Naples area of Florida on Thursday to show his concern for the victims of Hurricane Irma. Naples took the harshest blow as the powerful storm passed over the mainland.  Floridians are facing new dangers brought by the heat, lack of electricity, and massive amount of debris. Those terrible conditions have now led to a deadly tragedy. Eight people in a Hollywood, Fla. nursing home died from what authorities believe are heat-related causes.  LINK
Joe Carter: New Survey Finds Majority of Protestants Are (Maybe) Not Protestant
A new survey claims that on two key doctrines, the majority of U.S. Protestants hold views that are more in line with the Roman Catholic Church than with the historical position of the Reformation. But is that true, or were respondents merely confused? According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of U.S. Protestants agree that faith alone is needed to get into heaven while 52 percent say both good deeds and faith are needed to get into heaven.   LINK
T: Religious Freedom Advocate Rebukes Al Franken for 'Hate Group' Slur
One of the nation’s most respected champions of religious liberty draws a line at being called a hate group by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. During a confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett, a Notre Dame law professor nominated by President Donald Trump to a federal judgeship, Franken said Alliance Defending Freedom is a hate group and that Barrett “wasn’t truthful” in answering one of his questions about her association with the Christian legal aid organization.    LINK
Newsmax: FEMA Estimates 25 Percent of Florida Keys Homes Are Gone
Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Brock Long said that preliminary estimates suggested that 25 percent of the homes in the Keys were destroyed and 65 percent sustained major damage.  LINK
Breitbart: Planned Parenthood Teams With Satanists to Promote Abortion
Missouri has reportedly doubled its abortion capacity this year “thanks to the Satanic Temple and Planned Parenthood,” who have worked in tandem to fight the state’s restrictions on abortion.   LINK
Mark Dance: How To Prepare Your Church To Help With Disaster Relief
....If you are a Southern Baptist pastor or member who is interested in helping these fine Texans during their hour of need, just call your state convention and ask. There will still be plenty to do in Houston this time next year, and I assure you the DR volunteers will still be loving their neighbors. LINK
Spectator (Australia):  What’s Changed In Britain Since Same-Sex Marriage?
In the United Kingdom, it has become abundantly clear that redefinition has affected many people, across many spheres. At first glance, these spheres appeared distinct from marriage redefinition. However, subsequent changes, have proved that they are entirely intertwined.     LINK
Relevant Mag: Having Mental Health Issues Doesn’t Mean You’re a Bad Christian
I’m here to say mental health issues happen to everyday people—even to believers who are strong in faith and have friends, because it happened to me. The bad part was the sense of shame some Christians made me feel about my emotional struggles, but as I discovered how God views healing, I realized it wasn’t my faith that was flawed; it was their views toward mental health and faith. LINK
David Murray: 40 Truths About the Fear of God
“If you want a nail driven in, you have to hit it more than once.” With that in mind I set about a survey of the Bible’s teaching and found forty truths about fearing God to help hammer in the nail.   LINK
Amy Medina: I'd Really Just Like to Be In Control 
I would really like to be in control of my universe.  It doesn't seem too much to ask, really, because my universe is quite small.  My family, my health, my friends, my stuff, my reputation, my job--that's really all I ask for control over.  God can take care of the rest.  How generous of me. We humans have a tendency to forget we that we are not God.  We would like to be, of course, starting way back in the Garden.  LINK
Tim Challies: The Duty of Devotion
......There are few virtues more powerful than devotion. There are few character traits we honor more highly than this one. In this short series, we are considering the 10 duties of every Christian, and among these is the duty of devotion. LINK
David Cloud: Fifty Years of Anglican Liberalism
The worldwide Anglican Communion is composed of some 80 million members* in 164 countries, including the “mother church,” the Church of England, and the Episcopal Church in America. (* A large percentage of Anglican members are “invisible” because they are church members due to the fact that they were baptized as infants and perhaps catechized, but they do not participate in the functional life of the churches.)   The Anglican Church is permeated with theological liberalism at every level.  LINK
Greg Morse: The Most Subtle Form of Pride 
....If, like me, you’ve lived under a dark cloud of inadequacy; if the parasite of self-pity drains your energy to go where God calls; if anxiety over your littleness anchors you from stepping out in faith; I encourage you to join me in repentance. LINK
Jared C. Wilson: The Lord Is Never Late
......In my pained estimation in those dark days, the Lord was moving much too slowly, but I knew in that moment that he is not slow in keeping his promises (2 Pet. 3:9). He was holding me all along, and his reviving word came right on time. I pray I will remember this in dark days to come. The Lord is never late.  Don’t give up.  LINK
Marco Silva: The Most Dangerous Place to Raise a Child
....Greed’s deceit knows no socioeconomic boundaries. Whether you’re of modest means, have an overflowing portfolio, or find yourself smack-dab in “the disappearing middle,” the song of More! rings sweet in all our ears.  LINK

Lifezette: What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Syria’s Christians
Accurate reporting about what is really happening in Syria is hard to come by — the “fake news” phenomenon could almost have been invented for the way much of the Western media reports conflict in the Middle East. At an event in the British parliament last November, the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Damascus told assembled parliamentarians they should not believe most media reports about the war in his country. He documented how in the previous week the media had not even mentioned the death of several children in Western Aleppo, as that news did not fit the narrative of....  LINK
CBN News: Death, Destruction, Darkness— Irma Leaves Some In Florida 'Living Like Savages'
Hurricane Irma has left many parts of Florida in a shambles, underwater, and in the dark. Ministries like Operation Blessing are on the scene to help storm-weary residents with food, water and other basic supplies, but it's going to be a monumental task.  LINK
National Post: There’s No Shortage of Speculation Over God’s Judgment in Natural Disasters 
To dive into the wide-ranging and rarely coherent collection of theories that ascribe motive – be it satanic, godly, Gaian or otherwise – to the movements of Hurricane Irma is to risk being immediately overwhelmed by them. They are endless and everywhere, from the mouth of Kirk Cameron to a mass prayer on Periscope, in which thousands commanded demons to vacate the eye of the storm.    LINK
Lifezette: Faith-Based Groups Step Up Big-Time for Hurricane Victims
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have brought enormous devastation to Texas and the Florida coast...Yet even amid complete devastation — God is clearly at work. Christian non-profit organizations have provided nearly 80 percent of the aid so far to hurricane victims — far outdoing FEMA, according to USA Today. LINK
New Atlas: Changing a Flower’s Color With the CRISPR Gene-Editing Tool
It often takes years of careful cross-breeding for horticulturalists to turn flowers certain colors, but scientists can dig right in and change them at a genetic level much faster. Using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool, scientists have changed the flowers of the Japanese morning glory from its usual violet color to a pure white, by disrupting a single gene.     LINK
Inside The Opioid Crisis— What The Mainstream Media Won’t Let You See
“…the trend exemplifies the cry of the bottom 90% of Americans who have turned to opioids to escape the physical and or figurative pain of not being able to achieve the American Dream…”   LINK
Mark D. Tooley: Paula White, God, Kings and Presidents
Paula White clarified earlier comments implying Trump as president has special divine anointing. So God ordains government for justice, but does He ordain and favor specific rulers?     LINK
Darrell B. Harrison: Looking for a 'Social Savior'
As I continue to scan the landscape of social justice-labeled activities that are said to be carried out "in the name of" Christ, I've noticed many Christian activists have a tendency to proffer to the world an image of Jesus that is tantamount to that of a sanctified social worker, a holy humanitarian, an exalted egalitarian.   LINK
Aaron Blumer: Nine Reasons to Reject RacismReasons 1-5
Does American society have a racism problem? Does the the church? Lately, everybody seems to claim or assume the answer to both of these questions is “yes,” but maybe those who preach, teach, and lead in churches and ministries have the same job to do either way—to ensure that the wealth of biblical teaching relevant to racism reaches the believers in their care.   LINK
Dave Sproul: Regenerate Church Membership
Regenerate church membership is a Baptist distinctive that can be traced back to the Book of Acts. It certainly was practiced by the early New Testament Church. We believe it was sustained during the Dark Ages by different groups outside the Catholic Church and then became especially prominent in the 1700s when Anabaptists in Switzerland, such as Hubmaier, Blaurock, and Manz, lost their lives for teaching and practicing regenerate church membership and believer’s baptism.    LINK
David R. Brumbelow: Dehumidifiers, Hurricanes, Floods, and Ministry
A dehumidifier is a wonderful thing.  Through an amazing process, it extracts water from the air in a room.  Put a dehumidifier in a room, and you will be amazed at how much moisture was in the air....Along these lines, a simple church ministry can be a dehumidifier.  A church can buy one or two, and use them in the church buildings as needed.  Write your church name and address on them.  Then when flooding occurs, they can be loaned or given to those in need.   LINK
Randy Alcorn: Are We Shooting the Wounded or Acting in Love By Not Soon Restoring Fallen Leaders Back to Ministry?
.....Not long ago, I read an online forum where hundreds of people were commending a Christian leader for his honesty and humility in publicly admitting his immorality (after it had already been made public by others). But when one person posted the suggestion that in light of the biblical qualifications for being a church leader (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1), he should stay out of Christian ministry for the foreseeable future, she was met with a barrage of responses from people accusing her of being judgmental and unforgiving.  LINK
Trevin Wax: Churchgoing Is Beautiful
The percentage of American Protestants who attend church has held steady since the 1970s. But churches report smaller numbers of Christians in worship each week.    What's going on?      LINK
Caleb Greggsen: Ignore Spiritual “Get Rich Quick” Schemes— A Call for Patient Evangelism
....these churches faithfully supported the ministry of a man they’d never met. They only knew Judson by way of his reputation and the letters that came several months after current events. He never once visited with rousing stories of regular converts. How does a church get its members invested in the Great Commission like that? It’s a question many church leaders ask themselves. We know Christians are called to take the gospel to the nations, yet often it’s...     LINK
Erik Raymond: Five Marks of a Contented Heart
.....We know that this contentment is not simply idealistic but rather characteristic of the Christian life. As believers, we continue to learn contentment by learning to trust and treasure God in every situation. God has provided us with the Bible and the church to be the means by which we work this out in our lives.    LINK
David Cloud: Eugene Peterson and The Message
Eugene Peterson (b. 1932), author of The Message, was for many years James M. Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He also served for almost 30 years as founding pastor of Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, Maryland. Today he is retired and lives in Montana.  The New Testament portion of The Message was published in 1993 and the complete Bible in 2002.   LINK

Christian Post: Is YouTube Targeting Christians, Conservatives With Its Advertising Policy?
Since YouTube enacted a new advertiser-friendly strategy in March that gives more control to brands over where their ads show up on the online video sharing platform, alarms have been sounded that YouTube may be unfairly demonetizing videos posted by Trump supporters, conservatives and Christians. As reports have surfaced in the last few months showing that conservatives of many stripes have had their videos marked as "unsuitable for all advertisers" by the Google-owned platform — thus making them ineligible to receive advertising revenue — YouTube is urging video uploaders who feel their videos have been demonetized unfairly, to appeal for "manual review."   LINK
scmp.com: China’s Underground Churches Head for Cover as Crackdown Closes In
.....The church he attends every week, housed in a flat in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, used to have a door plate bearing its name, a cross on the front wall and rows of chairs in the living room. But in November last year, worshippers decided to remove the door plate and the cross, and replaced the chairs with a couch. “We are trying to look more like a family that are here to chat and drink tea so no one will report us to the police,” Enoch said.    LINK
PJ Media: Christians Are Now Being Asked to Accept Polyamory
....The latest low mark on the slippery hill of complete moral degradation is the push for Christians to accept polyamory, a lifestyle of open relationships that allow dating or marriage partners to have sex with outsiders. According to a recent article at Patheos, "It's time for the Church to talk about polyamory."  LINK
Baptist Press: Conflicting Rulings on Public Prayer May Open Door To Supreme Court Hearings
Two conflicting 2017 court rulings in cases challenging public prayer at government meetings increase the chance of a U.S. Supreme Court hearing on the issue, religious liberty advocate Ken Klukowski said today (Sept. 7).   LINK
CBN News: Trump Backs Texas Churches Suing FEMA for Disaster Relief Funds
President Trump continues to confirm his verbal support for Christians, with his actions--this time, standing up for churches barred from relief funding after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.    LINK
PJ Media: American Religious Landscape 'Undergoing a Dramatic Transformation,' Study Finds
.....     The American religious landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation. White Christians, once the dominant religious group in the U.S., now account for fewer than half of all adults living in the country. Today, fewer than half of all states are majority white Christian.  The study reveals that "only 43% of Americans identify as white and Christian, and only 30% as white and Protestant." This is a drastic change from the recent past.... LINK
Robert Fulford Op-Ed: Today Is the Worst Era for Slavery In History
.....Few people know the extent of slavery in this era....Historians estimate that about 13 million people were sold as slaves by professional traders between the 15th and 19th centuries. The UN’s labour organization has calculated that at least 21 million people are kept in some form of modern slavery. LINK
Christian Parents Pull Son From Church of England School After It Allows Boys to Dress as Girls
A Christian couple in the U.K. has decided to pull their six-year-old son from a Church of England primary school in protest against the school's handling of concerns related to allowing transgender students.     LINK
China's Attempt to Ban Handel's 'Messiah' Underscores the Growth of Christianity in the Middle Kingdom
The soaring choral harmonies of Handel's "Messiah" have sounded across the world for centuries, but according to a recent report in The Economist, they will sound no longer in China. Reportedly afraid of foreign influence through music, the government has effectively banned public performances of the great Christian oratorio. But this effort only underscores the rapid spread of Christianity across the Middle Kingdom.    LINK
Jerry Newcombe: There Would Be No Public Schools Without the Bible
With school back in full session around the country, it's interesting to think about how the Bible is often banned directly or indirectly in schools. Yet the Bible gave birth to schools for the masses. There would be no public schools without the sacred book.   LINK
Thomas Overmiller: So Where’s the Science For Transgenderism?
The current transgender phenomenon is real. Real people are facing real internal struggles. But this fact alone does not mean that popular conclusions about this phenomenon are equally true. As I observe public discourse on this subject, I’m struck by the noticeable lack of scientific evidence to support innate transgender claims. We’re told to accept this phenomenon as a normal, appropriate condition. A woman may “identify” as a man or a man as a woman, and we are told to accept this as...    LINK
Don Johnson: Our Unraveling Culture?
Current headlines are very troubling. Riots. Extremism. Mobs. Demands. Social justice. Race. Racism. Diversity. Tolerance. Intolerance. All of these words come to mind. Several younger fundamentalists offer some insight. I’d like to commend their blogs to you.    LINK
PJ Media: Dianne Feinstein Attacks Trump Nominee for Her Faith— 'The Dogma Lives Loudly Within You'
Last Wednesday, Democratic senators continued to apply a religious test to another of President Donald Trump's nominees. In June, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) applied an unconstitutional religious test to Russell T. Vought. This week, at least three Democratic senators similarly questioned federal judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett.    LINK
David Cloud: A Private Prayer Language?
Pentecostals and Charismatics often teach that there are two types of tongues described in the New Testament: the “public language tongues” of Pentecost and the “private prayer” tongues of 1 Corinthians 14:4 -- “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.” Some call this distinction “ministry tongues” and “devotional tongues.” Early Pentecostal leaders understood that biblical tongues were real earthly languages. They even....  LINK
Thom Rainer: Ten Unfair Expectations of Pastors’ Wives
....To be fair, this post could refer to any church staff person, male or female, so it could be called ministers’ spouses. For simplicity, and because I primarily hear from this group of people, I refer to them as pastors’ wives. Here are the top ten expectations imposed upon these ladies.  LINK
Tim Challies: What Is the Purpose of Marriage?
What’s the purpose of marriage? A brief search turns up a host of answers representing a multitude of worldviews. These answers reveal no end of confusion, but most perspectives can be summarized under two headings.   LINK

President Trump Gives Order to Take Out North Korean Missiles
 President Trump has given the military a direct order to shoot down any North Korean launched missile heading for the U.S. mainland, Guam, or Hawaii. According to a Newsmax report, sources familiar with the decision say that Kim Jong Un’s recent threat against Guam was enough to convince the president that further action was necessary.   LINK
Daily Signal: 16 Years After 9/11, Government Lacks Answers in Combating Terrorism
The United States and allies seem to lack a clear strategy for toppling the terrorist threat 16 years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, experts say. Since 9/11 attacks, there have been another 97 terrorist plots against the United States, and the bulk of those 15 successful attacks happened in the last six years. according to a database maintained by The Heritage Foundation.  A total of 27 of the overall plots came from the Islamic State, said David Inserra....    LINK
All the President’s Clergymen— A Close Look at Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Ties with Evangelicals
 The invitation was unexpected. Would any of the preachers and pastors and other religious leaders, who had come to hear the administration’s views on issues they cared about, like to meet the POTUS in person? A number of them fumbled with their iPhones to get them selfie-ready as they made their way to the Oval Office. And when they filed in, President Trump greeted them warmly. “Now this is a group that has the real power,” he said. “They have influence with God.”      LINK
UK Guardian: Nato Chief— World Is At Its Most Dangerous Point In a Generation 
he world is more dangerous today than it has been in a generation, the head of Nato has said, days before the mobilisation of an estimated 100,000 Russian troops on the EU’s eastern borders, and as a nuclear crisis grows on the Korean peninsula. Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of the military alliance, said the sheer number of converging threats was making the...  LINK
Christian Post: Pope: Marriage Is Only Between a Man and a Woman, 'We Cannot Change It'
Pope Francis has reiterated his belief that marriage can only be defined as a union of one man and one woman, explaining that "we cannot change it." LINK
World News Service: Who Decides When Life is Worth Living?
.....The renewed interest in the Harris case comes several months after Oregon lawmakers nixed a bill that pro-life advocates said would have allowed the dehydration and starvation of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and mentally ill patients. Under current Oregon law, healthcare workers at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities must offer food to patients...     LINK
Christian Post: This Week in Christian History— Mayflower, Pope Celestine, 'Sweet Hour of Prayer'
Christianity is a faith with a long and detailed history, with numerous events of lasting significance occurring throughout the ages.    LINK
Christian Headlines: Democrats Use Religious Test on Federal Appeals Court Nominee
Separation of church and state are fundamental to American democracy. The Constitution guarantees that one’s religion ought to have no bearing on one’s rights. While most Americans ascribe to this foundational American principle in word, a recent federal appeals court nominee hearing revealed that putting this principle into practice can be a different story.   LINK
Eric Metaxas: The Importance of Good News Headlines You're Not Hearing
There have been vast improvements in human flourishing worldwide. Yet why do a vanishingly small six percent of Americans think the world as a whole is becoming a better place? We can blame the press for overplaying the worst stories but the blame also falls on our shoulders.     LINK
Christian Post: Hillary Clinton Reveals She Turned to Prayer, Yoga & Chardonnay After 'Devastating' Loss to Trump
The Trump administration has outlined its support for Christian baker Jack Phillips, who declined to make a cake for a gay wedding, and his Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado in a friend-of-the-court brief to the U.S. Supreme Court. LINK
Eagles QB Carson Wentz Responds to Criticism He Receives for Expressing His Christian Faith
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz says that he is not bothered by critics on social media who chastise him when he shares his faith in Jesus Christ. LINK

CBN News: Lawmakers Defend Christian Baker in Gay Wedding Case— The Government's Actions are 'Frightening'
Eighty-six members of Congress have filed an amicus brief in support of Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, in his upcoming Supreme Court case Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  "A government that tells you what you can't say is bad enough," warned Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo. "But a government that tells you what you must say and what you must do, and punishes you if you don't is frightening."  "That kind of state power should scare all of us no matter where we stand on this issue," she said.Phillips, a Colorado native, found himself in legal trouble when the bakery owner declined to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Phillips says since he opened his bake shop in 1993 he has served many same-sex couples. But when two men came into his shop in July 2012 asking for.... LINK
Daily Caller: Trump’s DOJ Just Got Involved In The Supreme Court’s Biggest Religious Freedom Case
The Trump administration weighed into one of the marquee cases of the coming Supreme Court term Thursday, backing a Christian baker in a dispute over public accommodations laws and religious liberty. The U.S. Department of Justice filed an amicus (or “friend-of-the-court”) brief supporting a Christian baker in Colorado who declined to create a wedding cake with a pro-LGBT message for a gay couple planning their nuptials.   LINK
AccuWeather— 'No Way To Avoid Another Catastrophic Weather Event'
“Unfortunately, there is no way the United States is going to avoid another catastrophic weather event.  There will be massive damage in Florida. It will be the worst single hurricane to hit Florida since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.” LINK
Daily Caller: Trump Continues To Remake The Federal Judiciary
President Donald Trump submitted another slate of judicial nominees to Senate Thursday, naming candidates to the powerful federal appeals courts based in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, Calif.   LINK
Christian Headlines: Russian Anti-Missionary Law Mainly Hampers Christians
Concerns among Russian Christians that the government’s antiterrorism legislation, adopted last year, would take away their religious freedom have been proven true. The Yarovaya Laws, named for the lawmaker who sponsored them, ban proselytizing, preaching, and praying outside recognized religious institutions.  LINK
UK Independent: Christian Teenager Beaten To Death By Classmates In Pakistan
A Christian teenager has been beaten to death by his classmates in Pakistan. Sharoon Masih was the only Christian in his year and was attacked after he apparently drank from the same glass as a Muslim.   LINK
One News Now: Senate Democrats Attack Judicial Nominee's Catholic Faith
Senate Democrats came dangerously close to crossing a constitutional line regarding religious faith during an inquisition of one of President Trump's nominees for the federal court. Senators on Wednesday grilled federal judicial nominee Amy Barrett – demanding to know how her faith would influence her decisions from the bench.    LINK
Breaking Israel News: After Harvey, President Trump Turns to Religion With Church and Prayer
In the wake of the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, President Donald Trump has brought more religion into his politics, calling for a national day of prayer and attending church in Washington, D.C. and Texas. Though much of his voter base came from religious Christians, President Trump is not overtly devout, nor is he known to attend church regularly. LINK
One News Now: Prayer Vigils Across U.S. To Mourn Abortion Victims
America is being called to prayer Saturday for the loss of preborn babies through abortion. The lives of an estimated 60 million children have been terminated in the womb since 1973 when the Supreme Court legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade.   LINK
Mark H. Creech: Is God Involved in Natural Disasters?
We live in a fallen world, meaning that since human sin entered, all of nature was negatively impacted. Sometimes the laws of nature go awry and this will continue until God's redemption is finalized.   LINK
Christian Headlines: Nationwide Vote on Gay Marriage Moves Ahead in Australia
Australia’s High Court on Thursday ruled that a national postal vote to gauge public opinion on legalizing same-sex marriage could proceed as planned. The ballots are set to be mailed Sept 12. LGBT advocates challenged the survey, asserting the unusual measure (it is not required by law, and its results are not binding on legislators) violated appropriations rules.   LINK
One News Now: Liberals Vow To Come After Climate Change Deniers
After the Texas coast was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, a left-wing news editor is suggesting climate change deniers should be tossed in the pokey.  “The science is too clear about what will happen in the near-term," writes Vice science editor Brian Merchant, "to continue to allow profiteers and ideologues to place the public in danger without consequence."  LINK
Michael Brown: Hearing God's Voice in the Midst of the Storm
These storms remind us of our frailty, of our weakness, of our helplessness, of our need. We can send satellites to Mars and build enough nuclear weapons to blow up the earth. And we can design robots and discover the meaning of DNA. Yet we cannot stop the wind and the rain and the fire. We cower before Mother Nature, recognizing our fate is not in our hands.   LINK

The Ringer: Touching Death— The Turbulent Life of One of America’s Last Snake-Handling Preachers
Three years after his father was killed during a service, Cody Coots carries on as pastor of the South’s most famous signs-following church. In a town rife with drugs and poverty, Coots leads a group of congregants who live and worship in extremes?—?and who, by engaging with death, show their faith in a God they believe delivers life.
Cody Coots looks comfortable, standing in the spot where his father was killed. Behind him sits a guitar, before him a glass of strychnine poison. To his right there’s a drum set, to his left a few venomous snakes. He’s at a lectern in a large room in an old house on a back street in Middlesboro, Kentucky, deep in rural Appalachia.   LINK
Three Texas Churches Sue FEMA Over Policy Banning Churches From Receiving Harvey Disaster Relief
Three churches in Texas have sued the Federal Emergency Management Agency over its policy of not providing aid to religious institutions following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey last week.     LINK
Buzzfeed: The Joel Osteen Fiasco Says A Lot About American Christianity
The backlash against Lakewood Church’s response to Tropical Storm Harvey speaks to a larger powder keg of resentment directed at evangelical Christianity in the United States right now.    LINK           SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
Lifezette: The 20 Evangelicals Who Pray with Trump
They’re invited to meetings at the White House. They exchange calls, texts and emails with administration staffers. And they occasionally pray with the president. Here's a list of some of the key evangelical leaders — mostly men, but also one woman — who were on President Donald Trump's campaign evangelical executive advisory board and/or have served in an advisory role since his inauguration.   LINK
Daily Caller: 47 Conservatives Sign Open Letter Warning The Media About The Southern Poverty Law Center
A coalition of 47 conservative leaders wrote an open letter to the mainstream media, warning them to be wary of the "hate maps" created by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-left advocacy group. The warning comes five years after SPLC placed the Family Research Center on one of its maps, leading to Floyd Corkins targeting the FRC staff in an attempted murder before being stopped by law enforcement. Corkins confessed that he used the "hate map" as inspiration for the crime.    LINK
Theology Central: Aftershocks of the 1983 Bob Jones Decision
The Supreme Court’s 1983 decision in Bob Jones University v United States cost the university its tax exemption. It may end up costing all biblical Christians considerably more.   LINK
David Kubal: Hurricane Irma— Is God Trying to Tell Us Something?
As Houston dries out and another hurricane is barreling its way toward the U.S., I have heard many people ask: Is God trying to tell us something? I believe the answer to that question is yes. Absolutely. He is trying to tell us something!   LINK
James Robison Says God Is Speaking Through Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Implores Christians to Pray
Evangelist James Robison believes that God is speaking through the recent and upcoming storms, and is making passionate pleas for Christians to pray. The crises that Americans have faced and are facing will only be resolved if we come together "like a family," he said.    LINK
Christian Institute: Betting Industry Deliberately Targeting the Poor
The betting industry is explicitly targeting people on lower incomes and ex-gamblers, it has emerged. An investigation by The Guardian has revealed that third-party data providers are used to collect information on the age, income, and credit card details of customers which is then passed on to online bookmakers. LINK
Daily Caller: Steve Bannon Rips Catholic Church, Says Bishops Want ‘Unlimited Illegal Immigration’
Former White House strategist Steve Bannon denounced the Catholic Church’s position on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, accusing church leaders of having an “economic interest” in continued illegal immigration. LINK
Ken Davis Commentary: Charlottesville— How Should the Church Respond?
....So in these times of racial and political discord and division, how should the church respond? In particular, what can pastors do to lead their people with Biblical conviction to be on mission with Jesus and make a difference? How can we be instruments to see racial reconciliation realized in our communities and churches? In light of the above realities, I’d like to suggest six foundational observations to lay the groundwork for seven practical recommendations.   LINK
Michael Brown: Actually, It's the Religious Left That's Dying
In reality, it is the religious left that is dying, while those who uphold Scripture are seeing blessing and increase around the globe. Out of the 100 largest churches in America, how many are conservative? The vast majority, at the least.   LINK
Tim Challies: What Do You Do With the Will of God?
Christians have spilled a lot of ink attempting to discern how we can know and do the will of God...Today, though, I want to turn our attention to something that is related but a little bit different. I want to ask how Christians are to relate to the will of God. God has made his will known, so how are Christians to respond?    LINK
Conrad Mbewe: Bible Verses Prosperity Preachers Wish Didn’t Exist
Every so often when discussing the prosperity gospel, I hear proponents say, “But surely God doesn’t want us to be poor, does he?” This is viewed as a trump card, as if there’s no middle ground between obscene wealth and abject poverty.  People who say such things ignore the many Bible passages addressing wealth. LINK
Nick Batzig: Nothing to Complain About
Of all the sins that are grievous to the Lord (and there are plenty of them in our hearts and lives), I have recently been sensitive to the fact that we are all quick to gloss over two of the most serious–namely, ingratitude and complaining. It was these sins in particular that marked Israel’s sojourning through the wilderness.    LINK
Albert Mohler: The Urgency of Preaching
Has preaching fallen on hard times? An open debate is now being waged over the character and centrality of preaching in the church. At stake is nothing less than the integrity of Christian worship and proclamation. How did this happen? Given the central place of preaching in the New Testament church, it would seem that the priority of biblical preaching should be...   LINK
Mike Ayers: Praying In the Middle of a Storm 
We are experiencing unprecedented crisis in our beloved city. Right now, all over social media you will find people telling others that they are praying and asking the nation to pray for the people of Houston. How are we to pray? The Scripture is clear on ways to pray in times of distress. As I’m praying, below are my requests and I thought I’d pass them along to you.   LINK

PJ Media: Bob Jones University Enters a New Era
....Over the last decade, though, many of the university's "unusual" rules have been discarded, and a kinder, gentler BJU has emerged, while still holding to the fundamental truths found in their creed. Movie theatres are no longer off limits (certain restrictions still remain in place), women can wear pants, and men are allowed to have beards and their hair has grown noticeably longer. The school has also embraced discipleship over a strict disciplinarian system.  However, possibly the biggest signal that BJU has entered the larger confines of mainstream evangelicalism was the university being granted regional accreditation...One of the hallmarks of the school's founder, Bob Jones, and his son, Bob Jones Jr., was an entrenched refusal to seek accreditation.    LINK
UK Daily Mail: Clay Seals Used Over 2,700 Years Ago In Israel's First Temple Era Reveal the Identity of Letter Senders In the Ancient City of Jerusalem
Ancient seals used by bureaucrats and officials in the Kingdom of Judah over 2,700 years ago have been unearthed by archaeologists. Most evidence of correspondence in the city of Jerusalem was destroyed in the fire that decimated the city and the First Temple era in 586 BC.  The seals offer an insight into the privacy concerns of the inhabitants, as well as the identity of the people who were sending the messages.  LINK
Wall Street Journal: Political Divisions in U.S. Are Widening, Long-Lasting, Poll Shows
Divisions in America reach far beyond Washington into the nation’s culture, economy and social fabric, and the polarization began long before the rise of President Donald Trump, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of social trends has found. The findings help explain why political divisions are now especially hard to bridge. People who identify with either party increasingly disagree not just on policy; they inhabit separate worlds of differing social and cultural values and even see their economic outlook through a partisan lens. The wide gulf is visible in an array of issues and attitudes...  LINK
NPR: 'He Has a Reason'— How Natural Disasters Test the Faithful
In churches across Houston on Sunday, pastors struggled to tell their parishioners why a God they believed to be good might have allowed a storm of Biblical proportion to flood their city."God causes it to happen, but He has a reason," Pastor Gary Smith told the worshippers at Fifth Ward Church in northeast Houston. "We don't comprehend what God has planned for us."  LINK
AP: Survey— White Christians Are Now a Minority of the US Population
The share of Americans who identify as white and Christian has dropped below 50 percent, a transformation fueled by immigration and by growing numbers of people who reject organized religion altogether, according to a new survey released Wednesday. Christians overall remain a large majority in the U.S., at nearly 70 percent of Americans. However, white Christians, once predominant in the country's religious life, now comprise only 43 percent of the population, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, or PRRI, a polling organization based in Washington. Four decades ago, about eight in 10 Americans were white Christians.     LINK
CBN News: Twitter Suspends Christian Blogger For Condemning Teen Vogue Article on Underage Sodomy
Elizabeth Johnston, also known as "The Activist Mommy,"  often posts videos on social media about the pressure to normalize homosexuality and other ills in America. She has recently come under fire for comments she posted on Twitter criticizing Teen Vogue magazine for an article it published teaching sodomy to kids.   LINK
Washington Post: Book by Hillary Clinton's Pastor Will Be Pulled From Shelves Due To Extensive Plagiarism
Hillary Clinton said that the email her spiritual adviser, the Rev. Bill Shillady, sent her on the morning after she lost the 2016 presidential election helped her heal from her devastating defeat.  It wasn’t until months later, when Shillady published that email in a book, that it came to light that he had plagiarized the words that so moved the candidate. Now, less than a month after the book’s publication, the publishing house that printed it says it is pulling the book off the shelves....    LINK
David R. Brumbelow: Is Hurricane Harvey God's Judgment? 
....Lord knows there is plenty for God to judge in Texas and most every other state.  Whether this is simply a natural disaster, or a judgment from God, we all need to get closer to Almighty God and pray that God might send revival to our land.     LINK
Reverend Jesse Jackson Now Speaks For God— 'Trump Would Not Qualify To Get Into Jesus’ Kingdom'
The great Reverend Jesse Jackson, known for such scandals and controversies as Congressional pay-for-play schemes, having an extra-martial affair, and threatening to cut off President Barack Obama’s balls for talking down to black people, is now apparently a prophet and speaking directly for God.  LINK
Michelle Malkin: There Is No Such Thing As a ‘Deserving DREAMer’
....Over and over again, in countless cookie-cutter op-ed pieces published over the past month, so-called DREAMers have vociferously lamented President Donald Trump’s push to eventually undo their unconstitutional five-year reprieves from deportation plus coveted work permits....    LINK

Tom Gilson: Five Urgent Steps Churches Must Take to Prepare for Persecution
We’re teetering on the edge, near a tipping point. There’s no more time to delay: American Christianity must prepare for persecution. Pastors, teachers, bishops and other Christian leaders must recognize that our lives could soon be in for huge, unwelcome changes. As far as I can see, though, most of us are doing business as usual. There are at least five areas of church life in which we need urgently to prepare. Anti-Christian hostility has been trending upward for at least two decades. All it would take to tip it over into persecution now might be for Christians to get saddled with blame for some major tragedy or uprising. The blame doesn’t need to be accurate. Nero falsely blamed Christians for fires in Rome, and killed many of them for it. So what can Christians do to prepare?     LINK
CBN News: China Ramps Up Christian Persecution After Two Missionaries Are Murdered
After Muslim extremists murdered two Chinese missionaries, many hoped the Chinese government would take efforts to protect the country's Christians. Instead, the government is cracking down on the spread of the gospel even more.   LINK
Daily Signal: Christian Baker Reacts to Government Official Comparing Him to a Nazi
In 2014, Colorado Civil Rights Commissioner Diann Rice compared Jack Phillips, a Christian baker who was sued for declining to make a cake for a same-sex ceremony, to perpetrators of the Holocaust.    LINK
Christian Post: Seals Bearing Names of Biblical Kings Discovered In City of David
A collection of dozens of sealings, mentioning the names of officials dated to the days of the Judean kingdom prior to the Babylonian destruction, was unearthed during excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David National Park in the area of the walls of Jerusalem, funded by the ELAD (El Ir David) organization.    LINK
Joel Osteen, Whose Church Closed During Hurricane Harvey Tells Victims Not to Have ‘Poor Me’ Attitude
A televangelist whose church closed its doors during Hurricane Harvey claims that he is the victim of “misinformation” and told flood victims not to have a “poor me” attitude.       LINK
Gateway Pundit: Liberals Attack Prresident Trump After He Declares Sunday ‘National Prayer Day
he evil liberals are seething over President Trump’s declaration to make Sunday, September 3rd a National Day of Prayer for the Hurricane Harvey victims. Trump is bringing back our Judeo-Christian values after Obama praised Islam for 8 years.     LINK
Christian Century (Book Review): The Bible's Place In the American Imagination
King James is alive and well. The King James Version of the Bible, that is. In fact, it’s the most widely read translation in America. Although Zon­der­van’s NIV far surpassed the KJV in sales some time ago, 55 percent of people who’ve read the Bible outside of a worship service in the past year still prefer to read from the KJV, according to a new book by....  LINK
CBN News: ‘It’s Unimaginable’ —Pastor and His Wife Among Victims Who Died During Hurricane Harvey
A pastor and his wife are among the victims of Hurricane Harvey, with their family members receiving a call on Wednesday informing them that both of their parents had died in the natural disaster. Pastor Donald Ray Rogers, 65, pastor of Tabernacle of Faith Christian Center in Katy, Texas, and his wife, Spenceria, 58, died after their truck became entrapped in waters....   LINK
Christian Post: Turkey's Mass Persecution, Abuse of Christians Detailed in New Report
The severe persecution and widespread "hatred" that Christians and other minorities experience in Turkey has been detailed in a report by a U.S.-based nonprofit international policy council and think tank.     LINK
Half of Protestants Agree With Catholics That Good Deeds and Faith Are Needed for Salvation— Pew
About half of Protestants in the U.S. now agree with the "historically Catholic belief" that both faith and good deeds are needed for salvation, rather than faith alone, a Pew Research Center survey shows.     LINK
Jim Clayton: Intolerant Liberals Who Claim to Be Tolerant!!!
As long as I could remember liberals have always had a monopoly on being for peace and love, all inclusive, non discriminatory.  When Bill Clinton and his wife came on the scene all that seemed to change.  All you had to do was disagree with a liberal and you were immediately branded a racist, sexist, homophobe, nazi and in the dark ages.     LINK
Daily Caller: Think Labor Day Was Always Purely Secular? —Think Again
Labor Day is traditionally known for its links to unions and communist activists, but churches have had an oft-forgotten hand in its beginnings. The anti-religious philosophy of communism is associated with Labor Day for good reason.  America’s Labor Day, however, took on a decidedly religious element in its early days.     LINK
Paul de Vries: Tragic Biblical Ironies in the Charlottesville Protests and Aftermath
There is so much we can learn from the crises and acts of violence in Charlottesville, including two crucial Biblical ironies. Human conflicts are never simply between good and evil. In fact, very often it is evil versus evil. LINK
Michael Brown: Why the Rejection of the Nashville Statement on Sexuality Is a Rejection of the Bible
If a group of astronomers issued a major document stating that the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth, it would be greeted with a shrug of the shoulders. Who didn't know that? Why, then, has a recent statement by Christian leaders affirming the basics of biblical sexuality been greeted with such protest from other professing Christian leaders? LINK