He Went Out Like a Lamb, He'll Come Back As a Lion

A Bible Outline For the Month of March

Introduction: What causes "March winds?"  A scientific study of wind tells us that wind is caused by changes in temperature in the atmosphere and on the ground.  Warmer air expands and rises in the atmosphere; then cooler air rushes in to replace the warmer air.  "March winds" are cyclical winds that come with Spring and warmer temperatures.  A famous old saying about March winds is, "If March comes in like a lion, it'll go out like a lamb.  If it comes in like a lamb, it'll go out like a lion."  Either way, the saying goes, strong winds will come sometimes in March.  It is strange that the terminology uses a lion and a lamb.  Those are Biblical images and types of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just as surely as the saying will come true for the month of March every year, those images are also true for the two Comings of Christ.  Just as surely as He came the first time as an Innocent Lamb, He will come back the second time as a Conquering Lion.

I.   HE WENT OUT LIKE A LAMB. Jesus came the first time as a Sacrificial Lamb.  John the Baptist introduced Him with the words, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world."        1.  His Meekness  Isaiah 50:5-6 53:7 Matt. 11:29  John 13:5-14        2.  His Innocence  Isaiah 53:9 Luke 23:40-47 1 Peter 1:19 2:22        3.  His Sacrifice    Isaiah 53:4-11  fulfillment of Passover Lamb (Ex. 12)

II.   HE'LL COME BACK AS A LION. The second coming of Christ will result in His kingly reign.  As surely as He came the first time, He WILL come again.  Many preachers are tired of preaching about it, many Christians are tired of hearing about it.  But the 2nd Coming is still a Bible doctrine and still true.

          1.  His Majesty   Acts 5:31 John 13:31 Phil. 2:9-10           2.  His Power  Mat. 28:18 Heb. 1:3 Rev. 3:7           3.  His Longevity  Heb.1:10-12 13:8 Col.1:17  Micah 5:2

Conclusion:  The lion and the lamb are opposites.  One is known for meekness and innocence, the  other for majesty and power.  It defies reason that one person could take on the attributes of both.  Only in the person of Christ could we find such a miracle.  Read Isaiah 11:1-6    All the perfection that humankind has desired since the fall is found in Him.  He will bring peace and righteousness to the earth.  As sure as March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion, Jesus Christ will, too, fulfill both pictures.  As surely as He came the first time, He will come again.  Are you expecting and awaiting it?