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  • Newsmax: US Data Supports Recession Fears

    The Commerce Department report on Thursday showed U.S. consumer spending rose less than expected in May, and suggested inflation had probably peaked, while higher prices forced cutbacks...

  • CBN News: Supreme Court Issues Final Rulings of Term

    The Supreme Court issued several major rulings on the final day of its term Thursday.

  • Ch Post: 'Woke Culture' Is Greatest Threat To Religious Freedom Worldwide

    The head of a noted religious freedom advocacy organization cited “the dominance of woke culture that thinks it’s OK to silence people who disagree” as the greatest threat to religious freedom worldwide...

  • Rooted Thinking: No Success Without Suffering

    Spiritual success requires suffering. There is no eternal reward without sacrifice. Jesus embodied this truth when He suffered beyond our imagination in body and spirit to pay for our sins on the cross.

  • Breitbart: Biden Trashes American Democracy While Touring Europe

    President Joe Biden made a pointed effort Thursday to criticize two branches of the American government during his trip to Europe. The president first voiced his frustration with the Supreme Court during...